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Chapter 533: paranoid Gong Ou appears

"Because It's useless to find fear, because there are people who want to protect, so they don't care about fear. " When Xiaonian put his cell phone in Gong Kui's hand, he put on his bathrobe and belt while saying, "come on, let's go out and I'll cook for you."

"That's great." When the sunflower sticks, Xiaonian goes out. "Has Holly washed it? I want to play with him. Is he afraid of the dark

"Holy is afraid of the dark?"

When small read mobile phone on the road, some surprised to see the sunflower.

"Because I feel like he's scared." Gong Kui raised her little face and said innocently.


Just how can I be afraid of taking a bath? Even if I am afraid of the dark, there is Gong ou.

"I'll see."

Shi Xiaonian said that after a few steps forward, she heard the sound of footsteps. She shone the flashlight on her mobile phone and saw Gong Yao standing there dressed in a mess, with a sense of humor.

One of his little faces remained calm and breathed heavily.

"Are you wearing it yourself? Why didn't dad help you. " When small read to walk over some helplessly said, reach out to be ready for Gong Yao clothes.

"He became very strange."

Gong Yao suddenly said.


When small read stupefied.

Gong Yao points to the darkness behind him.

Strange? Gong Ou?

At this time, the bodyguards followed the sound and said to shixiaonian, "excuse me, Miss Xi, there is something wrong with the circuit and it's under repair. The electricity will come soon."

"OK. Please take care of the twins for me. "

When Xiaonian didn't have time to think more, he ran towards the direction of Gong Yao's finger. There was darkness in the bathroom. As soon as he entered, Xiaonian heard a heavy breath.

She flashed her cell phone, her eyes wide open.

Gong Ou sits in the bathtub, the whole person shrinks in a corner, his face is almost blue, his hands are clinging to the edge of the bathtub, his thin lips are trembling, a pair of black pupils are staring at the front without focus.

"Gong Ou?" When small read to walk to doubtfully, sit on the step of one side, "what's the matter with you?"


Gong Ou did not have a voice, so he sat and breathed with trembling.

"Are you OK, Gong Ou?" When Xiaonian looked at him anxiously, her fingers brushed his arm and it was cold. She couldn't help frowning. "Don't bubble, get up."

She reached out to pull him, and Gong Ou did not move, as if the whole person were stiff.

When Xiaonian suddenly became afraid, he reached out and stroked his curving face. "What's wrong with you? The water is getting cold. Get up, and I'll help you with your clothes."

"Don't touch me!"

Gong Ou shook off her hand, breathing more and more heavy, thin lips trembling.

"I won't touch you. I'll get your clothes."

When Xiaonian put her mobile phone on the top step to let the light shine on Gong ou, she walked to the hanger with the weak light and took off her bathrobe.

Looking back, Gong ou still sat in the bathtub and didn't move.

She could not help frowning. "Come out, Gong ou."

What's wrong with him.

No wonder Gong Yao will be scared.


Gong Ou sits in the bathtub and stares at the light on the mobile phone. For a long time, the violence in his eyes gradually dissipates.


Gong Ou suddenly stands up from the water, splashing the sound of water. He is tall and perfect. There is no picky light, not bright enough. The water drops fall from him, outlining the sexuality of mature men.

When Xiaonian stood at the bottom and looked at him, she didn't avoid her eyes. At this time, she was only worried.

Gong Ou came down the steps and stepped on the blanket with his bare feet.

When Xiaonian put his bathrobe on his arm and picked up a towel to dry him. His back was terribly cold. She doubted whether the water was cold.


Gong Ou's eyes are fixed on her movements and her body is stiff.

The rain is getting louder and louder outside.

When Xiaonian throws the towel aside, unfolds the bathrobe in his hand and puts it on for him. Gong ou still cooperates with him and lets her serve as a young master.

She straightened his sleeves for him, went up to him, and tied the belt, which could not be pulled from one side.

When Xiaonian frowned and pulled hard, his belt was tightened on Gong Ou's waist, his eyes were fierce, he stretched out his hand to push him away, and shouted hysterically, "let me out!"

When Xiaonian was pushed to the ground, too late to pay attention to the pain of her body, she looked at Gong oubu's angry face in amazement, "let you out? What let you out? "


Gong Ou stood there, his black eyes fixed on her, his eyes stagnated, as if he suddenly woke up. He watched her step back, turn around and run out.

"Gong Ou!"

When Xiaonian was shocked, he quickly got up from the ground and chased out.

As soon as she went out, it was dark again. She rushed out for a while and stopped. There was a slight sound behind her.

She looked back and Gong Ou was sitting in the corner. Her bathrobe became the only dark white.

When Xiaonian walked towards him, he squatted down beside him, unable to see his face clearly. "Are you ok?"

