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Chapter 756 I will not cure this disease!

She didn't know how the scene got so messy.

When Xiaonian felt that her body was not very good, she had more nausea than before, and also had some pain, which she did not dare to tell Gong ou.

He was upset enough for her.

In these six days, shixiaonian didn't know how Gong Ou survived or how he survived. He just passed.

It's a good thing.

For the first time, she thought that one day was salvation. At night, Xiaonian stayed in the room to pack. Tomorrow morning, Lori gave a diagnosis plan and she left.

As long as there is a plan for diagnosis and treatment, she doesn't need to stay here and be watched by Lori. She doesn't want to stay for a moment when she thinks about all the things Lori has done to Gong Ou in these six days.

The phone vibrated twice.

When Xiaonian sat by the bed folding clothes, picked up her cell phone and saw that it was Gong Yu who called. She connected, "brother?"

"Not bad. I haven't heard you ask me to come here for six days. It seems that you have passed this stage." Gong Yu's tone was unbelievable. "I didn't expect that Gong ou could endure these six days with his temper. It's not easy."

Smell speech, when small read in addition to wry smile or wry smile, "yes, really not easy."

Gong Ou has become a stranger these six days.

She knew that every second he was trying to restrain his patience, but she could do nothing.

"Well, don't be upset. Anyway, it's over." Gong Yu hears that Xiaonian's tone is not very good, and understands that she is suffering too.

"Dr. naluo said that if he wants to develop with Gong ou for a long time, I'm afraid that he will use some mean tactics."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

Lori's meaning is obviously that he is not willing to spend these six days.

"It's OK. Lori is a man of words. Even if he wants to have a long-term relationship with Gong ou, he will treat you seriously." Gong Yu said, "as long as you cure your illness, what's the point of his pursuit? Gong ou will not like it, will he

Gong Yu comforted shixiaonian and asked her not to bear so much psychological burden.


When small read lightly to answer a, perhaps, perhaps is such a matter.

"By the way, Gong ou, I didn't answer his call." Gong Yu asked.

"Doesn't he answer the phone?" When small read stupefied next, "he just was ordered by Luo lie to go down to have a meal, I pack up clothes not to go down."

"Well, then he went back to his room and asked him to call me."

Gong Yu said that he had nothing to do with it.

When Xiaonian put his cell phone aside, he had a meal. Why didn't he answer the phone? When Xiaonian called Gong Ou strangely.

No one answered the phone after all.

When Xiaonian's Willow eyebrows couldn't help puckering up, she closed the suitcase, stood up and walked out. She looked down from the upstairs. The open restaurant was empty. There was no one and there was no food on the table.

"What about them?"

I asked a servant.

The servant looked up at her and said, "our young master and your husband are eating at the back lake."

Behind the lake?

When Xiaonian went downstairs and hurriedly went out from the back door, luozhai was very large, and a circle of lake water was built behind it as his private residence territory. It was beautifully built, and all the way hung with unique octagonal lanterns. The light of the lanterns was particularly beautiful on the lake.

When Xiaonian went back to the lake, he was near. He saw red roses all over the ground, and a big heart was put together in the middle.


When Xiaonian's heart thumped, he continued to walk forward. When he reached the back of a pillar, he heard a voice coming from the front.

Standing there, she nodded a little and looked out. She saw a rectangular White Dining Table standing by the lake. On it was a red octagonal lantern rotating gently. The sound of the water was gurgling. On the table was a candle light. Gong ou, wearing a white sweater, lay on the table. At hand, there were cups tilting from east to west. Some of them still had red wine.

"Wake up, wake up."

Luo lie stood aside, reached out and pushed Gong ou, the light brushed their faces, Luo lie looked at Gong ou with low eyes, and smiled fondly, "how can I drink so much? I'm really asleep?"

They drank.

When Xiaonian frowned tightly, he raised his legs to go forward, and his feet slowly retreated back.


It's not right.

Gong Ou won't be so honest if he is drunk. He won't go to sleep if he doesn't make a scene. He pretends to be drunk on purpose. He's not drunk.

When Xiaonian realized this, he could not move forward.

There must be a reason why he pretends to be drunk.

Just thinking about it, she listened to Lori's voice. "I don't know if you can hear me now, but I'm sincere. That woman doesn't really love you. What if you regard her as Queen? She doesn't look down on you. She doesn't think you don't love her enough."

What did he say to Gong Ou?

When Xiaonian looked at them, he saw that Lori stretched out his hand to gently caress Gong Ou's face, and his lips curled up. His voice became less cold and spoiled. "I really want to go on like this with you. I want to keep you by my side forever and get along with you for so many days. I like you more and more."


