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Chapter 659 Gong Yu's kiss

"It's the engagement ceremony today, and it's more elegant." Gong Yu looks at him helplessly. As a child, Gong Ou is like a different kind in their environment. His mother always says that he is not like the noble.

"Elegant?" Gong Ou sniffs and stares at him in the dark, "excuse me, can you reproduce with that ugly woman in bed?"


Gong Yu can't even speak.

At this time, joclina came out of a room upstairs. She was wearing a white wedding dress. Her retro headdress covered her whole head, like a white hat. Her jewelry was shining. Her face was delicate and gorgeous. Her lips were very red, but she could not cover some freckles.

Gong Yu stood there with a smile, Gong Ou stood beside him, looked at it, despised the tunnel, "uglier. You are taking a clown home. Why doesn't she pour the paint on her face? "

It's disgusting.

"Stop talking." Gong Yu was worried that joclina would listen, frowning and whispering, "I know the whole world is good for you."

Wen Yan, Gong Ou glances at him, "it seems that you are not blind in aesthetics!"


Gong Yu is standing by the railings. Joclina walks up to Gong Yu, snuggles up to him, smiles and asks, "am I beautiful today?"


Gong Yu replied gently.

A group of female companions stood behind joclina and praised her. They couldn't help but look at Gong Ou frequently. They were attracted by his beauty.

"Don't kiss on such a good day?" Gong Ou's quiet voice suddenly sounded.

"His voice is so sexy." "Kiss, kiss, kiss!" they shouted


Joclina smiled more freckles. She looked at Gong Yu expectantly. Gong Yu stood there with a heavy face. Her body stiffened inch by inch. Her eyes looked at Gong ou. The smile on Gong Ou's lips was very evil.

It's really hilarious. He doesn't want to let his position out, so he plays tricks on his brother?

There was a commotion.

In the church downstairs, the children of the choir began to rehearse and sing. The tender and beautiful songs sounded the happy melody. Suddenly, joclina stood on tiptoe, kissed his lips warmly and brushed the tip of her tongue.

Gong Yu took a step back subconsciously. Her body became more and more stiff and her throat felt suffocating.

The children are singing.

The girls are making a fuss.

Gong Ou's smile is evil with the meaning of watching a good play.

Gong Yu stood there, his lips still motionless, but joclina kissed more freely. He forced her hand away, just put it on the railing and seized it.

Some of the pictures passed in a flash.

"Why are you unhappy?"

"I can see that you are unhappy."

"This picture is for you. I hope you'll be happy."

"Big brother, I'm leaving. My name is Xi Yu. My Chinese name is Xi Yu. Next time I meet you, you'll forget all your troubles."

The little girl in the skirt walked farther and farther in his sight, and the smile became smaller and smaller, so small that he could never see it again.

Don't go!

Gong Yu suddenly put out her hand and pushed away the person in front of her. Joclina stumbled and nearly fell down. The whole person looked at him in amazement. She was very unhappy. Her pale lips opened, "what do you do? Are you crazy? "

Gong Ou stands aside, with a faint radian on his lips, smiling rather than smiling.

Gong Yu woke up and said calmly, "I'm sorry, I'll go to the bathroom."

With that, Gong Gu turned around and left. She ran away like a fugitive. Joclina stamped her foot angrily, "too much! I have to talk to Madame Gong! "

All the women stood there in silence.

Gong Yu ran all the way down the stairs and rushed into a bathroom. He was short of breath. He looked at himself in the mirror with his eyes open. His lips and corners were full of lipstick color.


A disgust came up. Gong Yu lowered his head and vomited to the sink. He could not eat for several times, but only retched out of the water.

He opened the water, reached for the water and rubbed the lipstick on his mouth. His eyes showed disgust. He rubbed hard, and his skin hurt.

The lipstick disappeared from his lips.


Gong Gu retched, but there was nothing to retch. The feeling was hysterical.

The door of the bathroom was suddenly opened.

Gong Ou stood there with his arms in his arms, looking at him coldly. "Bridegroom, the engagement ceremony begins."


Gong Yu retched, raised her eyes and looked at Gong ou, who had a funny look in the mirror. Her eyes dimmed and she said, "Gong ou, I know you're not comfortable, but you don't have to."

He was encouraged to kiss.

"I haven't done anything, bridegroom. I haven't sworn yet?"

Gong Ou turns to leave.

Oath, engagement.

At the thought of the kiss just now, Gong Yu retched to the sink. After a long time, Gong Yu turned around and left the bathroom. His handsome and mature face was a little haggard.

The ceremony and music outside rang. Gong Yu closed his eyes and then opened them. His lips shook twice and walked forward with a smile.


