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Chapter 599. I'sve got it all


Mona sat at the head of the bed, pale.

"You're so smart. Every game of cloth can leave you so clear. I can't help but doubt that you still have something to say." Y first slow down.

"No, really not."

Mona opened her mouth weakly, and looked at them with dim eyes.

When Xiaonian stood aside and listened, he also thought what Mr. y said was very reasonable. In retrospect, Mona was really a very smart woman. It seemed that every time she set up a game, she was caught up with Gong ou.

Such a woman will not give up all of her bottom.

When Xiaonian looked at her, "you must report your flaws. I'll let you out. I'm afraid you will hurt us again."

"What else can I do to you?" Mona said, "Gong Ou is getting better and better now. You are going to get married. What can I do to you?"

When Xiaonian couldn't help looking at Mr. y, Mr. y straightened up and walked in place twice. Then he looked at shixiaonian and said, "why don't you give her to me and leave it alone later?"


When small read stunned.

"I know better than you how to deal with people cleanly." Said the man, with a steady voice.


When small read stunned, speechless.

Mona, sitting on the bed, hears the words and her eyes are flustered. Her blue eyes look straight at Mr. y. "who are you? Are you helping Xi Xiaonian or are you hostile to me? "


The man stood there with a sneer. When he came to Xiaonian's side, he said in a low voice, "these days, she wants to tell me to let her go again and again, which may give me a lot of benefits."

It's natural.

But Mona didn't expect that Mr. y couldn't talk, so she asked for a meeting.

When Xiaonian stood there, looked up at Mona, and asked, "what should you say?"

"I said it all." Mona looked at her weakly. "I have been imprisoned by you for so many days. I just want to be free. I will not deal with you anymore. I have my own life to live. "Cough."

Mona coughs, looks ugly and pales so much that it won't be surprising if she dies the next second.


When Xiaonian stood there in silence, stood back, stood by the door and stopped talking.

Mr. y stood aside, saw her like this, understood her idea, and asked, "do you want to let her go?"

Let it go.

God knows how much she hates Mona.

Mona sat on the bed trying to calm down, but the confusion in her eyes could be seen at a glance.

"I want to kill her." When Xiaonian's eyes darkened and his voice was soft, "but it really makes me do it. I don't think I can."

After all, she is just an ordinary person.

"This woman's IQ is absolutely not low. If you let her go, she will harm you in a way you can't think of."

The man stood beside her and said, the voice dissipated in the sea breeze outside.

"I have her dirty evidence in my hand."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

Mona has a handle in her hand.

"Then she will hate you even more." The man said, "instead of worrying about whether she has any future moves to deal with you, it's better to deal with her directly."


When Xiaonian stood in silence, it was against her to kill a person and what she had come to university since she was a child. She didn't have the courage to involve others.

She looked up at Mona.

As soon as the eyes swept over, Mona took a breath of cool air and struggled hard, bleeding her wrists. "Xi Xiaonian, you don't really dare to kill me, do you?"

When small read silence, no words.

"How is Gong Ou doing recently?" Mr. y looked at shixiaonian and asked, referring to Gong ou, shixiaonian's face just showed a light smile, "he is in good condition."

"That is, Mona is out of use. Give it to me, will you?"

Mr. y said.

When Xiaonian shook his head, the smile on his face solidified, "if I really want to do it, I will do it myself, and I will not affect anyone."

"The bride to be should not be stained with blood." Mr. y looked at her, and he chuckled behind the mask. "Give it to me, I'll get it all done."

"No way."

"There's nothing wrong. Let's go. I'll take you away first."

Mona sat on the bed and watched the two men arguing over who was going to deal with her problems. Her face grew paler and she realized that her life might be in danger.

Her family has been slow to find it.

It's impossible to hide her for such a long time with the ability of small thoughts. Mr. y doesn't know who she is. After a long time of countermeasures, he doesn't care about anything. Instead, he just wants her to die.

Intuition told him that Mr. y was more difficult than Xi Xiaonian.

She has to save herself, otherwise, when Xiaonian leaves, she will have no chips.

When Xiaonian is pushed away by Mr. y, Mona's excited voice rings behind them, "wait, Xi Xiaonian, you can't let him kill me. I have a lot of things about Gong Ou in my hand."

