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Chapter 162 Gong Ou's means of revenge

After thinking about it, Xiaonian resolutely changes the direction of his hand, picks up a set of pink casual clothes and puts them on, then puts up the ball head in the mirror.

After tying, she stares at herself in the mirror and plucks her hair. Gong Ou's domineering face suddenly appears in front of her eyes. She holds her chin and orders her to "smile silly."

How does she think of Gong Ou again.

When Xiaonian stretched out his hands and bowed a handful of water, patted his cheek, looked at himself in the mirror, and stopped thinking.

The man asked you to wear a dog collar.

Don't always remember to eat or not to fight.

When small read warning himself, and then out of the bedroom, downstairs.

Mu qianchu has been standing at the door. He is well dressed and still looks sick, but his spirit is much better than that of yesterday. He does not look haggard. Standing in the sun, his slender figure is particularly eye-catching.

"I thought you were still sleeping."

When Xiaonian came to him.

"I'll go to the company to deal with the matter of abdicating the position of president. Would you like to join me? You can go first in a moment." Mu qianchu looked at her with a smile and said, "do you want to?"


When Xiaonian didn't think for a long time, he agreed, "OK."

She'll stay here just thinking.

"Mr. mu, can I come out now?" A murmur sounded.

Alan came out from behind the door with a sad face.

"How can you hide behind the door?"

When Xiaonian looked at him in surprise, he got up early in the morning to play hide and seek.

"When I heard your footsteps, Mu always stopped saying anything and put me behind the door, saying that the first thing you want to see in the morning is him."

Alan betrayed his boss and said by the neck.


When Xiaonian looked at Xiangmu qianchu in amazement, there was a slight embarrassment on mu qianchu's feminine face, and he coughed gently and said to her, "let's go. I'll buy you an egg wrapped meal on the way."


When small thoughts, inexplicably also a bit embarrassed, she does not want to receive the feelings of the first.

She was at a loss for him.

She didn't know if she had made the right decision to stay.

A group of people left the Mu house manor by car.

Once out of the manor, danger followed them.

In order to protect her, muqianchu took a lot of bodyguards with her. There were ten bodyguards in a car, moving forward slowly and steadily.

But not long after driving out, there was a motorcyclist whistling past them, flying past them and making faces at them.

At first, Shi Xiaonian thought that he occasionally met a group of motorcyclists, until a motorcyclist passed by them and suddenly picked up a hammer and smashed it hard into the window beside her.


The car glass broke in response.

When small read a surprise, subconsciously Dodge, people are admiring qianchu fast to protect to the bosom, he a hug her, will her pressure in their arms.

"Ha ha --"

the motorcyclists outside laughed twice and galloped away.

"Transfer the back car and protect our car." When mu qianchu is protecting, Xiao Nian says to the driver in front.

"Yes, Mr. mu."

Shi Xiaonian gets up from mu qianchu's arms, and mu qianchu holds her tightly, with some stubborn actions.


When small read puckered lips, more insistent than he struggled to come, a light smile, "thank you, I'm ok."

"Not hurt?"

Asked mu qianchu.

When Xiaonian shook his head, "No."

She sat right in the car and saw all the broken glass. She frowned. "Did Gong ou do it?"

"It seems that he wants to kill us slowly." Muqianchu looked at the glass pieces, and his voice was cold. "It's really boring."


Xiaonian's eyes darkened.

Slowly kill them.

If so, I will bite my lips and worry, "then there will be no less such things in the future."

"A lot of good." Mu qianchu smiled, and the corner of his lips raised a deep arc. "I also want to thank him for letting me warm fragrant nephrite in my arms."


"When small read bitterly smile," thank you still have the mood to joke

"There are some things that can't be avoided." Muqianchu said, "who knows which comes first, death or tomorrow? In case we don't die, it's not better to worry about it for nothing? "

"You want to drive."

When Xiaonian smiled.

"I'm satisfied that you can be with me." Mu qianchu said, looking at her hand with low eyes, her eyes were slightly deep, and her hand moved slowly to cover her hand.

"It's a beautiful view over there."

When Xiaonian's hand suddenly pulled away and pointed out to some scenery outside the window.


Mu qianchu's hands are frozen in the air, and her eyes are dim. Her acting skills need to be improved. He cooperates with her, "right? It's really beautiful. "

When Xiaonian turned to look out of the window and bit his lips, he didn't know how to talk to muqianchu.

She doesn't say that she has been moved to Gong ou for fear of hurting him, but she doesn't say that it will hurt him in this way.

The day after Gong Ou left.

When mu qianchu quit his job at the company, Xiao Nian walked into the largest book city in S City alone.

