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Chapter 305 Gong ou, I hate you

"I'm gone, housekeeper." When Xiaonian let go of his arms, he said calmly.

Once again, Feng de thought that she was very strong. The pregnant woman's mood was not stable, but she was strong and calm to survive alone.

"Do call me if you have any difficulty. I'll help you." Feng de said solemnly.


Xiaonian nodded, waved to him and sat in the car, then slowly closed the door.

She knew that after she left here, she was dead outside, and she would not ask any one of the palace family for help.

The car drove slowly away from the science and Technology Museum.

It's like a long door. She wakes up from her dream and is still alone.

When small read reported an address, it is the address of Xia Bian's home.

At this time, she did not know where she could go.

The driver drove to a community, and then stopped outside the community. Xiaonian said softly, "you can go."

"Yes, Miss Shi."

The driver nodded respectfully, pushed the door open, and left alone to walk to the bus stop.

When Xiaonian sat in the car, his head bowed.

R palace sat beside her, a pair of black eyes scanning her, "master, don't you get off? You're in a little mood

"I didn't."

When small read lightly said, then took off the bracelet on the hand, a person sat in the car, looked out of the car window.

In fact, she has no idea where she can go now.

She only knows Xia Bian.

But Xia Bian has her own family. She can't disturb her.

What should she do?

When small read quietly looking outside, this time on the road no one, no vehicles, the opposite of the community is a small park.

A quiet little park.

When Xiaonian pushed open the door and went down, he crossed the road and walked into the park.

On the stone road of the park, passers-by is doing sports there, afraid of being recognized. Xiaonian heads down and walks to the deepest part of the forest.

She sat down on the stone slab under the tree and raised her eyes to see Mr palace standing there quietly.

He followed her all the time.

"Why are you following?" When small read some consternation.

"I don't feel at ease that the master took off the bracelet." Mr Palace said with concern that the sound is still electronic.


When small read a person to sit on the slate, Zheng Zheng ground looks at Mr palace tall silver body.

R palace, a copy of Gong ou.

I didn't expect that in the end, it was gong Ou's copy that cared about her and accompanied her. What is that.

"I remember a few months ago, I saw a science fiction love movie with a woman, and there was a robot named Mr Jiang that she loved very much."

"I'm going to tell her today that if you like robots, I'll make them for you! The company you want, I'll give it to you! "

Gong Ou stood on the stage and said the vows to the world. She still remembered.

But in a flash, they were separated.

He couldn't give her the company she wanted.

Since it can't be given, why cheat her? Why give her hope? It's better to never have it than to be taken away again.

A line of warm water ran through her face.

When Xiaonian sat there, tears suddenly flowed down and slipped into her lips. She tasted the bitterness she had never tasted before.

"Gong ou, I hate you!"

When Xiaonian stared at the MR palace in front of him and shouted loudly, then the tears could no longer help flowing down and down.

She lost her voice and wept.

When signing the break-up contract, she didn't cry;

when Gong Ou threw the pen on her face, she didn't cry;

when she saw Mona in Gong Ou's room, she didn't cry;

when opening the break-up announcement conference, she even smiled.

But now, she still can't help it. When Xiaonian lowered her head and arms around her knees, tears could not stop dripping down her eyes. She cried so loudly.

Why build a beautiful dream for her and wake her up? Why kick her down when she tries to climb the ladder.

Is she really unworthy of a home.

Every time she thinks she can have a home, it's gone.

She must be a lonely star.

"Gong ou, I hate you..."

When Xiaonian cried and scolded in a low voice, only he could hear.

She hates him.

She really hates him. How can he treat her like this, mistrust again and again, talk about breaking up again and again, and let her break him and Mona in the bath.

How could he do that! Even if it's because of illness, how can a person change! How can we

"How are you, master?" Mr palace sat down beside her, put his arm around her shoulder, and relied on him. "Master, as long as you need me, I will always be by your side."

A classic line.


The man once told her to accompany her in front of the whole world, and then she wrote.

How could she believe a paranoid, how could she be so stupid

When Xiaonian cried and leaned into Mr Palace's arms, he lost his voice and cried bitterly. The tears kept falling down and he let out all the grievances in his body.

Afraid of crying too loudly, Xiaonian would bite his finger when he opened his mouth and his body would twitch.