When hearing this, Xiaonian looked at her in amazement and said coldly, "you really have a second move."


It's really more ruthless to fight Mona. It's only when she reaches this stage that Mona shows her card. If Mr. y doesn't insist there, she may have let Mona go.

Mr. y stood there with a low smile. "I said, this woman is not simple."

Before the last step, the woman will not give out her last moves.


Mona bit her lips.

"What is Gong Ou's in your hands?"

Shixiaonian walked over and asked.

"Nature is the thing that pulled him down from the top again." Mona said, she leaned on the bed weakly. She looked at shixiaonian and said, "you may not know that when Gong Ou left the throne overnight, people defected and your seat was taken away, which was the result of my cooperation with mu qianchu."

"What do you say?"

When Xiaonian stared at her in shock, her face turned pale.

It turned out to be her.

It turns out that she was playing tricks four years ago.

"When Gong Ou came to see me for treatment, I also felt very strange. Later, I understood that he thought that only I had the ability to cure him." Mona sat there, word by word frail, "and then I figured out how to put his full balloon into the dead."


Xiaonian's hand hanging on his side was clenched into a fist.

Mona leaned over there, thinking that she would show her bottom card anyway. There was nothing to flinch. There was a sneer of contempt on the corner of her lips. She looked at shixiaonian. "Gong Ou was really stupid at that time. He wanted to cure his illness. He was controlled by me like a puppet. He would do whatever I wanted him to do."


When small read stare to Mona's eyes more hate.

"I took a picture."


"I've taken a lot of photos of the treatment process, leaving a precious image that can be exposed." Mona said with a smile, which was cruel. "When he first arrived, he refused to eat, so I projected your picture on the wall and let people wave it with a whip. In this way, he can't bear to eat. Of course, without any tableware, all the dishes are poured in front of him. "


When Xiaonian stares at Mona in amazement.

"If you kill me, when I die, my family will send these precious video materials when handling my relics, see my hatred, and then make it public."

Mona looked at shixiaonian and smiled, "at that time, the whole world can see Gong Ou squatting in the cage like a dog, holding the rice with her hand and putting it in her mouth. That picture absolutely subverts all his previous images."

She was going to take out these things when she had to. Even Gong Ou took her videos, she didn't take them out.

I didn't expect to use it now. She's dead. She's useless.

"You pervert!"

When Xiaonian heard this, he cried hysterically. His eyes were red. He wished he could kill Mona at once. Mr. y grabbed her arm behind her and didn't let her jump forward. He said to Mona, "what else?"

"And? Let me see. " Mona sits on the bed, her hands are locked, and she seriously remembers the smile on her face. "By the way, he was greedy for medicine for a while, because my medicine can calm his mind, so he took the medicine desperately, Xi Xiaonian. Have you seen Gong Ou take the medicine and shake his hands and fall on the ground? It's like going mad. "


When small read hate to stare at her, eyes red can drop blood.

"I also made him suffer from being beaten and abused, because I told him that he was too violent and only when he resisted the beating of others could he be good."

Mona said with a smile, "it's a long process. He has been carrying it for a month or two before he can finally hold back. However, in my exposure image data, he is the only one who prints a picture of the disabled. As for the other videos that he was beaten to spit blood and crawling on the ground to pick up your photos, I always enjoy them on the computer desktop every day. "


When Xiaonian stares at Mona and screams hysterically, "don't you say you love Gong Ou? You don't love him at all. You're just happy to torture him! What do you think of him? "

When small read to shout hoarse voice, tears follow to drip down.

"Yeah, I'm happy to torture him. I love him a long time ago!"

Mona said excitedly, her eyes full of hatred. "At first, I loved him so much that I could sacrifice everything for him, but later? When you hold engagement ceremony, do you know what I am doing? I put on the wedding dresses one by one in my room, and cut them up one by one! Have you ever asked about my pain at that time? "


"I told myself at that time that I would never let you two be better. I hate you, and I hate Gong Ou even more!"

When Mona stared, Xiaonian cried out loudly. Her eyes were red, and her voice was out of tune. "I told him that I used a special way to cure the disease, and he believed idiotically. In fact, I was retaliating against him. I felt very happy when I saw him playing around like a dog!"