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Chapter 565 mu qianchu's long journey

"It's better."

Gong Ou's hard tunnel.

When Xiaonian and Gong Ou go back, before they get in, Fengde rushes to the door, frowns and shouts, "master Mu......"

"Father, what's the matter?"

When Xiaonian's hand slipped from Gong Ou's arm, he had a bad premonition in his heart.

Gong Ou looks down at her hand. Her eyes get colder and colder. Do you need to let go when hearing mu qianchu.

He reached out to loosen his collar and took a deep breath.

What's the matter? Recently, he wants to get angry more and more. Is it the former one who jumped out in a hurry.

"Master Mu is gone. He asked me to cook hot water. When I came out, he was gone." Feng de said anxiously, looking down at Gong ou, "young master, I can't do anything."

Even a blind man can't see well.

Gong Ou said coldly, for the first time without blaming him, "you can stop his feet growing on his own body and he wants to jump into the river?"

"Into the river?" When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in shock, "you mean the first millennium meeting..."

When Xiaonian was surprised, all the things in her hands fell down and ran towards the river. Gong Ou grabbed her hand and stared at her coldly. "I just want to say what I expect when you look nervous."

Gong Ou's cruelty is justified.


What to expect at this time.

When Xiaonian was so scared that he was sweating, he hurried into the room and looked around for him, but he could not see the trace of Mu qianchu.

"Long for the beginning, long for the beginning!"

When Xiaonian shouts and looks for it, his teeth are biting his lips. He won't really be as short-sighted as Gong Ou said.

Gong Ou looks at Xiaonian coldly like a headless fly, looking deeper and deeper. "Where is muqianchu's bedroom?"

"I don't know."

When Xiaonian turns around to look at Gong ou, he is at a loss.

Her reaction made Gong ou a little satisfied, and Feng de said, "I know that I have just passed by a room over there. It should be the master Mu's."

Because there are pictures of Mu qianchu in it.

Gong Ou goes in that direction, while Xiaonian continues to look. Just as he is going to look outside, Gong Ou's voice says, "Xiaonian, come here!"

When small read back, into mu qianchu's bedroom.

Gong Ou stands in front of a wall. There is a safe in the middle of the wall. Now the safe is open. He turns around and looks at Shi Xiaonian. "You can rest assured that he is not going to die."

His tone is eerie.

"How do you know?" Shixiaonian walked over and asked.

"The things in the safe are all gone. There is only a mobile phone left. Of course, he runs with money, ID card and other things. Will he kill him when I come back?" Gongou cold tunnel.

Mu qianchu left?

When small read stupefied next, walk, sure enough there is nothing in the safe, only a mobile phone quietly lying there.

She took the phone out of it, opened it, without a password, and the interface remained on the recording.

There is a recorded sound on it.

When the eyes light of Xiaonian stagnated, click to open the recording, a long blank, only to hear the rustling sound.

For a long time, mu qianchu's hoarse voice came from his mobile phone.

"Xiaonian, I'm gone. Don't come to me. I have my own way. Take care. "

A short sentence, nothing else.

When Xiaonian looks up at Gong ou, Gong Ou looks at her and sees through what she thinks, "do you want to ensure her safety?"

"He's blind and he's in a very volatile mood now."

Shi Xiaonian said, reaching for his sleeve.

"Don't pull my sleeve." Gong Ou coldly grabbed her mobile phone and threw it on the bed beside her. "Now come back with me. Let Feng de investigate these matters."

"When you find out about master mu, will you protect him secretly?"

Asked Fengde.

"What to protect, as long as you can't die." Gong Ou said coldly, "are you satisfied with this? Do you know how much money I have to spend to do this? How much do I lose? "


It's the benefit of opening your mouth again.

When small read not so unbearable as before, she light smile, "nothing, you spend it, in the future when we get married, simply save money."

"You save our wedding money to look after the safety of moqian Chu?"

Gong Ou's tone suddenly cooled.

Wen Yan, when Xiaonian jumped up happily and looked at him with a smile, "so you agree with my proposal? Shall we get married tomorrow? Married today? "

Don't miss another good time.


It's a cliche.

Gong Ou found that the sharp mouth of the woman's teeth was hard to make. He gave her a cold squint, raised his feet and walked out.

As soon as Gong Ou went out, the smile on Xiaonian's face faded slowly. She turned to look at the safe.

