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Chapter 351 her son is gone

"Miss Shi!"

The doctor of eyebrow scar was stupefied, hurriedly catch up.

When Xiaonian ran forward with all his strength, ran in after the maid, and pushed the door heavily.


Two maids stood there in a fright.

When Xiaonian stood panting at the door and looked in, he saw a big crib in the center of the room. The crib was a picture of the underwater world, beautiful and comfortable in color. The two cartoon decorations on the top of the bed were turning slowly.

When he saw the crib, Xiaonian smiled on his face, walked forward to the crib and looked down.

A little guy is lying inside, two little hands wrapped in cute gloves, wearing pink clothes, is it my sister?

Little guy's little red face, skin is wrinkled, hair is soft and rare, eyebrow color is light, eyelashes are long.

Her eyes are hazy, open and close for a while, a pair of pupils are very black and dark, there is a deep line on her eyes, it is double eyelid, the nose is small, the mouth is even small, it seems that she wants to eat something, smashing the mouth, it is very lovely.


This is her daughter.

When Xiaonian saw her, the whole heart was suddenly filled, and some unexplained worries suddenly disappeared.

With babies, her world can be sunny.

"And your brother?"

When Xiaonian said to the little guy easily, although she fainted with pain during the production, she still remembered that her brother was born first and her sister was born again.

A man and a woman.

It's good to have a brother. He knows how to protect his sister and has responsibilities.

When Xiaonian smiled and thought, turning her eyes to the other end, she did not see another little guy, so she reached out to lift the quilt. As a result, she lifted the whole quilt and did not see another child.

When Xiaonian looked aside, there was only one crib in the whole room, and there was no second one.

Her face suddenly changed. She saw that the whole room was full of baby products, but many things were only single, and even the little clothes folded on one side were only pink. At first sight, only girls could wear them.

"How could this happen?"

When Xiaonian looked at everything in front of her in shock and reached out to the crib to feel it. Why is there only one daughter, her son? Where is her son.

"Miss Shi."

When the eyebrow scar doctor approached, Xiaonian put his hand on the crib, stared at the eyebrow scar doctor with an unbelievable eyes, and asked eagerly, "how can there be only one child? Where is the other child, is it in the next room? I'll see. "

When he said that, Xiaonian would leave.

It must have been raised separately.

Why is it better to put the dragon and Phoenix together.

Shi Xiaonian told himself so, and then walked on, grabbing the quilt in his hand, he didn't even notice.


Mu qianchu appeared at the door, dressed in a white sweater, elegant and handsome, tall and slender, with one hand in his trouser pocket. He saw that she appeared here, frowned and looked at the eyebrow scar displeased, "who let you bring her in?"

"I'm sorry, mojo."

Said the eyebrow scar doctor, looking down.

"I came in myself." When small read facial expression has a little white, looking at mu qianchu to say, "another baby? Where is my son, my other child? "

"Xiaonian, you haven't had a few days of production. Go to have a rest."

Mu didn't answer her questions directly.

"And my son? Where is my son? " Seeing this, Xiaonian asked more excitedly. There was a kind of unspeakable uneasiness in his heart.


Mu qianchu hesitated and could not speak. He looked at her deeply with his eyes full of remorse.

"You say! Where is my son? " Asked shixiaonian.


Mu qianchu is silent, and there is a look of escaping in his eyes.

Looking at him like this, Xiao Nian dropped the quilt in his hand, rushed to Mu qianchu, and looked at him with his eyes in fear, "if you drag me to not let me see the child, I'm afraid that I'll find out if I've lost a child, if my son has No more? "

She gave birth before her due date.

Is there a problem with the child.

"Not so." Muqianchu immediately said, looking at her pale face, she felt helpless and said, "I tell you, don't be too excited."

She is still recovering.


Xiao Nian's face was pale.

Mu qianchu continued, "it was the steward who took it away. I didn't realize it. I couldn't find anyone to catch up with. It was foggy that night. I was afraid that the palace would send someone to come soon and bring you back first."

"Taken away by Charles?" "That is to say, my son is still in the hands of the palace family?"


Why she just can't get rid of the palace.

"I'm sorry, Xiaonian." Mu qianchu said guiltily, "I'm afraid you can't accept it, so I want to tell you when you recover better. I didn't expect to let you know so soon."

"Gong family, Gong family..."

When small read mumbling repeat these two words, then turn around and run out.

