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Chapter 1087: Shi Xiaonian rushes in

They were stopped before entering the garden where flowers were blooming. "What can I do for you, Madame Gong Er Shao?"

"I'll say goodbye to Mr. George. My husband is already in there."

When Xiaonian didn't know how she said this complete sentence, in this moment, she couldn't even feel her body, and the whole person was empty.

She must go in, even if she rushes in, at least she has more people here.

"I'll tell you something. Please wait a moment."

Lancaster's bodyguards didn't say anything. They turned around and went inside. Some of them rushed with them.

From the outside, I have no idea what happened.

The alarm is still ringing. It's rattling.

When Xiaonian stood outside and looked at the main building in the distance, his fingers slowly twisted his clothes.

After ten minutes, when Xiaonian was allowed to enter, she pulled out her legs and ran inside. The bodyguards immediately followed.

Gong ou, I'm here.

All of them can face together, whether they live or die.

When Xiaonian grabbed her teeth as she ran, she was ready to face the muzzle of the gun. People ran through the magnificent corridor, regardless of the fact, and rushed to the place where a large number of bodyguards gathered.

She rushed over, pushed away the bodyguard, stretched out her hands to hold the golden doorknob and pushed away as hard as she could


Another gunshot went off, which made people's ears ring.

The smell of gunpowder smoke gushed out from the inside. When Xiaonian was too scared to look forward, he saw that this was a large and somewhat absurd hall with magnificent facilities and exquisite design for every inch and every minute. The arc in the middle would be in front of the table or some people who sat or stood in suits. Everyone looked at her with different faces.

George and Gong Ou stood in the middle of the group, Gong Ou stood there, holding the gun hand has not been put down, a pair of black eyes looked at her, eyebrows slightly frown.

George stood unhurt, even with a smudge on his lips.

The picture doesn't look like a conflict.

When Xiaonian looked at them in a dazed way, he saw a target hanging on the wall not far away from Gong ou. The target was rotating, and the speed was slowing down gradually. The above words were written in English, which seemed to be some place names, with two gun holes on them.

"Here comes the second young lady. Please take a seat."

After a little silence, George stood there rarely to greet her with a smile.

In this short period of time, a heart of Shi Xiaonian took a roller coaster. Seeing this, she looked at Gong Ou's handsome face and barely smiled, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to break in. Since you are talking about something, I'd better wait outside."

"It's no big deal. Come in." Gong Ou dismissively opens his mouth and puts down his gun.


No big deal?

When Xiaonian can't help sweeping the faces of all the people. If I remember correctly, these people are the Lancaster family, who are fighting with George.

Is George using Gong Ou's power to suppress them, so George is so proud?

But how can Gong Ou help George when he is leaving? He can't wait to hate him.

"Go and pour a cup of tea for the second young lady." George orders the servants around him.

This time, Xiaonian is not easy to leave. She calms down and tries to walk in as calmly as possible, passing those people with different faces to Gong Ou's side.

Gong Ou sits down on the chair, grabs her hand at once, frowns discontentedly, "how can it be so cold?"

She thought he risked killing George. Would it be cool? She almost jumped out of her heart.

When small read pulled the lip Cape, smile very reluctantly, "probably because the weather outside is cool, am I disturbing you?"

Her voice was not loud, but it was so clear in the dead hall that everyone seemed to hold the air.

Everyone looked at them. Each pair of eyes was not kind, either with anger or with consideration. The atmosphere was both embarrassing and like a dragon pond.

Gong Ou looked at her and smiled mockingly. "What can I do to disturb you? Don't you often have people on the TV who can't get on the stage and quarrel to separate their families? I'll help you with the points. "

Did he really help George?

At this point, the faces of those present were all green. This is to compare them to the common people in the small families.

George laughed and sat down in his chair. "Mr. Gong's gun skill is amazing. One shot will set the river and the mountain."

Such a small target, such a long distance, is still shooting in the process of rotation. Gong Ou almost competes for the ground with one gun and one hot hand. Such gun skills are very good.


When Xiaonian stood there and didn't express any opinions, he just watched Gong Ou rub his hand. He grabbed her hand and put it on his lips to give her warmth.

She looked at the man in front of her, wondering what he thought.

"Do you want to shoot?"

Gong Ou suddenly looks up at her and asks.


When Xiaonian was stunned, Gong Ou stood up and quickly put a slightly heavy pistol into her hand before he realized it.

