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Chapter 655 decision to tell a big lie

One day, people will leave sadly one by one. Even if the palace is still there, the fame of the palace is still there. It's just an empty shelf, it's just an empty house.

Apart from being sighed once brilliant, what else can there be?

There's nothing left.


When Xiaonian stayed in the study for a long time, she didn't know how she left, like walking on the ice, so cold that she wanted to curl up and get a warm.

She went out. It was 3 a.m. outside. The servants got up at this time and began to be busy.

Most of them are in the busy palace.

Although the ceremony was not held in the palace, everything had to be ready for delivery, so the servants were very busy.

When Xiaonian stood on the stairs and looked at them, the servants were carrying pots of flowers, which were so colorful that she still felt depressed.

Her expression was impassive.

"When I read it!"

A flustered voice rang behind her.

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw Gong Ou standing on the top of the stairs barefoot, staring at her with black eyes. There was tension on her face with distinct features. She was wearing pajamas and her collar was wide open, revealing her sexy chest.

"Gong ou."

Shixiaonian looks at him.

Gong Ou rushes down immediately, stands in front of her, the Mou son stares at her, "where did you run, I thought you ran!"

"I won't run."

"Who knows, you can't be fierce, you may run if you are fierce!" Gong ou will press it into her arms and her long hand will be on her head. There is a little tension in her heavy breath.


He also thought about the last time he killed her. She didn't care. When Xiaonian was about to say something, she heard Gong Ou cursing in her ear, "shit! Why are you so fierce that I'm always on the edge of my stomach. I've known for a long time that I won't be fierce! "


Hearing this, Xiao Nian looked up from his arms and looked at him with black and white eyes. "I just walk, I don't want to run."

"You wanted to run last time."

"Last time I didn't want to leave without saying goodbye. I want to pack up and tell you later."

"Is there a difference?" Gong Ou stares at her. "You want to run, tell me or not? Did I allow you to run? Listen, I won't hurt you, but I won't run! "

When small read helplessly smile, "good, I don't run."

Then he heard the sound of heavy objects falling to the ground in the hall below. Gong Ou looked at it discontentedly and saw a servant fall the flowerpot to the ground.

"What to move before dawn? Get back to sleep! " "Do you need to be so active?" Gong Ou shouted displeased

The servants at the bottom were shocked. They looked up at them and bowed their heads. "I'm sorry, second young master, these are the flowers for the engagement ceremony of the first young master."

The eldest young master will be engaged the day after tomorrow, which must be prepared as soon as possible.

"Go away!" Gong Ou shouted impatiently, "no one is allowed to move! Go back to sleep! "

The servants looked at each other, and then they all fled.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou, Gong Ou's face is so bad that he almost doesn't rush out to hit people. When Xiaonian looks at him, his eyes are dim.

Even if the servant is not allowed to carry the flowerpot, the engagement ceremony will continue as usual.

After the engagement ceremony, it's impossible for Gong ou to grab the position. If he fails to change the current situation before the engagement, the tragedy of Gong Yu and Luo Qi is doomed.

Gong ou still doesn't know how absurd and sad an idea Luo Qi has in mind.

"Gong ou."

When Xiaonian looked at miyou's handsome face and said.


Gong Ou turns her eyes and looks at her. Her black eyes are deep.

"I want to tell a big lie. Can you help me?" Asked shixiaonian with sincere eyes.

Gong Ou stared at her, without thinking, "help."

"You don't ask what a big lie it is?" "I don't know what kind of consequences this lie will have," Shi Xiaonian asked

She was afraid of being self defeating again.

Gong Ou stands on the stairs and looks at her. Her black eyes are as deep as cold ink, and her voice is low and sexy. "When I read it, you remember that as long as you don't leave me, I can forgive you no matter what you do."

No matter what you do, you can forgive.

She involved his brother, he killed her for a while, but in the end, he was afraid to prevent her from being killed, fool.

"The bottom line is really low." I can't help thinking.

"What else do I have to look at when I have you!" Gong Ou pulls her into her arms, "go, go back to sleep, and say this lie."


When Xiaonian obediently follows Gong ou to leave.


The sun is shining. In the woods and on the grass, sunflower is wearing a new dress and small skirt, running happily on the lawn like a lovely little butterfly.

Gong Yao also put on a new dress, stood quietly aside, watched Gong Kui play, and calmly helped her when she was about to fall.

The servants stood by and waited.

"Holly, Holly."

