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Chapter 540: a car accident happened in Xiaonian

It is in the morning rush hour that there are many cars on the road. His behavior is particularly dangerous.

When small read a person to sit on the car to smile bitterly.

For Gong Ou now, she thinks of all kinds of ways. She waits quietly and gently every day and tries to play hard to get. Now she wants to use it, but she forces him to drive like this on the road.

After thinking about it, Xiaonian still presses Gong Ou's cell phone number on the display screen of the car. Gong Ou's indifferent voice says, "if you can't keep up with it, don't follow it."

"I know." When small read light tunnel, "you drive a little slower, I will not follow."

Say, when small read to hit left turn light, step on the accelerator overtake, connect exceed three cars, cross the sports car of palace Europe to drive forward.


Gong Ou sits on the car, his black eyes are stagnant, his long fingers hold the steering wheel, and his thin lips are tight.

Not with the best.

A woman without a little perseverance.

Gong Ou drives at a reduced speed. His black eyes look coldly at the front. Yu Guangzhong, when Xiaonian's car suddenly overtakes him, his eyes are cold, and he looks angrily at the car in front.

She's not going to die?

How dare she overtake in the morning rush hour?

Gong Ou stepped on the gas pedal and started to drive side by side with her. Suddenly, a black car came out of the opposite reverse flow and hit Xiao Nian's car at a high speed.

"Xi Xiaonian!"

Gong Ou roars out, eyes wide, staring at the front.

A great fear filled his whole body.

His dark eyes reflected panic, and the image of his brother's car wrecking and death reappeared before his eyes.


No way!

She can't have an accident. She can't have an accident in his sight! He can't watch it again!

When Xiaonian obviously can't deal with this situation, she suddenly hit the steering wheel, and immediately hit the roadside guardrail heavily.


A loud noise.

The accident was born in his sight.

Gong Ou immediately stops the car in the middle of the road. The car behind him has no time to brake and hit the back of his car. Gong Ou falls forward and hits the steering wheel in his chest.

Ignoring the pain in his chest, Gong Ou pushes open the door and rushes down to the front.

There was a traffic jam.

One car after another parked there.

"Xi Xiaonian!"

Gong Ou rushed to the car and clapped the empty window. He reached out to pull the door. In the car, Xiao Nian was lying on the steering wheel. He was in a coma. His blood trickled down his forehead.

The bright red blood flowed down her cheek, which made her face extremely white, as white as paper.

There is no breath of life.

Back in that year, he got into his brother's car and took out a burnt hand.

Gong Ou stood there, his breath began to tremble, and the whole body became sick.

"Young master."

Fengde and bodyguards rushed to isolate the crowd.

Gong Ou stood there, his whole body full of uneasiness, and his fingers moved disorderly for several times before he thought of Xiaonian's breath when he went to test.

And warm breathing.


It's alive.

"To the hospital!"

Gong Ou shouts loudly and coldly. He bends down to untie Xiaonian's seat belt and takes her out of the driver's seat.

"I'll contact the hospital right away." Feng de stood aside and said at once.

The bodyguards are going to control the handle of the car.

Everything was going on in an orderly way. Suddenly, a sound of "bang" came from behind. Gong Ou went to his sports car with shixiaonian in his arms and didn't have time to pay attention to it.

Feng de stood there, calling and looking back. More and more people gathered around him. They were surrounded tightly and could not see anything.

It was found that Gong Ouhe and Shi Xiaonian took out their mobile phones to take photos in the accident.

The scene was in a mess.

The more he thought about it, the more wrong he was. He pushed the crowd back and saw that the nanny car behind him was gone. The driver fainted on the road. Then he looked up and saw that the nanny car disappeared in his sight and in the driveway of non motor vehicles.


Feng De's mobile phone fell to the ground.

The twins are still in the car, and the two children are still on it.


The head was heavy and faint, and the pain came from the head.

When Xiaonian opened his eyes in a trance, it was a touch of white, and the air was full of the appetite of hospital potions.

"It hurts."

She murmured in pain.

"Where does it hurt?"

A low, indifferent voice sounded beside her.

When Xiaonian was stunned, he turned his head when he was lying in the hospital bed. Gong Ou was standing beside her bed, wearing a gray sweater. The soft color made his face not so cold and heartless.

Why is he here?

When Xiaonian squints her eyes in confusion, the pain on her head reminds her that she has experienced a car accident.

It's the car. It's in the opposite lane. Suddenly it rushes towards her. She can't even react.

When Xiaonian tried to sit up, he was very weak and fell down.

Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes, "lie down, you have pneumonia, plus slight concussion."

He had already reached the level of pneumonia and ran to work as a driver for him.

