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Chapter 625 then there won'st be me now

Their bodies are close to each other.

the kiss is selfless and intense.

In his arms, shixiaonian almost forgot his last name. For a long time, shixiaonian found his reason and pushed him away. "No, no, or the dinner really won't be cooked."

Her voice was so hoarse that it flowed softly into his chest like a whisper.

Gong Ou kisses her mouth again before letting her continue cooking. Her chest is close to her back, and a pair of magic claws continue to do mischief on her.

Suddenly, his brow frowned. "What smells so bad?"

When he let go, Xiaonian turned to two soup cups, opened one of them, and a pungent smell of traditional Chinese medicine came out of them.

Gong Ou frowns and covers the lid back. His voice sinks down. "It's for his mother. How can it not be delivered?"

How do these maids do things.

When Xiaonian looked back and said, "it's the mother who doesn't drink, and the maid can't help it. Gong ou, why don't you send it to your mother? "

"I have nothing to do with her." Gong Ou said in a deep voice.

"This is herbal soup. My mother is in a bad mood. It's the best to drink these two kinds of soup." When small read to go to say, "this home, can let mother willingly drink soup only three people, you, your brother, Gong Jue."


Gong Ou's eyes sank.

"Your brother is gone, and Gong Jue is very busy. You are the only one." When small read soft voice said, "you go, don't conflict."

"She can't have a conflict without mentioning you." Gong Ou hates that Luo Qi is in charge of the East and the West.

"Talk to me, too. Go ahead."

When Xiaonian put the soup cup on the tray, handed it to him, and urged him to say.

"I see."

Gong Ou snorts and leaves with a tray. Suddenly he goes back two steps. When Xiaonian looks at him with doubts, "why "Well."

Gong Ou slightly lowered his body, turned his face and kissed her lips. The hot and soft tip of his tongue licked her lips, "OK, I'll go."


When Xiaonian looked at him speechless and reached for his lips, the man was really.


The climate is mild, and the ancient castle is quiet and deep. Every step makes a deep sound.

Several maids are guarding Luo Qi's room. Seeing Gong Ou bow their heads and say hello respectfully, "second young master."

"Open the door."

Gong Ou says in a cold voice.

"Yes, second young master."

The maid opened the two doors, and Gong Ou walked in with the tray. His leather shoes made a deep sound on the floor.

"I said, I don't want to eat anything. Take it all." Luo Qi sits on the bed, looks forward weakly, looks up with Gong Ou's deep eyes, and is stunned, "it's you."

Gong Ou walks slowly, puts the tray aside, and stares at her with black eyes.

Luo Qi was sitting there, dressed in pajamas and covered with a golden Satin quilt. She had always been focused on makeup. This time, her hair was messy, her face was pale, her eyes were red, as if she had just cried, and she had a picture frame in her hand.

The picture inlaid inside is a picture of him and Gong Yu.

"Drink the herbal soup." Gong Ou put the tray aside, opened the soup cup, and a strong smell of medicine came out of it.

Gong Ou picks up a small bowl, scoops up the soup and hands it to her.

Gong Ou almost doesn't condescend to do such a thing. In my impression, Luo Qi can't remember when Gong Ou was close to her. It seems that she never did.

Luo Qi looks at him. Her eyes are red and sad.

She put the frame aside, reached for the bowl and began to drink the soup.

"You cried."

Gong Ou stood there and looked at her, with a hard voice and no expression on his face.

Luo Qi swallowed a bitter soup, turned her eyes to look at the picture frame, "I miss your brother."


Gong Ou looks at her in silence.

"I know that you don't want to take on the fame of the palace at all. You just like to play with your high-tech stuff. I wanted to train Xi Xiaonian, but now you won't either. " Luo Qi said with a wry smile, "if your brother is still there, your brother will guard the inside and expand the outside. It must be a combination of two swords. The palace will get better and better."

"How do you know he's willing to take the responsibility?"

Palace Europe cold tunnel, low eyes looking at that picture frame, eyes are particularly cold.

"There is a natural pressure to support a noble. Although he is not as qualified as you, he has never resisted like you." Luo Qi said.


Gong Ou stood there with a sneer of ridicule. The smile could not be more ironic.

"What are you laughing at?" Luo Qi looks at him puzzled.


Gong Ou is indifferent.

Luo Qi drank the soup in the bowl, and her eyes were sad and melancholy. "I don't know how far the palace family will go in the future. Your father has worked hard for the palace family. It's really hard to see our palace family declining among the aristocrats."

