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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Imprisoning

Hearing that, Feng De sighed, and said, "Miss Shi, Young Master wishes to invite you to stay here as a guest for a period of time, until you hand over the baby."


How could her life have changed so much when she had been violated again and again and now she had lost her freedom?

Even now, she still couldn't understand when she actually provoked this disgusting and terrifying man. He was forced to believe even the results of the polygraph, and insisted that she was lying.

Shi Xiaonian sat in silence, lowered her eyes and looked at the soft blanket on her body, wanting to be swept away.

The past two days of tormenting had already exhausted her strength. At this moment, she was more useless than anyone else. She even felt tired from breathing.

This strong sense of powerlessness made her unable to file, causing her to feel sorrowful.

For a long time, tears ran down her pale cheeks, and her voice came out of her throat with difficulty, "Aren't you being too excessive? He could do whatever he wanted with power and influence... What right do you have to imprison my freedom with a single sentence … "

She was human, not something.

"Miss Shi, as long as you hand over …"

"I really never had a baby." Shi Xiaonian said softly, her tears silently falling down like beads with broken strings, "I simply don't understand why you would suddenly come looking for me."

Was this what it meant by disaster descending from the sky?

"Last month, the British Gong Jia was ready to choose a suitable match for the Young Master, so we gave the Young Master's relationship a reckoning. When investigating the status of each woman, only you, Miss Shi … The evidence we've found shows that you had a baby, but you couldn't find it. "

"What kind of evidence?"

she asked.

"Miss Shi should be clearer than anyone else." Feng De didn't explain in detail, he only said, "Miss Shi, this is after all, young master's biological child, it's impossible for young master to let a baby get left behind."

"Then this... If I go to the hospital, I'll be examined to see if I have a baby. " Shi Xiaonian made a suggestion that seemed like a humiliation to him.

She clearly hadn't done anything wrong, yet she had to compromise time and time again.

"The young master said that he had already checked for himself and did not need a doctor." Feng De said.

The thought of those so-called "inspections" flooded him like a flood.

Shi Xiaonian bit her lips until they were bloodless, and said, "I said, you were mistaken."

There was no baby at all.

"Miss Shi, just by the name of Gong Ou, the chances of making a mistake is one in ten thousand." Seeing that she could not possibly acknowledge the existence of the child, Feng De gave up and said, "I will go down to prepare some food for you."

Feng De walked out, leaving Shi Xiaonian in the bedroom.

One in ten thousand.

She was one in ten thousand.

She wiped her eyes and looked ahead. She saw a laptop on the desk in front of the purple curtain, and her heart started to pound. She quickly lifted the covers and got out of bed.

The pain all over her body and her powerlessness almost made her fall down. Shi Xiaonian bit her lips and walked forward while enduring the pain.

With every step he took, his hatred towards that beast guy, Gong Ou, increased.

She went to the door and locked it from the inside, then with difficulty went to her desk and turned on her laptop.

During the time she was waiting for the engine to start, Shi Xiaonian was so nervous that her heartbeat became even more intense. The pain in her body was also magnified many times, and she could only clench her fist tightly to prevent herself from screaming out of pain.

Gong Ou.

Sooner or later, she would return the pain to him.

When the computer was switched on, Shi Xiaonian was pleasantly surprised to find that it was connected to the internet.