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Chapter 14

Chapter 14 - Life in captivity

"Don't ask anymore, I didn't hide my baby and I never had a baby."

Under another round of intense questioning, Shi Xiaonian painfully repeated her words thousands of times. Her face was as pale as paper and her lips were dry without a single color.

After the psychologist had left, she slowly squatted with her back against the wall, her fingers digging into her hair.

Just how long will it take for such a hopeless life …

She was trapped in this heaven like hell for a baby, day and night, unable to get out.

"Mm …" I hate it, Mr. Gong, please don't be like this … "

A soft, feminine voice came from outside.

Shi Xiaonian stood up, and gently pulled open the door to look outside. She saw a woman in silk pajamas sitting on top of the door, and the clothes slid down to her arms, revealing her curvaceous and curvy body.

Gong Ou stood in front of her. She was dressed neatly and elegantly as she hugged him, and Gong Ou's hands were flowing around the woman's body. The thin lip was kissing her neck with extreme focus.

"Mr. Gong... "Um, uh …" The woman looked up, allowing the man to do whatever he wanted, her expression was one of enjoyment, "Mr. Gong, when are you going to let Linlin take the throne?"

"Who do you want to be on?" Gong Ou bit her neck, his voice cold to the point that it didn't sound like he was kissing.

"I don't expect to be your girlfriend or one of the countless women you have. Don't worry, I'll be very sensible and won't speak nonsense in front of the media." "I'm sorry," the woman said, hugging him tighter.

"Whether it's good or not depends on you."

"I will use all my strength."


Gong Ou carried the lady and walked far away.

Shi Xiaonian stood at the door and watched this scene with hatred.

This vile man was not only an animal, but also a perverted and disgusting person. Such a person actually had women coming and going, just wanting to be one of them?

Didn't they say that they needed to choose a partner to marry? He's still messing around. The so-called upper class society is so filthy …

Shi Xiaonian opened the door and walked in the opposite direction.

She wandered aimlessly through the luxurious interior of the castle, marveling at the paintings on the walls along the way.

Gong Ou was indeed worthy of being called the richest man in the world. These famous paintings were even rare to see duplicates, yet there were so many real items stored here.

Only the paintings made her feel slightly better in captivity.

She stood in front of the wall and looked at all the famous paintings, her heart slowly calming down, feeling a little hungry. Because Feng De, the bodyguards, and the psychological experts were constantly pressing down on her, she had not eaten anything in the past two days.

Ignoring the two bodyguards behind him, Shi Xiaonian walked around the huge maze of the castle.

After a full circle, she finally found the kitchen.

The kitchen was clean and bright, with the latest equipment, more than twice the size of her entire family, and the maids and cooks ignored her as they went about their duties.

Shi Xiaonian did not say anything, and went in to open the fridge to see if there were any ingredients.

No one stopped her.

There was a special food area here. Vegetables and fresh refrigerators were separated, and there were even many fresh live fish in the tank …

Fish, I haven't had fish soup in a long time.

Shi Xiaonian walked over and picked up a black fish from the ground. She skillfully removed its scales and removed its fins, then cut off a thin piece of fish with his blade. Gong Jia's blade was much better than hers, cutting off a piece of fish effortlessly.

She didn't like spicy food, so she took a few tomatoes and other ingredients and stirred them. The tomato and fish soup emitted a fragrance from the pot.

"Young Master."

An orderly voice suddenly came from outside the door.