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Chapter 947 the weirdness from Mr Palace

The bodyguards quickly encircled them and laid Shi Zhong on the ground.

"The first thousand!"

When small read nervously rush past, kneel down beside mu qianchu, see mu qianchu's half sleeves are dyed red.

"Take away the anemone." Muqianchu could not see the chaos around him, or feel the pain from his arm. He just held Gong Kui tightly and said to her, "you take away Xiaokui, Xiaonian."

He is not at ease with anyone but her.

"It's all right." Shi Xiaonian said, looking at his bleeding arm, he said eagerly, "hurry up, and hurry to bandage the wound."

"It doesn't matter if it's a minor injury."

Mu qianchu said that, his voice was exhausted.

When Xiaonian was going to hug gongkui, gongkui had been quickly pulled aside by Gongyao, and the two children held hands tightly.

Seeing this, when Xiaonian didn't care much, he put his hand on mu qianchu's bleeding wound and said anxiously, "hurry up, hurry up."

As soon as the hand touched, it was pulled away.

The strength was almost as great as to break her wrist.

Holding her wrist is a fine steel hand, Xiaonian raised her head in shock, just like a pair of eyes on the MR palace blue screen.

"Mr palace?"

When Xiaonian looked at it with some consternation, what did it do?

"Master, your hands are dirty."

There was no electronic sound in the R palace. Her eyes scanned the blood on her hands.

I don't know why, clearly its voice is just electronic sound, but she heard a chilling indifference.

"Nothing." Shi Xiaonian said, shake off its hand, but can't shake off, the wrist is still tight, she can't help frowning, "Mr palace, let go of your hand first."


R palace just let go of her hand.

When Xiaonian immediately turned to look at mu qianchu's injury, mu qianchu had stood up in the noisy crowd and covered the wound on his arm tightly with one hand.

Lori said by the side, "go in for treatment. The wound is too deep."

Mu qianchu walked forward with his arms covered. There was no guide dog and no wall to support him. He was a bit staggered.

The bodyguards beside helped him. There was not enough light on the grass. They were always careful. When they pulled him to the wound, they were so painful that they could hardly fall down.

When Xiaonian looked at his eyebrows and frowned, he suddenly thought of something. He immediately looked at the MR palace next to him and said, "Mr palace, you have to go in a thousand times, and the robot will walk steadily."


The R palace stood still.

Luo lie and two bodyguards support mu qianchu and put them on the back of Mr palace. When Xiao Nian patted it, "squat down quickly. It's important to save people."

"Yes, master."

R palace slowly squatted down, carrying mu qianchu to go back.

A night of farce is finally over.

In the infirmary, Lori changed into a clean doctor's uniform, put on gloves and cut mu qianchu's sleeves. Mu qianchu sat on the bed and took a breath of air conditioning.

When Xiaonian stood by and watched, the deep visible bone wound was placed in front of her naked, she could not help but cover her mouth, shocked and scared.

If this knife stabs Gong Kui's little body, she can't imagine the consequences.

"The wound has to be sewn twice. It's going to take a while for the anaesthetic analgesic needle to work. Please bear with it."

Lori did a good job in hemostasis and changed a pair of gloves. The original pair was soaked with blood.

"It will hurt."

When small read cannot help but say, sew the wound with pain too painful.

"It's better than a broken hand." Said Lori.


When small read bite lips.

Mu qianchu sat on the hospital bed. His face was as white as a piece of paper. He couldn't find any blood.

"It's OK. The medicine won't hurt in a moment."

Mu qianchu "looked" and said to Shi Xiaonian that his expression was very calm. If his frown were not trembling slightly, it would almost make people think that his anesthesia and pain relief needle had worked.

"The operation is more complicated. Fortunately, the equipment here is complete." While preparing the sewing tools, Lori looked at Shi Xiaonian and said, "Mrs. Gong, please help me to the nearby blood bank to get two bags of blood for use. I'm afraid that what I just got is not enough."

"OK, I'll go right away."

Shi Xiaonian said that he was about to leave, and the MR palace, who was standing behind her, said, "master, I will take it."

When Xiaonian didn't worry about Mr palace, he said Mu qianchu's blood type and let him go. Mr palace stood there for a few seconds and then turned away.


Murmur in pain.

When Xiaonian nervously walked over, she saw that Lori had begun to sew up. The bloody picture made the stomach surge. She tried to suppress it and asked, "what's up? Is it tolerable? "

"It's OK, don't worry."

Mu qianchu pulled out a smile hard, and there was a cold sweat on his forehead.

Luo lie's side is another needle down. Mu qianchu cries out with pain. He suddenly grabs Xiaonian's wrist and grabs it as if he is looking for a comfort.


