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Chapter 839 you'sre his mother

He escaped first. He actually hid here.

Their conversation was all listened to. Gong Yao knew it was Lanting. He didn't dare to make a sound. He just hid. It was a smart way.

What should she do now?

You can't let Lanting find Gong Yao or let Lanting go back. Gong Ou doesn't know if he is out of danger.


When Xiaonian was breathing cold air, she turned her eyes to Lanting. When did Lanting squat on the ground, holding her head in both hands and muttering painfully, "why can't I find the murderer! I have checked all the people. I still don't know who is the murderer. I still don't know! "


"Who is the murderer, who killed Qingqing, who killed Qingqing, I want to find out, I want to find out..."

Lanting said excitedly, in a trance and strange tone.

His appearance is like a sudden madness. When Xiaonian looked at him in fear, she reached out and stroked her flat stomach. She hesitated for two seconds. She still walked towards Lanting. "Mr. LAN, are you ok? It's sad. Let's not be here. Let's go back to the bus. "

Among the flowers, there was a look.

When Xiao Nian prayed that Gong Yao didn't think that she didn't care about him, she had to get the Lanting away.

"Don't touch me!"

Lanting excitedly shakes off her hand. When Xiaonian falls to the side and bumps several steps, she almost falls down. When she looks at Lanting again, she is shocked.

Lanting got up from the ground, stared at her with a pair of eyes, walked to her step by step, and held her shoulder tightly with both hands, "Qingqing, you are back, you are back to see me."

"Mr. LAN, I'm Xi Nian."

When Xiaonian was afraid to see such a Lanting, he desperately reached out to push him.

Lanting looked at her as if she could not hear her. She said, "Qingqing, don't worry. I planted your favorite flower on the tunnel. The flower soon covered the whole tunnel. You said that when the flower opened, it was the gentlest. People's mood would be better. Are you happy now?"

"You planted the flowers?"

When small read stupefied, not all rumors are wild flowers.

"Of course, I planted it. I don't know who passed it on as wild flowers, so some tourists came to see it." Lanting grabs Xiaonian's shoulder and stares at her with strong affection, "but don't worry, I won't let people trample here. You see, the flowers are blooming so well that they soon cover the tunnel... "

Said, when Lanting pulled, Xiaonian went to the flowers and asked her to see if the flowers were blooming well.

Gong Yao is not far away.

"I see it. I see it. Don't step on the flowers."

When Xiaonian nervously grabbed Lanting, but her strength couldn't rival that of a man. Lanting pulled her to continue to walk inside. "You see, the flowers are almost full. I said that when the flowers cover the whole tunnel, I will come to see you with Xiaoqi. I have calculated that the flowers will be full in no more than two weeks. "

Lanting said and laughed, patting his head hard. "Look at me. You are all here. It must be that the flowers are full. Let's go and have a look. "


Can't see! Can't go any more!

"I know you blame Xiaoqi for not calling for help. I can't remember the murderer. I've trained her. And those bad guys, I'll solve it. This time, I didn't ignore you. I always thought about it. " Lanting chattered.


Don't go any more!

In front is Gong Yao's hiding place.

When Xiaonian looked at Lanting in panic, the whole person was dragged forward. Lanting raised his leg and saw that he was about to step on Gong Yao. When Xiaonian didn't think much, he shouted, "ah --"

Lanting was shocked by her and asked nervously, "what's the matter?"

"I seem to have hurt my leg." When Xiaonian touched his leg, frowned and looked at Lanting, "Mr. LAN, shall we go back to the bus? I can't seem to leave. "

Lanting stood there stiffly, staring at her, "Mr. LAN?"

As if waking up from a dream, Lanting's eyes suddenly woke up and looked at her disappointedly, "Xiaonian?"

"Yes, it's me."

Did he lose his mind just now? Did he really think of her as his wife?

I don't care how much I think. When Xiaonian looks painful, "can you help me to the car? My legs are really sore. Besides, we can't go any more. We will trample on the flowers and plants."

Gong Yao, please hide well.

Lanting can't hide the disappointment in her heart, and even her voice falls down, saying, "OK."

When Xiaonian breathed a sigh of relief, her hair was full of sweat. When the wind blew, she wanted to shiver.

Lanting comes forward to help her leave. When she comes to a step, Lanting suddenly stops. Xiaonian looks at him nervously. "Mr. LAN, what's the matter?"

"We trampled on the flowers. I 'll give you a hand. You wait."

Lanting then leaned down to pick up the two flowers.