"I didn't say no."

Gong Ou said in a deep voice.

"But you don't have the heart to promote the fame of the palace family, do you? You don't even want your wife to learn some manners. Is she so important to you? You're going to have to protect her from the slightest constraint? " Asked Luo Qi sadly.

"Important." Gong Ou looked at her and said without hesitation, "she is more important than the whole palace, she is more important than my life!"

Luo Qi smiled more bitterly, looked up at him and said, "if you were on an island in Italy, your father didn't give up a thought..."

Without waiting for her to finish, Gong Ou interrupts her in a low voice, "then there won't be me now."

When Xiao Nian died, he died.

When I was young, I wanted to die. He died.

Luo Qi looked at him and nodded sadly, "OK, I see. You go down."

"Drink the soup!"


"I stare!"


Luo Qi took a look at him and had to drink the soup in the bowl. Gong Ou filled her another bowl and let her drink it. Then she turned around and left.

After a few steps, Gong Ou turned around and saw Luo Qi pick up the picture frame again.

See him look back, Luo Qi pale smile, "I don't know if my body is getting worse, always think of your brother recently."


Gong Ou stares at her coldly and strides away.

Luo Qi continues to look at the picture frame in her hand, fingers touching the two brothers in the picture, and a drop of tears falls from her eyes.


The next day.

When Xiaonian and Gong Ou went to the police station to record a confession, explaining what happened on the wedding day.

In the bright hall of the police station, Xiao Nian sat down with Gong ou and said what he saw. "There are videos to prove what happened. Mona hijacked our son and said he wanted to kill him. At that time, my son was covered with blood and Gong Ou had to shoot."

As for the confession of the twins, the lawyer stopped them for the reason that the children were too young and frightened to give a confession. Anyway, there was enough evidence.

"Yes, we understand that it's also a routine to record a confession. You can sign your name and go."

The two officers were very respectful to them and handed over the documents for their signature.

When Xiaonian and Gong Ou sign her name, Gong Ou pulls her up and hugs her to leave.

Get out of the gate. The police station is under martial law today.

The field outside is empty. There are rows of police cars and many luxury cars. In front of a building diagonally opposite, there are many people dressed like bodyguards standing there.

When I saw him, Xiaonian looked over and said, "those are the Lancaster family. After this incident, Lancaster has no face. I don't know if he will fight with the palace."

"They try."

Gong Ou dismisses the tunnel, sniffs at it, and when he holds it, Xiaonian turns to leave.

They were seen in the building over there, which soon caused a commotion. People in gorgeous clothes rushed out of the building and pointed their way.

It seems that anger is not small.

"Let's go, young master."

Feng de moves forward to open the road.

"What's the hurry? What dare they touch me?" Gong Ou cold tunnel, when holding small read to go forward.

Some of the nobles in Lancaster over there rushed out angrily and ran all the way towards them.

Gong Ou is calm and calm. There is no fear on his face, as if he can't see that those people are coming for him. When Xiao Nian looks at him, he doesn't wait any longer, and follows Gong Ou away.

The uniformed police rushed out from all directions, and the palace guards all came to stop the Lancaster family.

Like slow down lens, under the hot sun, shining, sweeping every corner.

The Lancaster family are dressed brightly. At this moment, all the noble people are no longer in common. They twist their bodies and try to break through the circle of police and bodyguards. Their clothes become messy between pushing and shoving. They jump up and swear with the figure of Gong ou.

"Gong ou, I know it's you. It must be your trap!"

"You've ruined us Lancaster!"

"Lancaster won't let you go, half breed bastard!"

The siren broke the sky.

One by one, they shouted at Gong Ou's figure. They couldn't break through the human wall. They could only watch Gong ou and his party leave. They didn't even have any fear. They walked slowly.

Before getting on the bus, Gong Ou turned his eyes to look at them, gave a sneer of contempt, and let Shi Xiaonian sit in first.

The car started slowly and left the police station.

From the beginning to the end, the Lancaster people didn't even touch them.

When Xiaonian sat in the car and looked at the excited appearance of those people, he said with some emotion, "is Gong ou, Yifu and aristocratic fame so important? Did you hear their insults? From the beginning to the end, we were accused of damaging Lancaster's reputation without timona's life. "

Aren't they all Mona's family? Even if we want to scold, we also scold Mona for her death. After all, it's also a human life.

But they said Lancaster, Lancaster.

What is that.