When small read low eyes to see, his hand was caught by him are white, some pain.

What's wrong with her hand today? Everyone wants to take it seriously.

She didn't struggle, didn't push mu qianchu's hand away, so she stood there quietly and looked at him. Halfway through the sewing, mu qianchu's voice of pain was getting smaller and smaller. It should be that the painkiller needle began to play a role.

But he still didn't let her go.


A voice came that said heavy or light.

When Xiaonian turned around, she saw Mr palace standing at the door. Two bags of blood bags were thrown on the table beside her. She frowned and scolded softly, "doctor Luo is doing surgery. Don't disturb him with such a sound. Forget it. Go out first."

It's a little unusual for the R palace to come to her this time. Is the self-consciousness too strong?

Finish saying, when small read no longer care about it, but carefully watching Lori operation.

The whole process of the suturing operation was completed by Lori alone, which lasted a long time. For two hours, after the suturing and dressing with gauze, Lori collapsed directly on the chair beside him.

"Hard work."

Mu qianchu feels no pain at this time, and thanks Luo lie.

"Compared with what you have done, this is a small thing for me." Lori shook his hand and said, reaching out and taking off his gloves.

When Lori said, how can Xiaonian not understand? If someone else catches gongkui, Shizhong will hold the child and hide together when attacking, but mu qianchu can't see it. He can't judge that Shizhong will attack the child in several directions, so he resolutely left his back to the fruit knife and changed his body into the hard armor of gongkui.

It's an action of conditioned reflex. If Zhong stabbed him in the back, even in the lung

When Xiaonian did not dare to think about going down, he stood up and said, "it's too late. You two are injured and tired. Hurry to go back to your room and sleep."

Muqianchu found that he was still holding her hand, and a touch of embarrassment flashed across his pale face. He soon let her go. "I'm sorry."

And I apologize for that.

When Xiaonian was embarrassed to hear it, he didn't know how to answer it properly. Mu qianchu said again, "it's my problem. I can't keep them as prisoners, only let people watch, and then something happens. It's my responsibility."

Shi Xiaonian understood that he was talking about Shi Zhong and his wife.

At the beginning, rescuing their mother and son from Lancaster, Shi Zhong and his wife were also brought together and lived in a house far away from them, which they usually couldn't touch.

Because mu qianchu didn't issue a strict order, the bodyguards didn't take it seriously.

She didn't speak, but Lori could not sit down and said, "that old man is like a madman. Sooner or later something will happen when he lives here. It's better to find a chance to cover their eyes and send them out. They can't tell where it is."

They don't even know where this is anyway.

Hearing this, mu qianchu was silent for a long time and then said, "let them go, let alone Gong ou, who will not let them go. Even if Lancaster's people meet them, they will retaliate."

Shi Zhong and his wife inadvertently made Gong ou a favorable chess piece, and Lancaster naturally wanted to tear them up.

Apart from here, Shizhong and his wife have no safe place.

When Xiaonian looks at mu qianchu, he doesn't speak, and when the flute dies, mu qianchu says that everything must be kept by Shi Zhong and his wife, which she understands.

"Although I don't know the cause and effect, I don't know what to say since you said so." Lori took a rest and stood up from his chair. "But I have a piece of advice. I'd better keep it closed like a prisoner, or I'll jump out like a mad dog a few times and hurt Mrs. Gong and her children. You can't protect that old man any more."

Gong ou will personally scrap them.

"I understand." Mu qianchu nodded, "I won't let this happen again. I will be in custody from today."

His tone was full of guilt.

"When small read see appearance light voice way," OK, this matter has already passed, go back to the room to sleep, before anaesthetic effect faded, sleep is better

Hearing this, Mu was relieved, stood up and walked out, reeling.

When Xiaonian reaches out to hold him, mu qianchu's body stretches straight all of a sudden, his face is still pale, her voice is light and soft, "be careful."


Mu qianchu, head of jaw, went forward, while Xiaonian still supported him.

Go to the door, there is no way.

When Xiaonian lifted his eyes, he saw that Mr palace was still standing at the door, and did not leave. He clubbed there like a door god. When he saw them coming, Mr palace opened the way.

Robots are becoming more and more disobedient.

When Xiaonian supports mu qianchu to return to the room, watching mu qianchu safely walk to the bedside and sit down before she leaves. Mr palace follows her closely.

She walked towards the room of the two children. Before she got to the room, she found Gong Yao in a side hall. He was sitting alone on the carpet in front of the sofa in a white Pajama, with his little hands playing with bows and arrows.

"Why haven't you slept, holy?" When small read a little surprised to walk over, sit up in the sofa behind Gong Yao, reach out and rub his head gently, "is it scared?"