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Chapter 816 sun egg dregs


Shixiaonian still wants to refuse, but Lanting has gone in. Do you want to go in?

She turned and looked at Gong ou. In his dark sunglasses, her face was reflected. When Xiao Nian couldn't see his expression, he only saw his jaw head.

He wants her in?

Well, since he is here, she has no worries to solve the problem.

"Let's go."

When small read light tunnel, go forward, Gong Ou is still bullying her neck to follow her into.

In the distance, an open top sports car is parked there. Gong Yao sits on the passenger seat and looks at the mansion in the distance quietly. There are construction trucks blocking the gate. He can't see too much.

"Why did dad bring us here?"

Next to the sports car, Mr palace takes his silver arm as a chair, and Gong Kui sits comfortably on it and looks at the mansion and asks puzzledly.

In the morning, they were suddenly brought out by Dad. Then Dad went to mom and threw them to the robot.

"Mr. Gong should be interested in him."

The palace replied.

"I want to come down."

Gong Kui patted it, Mr Gong bent down, and put it down from his arm. Gong Kui ran to the front of the sports car, blinked a pair of beautiful big eyes and looked at Gong Yao in a dazed way, "holy, do you understand?"


Gong Yao sat there and heard that he slowly lowered his face. There was no light in his eyes.


Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian decide to help him, right?

They still care about him, don't they?

But at the beginning, why did he give up and trade with him? Is he important or just as important? He really doesn't know.

“holy?” Gong Kui looked at him puzzledly. "Why don't you talk? I want to get in the car, too! I want to get in the car, too! "

She said that she would open the door with her small hand, but failed to do so. In a blink of an eye, she would jump up and listen to Gong Yao, who looked at her coldly, to stop her behavior. "Don't jump."

Can wrestle.

"How do you know I'm going to jump? I haven't!" Gong Kui fumbled his nose and didn't jump any more. It was like this every time. Gong Yao knew before she did anything.


Gong Yao said, how many times should I tell her this explanation.

"It's this again. How can I seldom feel you?" Gong Kui is bouncing around on the ground, looking up at the mansion in the distance, "how long will they go in, don't they care about us? Will we be eaten by the wolf on the way? "

"I'm still here."

R palace inserts a word quietly.

"What are mom and dad busy with? Don't they want to play with us again? "

Asked Gong Kui gloomily.


It doesn't seem to be.

It seems that it's for him. It's a good feeling.

Gong Yao stood up from his seat and looked at the mansion far away. All the way through, the roadside was full of flowers. Those petals seemed to grow in his heart, not fully blooming, but also slightly opened.

Orchid house is a big mansion. The courtyard is full of flowers and plants. Even inside it is a basin of flowers, like a sea of flowers.

The restaurant is clean and bright.

When Xiaonian was strangled by Gong Ou all the way in, people who didn't know thought she was under threat.

LAN Xiaoqi has been sitting on the table fiddling with her basket of flowers. When she saw it, Xiao Nian came in to eat. Her eyes showed a joy, but she soon restrained her.

"Sit down, please."

Lanting opened a chair for shixiaonian and looked at her with a smile.

When Xiaonian goes forward, Gong Ou goes back before he takes a step. Next second, Gong Ou goes out from behind her, walks to Lanting, reaches out and pushes the chair back.


Lanting was dazed.


Gong Ou pulls out the chair again, turns her eyes to see Xiaonian, and beckons her to sit down.

Mingming didn't make a sound from the beginning to the end, but the bullying between behaviors can't be hidden.


Lanting is even more at a loss. I don't understand what's going on.

When Xiaonian felt that she was just like the cartoon characters in her works. There were definitely more than three lines on her forehead. She smiled awkwardly and walked forward to sit down on the chair opened by Gong ou.

"Your brother and sister get along in a very special way." Lanting smiled and turned to look aside at the maid. "Bring up your breakfast."

With that, Lanting looked at lanxiaoqi again. "Xiaoqi, let the servant put away the flower basket. We are ready to have breakfast."

"I don't like it!"

LAN Xiaoqi groaned. She was full of temper.

"It's better to say what you want instead of eating. Dad will buy it for you." Lanting said, coaxing her daughter.

"I want him to learn pig barking! Learn to arch your nose! "

Lanxiaoqi reached out and pointed to a servant not far away. The servant stayed and looked at Lanting foolishly.

When Xiaonian looks at lanxiaoqi, she can't help frowning. This little girl is really

She subconsciously went to see Lanting's reaction, only to see Lanting standing there without any sense of blame. Instead, she gladly agreed, "don't you do it yet?"

