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Chapter 953 let's fall in love, Mr Palace

Sad, pitiful, and selfish.

"It's no use saying that now. The most important thing is how to calm Xiaonian's mood." Said Mu qianchu.

Lori pushed his glasses against the wall. "How can I appease her? Mrs. Gong is resisting the outside world. First, you can find someone to pry her mouth open for me."

Maybe he can think of something else.

A little heavy footsteps came, two men turned their heads at the same time, only to see a tall silver figure walking towards here.

"Charged so early today?"

Luo lie can't help but say when he sees Mr palace, isn't it usually filled to the night?

"I'll see the master."

The R palace came to the front of the room and stood there, pushed the door open and walked in.

Luo Li shrugged his shoulders and really copied the character of Gong ou. This arrogant power was exactly the same.

The door was pushed open and the air in the room was a little stuffy, as if there was no air circulation.

R palace went to the inside, picked up the remote control to open the air circulation button, there was a trace of cool wind slowly blowing in. On the huge bed, a figure sat in a corner, it seemed that it would fall down at any time.

It's walking by, "master."

When Xiaonian sat on the bed without saying a word, his eyes looked at the front, his face was a little white.

"Master, I have something to say to you."

The R Palace said, the electronic voice does not have any tone of ups and downs, the tall body stood in front of the bed, blocking the sun from falling on her.


When Xiaonian didn't say a word, he didn't see it come in at all.

"In a few days, Mr. Gong and I will go to Yingying..." Mr Palace said, before the voice fell, he glanced down at the dining car beside the bedside table, which was rich in food, but there was no trace of movement. "Master, what happened?"

When Xiaonian sat there with his eyes lowered, there was no sound.

"Master, if you have something to tell me, I'm totally loyal to you." Mr palace made her stand.


Yes, it said, it's just a robot, no future, no self, its only meaning is her.

It's just a robot now, so she doesn't have to be afraid of anything.

In this world, she is the only one who is not afraid to hurt It's the robot Mr palace. She doesn't need to worry about her own rash decision and one rash word to change the future of others.

"Master, you are in a low mood. What happened?"

The R palace stood there and asked.

When Xiaonian patted the position beside him, raised his eyes and looked at it. There was a little light in his dull eyes, "you sit down."

"Yes, master."

R palace sat down beside her, glancing at her haggard face with one eye, lifting it with one hand and putting it down without any trace.

"You just said you were going to England with Gong ou, weren't you?" This is the first time for shixiaonian to hear Gong Ou's whereabouts since she took refuge. She silently stares at the robot in front of her eyes and asks in a faint voice, "how long will you go?"

"I don't know yet." The MR palace replied in an orderly manner.

"Are there many dangers?"

He whispered that although Britain is the home of the palace, today's palace can't replicate the glory of that year, not to mention Lancaster's hundreds of years of foundation.

How long will it take to get back? Can you come back safe and sound?

No, she can't ask, ask, or even care. Who knows what her care will affect Gong Ou? Will it cause him to worry about himself outside and get hurt?

No, absolutely not.

She has influenced a lot of people. Don't add another one.

"Mr. Gong will be fine. Please rest assured, master." Mr palace knows what she's worried about.

"I'm worried about you." When Xiaonian looked at it and said without much thought.


R palace sat there frozen.

When Xiaonian sat in front of it, a pair of black and white eyes stared at it quietly, slowly raised his hand to touch its cold face, fingertips gently stroked, with deep love, and said, "Mr palace, you inherit the feelings of Gong ou, do you like me very much?"


The R palace sat motionless, as if the electricity had gone with it.

"Let's fall in love, Mr palace."

When small read touch its cold face said.

There was silence in the room, but it seemed that there was a noise, which was repeated with only one sentence.

Let's fall in love, Mr palace.

Let's fall in love, Mr palace.

Let's fall in love, Mr palace.

The R palace sat there, motionless, and the whole body was cold. Xiaonian looked at it and slowly smiled, "huh?"

The word "Er" was read soft and soft by her.

For a long time, it was getting dark. Mr palace sat there and finally said, "master, I'm just a robot. I don't know how to fall in love."

"Just like me. I'll teach you how to talk about love." When small read to smile to say, smile some pale.

"The master likes Mr. Gong."

Said the R palace.

"He's not with me, but you're with me."

"The master is going out with me?"

"You know how to cheat?" When small read light tunnel, "can't talk about it, you are a copy of Gong ou, and just a robot, we fall in love can be considered derailment?"