"Turn on the light."

Gong Ou's deep tunnel.

"It's a power failure. It's under repair." When small read soft voice said, "are you afraid of the dark?"

She remembered that he was never afraid of the dark. When she was afraid of the dark, he came to save her.

"Turn on the light!"

Gong Ou couldn't listen to what she said at all, but stressed turning on the light.

When Xiaonian reaches out to him, he is beaten by Gong Ou before meeting him. When Xiaonian retracts his hand, it hurts badly.

She sat down beside him and looked at him anxiously. "Gong ou, what's the matter with you? Is there anything wrong with me? "

"Leave me alone and turn on the light!"

Gong Ou once again said that people are more in the corner, bending their knees and shrinking themselves into a group.

Suddenly, the light flashed a few times.

When small read a happy, thought that the electricity, but the electricity did not come, the light is still flash out, flash out, she looked at Gong ou, found that Gong Ou's mood from just more excited.

He looked up at the flashing light, his eyes straight, his face more ugly, his breath heavy, his thin lips trembling, his hands and fingers tightly clenched.

"Let me out, let me go! Let me go! "

Gong Ou is suddenly excited. The whole person is hysterical, like crazy.

"OK, let you go, let you out, don't be afraid, Gong ou." When small read to say along his words, stretch out hands to embrace to him, "it's OK, Gong ou, no one can trap you, you are gong ou, omnipotent Gong ou."

Gong Ou's body is as hard as a stone.

But he didn't push her away. She held her.

The lights went out again, and everything fell into darkness again.

"I'm here, Miyo." He said softly and hugged him tightly.

Gong Ou's body slowly softens.

When small read frown, why does he become so? In the past, he was probably most afraid of traffic accidents. Now, what is he afraid of? Is it darkness?

What happened.

The light suddenly came on, but lasted for less than a few seconds, and it began to flash again.

What are these bodyguards doing? How to repair a circuit like this.

"They're fixing it. They'll call in a minute."

When Xiaonian appeases Gong ou, Gong Ou suddenly struggles from her arms.

She looked at him. In the flash of light, Gong Ou's eyes were fixed on her. They were surly and horrible, which Xiao Nian had never seen before.

All of a sudden, she wanted to escape. Before her arms were fully released, Gong Ou pushed her to the ground.

Gong Ou presses her under the body, holds her face in his long hands, and stares at her with black eyes, "who are you? Who are you? "

"I'm Xi Xiaonian."

When Xiaonian struggles to sit up.

"You're not, you lied to me!"

Gong Ou glares at her and roars.

His hands hurt her face as if it was covered with a painted skin, and he wanted to tear it off.

"Gong ou, what's the matter with you? Calm down. Aren't you very calm now?" When Xiaonian grabbed his wrist, "you hurt me."

The lights were flickering and the atmosphere was almost eerie.

Gong Ou lowers down abruptly, the tip of his nose is against the tip of her nose, and his black eyes stare at her as if they are staring at her whole face.

"Why do you have the fragrance of Xiaonian sometimes, eh?"

Asked Gong Ou incredulously.

Shixiaonian, did he call her shixiaonian? He hasn't called her shixiaonian since he came back.

Xiaonian's heart was shaking fiercely, and he struggled desperately to sit up and stared at junpang in front of him. "Are you right? I'm a little student, a little student. "


Gong Ou stares at her.

"Isn't your illness cured? Why do you still appear?" When Xiaonian became more and more confused, she didn't understand what was going on. She held up his face and said, "what is going on, please tell me, please tell me."

"Always read."

He repeated her words with a sort of trance in his eyes.

"Yes, I was a little girl. What happened to you? What happened to you "Well." When the small read words have not finished saying is hugged into the bosom by the palace Europe.

Gong Ou lowers his head and kisses her lips. He kisses her fiercely, regardless of everything, hoping that she will swallow it.

When Xiaonian wanted to talk, his voice was engulfed in his powerful and domineering kiss.

Gong Ou pushed her to the ground, once again bullied her, taking her breath and taste away. Her cold thin lips kissed her deeply, and her slender hands swam on her.

"I miss you when I miss you."

Gong Ou suddenly said to her lips, with a lustful voice.

When Xiaonian's heart and mouth shook fiercely, his eyes were sour and astringent, and his nasal sound became serious

"I want you."

Gong Ou opens her mouth domineering, kisses her lips again, kisses all the way down her chin, buries deep kisses between her fragrant neck, leaving one kiss mark after another.

When Xiaonian raised his head and let him do whatever he wanted, she slowly stretched out her hands to encircle him. "Don't you mean cold? I hold you, Gong ou. "

When he left, he stood under the lantern tree and told her that he was cold.

But she never told him, let him wait, she will go to hug him, she will give him warmth.