Then, the servant really began to play the role of a pig, and he also went to LAN Xiaoqi's arch on the ground, making LAN Xiaoqi laugh and kick him with his feet, "ha ha ha, have fun! It's fun! "

"Yes, it's fun."

Lanting is still nearby.


When Xiaonian looked at it dumbfounded and heard Lanting's words, the whole person was not well.

Gong Ou dragged a chair to her side, leaned against her ear, lowered his voice and said, "it's really the daughter you gave me!"


When small read smile, and LAN Xiaoqi compared, their little Kui is simply a little angel, is also pampered out, when the little Kui so to the people around.

When small read is thinking, nearby palace Europe cold tunnel, "ugliness also temper big!"

How can this rise to the appearance attack? He has several people who look good.

In fact, shixiaonian couldn't watch much anymore. She whispered, "let's go first. I have Lanting doting on children. I have to think about how to let lanxiaoqi know her mistake."

As soon as she finished, LAN Xiaoqi jumped on Lanting happily and smiled happily, "OK, Dad, I can eat."

"Good." Lanting smiles fondly.

At this time, the breakfast was served by the servants. When Xiaonian was unable to say goodbye, he had to sit like this and said with a smile, "thanks a lot for Mr. Lan's hospitality."

"Yes." Lanting looked at Gong ou, a little dull, "your cousin doesn't take the mask down to eat?"

Xiaonian's eyes turned and he said, "he doesn't need it. He has breakfast."

Gong Ou has no objection to Shi Xiaonian's words. Anyway, he has no interest in the food that is not in his hand.

"Well, then."

Lanting nodded, sat down beside LAN Xiaoqi, tried the temperature of the milk cup for her, and cut her sun eggs. Her face was full of love.

In the face of such a Lanting, Xiaonian really wants to say that fatherhood is not so proper.

"I fried the egg myself." I read it when I was entertaining in Lanting.


When Xiaonian had no appetite, he pulled a plate, picked up a knife and fork, cut the sun egg and prepared to eat a little. The knife in his hand was suddenly taken away by Gong ou.

She was stunned. Gong Ou held the hilt of the knife from top to bottom, and then made several savage strokes on the sun egg.

Cruelty is murder.

This is not the sun egg, but the sun dregs.


Lanting father and daughter at the same time stared at the black man.


Gong Ou throws the knife after killing the sun egg. Xiaonian is even more embarrassed. He laughs and says, "I like to eat the sun egg like this, but it's rude to do so in your house. Let's fry some more to compensate you..."

When Xiaonian stood up and wanted to throw away the sun egg dregs on the plate, he also wanted to know that Gong Ou was jealous.

Who knows she just got up, Lanting didn't mind the tunnel, "it doesn't matter, it's ok if you like."

Just feel free.

Would you like to be such a nice gentleman.

"Mr. LAN." When Xiaonian just opened his mouth, Lanting kindly picked up a long silver spoon and handed it to her, with a considerate face, "the fork is not easy to use, use the spoon to eat it. I fried it myself, and it tastes good."


When Xiaonian's smile was stiff, Gong Ou sat up straight in the chair and his whole body was full of violence.

When Xiaonian seriously suspected that she had not waited for lanxiaoqi to apologize to holy, she was first shot to death by Gong Ou at Lanjia. She racked her brains to think of ways to cope with the situation. Lanxiaoqi suddenly jumped off the table and attracted everyone's attention.

After a while, LAN Xiaoqi ran back and took a picture on Xiaonian's desk, full of disdain, "you still say I like you! I hate you the most! Look at my mother's picture. She is much more beautiful than you! "


When Xiaonian put the plate down, picked up the picture and looked at it, a little stunned.

The picture was very beautiful. A young woman in a headscarf and apron squatted in front of a cluster of flowers, holding a pair of scissors in her hand, turned around and smiled brightly at the camera.

It's really a beautiful woman.

The woman's smile in the picture is also very infectious, which makes people know that she is very happy.

Women are not like shixiaonian, but this dress may make lanxiaoqi, who often looks at her mother's photos, have a similar illusion.

Actually, LAN Xiaoqi misses her mother very much, right?

"This is your wife. Why didn't you see her?" When small read to ask a way, although knew Lanting and his wife divorced early in the morning.

"We're divorced."

Lanting said lightly, with no emotion in her tone.

At this time, LAN Xiaoqi, like a porter, moved one album after another to Xiaonian and forced her to turn it over. "Look, look, is my mother much more beautiful than you? I don't like you!"

Is it duplicity again?

Obviously, I want to share my family photos with her. I have to be so awkward.