She is really ill.

"Pneumonia?" When small read Leng next, dry lips grin a bitter smile, "no wonder I say how this high fever back and forth, back and forth, it was pneumonia."

This is what pneumonia looks like. It burns over and over again.

"You don't know?" Gong Ou looks at her like a strange monster. "Don't you know you have pneumonia?"

"I thought it was a common cold."

She said feebly, she didn't think it was that serious.

"It seems that I used to protect you so well that I was stupid." Gong Ou said coldly, with disdain for words.

When Xiaonian was lying there, with a circle of gauze around his head, his face was pale and tired, his eyes were staring at his face quietly, and he looked carefully.

"What are you looking at?"

Gong Ou said coldly.

"Are you ok?" Asked Shi Xiaonian, a little worried.

"It's not my car accident. What can I do?"

Gong Ou doesn't look good standing by her bed.

When Xiaonian watched him, it seemed that he was really OK. He was cured, and even his previous psychological fear followed him. He could not see an accident before.

When Xiaonian was lying there, his throat was itchy and he coughed violently, "cough, cough and cough."

Gong Ou stood there frowning, his black eyes staring at her, "how are you?"

"I'm fine. "Cough." When Xiaonian struggles to sit up and looks around.

This is a single ward, about 40 square meters, clean and tidy, with a bottle of flowers on the windowsill.

When Xiaonian sat on the hospital bed and reached out to erect the pillow, she was still receiving the infusion with one hand, which could not be done well. A slender hand came into her sight.

Gong Ou bent down to erect the pillow for her.

When Xiaonian looked at him in surprise, her throat began to itch again. She quickly turned her head to cough and didn't spread the disease to him.

"Your hair hit me."

Gong Ou said coldly, as soon as she turned her hair, she hit him in the face and intruded into his breath with the fragrance, making him uncomfortable.

When Xiaonian looks at him, Gong Ou blames him in his eyes.

The atmosphere was somehow awkward.

When Xiaonian touched his hair, he asked, "where are Xiaokui and holy?"

Gong Ou's black eyes were cold, and he said in a cold voice, "you have pneumonia. You can infect them. Do you want them to follow you to get sick?"

"I didn't mean that."

When Xiaonian frowned, she just mentioned twins subconsciously. She knew that she was so ill now. Even if the team let twins in, she would not let them in.

"I wish I didn't mean that."

Gong Ou's voice is cold, without any emotion.

She was ill and in a car accident. He was still so cold. He didn't care about her at all. When small read drooping eyes, will be dim down.

Suddenly, Shi Xiaonian realized that he had raised his face to look at him. "Then why are you here? Are you not afraid of infection? "

"I have good immunity."

Gong Ou glanced at her with a high attitude.

Immunity is good also need not go to the hospital to drill, moreover he is willing to give up those jobs, not to say holographic era is coming online soon.

Holographic era is his first shot after his return, which he attaches great importance to.

"Are you here to take care of me?"

When Xiaonian thought of this, he felt a warm current in his heart, would he? Did he come to take care of her?

"I can invite both the nurse and the maid. Why should I take care of you myself?" Gong Ou looked at her scornfully and said in a deep voice, "if not..."

"Cough, cough, cough."

When small read throat a tickle again cough up, cough heart bursts of hair cold, eyes have pain.

It's like a car accident. She's even weaker.

Gong Ou looks at her, his thin lips close, and he stops his voice.

"But what?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Nothing. You have a rest. " Gong Ou said coldly, turning to leave the ward and closing the door.

When Xiaonian sat on the pillow, reached out and pressed his head, recalling the scene of the accident.

Strange, overtaking, her line of sight to see the car, clearly the other side is driving well, why suddenly across the reverse lane into her car?


There's a problem here.

The car was deliberately bumped into her. She was driving the car that usually takes Gong ou to work. If it was the other party's intention, was it coming for Gong Ou?

When Xiaonian was surprised, he quickly lifted the pure white quilt out of bed, picked up the infusion bag and raised it high.

When he opened the door of the ward, Xiao Nian went out. Before he could reach out, Feng De's gentle voice came into her ear, "what can I do now, young master? The kidnappers have given their names. "


When Xiaonian was shocked, he walked out of the door and saw Fengde and Gong Ou standing in the corridor. Gong Ou turned his back to her and said, "she's not in good health now. I'll negotiate with the kidnapper again. I'll take the call this time."

"Yes, sir." Feng de nodded.

"What kidnapper? What's the matter? "

When I read aloud, my voice was hoarse and pale, and I looked at them with no idea.

Gong Ou turns around and sees her eyebrow wring up. "What are you going to do? I don't think it's messy enough? "