"Why don't you wait for me to do it tomorrow? I can't see clearly in the evening." Try to make your voice sound normal.

"All right."

Lanting said, when Xiaonian's heart fell again, just about to leave, Lanting suddenly turned around and walked two steps, grabbed Gong Yao from the flowers, sneered, "so you hide here!"

Gong Yao's whole body was hoisted. His feet were off the ground. His body was just like when he came. He was in a mess. His face was surprisingly calm. There was no panic. He just looked at Lanting.

When Xiaonian looked at this scene in horror, for a moment, her breath was still.

Gong Yao is hanging, breathing is more and more difficult, and his face is more and more pale. Lanting puts him down and sneers, "you've escaped very well, you've escaped very well, but no one tells you, don't you turn on the flashing light of your watch when you hide?"

One light one light, when he is blind?


Gong Yao stood there without saying a word, even without looking at it.

"Come back with me! You are a much bigger card than Gong Ou! " Lanting clutched Gong Yao and left.

"Mr. LAN!" When Xiaonian shouted, Lanting looked at her. She hurriedly said, "Mr. LAN, he is just a child. Why do you do this to him? Let it go."

"Let it go?" Lanting said, "let it go. The palace will send someone soon, and then my plan will fail."

"What are your plans?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"No one can stop me to see my wife!" Lanting said, carrying Gong Yao and going out, "no one can do it!"


When Xiaonian stood there at a loss, with many thoughts hovering in his mind, but he dared not make anything.

As she passed by, Gong Yao suddenly raised his eyes to him. Those eyes were as dark as the night sky, but stained with moonlight. They were pure and pure with indifference.

As if she had already confessed her life, she didn't care whether she would save him or not.

"If I had known you could run like this, I should have left your sister!"

Lanting said coldly that he thought that the little girl was innocent and wanted to let go. He really despised Gong Ou's children.

Hearing this, Gong Yao suddenly gets excited and struggles desperately. Lanting firmly holds him, sneers scornfully, and holds the clothes behind Gong Yao like a chicken.

Gong Yao desperately struggles and is beaten twice by Lanting. When Xiaonian rushes forward to stop him, Gong Yao suddenly grabs Lanting's outstretched hand and bites it.


Lanting takes back his hand painfully, but Gong Yao grabs him. Lanting has to throw him to the ground, and look down at his hand, which is a small tooth mark.

"You damn little bastard!" Lanting shouted hysterically, "is your mother forced?"

When Xiaonian looked at Lanting in shock, he was full of anger, with a ferocious face and gloomy eyes. She suddenly understood why a seven-year-old girl called LAN Xiaoqi so many strange words.

Gong Yao got up from the ground and stared at him with his hand over his mouth.

Lanting shakes his hand. Seeing Gong Yao's eyes like this, he gets angry and kicks at him.


When Xiaonian rushed to her, he hugged Gong Yao's thin body and left his back to Lanting. Lanting kicked her on the back.


When Xiaonian cried out in pain, holding Gong Yao and falling into the flowers, the flower branch scratched her arm and hurt badly.

Gong Yao falls on her body, but she can't care about the pain. She quickly props up her body and doesn't let herself press him. Gong Yao falls on the ground, staring at her with black eyes, as if she didn't know her. "Mom."

She saved him.

She saved him anyway.

He didn't even hide well. He didn't meet the requirements of Gong ou. He was so stupid. How could she save him.


Lanting looks at Gong Yao doubtfully.

When Xiaonian didn't have time to stand up, he turned around and sat in the flower room, stood in front of Gong Yao, stretched out his arms and looked at Lanting. "Mr. LAN, he is still a child. Your story is very sad and sympathetic, but you can't create others' tragedy because of your own tragedy."

Lanting stood there, hands down, eyes glued to her face. "He just called you mom."


When Xiaonian's body was stiff, a cold air rushed out of his back.

"Are you his mother?" Lanting crouches down slowly in front of shixiaonian, his eyes narrowed little by little. "Are you gong Ou's wife?"


When Xiaonian sat there, Gong Yao stood behind her.

"Ah, yes, it is." Lanting suddenly realized, "I saw you in the newspaper, but I didn't pay attention."

In recent years, he has been indifferent to things beyond his plan.

"Mr. LAN, can we have a good talk?"

Shi Xiaonian said that there was a lot of pain on his back, and Lanting kicked hard.

"Gong Ou's wife, a flower picker on langhuayu island." Lanting thought for a moment, his eyes gathered a touch of hate, "you have been lying to me?"

What is the flower picking girl and what is being bullied are all shown to him?