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Chapter 757 full exposure

Gong Ou stands up from the chair and looks down at Xiaonian. There is a firm touch in his eyes. Suddenly, he smiles very gently and reaches out to touch her face. "You are good, you go back first."

"I'm sorry. I never like to force a patient to treat me. Besides, she's bothering me now." Lori said coldly, lifting a glass of red wine from the table and sipping it.

"Don't worry, I won't cure it!"

When small read cold tunnel, Gong ou can bear, she can't bear.

She grabs Gong Ou's hand and wants to go, but she can't walk a step. Gong Ou is standing there like a stone, and can't pull any way.

The heart of Xiaonian suddenly cools.

She raised her eyes, Gong Ou stood there, her eyes looking at Luo lie, and her voice was low. "You want to say that these six days have not been counted, right?"

"Your wife doesn't want to be treated."

Luo lie said coldly, looking up at Gong Ou's eyes, his face slowed down, and he said, "well, on your face, I can give you the best treatment, but you have to promise me a request."

"Is your request endless?" Shixiaonian said angrily, holding Gong Ou's hand tightly. "Don't listen to him. He is a madman. He will shamelessly prolong this time."

Lori didn't want six days at all.

"You're wrong. I don't want to extend the time."

Said Lori.

"What do you want?"

Asked Gong ou.

Luo lie laughs but doesn't speak. He lowers his head and drinks all the red wine in the glass. Then he looks at Shi Xiaonian and says, "I want you Kiss me in her face. "

"That's enough!"

When Xiaonian roared out hysterically for the first time, his eyes stared at Lori hatefully, released Gong Ou's hand and pushed Lori away.


The dining table is very close to the lake. Lori is directly pushed into the water by Xiao Nian, which blows up thousands of waves.

Lori came out of the water, floated in the water, stretched out his hand and pulled back his all wet hair. He looked coldly at shixiaonian and said, "well, you can't cure this disease, and I don't want to cure it."


When Xiaonian shouted out loudly, she would not curse, all the anger was on these four words.

He may not cure, but he can't insult others so much.

When Xiaonian wanted to step forward and kick him again, but before he stepped forward, Gong Ou pulled her back. She was stunned. Gong Ou calmly pulled her back, and then let go of her hand.


When Xiaonian stood there, she felt the warmth on her hands fleeting, like his cold chest at the moment. She looked at Gong Ou stupidly.

I saw Gong Ou step by step across her towards the pool, with a pair of eyes looking at Luo lie in the water.

She suddenly realized what he was going to do, and her eyes were redder. "No, Gong ou, no..."


The end of all this absurd, she really do not cure, she really do not cure.

But Gong Ou ignored her request. He was such a person. He was a terrible paranoid. As long as he believed it, he would do it at all costs.

Don't give up until you reach your goal.

When Xiaonian goes to grab his hand, Gong Ou shakes it off, and Luo lie's face floats in the water is shocked.

Gong Ou walked towards the pool step by step. Each step was rigid and endless. At each step, Xiao Nian felt that she stepped on her bone.

The pain is immense.

Tears can't help falling.

When Xiaonian watched Gong Ou walk to the pool, he slowly squatted down and extended his hand to Luo lie. Luo lie climbed up from the lake with his strength. His wet clothes were tightly attached to his lean body.

Lori stood up and clapped his wet clothes, frowning.

"Head up."

A cold voice sounded above his head.

Luo lie raises his head, Gong Ou stares at him, his eyes are dark, and Luo lie's eyes are full of doubts.

It's the feeling again.

Obviously it's the same person, but it seems totally different.

"Give me the treatment."

Gong Ou stands in front of Luo lie and says word by word. Then he lowers his head and kisses his lips. Luo lie is stunned and forgets to do something. He looks at Gong Ou's junpang, which is bigger and bigger in front of him.

A faint voice suddenly sounded.

"Gong ou..."

Gong Ou stands in front of Luo lie. The whole person suddenly turns around. Xiao Nian stands there, hands on his stomach, eyes painfully looking at him. His face is pale.

Next second, Xiaonian fell to the ground and groaned painfully.

"When I read it!"

Gong Ou's eyes suddenly gaped, roared and rushed to pick up Shi Xiaonian from the cold ground, "Shi Xiaonian! You wake me up! Don't fucking scare me! "

How could this happen all of a sudden!


He will get the treatment plan soon! He'll have it in a minute! Why is that?


