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Chapter 181 see me avenge you

Gong Ou's face is very smelly, and his black eyes stare at her, "go, today is the last way I think about it! I spend all my patience in this life on you. "

This week, he managed to temper himself a lot better.

As a result, she is still like this, without any progress.


When Xiaonian looked at him with a blank face.

"If it doesn't work today, who do you want to find?" Gong Ou stares at her and says, "I don't care about you!"


When Xiaonian still had no voice, he just looked at him, as if he could not understand his words, or didn't listen at all.

He hates the way she looks.

Gong Ou hugs her from the bed, then leads her hand and walks out. Xiaonian follows him with a dull face.

When Xiaonian was led to the hall by Gong Oula.

People kneeling all over the hall.

Seeing this, Xiaonian's body immediately shrank conditionally and hid behind Gong ou. He didn't dare to look.

"No hiding."

Gong Ou starts to bully and pulls her to her front.

When Xiaonian struggles desperately, Gong Ou forces her to see it.

She can't hide, so she tries to drill into Gong Ou's arms. She wants to dig a hole in his chest so that she can get through.

This kind of devotion makes Gong Ou unhappy.

"What are you afraid of? Who can hurt you and dare to hurt you with me? " Gong Ou accentuates her tone, grabs her two disorderly hands in one hand, and stares at her with black eyes.


When Xiaonian looked at him, he seemed to listen to his words and give up struggling slowly.

But she would only face him, not the kneeling man.

After so many things, she is not willing to face everyone, but to face Gong ou, she is willing.

"Come, come and see me avenge you."

Gong Ou said, pulling her hand to one side and sitting on the sofa.

This is the face of those kneeling people, when small read more unbearable, continue to arch in his arms.

"How about cabbage?"

Gong Ou looks at her.


When small read silently continue to his arms arch ah arch.


Gong Ou had to hold her cold body and hold her tightly, which made her settle down slowly.

For a long time, Xiao Nian turned to look at those people under the threat of Gong ou.

I saw that all of them were kneeling on the ground, with black tape on their mouths, and their eyes were shaking with panic and despair.

There are several faces. She is familiar with them.

One is the aunt of the shop assistant at the hat counter in the mall.

On the side, Feng de and a few people in suits stand there.

"Remember them?" Gong Ou said in a low and magnetic voice as he cuddled, "this is the first batch. This is the one who threw things at you in the mall that day."

He found all the faces after staying up late to study the video.

He divided into teams: throwing things team, smashing things team, abusing team, smashing Mr palace team.

Come in teams.

Of course, when he finally went to solve the problem, he always put the heavy dishes at the end.


Shopping malls.

At that time, Xiaonian suddenly thought of the crowds in the shopping mall. All the people surrounded her, all the mouths were abusing her, and all the hands were poking her spine.

She was clinging to Gong Ou's chest, with one hand clutching the shirt on his chest.

"When small read, looked, I taught you what is to return a tooth to a tooth, what is to dispel hatred!" Gong Ou's tone was blatant. "If you think you are right, you should punish yourself and torture others."


When Xiaonian leans on his arms and doesn't speak.

Gong Ou holds her in one hand and raises it in the other.

Feng de immediately hands Gong ou a copy of the information.

When Gong Ou hugs Xiaonian, he opens the information. When Xiaonian looks at the information with low eyes, he looks at the information. On it is the background of the saleswoman's aunt's family. It's written in detail, with pictures of the whole family attached.

"Du Jin'e?" Gong Ou looks at the document and gives a name.

His voice was lazy, but it was cold.

The salesgirl's aunt knelt in the crowd and looked at them in shock, her fat body shaking with fear.

Feng de came forward and tore the tape off her face.

"Ah --" Du cried out in pain, then kowtowed desperately on the ground. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, little girl, it's my fault. I shouldn't have pulled you to say something that shouldn't have been said that day. Forgive me, forgive me..."

"If you can be forgiven for doing something wrong, what about the victim?" Gong Ou said coldly, without a trace of emotion, looking at the fat woman coldly, "without you, it would not be so big that day."

"Me, me, me..."

"She won't be besieged if you don't force our family to gossip." Gong Ou says, a pair of eyes son more and more cold, "so, in all people here, you are the most damned one."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Gong."