She went straight to the cartoon area. After the finished cartoon came out, she didn't have a good look at it.

At Gong Ou's side, she didn't even dare to look at the comics she drew. Now, she can finally walk into the book city.

When Xiaonian went to a row of bookshelves, she found her comics in the most prominent position, two rows full.

Several girls stood there, holding the president in their hands is a paranoid --

"this cartoon really has a good look. It doesn't take the love line as the main line, but it's really cool to look at it."

"I can't forget that the comics made by Da Shen are good-looking. Haven't you seen the exclusive bath she painted before? It's also very good-looking."

"But do you think the hero is familiar?"

"I also feel like I've seen it somewhere. Is there a prototype? Which star did it take?"


A few girls are talking about it in a low voice.

When small reads to hang down the MOU, even they all can see that her hero has the prototype, does she draw really have so obvious?

It's not going to explode when Gong Ou sees it.

She forgot that he was angry.

When Xiaonian walked forward, he took down a comic book from the bookshelf, just about to turn it over, and there was a loud noise beside her, only to see a row of bookshelves suddenly fell down beside her, and it was passing by her arm.

Like dominoes scattered, bookshelves kept pouring forward, and the open book city made a loud noise.


someone screamed.


When Xiaonian looked at the bookshelf that fell beside her, there was no accident.


Gong Ou sent someone to fix her again.

Bookshelves in the book city are strictly fixed, and suddenly only people fall down.

The mobile phone suddenly vibrated. When Xiaonian took out his mobile phone, he saw a text message from Gong Ou --

it's just appetizer. How about it?

It's Gong ou.

When Xiaonian bit his lips, he was disappointed in his eyes, and a message came up on the screen soon, which is still Gong Ou's -

we played slowly, and the difficulty level went up.


When Xiaonian pressed the screen, his teeth bit his lips, put the cartoon back, and walked out of the bookstore slowly.

She went back to the car in front of Mu's group and waited. Along the way, she was scolded inexplicably. Inexplicably, someone was playing with a throwing knife in front of her, almost flying on her. Inexplicably, a vase broke in front of her

So many.

More and more serious.

Gong Ou did not give her a happy knife, but deliberately tortured her spirit. She had to be careful every step of the way.

These "accidents" are not protected by bodyguards.

When I got back in the car, I was sweating all over.

For a long time.

Murdoch came out of the Murdoch group, a soft face with a relieved smile. He came into the car and came in like a spring breeze. "Come on, it's still early. You haven't had breakfast yet. Take you to an egg bun."


Asked shixiaonian.


"I feel like the burden is gone." Mu qianchu's tone was relaxed and much more. His eyes fell on her. He could not help frowning when he saw the sweat in her hair

He can't do anything with him in the company.

Of course, she's going to be messed up outside.

"Nothing." When small read light smile, "go."

Mu qianchu looked at her eyes, then jaw head, "driver, drive."


Driving away from the group, Xiaonian turned to look at the building of the group.

She once hoped that mu qianchu could do well in Mu group. Now, she only hoped that he would be healthy and safe.

Driving for a long time, mu qianchu suddenly said, "the restaurant is here, come down to have breakfast."

When Xiaonian looks out, she stops at a small restaurant that specializes in selling rice with eggs. She pushes open the door and gets off.

"This restaurant is very famous and of a high standard," Mr. Mu said

"Is it? Why do you come to such a small restaurant? "

When I was young, I was puzzled. This kind of restaurant is peaceful and popular, which is not like the place where I would like to come.

Alan stepped out of the other car and interrupted, "Mr. Mu likes to eat in this restaurant since he recovers his memory. Sometimes when he comes here every day, he doesn't feel bored."


When small read Zheng ran.

No one knows better than her. It's her, not him, who loves to eat the eggnog.

There is only one reason why he would

"Because I miss you so much."

Sitting in the dining room, one end of the two plates of rice with egg buns comes up. When sitting in the opposite side of Xiaonian, mu qianchu suddenly says, with a deep voice and a light sadness.

When Xiaonian looked at the egg bun in front of him, the skin of the egg was golden and appetizing. The tomato juice on it was drenched into a heart-shaped shape.

Looking at such a beautiful omelette, she suddenly had no appetite.

"At the beginning, when I remember little by little, I would like to go to you, but the matter of Shidi has not been solved. I don't want to pester you as a husband with a wife." Mu qianchu looks up at her and says, "if you miss me, I'll come here for a meal."

"After the wedding of the island of clouds?"

She asked.

"Yes." "Then I went into this restaurant alone and sat in this position. I looked at the omelette on the plate and thought, this is what it looks like. That's what I like to eat


When small read low eyes, think of Mu qianchu before sending her a message, he said that the original small read is long like this.