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Chapter 58 dance with Gong ou

Before, he didn't know how much work he had to do to get in touch with N.E. as a result, he didn't even see Gong Ou's face, only Feng De's face.

"Mr. Gong is still busy. I will introduce president Huilin when I have time."

Feng de smiled, pulled back his hand politely, turned his head and looked at Shi Xiaonian, respectfully saying, "Miss Shi, Mr. Gong will wait for you to dance."

Hearing this, Linda opened her mouth in shock and looked at shixiaonian stupidly.

When Xiaonian thought of the scene in front of the cruise room, she had a bit of scalp numbness. She looked at Tang Yi and said, "Tang Yi, I need your help in a moment. Can you please stay away for a while?"

The sooner things were solved three years ago, the better.

Maybe it's heaven's will to let her meet Tang Yi on the cruise ship today. God can't even see it and let her clear up the truth.

Tang Yi looks at Lin Da and is shocked. People haven't responded yet.

Linda hurriedly nodded, "yes, we must not go far. We will be at your service at any time. "

When Linda looked at him, Xiaonian's expression was flattering to the extreme.

When Xiaonian saw Tang Yi, he left with Fengde.

As soon as they left, Lin Da pushed Tang Yi, and the face just flattered suddenly became ferocious. "You're a woman doing my worst. Why didn't you say that your classmate is Mr. Gong's woman? Shame me! Let me introduce my boyfriend. She's all near Mr. Gong. Do you want to introduce her? "

Is there any other rich owner in the world?

"Mr. Gong?" "Which Mr. Gong?" Tang Yi asked stupidly

"Who else is Mr. Gong? Gong Ou! "

Linda is not very angry.


Gong ou, President of N.E.

Shi Xiaonian and Gong Ou get together.

The expression on Tang Yi's face suddenly became more dull, and he hadn't been back to his senses for a long time.

Inside the cruise, the lights are bright, the costumes are gorgeous and the shadows are gorgeous.

Female singers and dancers are performing hard on the central stage. Under the stage, male guests and female guests are dancing in succession, presenting a prosperous upper class society.

Gong Ou sits on a sofa beside him, leaning back slightly. Junpang looks at the front indifferently and monopolizes a sofa for three people.

Shixiaonian goes over.

"Where are you going?"

Gong Ou looks up at her coldly, but the rage just now hasn't gone away.

"Go anywhere."

When small read light tunnel, carefully looked at his look, hesitated how to open the mouth to Tang art this human card out better.

Gong Ou's eyes are gloomy. It's frightening to fall on her like a blade sliding across her skin.

Tonight, she really offended Gong ou.

"Come and dance!"

Gong Ou stands up from the sofa, hands the Champagne Cup to Feng De, and pulls Xiao Nian's hand into the dance floor.

Seeing Gong Ou coming in, all the guests around could not help leaning to the side, leaving them a big place.

Xiaonian put his hand on his shoulder and waltzed.

This kind of simple dance step is still the plot that she saw in the Western TV series at the beginning. She thought that the dance was beautiful, so she read a book while pulling mu qianchu to secretly teach herself.

Gong Ou hugs her and dances. There is no lust on her face. It's very gloomy.

"Are you still angry?" When small read asked in a low voice, with his dance steps.

"And you know you pissed me off?"

Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes.

"I just want to find out what happened three years ago. Why do you do that?" When I read it more quietly.

Gong Ou's eyes are awe inspiring, his hands are on her waist, and he suddenly makes a force on his hands to approach him. "Is that right? How can I see a woman who just wants to get out of my relationship and run away from me! "

Listening to his voice, Xiaonian's heart and mouth trembled. He tried to calm down and say, "you think more."


Gong Ou's black eyes stare at her face and lead her to dance step by step.

"You know how to dance."

When I was trying to change the topic, I was thinking about how to bring Tang Yi out naturally without making Gong Ou furious.

"It's better to take you as a rookie." Gong Ou despised the tunnel, and put the tip of the leather shoes against the tip of her shoes. "Back now."

Of course, she can't compare with him in self-study.

When Xiaonian was taught Waltz by Gong OU on the spot, but her self-taught dance steps were too deep-rooted, which led Gong ou to walk with her feet no matter how many times she said it.

"I've never seen you so stupid! These steps are not like this! "

Gong Ou succeeds in being transferred by her. She begins to teach her waltz to walk impatiently.

Seeing him like this, Xiaonian was a little relieved, while being taught by him absently, he looked at the dance pool.

Lin Da is sitting next to Feng de with Tang Yi in his arms. Tang Yi is looking at them with astonishment, while Lin Da is desperately waving greasy hands at her and flattering her.


When small read a bit headache, how to mention?

It's rare that Gong ou and Tang Yi are both here. Now it's the best time to talk about what happened three years ago, but she just angered Gong ou.