Du Jin'e was so scared that she moved her fat body to kneel in front of them and looked at Gong Ou in fear. "I won't talk anymore. I promise, I was just outraged at the news I didn't know that the news was fake until your people caught me. I was wrong. I was really wrong. "


Gong Ou's face is very cold. Seeing that the woman keeps approaching herself, she raises one leg and kicks her shoulder.

Du Jin'e was rushed to the ground and found it useless to beg for mercy. Du Jin'e fell to the ground and wuhuai got up. "You rich people are amazing. You have the ability to kill me. You have the ability to kill me. So many of us die here. How can you tell me I'm still dead with you today. "

Smell speech, palace Europe is like to hear what funny joke, lift up lip Cape, "ha."

When Xiaonian held his shirt tighter.

Feng de stood aside, looking at the fat middle-aged woman, and said slowly, "Ms. Du Jin'e, it seems that you are not very clear. Don't say Mr. Gong, it's not a big deal that one of my housekeepers killed you."

Everyone froze at this.

Du Jin'e stopped crying and looked at them stupidly. "Who are you?"

Who is this young man called Mr. Gong? It's OK to kill?

It seems to be familiar. Have you seen it on TV.

"The pain of killing you is just a moment. It's not interesting." Gong Ou looks at the woman, smiles back, and says in a sullen voice, "I will prolong your pain until you die."


Du Jin'e fell to the ground with a dull face.

Gong Ou handed the information to a few people in suits and said coldly, "you are a professional entertainment hype team. I want Du Jin'e's family to break up and betray each other. Like everyone shouting and beating a street mouse until she dies, no one will understand her."


Street mouse.

Hearing these eight words, I couldn't help shaking when I sat in Gong Ou's arms.

Gong Ou hugs her. "I'm here. Don't shake."


Xiaonian grabs his shirt.

One of the hype teams dressed in suits walked out and bowed to them, and then said, "this little scheme is so easy to do. You can design Du Jin'e to commit adultery with two 80 old people, and then make some mule photos to distribute in the places where she lives, including her son's school, her husband's unit, relatives and friends' work places."


Du Jin'e's face was pale.

"In this way, within two days, she's just a street mouse." The man asked flatteringly, "Mr. Gong, do you feel satisfied with such a plan?"


Gong Ou cradles his lips and stares at the fat woman, "I see you scold my woman in the video. Now, I'll let you taste what it means to be full of mouth!"

"No, Mr. Gong, I really know it's wrong. You can't do it. My son is 20 years old. I've been clean for half my life. How can you slander me? " Du Jin'e was so excited that she knelt down on the ground with her fat body and shouted, "I kowtow to Miss Shi, and I kowtow to Miss Shi."

As she spoke, she kowtowed desperately to the ground, which was heavier than before.

Xiao Nian looked at her with a blank face.

Du Jin'e's forehead is bleeding, and she is still banging on the ground, begging at the same time. "Miss Shi, please spare me. I can't ruin my reputation at this age. I beg you, I beg you..."

When small read is the most soft hearted.

Gong Ou looks down at Shi Xiaonian and stares at her soft face. "How about letting her go?"

As long as she is willing to speak, he is willing to let go of this disgusting fat woman.


When Xiaonian sat there motionless, he looked at the woman kowtow like this, with a blank face, no happiness or sympathy.

Du Jin'e kowtowed dozens of heads on the ground until she fainted and fell to the ground.

When Xiaonian still looked at it without expression.

"Drag her down."

Gong Ou said coldly.

Feng de recruited two bodyguards to take Du Jin'e down.

After that, Gong Ou began to follow the same method one by one, let the speculation team dig everyone's black history, no black history of manufacturing black history.

Everyone begged for mercy and became a group.

One by one, he kept telling shixiaonian how miserable he was. Several people's life experiences could be compiled into a TV drama of suffering.

Gong Ou silently observes and reads.

When she was soft and kind-hearted, Xiaonian didn't move at all. She said she didn't listen. She looked at the man.

But no matter how sad or pitiful the man said, or how sincere the apology was, Xiaonian didn't care.

The scheme that the hype team came up with was a little too vicious, which made people feel that there was only one way to fall into it, but Xiaonian didn't stop it.

She sat in his arms and watched as one person was dragged out with a blank face.

"Do you think I did a good job?"

When they all retreat, Gong Ou turns her body and lets her look at herself.


When Xiaonian looked at him, she didn't speak. After she came back from the underground parking lot, she always looked like a mute.