Luo lie stood there, drenched, looking at Xiaonian when she fainted in Gong Ou's arms. After a moment's hesitation, she walked over, reached over Xiaonian's eyelids, pressed her neck to check her condition. "How could this happen?"

It shouldn't be.

How could this happen? It's totally different from what he thought.

"Cure me! I want you to be buried with me if there's something wrong with it! Hurry up! "

Gong Ou roared at him. His eyes were like killing people. He was full of rage.


Luo lie looks at Gong Ou in shock, unable to react for a moment, blurts out, "who are you?"


So tired.

I'm really tired.

When Xiaonian had a long dream, she went back to the high tower by the sea. Every day she looked at the cold walls around her and the cliffs by the sea.

At that time, she lived in despair every day. She told herself how much she hated Gong Ou every day, but she also knew that all hatred and despair were just hope that the person would accompany her.

The sea beat the stone wall over and over, just like beating her helpless.


A voice rang above her head.

When Xiaonian's eyes moved, he opened them in a trance and saw the familiar room of luozhai, and luolie stood beside her bed with a cold face.

The sun came in through the window.

Seeing this face, all the memories suddenly fell into Xiaonian's head. The man played them around in the past six days and humiliated them in the name of pursuit.

Last night, he even wanted to do the same to Gong ou. Gong Ou agreed to his unreasonable request, pulled him out of the water and kissed his lips.

She was just like in the tower at that time, except that helplessness was despair, and she didn't know how to pull Gong ou back.

Later, her stomach suddenly began to ache, and it hurt badly.

Xiaonian sat up from the bed and stared at him angrily.

"There's nothing wrong with your body, it's just a moment of attack and fainting." Lori stood there and said.

"Then you're a real quack. I had a bad pain before I fainted."

When small read coldly said, turned around, did not see Gong ou.

Where's Gong Ou?

"That's because of your heart disease." Said Lori, holding his arms.

"Then you are even more wrong. My heart disease didn't break out until about five months after my pregnancy." When Xiaonian looked coldly at Lori and said sarcastically, "we really shouldn't believe you, but you have been playing for six days!"

"The outbreak of heart disease has nothing to do with the period of pregnancy, it's just stimulated by various inducements." Lori stood in front of the bed and said coldly, "besides, I'm not a quack. You never tell the truth. I haven't said that you wasted my time."


When Xiaonian sat on the bed and looked at him coldly.

Lori went to one side, picked up a small mirror and handed it to her. When Xiaonian took it to look at herself, all the makeup on her face had been removed, leaving only a clean, slightly pale face, without those heavy colors, she immediately went back to the past.

It seems that Lori knows.

"Don n. e's president and President's wife came to my little Luo house to cheat. Who is more despicable?" Said Lori.

When Xiaonian buttoned up the mirror, it was their fault. She said, "we are just here to cure the disease, and we don't want to support the festival."

"I hate the patient most for not telling the truth." "I thought you were strong women and weak men," Lori said. "I thought you were too demanding. You couldn't be satisfied with what he did, so you can see how much he can pay for you."


When Xiaonian was stunned, he looked at Lori in astonishment.

What does he mean and what does it mean so let her see how much Gong oeneng has paid?

"To put it bluntly, I've been treating you for six days." Lori said, "I've been stimulating you, waiting for you to see his efforts, his efforts for you, let you jump out and say no, say love him, you can go back happily. As a result, I was completely mistaken. "

"You are not..."

"Think I'm really after your husband?" "Luo lie asked coldly," I always like to be on the other side of the road, not following the rules. "

When Xiaonian looks at him in amazement, is she misunderstood?

"But I didn't expect that I was treating you, but you gave me a trick." "Luo lie sneers mockingly," does your palace all play like this

When Xiaonian sat on the bed and looked at him doubtfully, he was really just curing the disease, so his acting skills were too natural and good, and his eyes on Gong Ou were very clear

"I'm sorry, I misunderstood, but we didn't mean to deceive you."

When Xiaonian apologized, if Lori said it was true, they did have a mistake first.

"Did you cheat on purpose? Since you wake up, you can go." Said Lori coldly, turning and leaving.

When Xiaonian sat on the bed and tried to get out of the bed, her head was dizzy. She reached out and pressed her head and asked, "what about Gong Ou people?"

"He didn't sleep all night. Gong Yu tricked him into taking sleeping pills. Now he is sleeping in the next room."