At Imperial castle, a computer was hung on the wall, and the keyboard was removed by servants one by one.

In front of the central massage chair is a special glass table with lights on it. Gong Ou stands there and reaches out for a stroke. The keyboard is shown on the glass table.

The high technology department of holography has been gradually tried out.

He stood there, still dressed in the shirt and trousers of the conference, his short hair looking a bit messy.

Gong Ou reaches out to input something on the keyboard and sets some programs, but his head is blank.

It can't be done.

He can't do anything now!

"Ding" - "

a video message came out.

Gong Ou's eyes are awe inspiring, his long fingers are on the glass table, and video calls are connected. Luo Qi's figure appears on one of the screens on the wall.

It's an old castle in England.

In the huge living room, Luo Qi is dressed in noble manner, sitting in the middle of the sofa, smiling at the camera with a relaxed and gentle smile, "dear, I haven't seen you for a long time."

She speaks English.


Gong Ou stood there and looked at her coldly with black eyes.

"I just brushed the news and saw your press conference. I did a very good job, son." Luo Qi sits there gracefully, the smile is from the heart relaxed.

One side servant respectfully came forward and put down the British black tea in his hand.

Gong Ou looked at his mother sombrely. For a while, he scoffed, "are you satisfied now?"

From the beginning, he was separated from shixiaonian by no means.

"I told your father that in less than three months, you would not want to have a little reading. Guess what your father said? " Luo Qi said, "he said, give you three months of performance time. If you don't break up in three months, he will do it.". Fortunately, it's divided now. "


"Oh yes, I forgot. I told you that last time." Luo Qi smiled softly. "Anyway, it's a blessing not to let your father in."

As soon as her husband stepped in, she didn't like the blood.


Gong Ou stares at her coldly.

"I don't want to see your father and son have each other." Luo Qi said with a smile, "son, take time to come back once. Although you broke up, your father is still furious about the love with the common people. You have enjoyed the love, too. It's time to come back and honor your father."


Gong Ou listened without saying a word. There was no good-looking look on his face. His dark pupils were cold, as if he had no feelings.

The next second, his fingers crossed the glass table to turn off the video call, he heard Luo Qi say proudly, "I told shixiaonian early that ordinary men would not want a woman like her. She still doesn't believe it, and believes that she can give you happiness that others can't give you. The little girl is naive."

I don't know where Xiaonian's self-confidence comes from.

Smell words, Gong Ou's hand is stiff in the air, his face looks ugly inch by inch.

"It's estimated that she was scared to be around you for a while, trying hard and worrying about being rejected by you. It's good for her now, and it's good for her to finish earlier."

Luo Qi said, in conscience, she really is not particularly annoying when reading.

It's a skill to control Gong Ou's paranoid personality, but who makes Xiao Nian just a civilian.


Work hard and worry about being rejected.

Gong Ou's face is livid. He raises his eyes and stares at the screen. He screams hysterically, "who told you to talk to her about this? Luo Qi! Why do you bully her? "

Luo Qi takes up a cup of black tea, raises his eyes to meet Gong Ou's vision, is stunned by the anger in his eyes, pauses for a few seconds and says, "it's not my fault, she doesn't understand the principle of being right. Besides, now you don't want her, don't you bully her more? "

Her voice is as elegant as ever.

Gong Ou clenches his fist.

He bullied her more, which was fatal enough.

"Well, I've turned over the story of shixiaonian. You can come back if you have enough fun, you know?" Luo Qi regards Shi Xiaonian as a piece of optional interlude.


Gong Ou suddenly raised the glass table and smashed it to the ground. With all his strength, the glass table with good quality broke in response. The glass fragments splashed from the ground and flew beside Gong Ou's legs.

Like countless broken crystals, the film reflects everything around.


Luo Qi is far away in England. She is still frightened by Gong Ou's move. The cup in her hand is almost unsteady.

Gong Ou stood there, a pair of black eyes burst out of anger, crazy anger.

I don't know if I'm angry with Luo Qi.

It's his own.

Luo Qi understands that Gong ou should walk around when she is angry, so she decisively turns off the video call.

All the screens in the studio immediately jump to the main page, and Gong Ou stands there with a stiff back. For a while, he sits in the massage chair and lies back.

When I read.

When I read.

He lay there, his lips flailing, and held the three words to his lips, but there was no sound, not a sound at all.