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Chapter 1055 a man of discontent is terrible

She watched Enid's expression.

Enid's face is really not good-looking. The scars twisted like a centipede have already ruined her appearance, and her muscles are crooked. Only those eyes can vaguely recognize that she might have been beautiful at that time, because the light released from those eyes makes people feel attractive.

At the moment, the scar on Enid's face seemed to be more twisted. Her eyes were half open. After a few seconds, she still said calmly, "I'm not a good mother. I just want to escape from that place. I don't think about bit."

"Don't you think about it now?" When Xiaonian's voice slowly cooled down, he went to Enid and said, "you know what kind of life bith has been living these years, but you are still defending that man, not trying to breathe for your son."


"I regret persuading bit to recognize you now. You look like a loving mother, but in fact you may not." Said Shi Xiaonian.

This stimulated Enid. Enid's eyes were filled with displeasure. "Mrs. Gong, you just want to help your husband to solve the hostile family, needless to say, with such dignity."

When I was young, I was smiling and speechless. Between my eyes and eyebrows, I was satirical and contemptuous.

Enid is a woman who has been sedimented for many years, but in the face of such satire from shixiaonian, she is embarrassed and dissatisfied. "Mrs. Gong, do you and Mr. Gong Er love each other so much, will you betray him because of the education of your child?"

Why do you ask her for something you can't do.

When he heard this, Xiaonian's smile was deeper. He looked at the woman in front of him with clear eyes. He said, "if Gong Ou dare to treat our child like that, he has never had a trace of fatherly love. I will certainly bite him."


Enid was stunned there.

"How much can I expect a man who doesn't even love our children?" Said Shi Xiaonian.


Enid stood in front of her and was silent. The broad brim of her hat swung in the wind. For a while, Enid said, "Mrs. Gong, I'm a little tired. Go back to have a rest first."

With that, Enid turned and left, completely ignoring the topic of shixiaonian. There was no language left for her.

Although Shi Xiaonian is young, he is surprisingly sensitive and intelligent.

It's really not suitable for further discussion.

Enid walked towards the big house, just about to step into the door, when Xiaonian's voice sounded behind her, "Oh, by the way, auntie, you just seem to compare your relationship with George with that of Gong ou and me. It's hard for me not to think about it."

If she really hated George, how could she ask her what she said about selling men for children.

Gong Ou is the man she loves. What about George?


This time, Enid didn't stop and went straight to the house without looking back.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at Enid's back, she had an idea in her eyes.

Gong ou, Gong ou, this time she guessed it right. Sometimes it's useless to rely on intelligence alone, but also on brain holes.


At night, the moon is high.

District 13 is full of flowers and few people are walking on the road.

Looking at the moonlight outside the window, Xiao Nian tossed and turned on the bed. He couldn't sleep at all. A pair of small faces were still very energetic without any sleepiness.

How can this time pass so slowly.

When Xiaonian silently sighed, turned over on the bed, turned over, she saw a pair of dark eyes staring straight at her.

"Well." When small read was frightened a jump, Leng Leng ground looked at in front of magnified Jun Pang, "why don't you sleep?"

There was no light in the bedroom, only moonlight fell in and draped on their bed.

Gong Ou lies on his side and faces her, expressionless. "The 37th time."


"The number of turns, tonight." Gong Ou stares at her and frowns slowly. "You can't sleep if you have something on your mind."

When small read some embarrassed smile, sit up from the bed, "I have no mind, don't worry."

Gong Ou sits up with him. The injury to his waist makes it difficult for him to move. Xiaonian helps him to lean on the head of the bed and sit comfortably.

"You can't sleep without worrying?" Gong is obviously not satisfied with the answer.

"Really not." When Xiaonian turned to look at the full moon hanging in front of the window, "don't you think today's moon is very beautiful? It's a waste of sleep. "

"So do you want to do it?" Gong Ou stared at her deeply.



“……” Why can he lean on everything.

"So live up to your moon, come on." Gong Ou said to do it, and reached out to pull her silky pajamas.

When small read not to be able to, hurriedly press his hand, "ah, you have waist injury, can't do strenuous exercise!"

"You can do it."


"Anyway, I've listened to you for a long time. I can bear it if you're up and I'm down!" Gong Ou's face hurt you because I was wronged. He stared at her with burning eyes. The light seemed to burn her. His hands continued to wander on her. "Hurry up, don't pinch my husband and wife. Waste the moonlight."

Hello, rogues are just rogues. Rogues are so righteous, as if they had sacrificed so much.