It's got to be done a little bit.

When Xiaonian pretended to sprain his foot, he naturally fell into Gong Ou's arms. "Oh, it hurts so much."

Gong Ou frowns, holds her with one hand, and her black eyes sweep to her ankles.

Her foot injury didn't last long.

"Help me to sit there for a while." When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou.

"Don't you want to learn dance well and pretend to sprain?"

"I didn't."

Gong Ou looks at her eyes, and Xiaonian looks forward to his.

Gong Ou didn't help her, but directly picked her up, walked out of the dance floor in front of the public, and went to Fengde's side. Fengde immediately stood up and gave way.

"Is Miss Shi OK?" Asked Feng de with concern.

"Nothing. Maybe I don't have much talent for dancing."

When small read smile.

Gong Ou holds her in his lap, takes off her high-heeled shoes directly with big hands, crosses her leg in front of him, and checks her ankle with long fingers. His voice is low, "no swelling."

"Well, it doesn't seem very serious."

When small read to follow his words way, looking at Gong ou to examine seriously appearance suddenly some uneasiness.

He really thought she sprained her foot.

"Mr. Gong is very kind to Miss Shi." Lin Da, who was on the other side, came over with a greasy smile.

Gong Ou looks up at people with cold eyes.

When I was young, I seized the opportunity to rush to Gong ou and said, "Gong ou, I just happened to meet my college classmate on the cruise ship. Let me introduce it to you. This is my classmate Tang Yi. This is her boyfriend, Lin Da, President of Lin's Bank."

"Mr. Gong, this is Linda."

Linda nodded and bowed. Tang Yi stood beside him, looking at Gong ou with a pale face, and then at shixiaonian.

"Tang Yi?" "Gong Ou's eyes are awe inspiring," this name is a little familiar

At that time, Xiaonian suddenly became nervous and pretended to say casually, "that's the college classmate I asked you to find before. Unexpectedly, I met him here."

Hearing this, Gong Ou immediately looked at her gloomily.

When Xiaonian thought of his scene in the cruise room, he couldn't help holding his breath.

She is not sure what Gong ou will do next, whether to scold her bloody or throw her out directly.

When Xiaonian was still sitting on him, she felt that everything around him was still, there was no voice, no one, and only Gong Ou's gloomy face remained in her eyes.

Suddenly, Gong Ou smiled, very cold smile.

"Is this your last move? Looking for a witness? " Gong Ou sneers and looks at her like a childish child.


I couldn't understand her.

Gong Ou turns his head and looks coldly at Tang Yi. Tang Yi's face is paler.

Gong Ou suddenly pinched the chin of Shi Xiaonian, turned her face hard, and asked her to look at Tang Yi. Then he sneered, "woman, I forgot to tell you something. The most important survey link three years ago was provided by your college classmate, and she confirmed that you had questions that night."

When Xiaonian was shocked, "what do you say?"

It's like a basin of ice water falling from the sky, falling heavily on her head, watering out her last hope.

What is the evidence provided by Tangyi?

She looks at Tang Yi stupidly. Tang Yi takes a step back with a pale face. Her eyes are twinkling and the goddess's temperament is all over.

Seeing that the scene was a little difficult to clean up, Fengde went to arrange a reception room on the cruise ship.

In the reception room of retro European style, Gong Ou is sitting on the sofa alone, leaning forward slightly, holding a glass of champagne with long fingers, shaking gently, and reading when looking at him with black eyes.

He would like to see what else shixiaonian has to say now.

Tang Yi stood beside Linda with a pale face.

When Xiaonian looked at Tang Yi incredulously, "three years ago, it was your strong evidence that I had a problem? Why? "

She thought that Tang Yi would be her last hope.

As a result, she knew that all she had received was from Tang Yi.

"I......" Tang Yi looks up at her and takes two steps back. "I'm not proof. They always ask me where I was and where you are."

"Haven't I been with you all the time?" When small read a way.

"But you didn't say you were sick that night, so you took an hour off in the bathroom. They asked me, I can only tell the truth. " Tang Yi looks at her innocently.

When small read Zheng, "I was a little uncomfortable that night, is a period of rest."

In that hour, Gong Ou was

As if to prove her conjecture, Fengde came out and said, "it was within that hour that the young master was confused by drinking water in his room alone, and a waitress lowered her head to avoid the sight of bodyguards and entered the young master's room."


When Xiaonian looked at Fengde stupidly.

Gong Ou sits there, looking at Xiaonian's expression, and takes a sip of the cup in his hand.

For a long time, when Xiaonian heard his last dying voice, "did you only check the waiter, maybe someone disguised?"

"Young master also thought of this." "So we're all searching. It's also a matter of Providence. There are so many people on the cruise ship. But in that hour, everyone has at least one ID card except Miss Shi. It's impossible to get close to the young master's room."