When Xiaonian clenched his fist, the mood in his heart was still complex, not to say whether it was heartache or anger. It seemed that they were all twisted together.

"Really, I really like you so much."

Maybe the light of the lantern is too beautiful and unreal. The more Lori said, the more emotional he became. He slowly leaned over Gong ou, and his lips slowly approached Gong ou.

Is he crazy?

When Xiaonian looks at this scene in shock, his heart is like being blocked by something. He wants to rush forward immediately, and suddenly sees Gong Ou's hand move.

He lay there, one hand grabbing the foot of the goblet beside him.

He's really awake.

He is suffering.

When Xiaonian suddenly understood Gong Ou's idea. He knew that Lori would do something to him. No wonder he agreed to let her pack in the room. It was the last night, so he would bear everything he said.


What a madman.

When Xiaonian wanted to rush forward, but she was afraid of destroying all the patience Gong Ou had given in these six days. She could only stand there and watch Lori drop a kiss on his ear.

The heart is like being hit with a hammer.

There is no pain to add.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at the scene, his eyes gradually blurred.

But Lori didn't give up. He pulled up Gong ou, who was sleeping, and let Gong Ou lean back in his chair. People stood in front of Gong ou and watched him affectionately.

"Are you really asleep? Or is it loaded? " Lori reaches for Gong Ou's glasses, takes them off, and talks to him directly. "But I just want to ask you if you are passionate about me, and then you drink with your head down until you fall asleep. Is this so difficult?"


Xiaonian's eyes are more and more blurred.

Gong ou.

Stop it.

Please don't bear it any more.

Gong Ou lies there motionless, perfectly playing a drunk sleeping man.

"It seems that you really love your wife so much that you can't stay for me after tomorrow." Lori said as he leaned down slowly, his face a little closer to Gong Ou's face. "But tonight you are mine, aren't you?"

Lori reached for Gong Ou's thin lips, put his fingertips under his nose, and smelled them. He looked like enjoying himself.


When small read tightly clenched a tooth, reached out to wipe an eye, but the eye is still blurred badly.

Lori stood there more and more excessively, and began to stretch out his hand to take off gong'ou's sweater. Gong'ou was "drunk" like a puddle of mud. He played with it at will. The white sweater was lifted from his waist, revealing his waist without any fat.

Is he crazy?

What does he want to do?

When Xiaonian opened his eyes in shock and stared at Lori's action angrily. Lori lifted Gong Ou's sweater and touched Gong Ou's waist with one hand. He was a little surprised and said, "I didn't expect you to practice your figure. It's a surprise. I didn't want to touch you. You are seducing me."


When Xiaonian looked at this scene in astonishment, Lori raised gong'ou's hand to remove the sleeve for him, and gong'ou never moved.


Lori is crazy.

Gong Ou is also mad. He is more mad. Maybe Lori is not a pervert. Gong Ou is the pervert. He is the pervert!

Tears fell from Xiaonian's eyes. She stood behind the pillar, holding her fists tightly with her hands hanging on her side. Her fingernails sank into her palms and sank deep into them.

After a pain, the palm of her hand was all flesh and blood.

"Stop it!"

When Xiaonian roared out with all his strength, rushed to him from behind the pillar, reached out and pushed away Lori, staring at him with hatred, "you're done! You must not touch him again! "

Lori was pushed back by her two steps, looking at her red eyes, some accidents, not so unexpected, said, "you finally come."

As if, had waited for her for a long time.

When Xiaonian stood there, stretched out his hand to pull the sweater on Gong Ou's body, and looked at Luo lie, biting his teeth, and said, "you deceive people too much. I can't cure this disease!"


Lori was leaning against the table, silent, and the candle was still on.

"I want to cure."

A faint voice suddenly sounded.

When Xiaonian looked down, Gong Ou suddenly opened his eyes when he was sitting in the chair. His eyes were dark and deep, and he looked at them expressionless, without anger or anxiety.

As he plays this image, gentle as a poodle, without any temper.

Luo lie looks at Gong ou and dotes on the tunnel. "Are you awake?"

"Let's go back!"

When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou and says forcefully, his eyes are red.

In front of Luo lie, Gong ou can't even speak hard, but when he looked at it, he said lightly, "you go back first, and doctor Luo said you want to talk about your illness with me."

"I won't cure it!"

"I'm fed up with that!" said Xiao Nian loudly, his eyes redder! Gong ou, I'm really fed up with it! I can't cure it! "