When Xiaonian and LUOQI hurried to the manor, they couldn't wait for the car to stop stably, and then Xiaonian pushed open the door and jumped down.

"Xiao Nian, you can run fast. Go quickly. You must stop Gong Yu before the ceremony begins, and let him wait for me in any case." Luo Qi said anxiously, worried that the ceremony had begun.

I really want to get engaged, and I'll get into a lot of trouble again.


When Xiaonian anxiously picked up the direction of the church in her skirt and ran to it, Gong Ou was really. She had told him that her mobile phone must be on her body, she would call him, but he hung up her phone.

Isn't he most anxious about his elder brother? The engagement ceremony is going to be held. She will see what he can do.

When Xiaonian ran across the flower gate to the church.

Feng de stood at the door of the church, his hands folded in front of him. When he saw it, Xiao Nian laughed, "Xiao Nian, are you here?"

"Adoptive father." When Xiaonian ran to him breathlessly, "hasn't the ceremony started yet? Go to find Gong ou and elder brother. Hurry up. "

"The ceremony has begun."


When Xiaonian is shocked, has it started? What's the point of her doing so much? She gave Gong Yu a push. Even if she quits marriage later, the trouble of Gong's family will not be less.

At this time, Luo Qi also came with Charles.

Luo Qi bowed his head respectfully. "Young master asked me to wait for his wife and young lady here. The ceremony has begun. Let's go in through the side door."


Luo Qi looks at Shi Xiaonian, who sips her lips and says, "now there is no other way. Let's go ahead and watch."

It seems that a divorce is inevitable.

"All right."

Luo Qi sighs. There are various troubles in Lancaster. The news of Gong Jue's death will be announced sooner or later. Now, with the troubles of York family, these things will become snowballs.

"Mother, go."

When Xiao Nian led Luo Qi to the side door, and Feng de and Charles opened the door for them.

As soon as the door opened, there was a romantic music in it. When Xiaonian looked up, he saw that there were no empty seats in the church. Gong Yu and joclina were walking slowly on the red carpet. Both of them had smiles on their faces, like a happy couple.

Gong Yao and Gong Kui, as well as some beautiful children, walk behind them. Gong Kui refuses to be a safe little flower boy. From time to time, he shakes his head and waves with the guests, and is pulled by Gong Yao.

"I've been on the red carpet for a long time, but I'm only halfway there. The bride really likes the red carpet." Feng de stood aside and tucking away in a low voice.

When little nianlaluoqi went inside, Fengde led the way in front of him, "madam, little madam here."

When Xiaonian looked in the direction he pointed to, he saw Gong Ou sitting there. Black eyes were looking at her and raised their hands to her.

This man who doesn't answer the phone!

Too much!

When Xiaonian went to him, he went over several guests to Gong ou and sat down, while Luo Qi sat down in the front row under the guidance of Feng De, together with her parents, grandparents and others.

"What are you doing? Why hang up on me, do you know how anxious I am? "

When Xiaonian sat down, he murmured to Gong ou.

She played all her acting skills in her life on Luo Qi. Finally, Luo Qi believed and was willing not to let Gong Yu get engaged. As a result, a group of people didn't answer the phone, and Gong Ou hung up her phone.

"What, miss me?"

Gong Ou's black eyes stared at her deeply, and the corners of her lips raised an evil arc.

"Are you still in the mood to laugh?" When Xiaonian looked at him incomprehensibly, he lowered his voice and said, "do you know how hard I managed to make my mother change her mind?"

Because he hung up her phone, the engagement ceremony began.

"In a hurry, calm down."

"How can you calm me down?"

"Put this on." Gong Ou sits there. He doesn't know where to turn out a wreath of flowers. He wears it on Xiaonian's head.

At that time, Xiaonian's long hair was only slightly trimmed. At that time, the colorful flowers set off her beautiful face and her skin was white and soft.

Gong Ou's jaw is satisfied. "That's the woman. Seeing you, I finally wash my eyes."

"Don't make any noise, Gong ou." When Xiaonian was not in the mood to listen to him, he reached out to take the wreath off his head and was stopped by Gong ou.

"No picking. I've been knitting flowers with the old woman for a long time."

Gong Ou Dao.

"And you learn how to make garlands?" Shixiaonian really convinced him. Is he so free?

Gong Ou frowns, "you should be moved at this time."


I'm so moved.

Why is he so calm.

When Xiaonian looked at him speechlessly, he turned his eyes to the seat in front of him, and saw that Luo Qi was chatting with the people of York family, talking about something. Although there was a smile on her face, Luo Qi was obviously absent-minded.

Yorke Lina and Gong Yu walk slowly, which will lead to Xiaonian 's side. York Lina obviously slows down on purpose, and obviously enjoys being watched all the way.