She stood there only to feel what was blocking her ears, her hands holding the gun were lifted by Gong ou, and a servant turned the target on the wall far away from her. All those English words turned into patterns of rotation.

Gong Ou pastes her body from behind, holding her hand and pressing the trigger without hesitation.

The vibration of the pistol made Xiaonian close his eyes unconsciously.


The ears were blocked, and the sound of the gun was no longer so harsh.

When Xiaonian turned her eyes to Gong ou, she was puzzled. Gong Ou was staring at her, taking away the sound insulation from her ears, and her thin lips raised an evil arc.

The servant beside the wall pressed the small rotating target, and then reported a place name.

As soon as the voice came out, George smiled, and the people on the scene looked even worse. It seemed that a core place had been robbed.

George raised his glass gracefully and rushed to Gong ou. "Thank you very much."

"Well said." Gong Ou chuckles, drinks all the red wine in front of him, turns his eyes and reads, "Xiaonian is tired. I want to accompany her back. How many shots do I have? A quick battle. "

"Enough!" Someone angrily clapped the case, and the man glared at Gong ou, "I have a headache. I'll go back first. Mr. Gong, I respect you as a character, but I didn't expect you to know people clearly. "

After that, the man raised his legs and left, followed by a group of people to stand up and leave.

In a short time, only George and Gong Ou remained at the arc meeting table. When Xiao Nian was still sitting, he just looked at the two people and didn't understand.

It's like a lot of things happened when she didn't know.

George looked at the direction of the door, smiled proudly again, took the wine bottle in his hand and poured wine for Gong Ou himself. "Thank you, Mr. Gong, for your trust. These people can even play tricks to separate our cooperation. They want to make an article about my daughter, and they want to blame me. I will not spare them."

Playing the devil?

Is that to say that all this was done by those members of George's infighting?

When Xiaonian got lost, Gong Ou sat there and leaned back lazily. His black eyes stared at the red wine in the glass and sneered, "at first, my husband didn't want to cooperate with me."

"Say one stop at a time." George lifted his glass and shook it gently. "Mr. Gong's trust and relief today is on George's mind. I hope we can cooperate for a long time."

"Is it?"

"Don't worry, these things will never happen again. I will never let your wife be disturbed again." "George's sincerity is full," all the old grudges have been written off. Please give Mr. Gong a face

George's sincerity is now impressive.

When Xiaonian stood there quietly, watching Gong Ou's silence for a while, he leaned forward and lifted his glass to gently touch George's.

The sound of clinking a cup is very clear and crisp, which is to commemorate the next cooperation of special significance.


When Xiaonian forgot how she and Gong Ou walked out of the main building. If Gong Ou didn't hold her hand, she didn't know if she could walk. The sweat on her back was cold.

Her hand was thrown away.

"What's the matter? I've been absent-minded all the time?" Gong Ou stared at her and asked.

When Xiaonian looked up at his dark eyes, all the previous fears suddenly came up. She ran into his arms, climbed onto his back and hugged him tightly, holding his clothes with her fingers.

"When I read it?" Gong Ou doubts.

The temperature on his body makes shixiaonian feel real. Everything is not a dream. Her breath shakes a little. She holds him harder and cannot speak.

Just being able to stand in that hall is totally rigid.

"What happened to you, shixiaonian?" Gong Ou's voice became worried and put one hand around her body.

"I'm so scared." "I thought you were going to kill George. I'm afraid you'll do something stupid. I'm afraid that I'll see a lot of bullets when I come in. I'm afraid that I'll see you fall into a pool of blood."

"Are you still afraid now?" Asked Gong ou.

"Afraid." When Xiaonian slowly released his hands, raised his eyes and looked at him, "but now the fear is not important, as long as you stand well in front of me."

Gong Ou chuckled, reached out and pinched her face. "Since I have nothing to do, smile."


When small read is forced to squeeze out a smile, smile more difficult to have more difficult.

Gong Ou looks at her dotingly. "It's ugly to laugh. Why do you think I'll kill George?"


Xiaonian still keeps a difficult smile.

"Intuition?" Gong Ou repeated her words, nodded thoughtfully, led her hand to the car, and in the middle of it, he suddenly looked back at her, and his eyes were heavy, "if I say your intuition is accurate..."


When Xiaonian stood there, his smile suddenly froze in the corner of his lips, staring at him stupidly, his soul was half empty in an instant.

Intuitive. What does that mean?