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Chapter 829 one for one

Gong Ou's personality is too vindictive.

"Don't talk nonsense. What do you want?"

Gong Ou asked in a sombre voice. It seems that he underestimated Lanting's IQ. Before he started, Lanting started.

"I'd like to invite Mr. Gong's son and daughter to visit me, and I'd like to invite Mr. Gong to come with me." Lanting's tone was polite, almost like a VIP.

But now he's clearly a kidnapper.

"How many days to be a guest?"

Miyo asked.

"Five to two weeks, probably." Lanting replied.

"Then you can finish what you have to do?"

Gong Ou sneers.

Hearing this, Lanting was silent for a long time. He asked, "Mr. Gong, no wonder you can be regarded as an enemy by Lancaster family. You are really a bit terrible."

He asked himself what he never showed. Gong Ou knew he was doing something.

"You're worried that I and the Lancaster family are the stumbling blocks to your business." Gong Ou's voice coldly pierced him, "that is to say, once the Gong family and the Lancaster family fight on the island, you can't do something."


Lanting's breath was held.

Gong ou, a terrible man, didn't expect that such a figure as Gong Ou would choose to spend his holiday in langhuayu, which was totally unexpected to him.

The flower of Huahai tunnel is about to bloom. Now no one can stop him or become a stumbling block.

"If I send a large number of people to the island now, will I find something out?"

Gong Ou said coldly.

Although I don't know what Lanting is planning, obviously, Lanting's plan is not small.

Lanting's breath stopped. After a while, he said, "Mr. Gong, your son and daughter are all in my hands. I welcome you to be a guest. But if you do something wrong, I will make your son and daughter suffer a little."

"I don't care what your plan is, I'll do whatever you like, and let my son and daughter go!"

Gong Ou's tone was extremely cold.

"Mr. Gong, how dare I face you with such a guarantee..."

"I'll replace them."

Gong Ou interrupts him.


Lanting was stunned and asked in some incredible way.

"Don't you understand people?" Gong Ou said coldly, his long fingers clenched his cell phone. "You just want a chip to make sure I don't sabotage your plan. Let me do it."

Lanting paused and laughed, "Mr. Gong is really a good father who loves his children. Yes, I will wait for Mr. gong at home."


"By the way, the langhuayu island is my place after all. Can you withdraw the ten new employees? I don't feel safe when they are on the island. I'm afraid I will hurt your son and daughter by shaking my hands. "

Lanting said.

Hearing this, Gong Ou seemed to hear a joke and smiled sarcastically, "Lanting, you like scaring people so much. I'd better scare you once."

“……” Lanting is silent there.

Gong Ou stood in the kitchen and said word by word, "if my son and daughter hurt a hair, I will wring the meat from you and your daughter one by one!"


Lanting was still silent. About ten seconds later, he hung up.

Gong Ou stands in the kitchen, his thin lips are tight and his brows are twisted. This time, it's his fault. He thinks Lanting is a man who doesn't dare to act, and what's his plan, so he's careless.

Damn it.

Xiaonian knew that she would jump up.

Gong Ou picks up his cell phone and dials Fengde. His voice is gloomy. "Fengde, you can take a helicopter to langhuayu right now, and pick up shixiaonian and the child!"

Feng de must come in person before he can rest assured.

People like Charles don't protect his people as much as Feng de does.

"Now?" Feng de was stunned. "Young master, do you want to catch Lanting?"

"I want you to come, quick!" This time, Gong Ou's tone became grumpy. "I want to make sure that shixiaonian and his children can leave langlanglangyu safely. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir. I'll be right here."

Feng de didn't dare to delay, so he hung up the phone.

At the end of the call, Gong Ou stood where he was, and a blue tendon sprang out of his forehead. He reached out and pressed his forehead, clenched his teeth, raised his leg and kicked Liu Litai severely.

Damn it!

Gong ou, you've been at ease for so long that you've been calculated by others.

Gong Ou goes to the bedroom with his teeth clenched. He reaches for the door handle and tries to bear all his anger before he pushes the door in. When Xiaonian doesn't sleep all night, he sleeps deeply. The quilt is scratched under her shoulder.

Gong Ou moves forward and reaches out to pull the quilt for her. Her fingers touch her face.

Aware of his existence, Xiaonian unconsciously turned to him, pressing his palm under his face, lying on the palm of his hand, sleeping safely.


Gong Ou looks down at her.