A slender figure came into their sight, Gong Yu came forward, dressed in a black dress suit, tall and straight, with dark colored gemstones as buttons, showing the noble spirit. A short curly hair was shining in the sun, with deep outline, mature and handsome.

"Uncle groom!"

Seeing Gong Yu, Gong Kui ran to him happily and smiled sweetly.

It's uncle's engagement today. She doesn't have to do her homework. It's great.


Gong Yao stood aside and bowed his head lightly. The etiquette was in place and his face was indifferent and calm.

He had no good feelings for the men of the palace family. Gong Gu kidnapped them. Gong Ou was hypocritical. He didn't pick up the flowers of Gong Kui, and didn't take them seriously,.

Hearing the word "bridegroom", Gong Gu wryly hooked his lips, took a beautiful crown from the servant behind him and put it on Gong Kui. He crouched down with elegant voice, "my little princess, would you and holly be flower children for uncle?"

The whole engagement ceremony was just a long one, but if he saw two children following him, he might be in a better mood.

"What is a flower boy?"

Gong Kui asked puzzledly, touching the crown on his head and laughing happily.

"It's to walk on the red carpet with uncle and accompany uncle." Gong Yu explained to her.

"Yes, yes." Gong Kui nodded warmly, took his hand and said eagerly, "let's go. Let's go to the red carpet. Alisha said I am beautiful today."

Gong Kui loves stink.

"Well, let's go." Gong Yu stood up on the grass. "What about your dad and mom? It's almost time to go to the manor. "

The scene of the engagement ceremony was decided by joclina. The eldest lady had to choose a manor church where the princess married to hold the engagement ceremony. After a lot of relationships, the manor was booked.

"Dad and mom? I don't know. They've been busy these two days. I asked mom not to accompany me. She said he had something to do with dad. " Gong Kui said.


Gong Gu took Gong Kui's little hand and asked, "what's the matter with them?"

He is about to be engaged. Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian don't know what they are busy with. When they saw that they were having trouble with each other, they don't do it now. Gong Ou was still clamoring for his position before. Now they don't say. They can't even see him. They don't know what they are busy with.

He is a man who is about to walk into the grave of marriage. He was refused to drink with them last night. He is a bit lonely for no reason.

"Alisha said that dad and mom are helping me to make my little brother and sister, so it's very busy. Don't go to them." Gong Kui raised his head and said innocently.

"Is it? That's good, isn't it? "

Gong Yu said with a smile.

"Yes, I want to have many little brothers and sisters. I want to be a big sister." The palace anemone claps the chest to say.


Gong Gu walked forward with Gong Kui and Gong Yao, and the sun fell on his face, a little lonely. For a moment, the corner of his lips slowly raised a arc.

Very good.

Gong Ou just let go and concentrate on going to the day that belongs to them, regardless of him.

This family has his once deserter in charge.

"Uncle, are you going to have a lot of babies?" Gong Kui suddenly raised his head and asked naively.

Gong Yu looked down at her and shook his head. "No, uncle doesn't need to have so many babies. One is enough. In this way, you will be much more free in the future. "


Gong Kui asked incomprehensibly, why does uncle give birth to a child and she is free? It's curious.

Gong Yao looks up at Gong Yu and thinks on his small face.

"There's no reason. You'll understand when you grow up." Gong Yu said with a smile, take them away.

Not far away, the cars are waiting. Lines of limousines are standing in a long line. There are many bodyguards and servants standing by.

"Young master."

When they saw Gong Yu coming, a group of people bowed and some people opened the door


Gong Yu said in a deep voice, turning his eyes and looking at the direction of the castle, he said, "where are gong ou and Xiao Nian?"

"The second young master is still busy. He said he would come back later." The servant replied.

So busy?

Or deliberately hiding from his engagement ceremony?

He's nothing. His mother will feel sick again.

Come on, Gong Ou always goes his own way. It's time for his mother to get used to it. It's just that there are two less people who look good at the wedding. I don't know how to live this day.

"That's it, then. Holly and Xiaokui leave with my car." Gong Yu said that he took the initiative to pick up Gong Kui and put her on the car. Gong Yao climbed up without any help.

"Let's go."

Gong Yu said, opening the front door and going in, he heard the servant's voice, "second young master."

Gong Yu turns around and sees Gong Ou come here dressed neatly. Instead of wearing only household clothes as before, he changes into a formal dress. He is handsome and intimidating. His short hair is a little messy. His face is full of disdain and his gait is lazy.