"No, I don't want to."

When Xiaonian survived under his magic claw, she didn't know where the man with the waist injury came from. She could hardly protect her pajamas. Almost the whole person fell into his arms and swore to protect herself to death. "You let go, you let go."

Gong Ou's gesture changed and began to tickle her.

When Xiaonian was ticklish, she had to rely on his arms. The more she relied on his claws, the more she could not get away from him. She laughed bitterly. "Don't make any noise, don't make any noise, Gong ou, you can let me go."

"No way!"

Gong Ou continued to tickle her.

When Xiaonian was worried about his waist injury and was reluctant to fight back, she could only be scratched, laughed and suffered. As pajamas gradually left her body, she had to surrender, "I said I said, I can't sleep tonight is thinking about one thing."

Hearing this, Gong Ou paused, looked down at her smiling face, and asked sharply, "so you let the bodyguard look at Enid's mother and son?"

"Eh? How do you know? I told them not to talk. " She's not sure yet.

"Dare they not pass me?"


Well, these bodyguards with two sides and three knives have promised well. They went to ask Gong ou for instructions.

When Xiaonian was a little unhappy, he nuzzled his mouth and looked at gong'ou. Gong'ou looked down at her. His eyes seemed to burn like a fire. His Adam's apple rolled up and down, and his breathing became heavier and faster.

"Are you ok?"

When Xiaonian looked at him worried, did he just play too crazy or meet his waist wound?

Gong Ou stares at her directly. "I didn't think much just now, but now I do!"


When Xiaonian was at a loss, he looked at himself along his line of vision, and then he found that he had already been dressed in an untidy way. The crescent pajamas didn't know when to untie half of the buttons, slide down her shoulders, and expose a large area of skin.


When Xiaonian was shocked, she hurriedly tightened her pajamas, but she didn't want the plumpness of her chest to be half covered. Her skin was white under the moonlight, which even attracted the sight of the man in front of her.

She hurriedly buttoned the button, and Gong Ou pressed the whole person to the bed. Gong Ou stared at her with low eyes, breathed fast, and lost his voice. "Give me, I will be light, and I won't hurt you."

He couldn't bear it anymore. He slept in a bed every day and couldn't do anything.

"I'm not worried about myself, but your injury really can't do vigorous exercise. If you listen to the doctor's words, don't let me worry."

"I can't care!"

Gong Ou pulls her pajamas open wildly, and several buttons are pulled and jumped away. He lowers his head and kisses her lips fiercely, like a desert traveler who has been thirsty for several days. He crazily holds her lips and sucks them. The moonlight comes and falls on his handsome side face, burning all his desires - hope and madness.

When Xiaonian was kissed to death, Gong Ou's enthusiasm was fierce and domineering. She could not resist at all. The reason in her brain was taken away by him a little bit. As soon as her hands were still against his chest, she soon climbed onto his back and held him tightly.

Gong ou.

Her own palace.

When Xiaonian closed his eyes emotionally, his hand slowly changed from grasping on his back to grabbing his pajamas, little by little. In the moonlight, the man's strong body was in the most striking contrast with the woman's softness.

All of a sudden, the mobile phone vibrates and refuses to give up.

Gong Ou stands up and takes off her pajamas. Xiaonian takes the opportunity to take a look at her mobile phone. In a moment, her sense returns to her mind. She excitedly says, "Gong ou, I succeeded!"

"What kind of cell phone to watch!"

Now Gong ona can care about other things. She steals her cell phone and throws it to the side with a displeased face, and then tries to crush her. When Xiaonian refuses, she rolls around the bed like a loach, grabs her pajamas, puts them on and gets off the bed.

"When I read it!"

Gong Ou grabs her. His waist is aching. He can only catch a handful of air.

"Gong ou, get out of bed quickly. I'll show you a good thing." When small read excitedly says, buckle up a few buttons that remain on pajama.

Gong Ou kneels on the bed and stares at her with a livid face. "Do you think I'm still in the mood to see something else? Time small reads, the understanding rolls back to the bed for me! "

"The doctor said he couldn't exercise hard." In this second, the reason of shixiaonian comes back. You can't indulge in it regardless of your body.

"Oh." Gong Ou sneered. "You don't want me to exercise now. Can I kill people, believe it or not?"

Shit, half way out of his bed!

If he doesn't hurt his waist, she thinks she can run? Damn!

"If I say I've solved your biggest problem, do you want to kill?" When small read to smile to ask a way, pull up the pajama on the body, move a long black hair to the back.