"Master, don't you love Mr. Gong?" Mr Gong asked, clearly is electronic sound but what mood is leaking out.


How many unbearable consequences will her love bring? She doesn't know. She doesn't love, she just doesn't dare.

"Master, I'll pour you a glass of milk."

Without waiting for her answer, Mr palace suddenly stood up and walked out. Xiaonian's hand fell down like this and hung powerlessly on the quilt.

The R palace left in a hurry. People hit the piano and the wall. Then they swept down another curtain and brought some ornaments down.

It's a mess.


In the hall, mu qianchu and Luo lie are sitting at a table. Their faces are not very nice.

There are two fairy tales books in front of Lori. He looks at them and sighs, "Mrs. Gong is beyond my ability."

"But now only you can help her." Mu qianchu frowned slightly. "You are a doctor, and you have a way."

"I'm a doctor, I'm not a fairy." Lori threw the fairy tale book forward and said, "I asked Xiaokui to take two books and ask Mrs. Gong which one to read first. Mrs. Gong just shook her head and refused to give her daughter a suggestion."

"What does this mean?"

Asked mu qianchu.

He's not a doctor, and it's hard to master this psychological change.

"For what? It means that she has lost confidence in herself completely now. She thinks she is bad enough. She dare not give advice to anyone, even if she chooses a fairy tale book for her daughter, she will resist psychologically. " Lori said angrily, "when I was in the small Chinatown, Mrs. Gong was so nice, I watched her become like this, but I couldn't do anything!"

He smashed the fairy tale book on the table with some force.

"I thought she would hate gong'o in the matter of the hill tribe, but I didn't expect that she would become self denial." Mu qianchu frowned and said, "there must be a way to cure it. I don't believe Xiaonian will go on like this forever."

Smell speech, Luo lie sneers, "because she loves Gong ou, she can't do to hate Gong ou, but the blood of that incident was too much, and it happened under her eyes. She subconsciously blamed all on herself."

“……” Mu qianchu bowed his head and said to himself, "maybe I shouldn't leave her foster parents here. I don't think about it properly."

Lori rose angrily from his chair and said angrily, "no, I didn't say that when I was a child in Chinatown, I saw Mr. Gong's problem. He had to take more than half of the responsibility when Mrs. Gong became such a child!"


Long for silence.

"Although I admire Mr. Gong, he is too arrogant emotionally. When Mrs. Gong is with him, she is controlled by him. She is so domineering." The more Lori said, the more angry he was, the more angry he burst out in his eyes. "This kind of behavior seems to be for women's sake, but it's just for women's thoughts! Yes, he can do anything for Mrs. Gong, even death doesn't matter. As long as he can protect Mrs. Gong, has he ever considered Mrs. Gong's feelings? "


Mu qianchu droops her eyes and listens to Luo lie's vent.

"Hill incident, how many people died in that field? All died in front of Mrs. Gong's eyes. Her son was shadowed and her daughter suffered from sequelae. Which normal woman accepted it? " Lori was so angry that he kicked several times on the foot of the table. "Now let me take care of it. What else can I do?"

"Not everything can be considered the consequences, he is the first life, then the heart."

Muqianchu said that he didn't speak for Gong ou, but Gong Ou was able to kneel down and beg him to protect Xiaonian, which also proved that Gong Ou paid a lot.

And he agreed with the principle of life first.

"Life first, eh." Lori laughed sarcastically, pointed to the air and said, "no, I don't think so. Mr. Gong will always get along with Mrs. Gong in this way. I'm not surprised that Mrs. Gong has jumped from the building in depression! This is life saving? "

He has witnessed two people's way of getting along with each other. When I was young, the respect I gave Gong Ou was incomparable.

With that, the two men seemed to quarrel.

Luo lie walked up and down the hall, looking up, he saw Mr palace standing quietly at the door.

"The master's mental illness is serious?"

The R palace goes to Luo lie, and the tone of electronic sound does not fluctuate.

"It's your Mr. Gong who is ill. He has the best treatment first!" Lori gave a cold snort.


The R palace stood still.

Mu qianchu pressed his brow and said in a low voice, "OK, doctor Luo, I know you are in a blue mood. Go to have a rest. It's a long time. All these things will be over. Maybe she will be OK when Gong Ou comes to pick up Xiaonian."

"Oh." Lori seemed to hear some funny jokes and sneered, "do you think Mrs. Gong will manage Mr. Gong?"