Fortunately, she fell asleep. Otherwise, she knew that holly and Xiaokui had been caught by Lanting, who she thought was a good man. She didn't know what they would become.

When Xiaonian pillows his palm and rubs it unconsciously, the soft touch of the skin makes Gong Ou's palm hot.

He gazed deeply into her face, his thin lips moving silently.

Shixiaonian, wait here for me. When you wake up, the children will come back to you, and you can take them away!

Have a good sleep.

Gong Ou stares at Shi Xiaonian for a long time, then pulls his hand out of his face, turns around and resolutely leaves without looking back.


LAN's family, which is blocked by construction trucks, and Gong's trapped people are all separated and locked with various chains, so that they can't escape.

In one room, Gong Yao and Gong Kui sat on the ground beside the bed and looked at the cold wall in front of them.

The clothes on both of them were half wet, and their hair was also wet. Gong Kui was sitting there. The whole person was very embarrassed. His eyes were staring in front of him with tears on his face. He had not recovered from the previous events, and he was constantly playing back the scene on the sea.

The yacht was running. Suddenly, a lot of speedboats surrounded them. A lot of people rushed up. Charles and other bodyguards could have fought.

I don't know how. Everyone was pushed into the sea.

Then, she and Gong Yao were carried away by the wet people. She cried out in fear, but no one paid attention to her. Then they were taken to the room.

"Don't be afraid."

A tender and calm voice sounded beside her.


Gong Kui looks at Gong Yao beside her and sees his calm face. It seems that there is nothing really wrong with him. Does she think it's too much fuss to cry.

Gong Yao said it would be ok if it was OK.

But this is not their home.

Gong Kui grabs the wet hair, looks at Gong Yao and asks stiffly, "holy, are we being caught by the bad guys?"

"Not for the first time."

Gong Yao's face was calm.

Gong Kui was really afraid, but seeing Gong Yao like this, she didn't know whether to be afraid or not. She nodded foolishly, "well, we don't have to be afraid of bad people. Dad and mom will surely save us."


Gong Yao nods and looks at his sister. At least, they will save her.

He doesn't matter. Sunflower is very important.

Gong Kui thought about it with a small head askew, and then thought about it again. Finally, he stretched out and yawned, "holy, I'm sleepy."

Since you don't have to be afraid to cry, Gong Kui really wants to sleep heartlessly.

Gong Yao looks at her, then at the bed behind him. "Then you can climb up and sleep."

"You can't sleep in someone's bed. The owner will be upset." Gong Kui said with a serious face.

"This is the bed of bad people."

Gong Yao said.

"Oh." Gong Kui thought with his head askew, "can bad guys sleep in their beds?"

"Yes." Gong Yao calmly deceives his younger sister. Gong Kui believes his words, so she tries her best to climb on the big bed, opens the quilt and falls asleep.

In less than three seconds, Gong Kui began to make a little shout.

Gong Yao looks at his sister. She is not afraid. After all, fear can't help them.

He turned around at the window, jumped up and looked out, only to see the endless flower fields. It was like a tall building, so he could not escape from the window.

Gong Yao gave up the way to escape from the window, turned around and walked to the door, reached out to twist the door handle, and opened the door.

The door is unlocked.

But as soon as it was opened, a tall servant stood staring at him.


Gong Yao wisely closed the door again. For a moment, there was a conversation outside.

"Do you see the child inside? That little look is like an adult. It's too scary. If you're caught, you don't cry or make any noise. You've coaxed your sister. You're so calm. You'll grow up well. "

"I've heard that their father is coming, and I'll see what kind of son it is."

"What are you doing here? Pay a ransom? Is Mr. LAN really a kidnapper

"It's about changing the children back, so Mr. LAN asked us to keep an eye on the two children. It's important."

"Why don't I understand? One adult for two children? Mr LAN wants to deal with their father? "

"Well, it's a change. I don't know what Mr. LAN thinks."

They are all ignorant of Lanting's practices, but because Lanting usually takes care of everyone too much, so everyone should help anyway.

In the room, Gong Yao listens to the conversation outside. Gong Ou has arrived.

That's fast.

One for one.

Gong Yao looks at the sunflower on the bed, and the answer is self-evident.

He walked over to make sure that Gong Kui could go out and then he didn't worry about trying to escape. He sat cross legged on the floor in front of the bed, closed his eyes and began to meditate.

After a while, the door was knocked twice, loud.

The sunflower on the bed woke up in fright. One of them sat up from the warm quilt and looked at the door in fright.