Muqianchu immediately reached for her wrist. "Xiaonian, where are you going?"

"I'll go to my son. I won't let any of my children stay at the palace!"

When the small read excitedly said, mentions the palace in her heart the hatred to rush out naturally, a hair is uncontrollable.

During that half year, she lived in the surveillance of others every day and night, without any freedom.

The practice of keeping a son and forcing a mother in the palace is totally contrary to her idea. It is impossible for her to keep her child in the palace.

"So you go?" Mu qianchu holds her hand tightly. "Wake up, Xiao Nian. It's Gong's house. No one can walk on the road."


It's the palace.

When Xiaonian looks at mu qianchu, grabs his sleeve and says eagerly, "isn't the Xi family rich? You don't mean that all the islands outside are seats. Take me to see my father. I will ask him to help me find my son, OK? Will he help me? "

There was a faint smell of milk in the room.

"Xiaonian, it's not a question of helplessness. You know how deep the palace family is. The Xi family sent people to Britain. Do you think it's possible to snatch children from the palace family?" Said Mu qianchu.

Britain is not a place where people can do anything they want.

"Impossible?" When Xiaonian looked at him, his eyes were red. "What can I do? My son can't come back?"

"Don't be sad. Think of a good place. At least you have a daughter by your side. Although the child is illegitimate, the palace family will not treat him badly in material terms." Mu qianchu took her hand and said, soothing her with a soft voice.

"Matter? I can earn material. He will not be happy there. Gong Yu and Gong ou have never been happy when they grow up in the palace! "

Shi Xiaonian said that she clearly knew where the palace family was.

There, the children of the palace family can't have their own interests and hobbies, and they must be treated as dragon and Phoenix.

In case her son is not talented, he will be destroyed.


"No, I'm going to find him. I can't give up without trying." When small read stubbornly said, turn around to go out.


Murdoch held her from behind and imprisoned her forcefully. His wise voice clearly disagreed, "this is Italy. Do you know how long it will take to go to England? Can you find it when you go? It's not a matter of trying, it's that you can't see the children when you go. "

"You let me go!"

When Xiaonian struggles hard.

She doesn't care. She wants her own children!

"I won't let you go. You haven't recovered completely. I won't let you be stupid." Mu qianchu firmly hugs her waist and refuses to let her go.

"You let go." When Xiaonian broke his fingers violently, "I don't blame you for not looking for me. You have no obligation to help me. But you can't stop me from looking for children! You let go of me and look forward to it. "

She clutched his fingers as hard as she could, her body struggling and her elbows pushing back hard.

Moqian let her struggle for the first time, but she didn't let go and held her tightly. "I don't let go, er..."

There was a sudden scream of pain in his voice.

Mu qianchu let go of his hand and stepped back to cover his waist.


When Xiaonian turns around and looks at qianchu in astonishment.

Muqianchu stood there with a pale face, sweating on his forehead, and the white sweater on his waist was slowly stained with blood.

"How could this happen? What's the matter with you? "

Shixiaonian looks at him in amazement.

How can there be blood.

"The wound is cracked again?" Eyebrow scar doctor came to see Xiangmu qianchu and frowned at the red on the sweater.


Doctor eyebrow scar looked at Shi Xiaonian and said, "Miss Shi, what you said just now is terrible. Do you know that Mu Shao was looking for a child that night. The fog was so big that his vision was not clear. Even after he was shot in the chaos, he didn't give up. He continued to look until he saw the time and worried that the palace family would soon catch up with him. "

"Well, stop it."

Mu qianchu scolds the doctor coldly according to the wound on his waist.


When Xiao Nian stood there, speechless.

Did muqianchu get shot for helping her find the child?

He tried everything to save her, but she said that it was no obligation for him not to help her What did she say.

"Mu Shao, I'll replace your medicine." Said the eyebrow scar doctor to Mu qianchu.


Mu qianchu nodded faintly, frowned at the wound on his waist and walked forward step by step. When he came to Xiaonian's side, he stopped, "Xiaonian, I know you can't accept it now, but you must be calm. The palace and the Lancaster family are discussing the engagement recently. The whole palace must be heavily guarded. You can't get in. "


Yes, she almost forgot. Gong ou and Mona have sworn that they are going to be engaged.

"I'm sorry, Chiu."

When Xiaonian looked down at the blood color on his white sweater, the touch of red stabbed her deeply.