There is not only a mobile phone left in the safe, but also a picture standing on the edge. The picture is standing on the back and can't see the content.

When Xiaonian walked slowly with heavy steps and turned the picture slowly.

A small painting.

On the painting, the young and the young girls are fighting happily in the snow. They can feel their happiness and the beauty of that period of time across the ink color.

When they laugh so happily in the snow, how can they think that after ten years, they stand face to face, but they can't even smile.

Nothing can go back.

Muqianchu didn't take this picture with him. He wanted to tell her that he had put it down.

When Xiaonian put the painting back a little bit to cover up the bright smiles of teenagers and girls, "I also put it down, qianchu, treasure it."

She spoke softly, her eyes astringent.

She turned and ran out with a big smile, shouting, "Gong ou, wait for me."

On one side of the bed, a mobile phone is on it.

The recording in the mobile phone hasn't finished playing. A long and long recording is left blank.

People go to the room empty.

For a long time, there was a voice that was almost inaudible.


Like never before, the recording stops after a little bit of subtlety.



A young man with a clear and delicate face is standing in an open place, with all kinds of noises ringing in his ears. He is standing there. His coat covers the blood on his inner clothes. Looking forward, his eyes are not bright. It is easy to see that he is blind.

It's the beginning.

"Here, sir, this way, please."

The airport staff took him to the ticket office.

Mu qianchu walked along with him, wrapped his hands in gauze, and a man in a hurry came to him and ran into him. He flashed by hearing.

The next second, someone hit again.

He was bumped into the post, did not stand up, and was knocked down on the ground by someone's luggage car. He fell heavily on the ground and fell head to the ground severely.

"Are you all right, sir?"

The staff picked him up in a hurry.

"I'm fine, thank you."

Mu qianchu's jaw, voice is hoarse and full of tiredness. A face is calm and flustered.

"Here, this way." The staff helped him to the ticket office.

Mu qianchu fumbled for identity documents and other materials and handed them to him. His eyes were half closed without any light.

"Where can I go, sir?" The ticket buyer was an Italian girl with dark brown hair.

Murakami says an address.

The other side was stunned, looked up at him, some could not believe the tunnel, "what? Where? I'm sorry, I didn't hear you clearly. "

Mu qianchu stood there, and repeated again, the figure of yushulianfeng.

The other side looked at him, with sympathy in his eyes, and said a lot, "do you want to go there for business or travel? With all due respect, I would like to remind you that it is a very poor and chaotic country, and the place you go is the most chaotic small city there. "

"I'm going."

Muqianchu said firmly.


The other side couldn't help asking.

Mu qianchu stood there and listened to this sentence. His eyelashes quivered slightly. The other side knew that he had said too much and was about to apologize. Mu qianchu was already hoarse.

"A friend died to save me. I want to see where she stayed." He said a word lightly.

Wen Yan, the brunette girl in charge of the ticket buying service realized that she had touched someone else's sad things, and immediately said, "that's a great friend."

"Yes." Mu qianchu nodded and lowered his eyes.

The girl went through a series of formalities for him, and then handed them to him. "Please pay attention to safety, sir. Your life is very precious, because it takes two people's lives."

Mu qianchu stood there, her eyes quivering, and she took over her formalities and turned away.

His figure shuttles in the middle of a group of people, and he's been hit several times, and he's teetering. But he still goes on, and the people gradually disappear into the crowd.


After a series of twists and turns, shixiaonian finally received the property belonging to the Xi family.

"When master Mu went to the small country where the flute used to stay, there was chaos. I have sent someone to protect him. I don't know how long he will stay there." The news from Feng de silences Shi Xiaonian.

She was on the return flight, looking out at the clouds.

I didn't expect that mu qianchu's last choice was to go to the most difficult place where didi used to be. This kind of action also has the taste of fulfilling his destiny.

I'm afraid that his life will not be better, with the death of her parents, her unfeeling feelings, and finally desperate to sacrifice self-protection.

However, she can't do anything, she can only do so.

"In the future, there will be no need to report the news of Mu qianchu. If he can die under the protection of others, he has no ability. I don't want to hear from him again." Gong Ou said coldly from the opposite side of shixiaonian, looking at shixiaonian and observing her expression.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de nodded and turned away.

When Xiaonian didn't refute Gong Ou's words, she understood that no matter Gong Ou or herself, she could only do this step.