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Chapter 971 analysis of causes

"He was playing with me." When small read to understand come over, oneself ridiculed ground smiled a, "originally I abandon oneself equally to let you suffer."

A doctor gave her vitamins as a tranquilizer, and a blind man desperately remembered the maze of broken walls.

"It doesn't mean suffering. It means that someone is willing to care about you. For example, Xiaokui will ask my mother if she is unhappy or not because she didn't do well in the exam. For example, he will ask Dr. Luo if pregnancy makes you very hard, so you are in a bad mood." Said Mu qianchu.

When small read some Zheng ran, the original two children in private so concerned about her, the original Xiaokui's results become better is for her efforts.

Little fool, two little fools.

"I'm afraid I can't afford your concern." When Xiaonian wanted to escape.

"I don't want to listen to these words any more. I just want to ask you if you want to cheer up again, just this time." Mu qianchu stood in front of her and said that the smile on her face was like a spring breeze.

When Xiaonian stood there, looked up at the paint on his head, and then said, "can I say no? Anyway, I'm even tired of abandoning myself. I'm afraid of nothing. Anyway, you said that no one would disappear beside me. "

When she said this, Xiaonian suddenly felt that she was relaxed. She couldn't say why.

Maybe she didn't let it out recklessly for a long time.

Smell speech, the smile on mu qianchu's face is deeper, touched his hair and said, "let's go, I have to wash my head. This smell is really bad."


When Xiaonian smiled and nodded, and he walked back, mu qianchu's hand wiped her hand, she obviously felt his hand stiff, and then retracted.

He is blind, she can look at him in a fair way. He has low eyes, a subtle look, and his hands have been touching her carelessly.

When Xiaonian suddenly thought of the silent hug just now, she sighed softly and said nothing.


Luo lie was shocked by Shi Xiaonian's willingness to let go of those shadows and leave her baby. He didn't expect that Shi Xiaonian's illness was not cured by himself, nor by Gong ou, but by mu qianchu.

Although it's not sure that it's going to be cured, it's not far away when Xiaonian is willing to come out.

In the living room, mu qianchu dismissed all the people, leaving only Xiao Nian and Luo lie.

When Xiaonian was sitting on a single sofa, mu qianchu sat on the other side, handed a cup of freshly made milk tea to her, and said, "now we are facing a problem. If the gunfire is a signal, we need to do something or stay here."

When Xiao Nian took the milk tea, he looked at Luo lie. Luo lie was bowing his head and wiping his glasses. He said on his mouth, "Mr. Gong is gone. It can't be hydrolyzed near the fire. We can only rely on ourselves. Any decision is about everyone's life and death."

Now everyone is a grasshopper tied to a rope.

"Xiaonian, what do you think?"

Mu qianchu is sitting on the back of the sofa. He is tired on a soft face.

"In fact, if you want to solve the problem, it's still necessary to find out what's going on." When Xiaonian said lightly, "if Lancaster really wants us to be in a mess, then why can they know that we are here, but they don't know where we are?"

Her words fell into silence in the living room, and Lori's action of rubbing his glasses froze, saying, "well, I also want to know, isn't this the place Mr. Gong tried his best to choose? It's safe to take care of it. How can it be known? "

"I can't think of that either. In fact, after so long here, we can't show any flaws." Mu qianchu paused, and then he said, "the only thing is Gong Ou's appearance. He can't help coming to see you."


When small read lips, low eyes to go.

Gong ou can't leave a flaw for others to see.

"It's impossible. Mr. Gong has been shuttling between the two sides as Mr. Gong. Even if Mr. Gong has an internal spy, who will doubt the movement of a robot? It doesn't make sense. " Lori said the thought of Xiaonian.

No one in the world will deliberately stare at a machine.

"Apart from this point, it's even more difficult to explain. It can only be said that the gunfire was just an accident, and it had nothing to do with Lancaster." Said Mu qianchu.

Such a statement will go back to the origin, which means that they have no idea of any way, and that they are going to leave it to fate.

When Xiaonian holds the milk tea in her hand, she thinks about it. She puts it on the tea table, stands up and walks to the bookshelf.

Lori put on her glasses and looked at her doubtfully.

"What's the matter, Xiaonian?"

Mu qianchu's eyes looked forward without luster and asked aloud.

When small read is closing a shelf to rummage, find out a map from inside to walk back to tea table before, spread to open, look at two men in front of way, "we are in s city."

Hearing this, Luo lie and mu qianchu didn't have many accidents on their faces. Since knowing that Gong ou can shuttle between the two sides, although they don't know the specific location, they also know that it's in S City, otherwise Gong ou can't take care of both sides.

"Will there be such a possibility that the spy in Lancaster found out that Gong Ou would suddenly disappear for a while, so he was sure to come to our side." When Xiaonian almost knelt in front of the coffee table, he said, "once Gong Ou disappears, it's a night away. It's a long way to make him disappear, so Lancaster can't figure out where we are."

When I heard that Xiaonian was willing to join in this matter, mu qianchu was very pleased and nodded, "it's very possible."

"A night's round trip is at least within this range by car." When Xiaonian made a big circle in the map, she also roughly estimated it.

When Lori approached, Xiaonian squatted down beside her and understood her meaning. "Mr. Gong usually comes to our place in the evening, that is to say, he should come home later. He disappeared at home."

Mu qianchu sat there and thought, "if it's me, carpet search will be carried out after the scope is determined, but s city is not the place of Lancaster after all, so they can only let us stand in disorder. Once we have actions, they will grasp them as soon as possible, so as to catch you and your children."

Lori looked at the big circle on the map and said, "but it's too big. They pay the same price."

"Dr. law, if it was you, what would you do?"

Mu qianchu suddenly asked.

"Well, since the scope is a circle, it's the best way to spread from the middle to the surrounding areas." As Lori said, her eyes suddenly deepened. She pulled across the map, looked at the center of the map circle, and said solemnly, "we only heard one shot of gunfire, which is not far away, that is We are near the imperial castle. "

When small read silence, this she just want to understand.

“mygod!” Luo lie laid out his hands and couldn't believe it. "The farther the Tibetans are, the better. Mr. Gong actually hid us near the imperial castle. The castle must be the important surveillance area of Lancaster. He's not afraid that we can be found at any time?"

He did not expect that the so-called refuge was next to the imperial castle, which surprised him.

No one took refuge like that.

"There is a saying in China that it's dark under the light." Muqianchu said that the layout of the palace and Europe was totally unexpected every time. They did not expect it, nor did Lancaster.


When small read Zheng ground looks at the map of S City, originally, she leaves palace Europe all the time is so close.

"No wonder Lancaster waited for Gong ou to leave before he started. Gong Ou was not there. Putting a gun can cover up the past with normal military force. Only those of us who are in the refuge will not know the situation outside, will be panic, and someone will want to escape." Lori stood up. "As long as someone appears around the imperial castle, our bottom will be uncovered."

Thinking about it, Lori said, "no, as long as the Lancaster Air Patrol can find something wrong with our buildings, right?"

"This is the range of the imperial castle. It's impossible for Gong ou to let others patrol his own sky. Let alone the helicopter, I'm afraid even a bird won't let it fly." Muqianchu said that, therefore, Gong Ou would choose the refuge place beside him.

"Won't the people in the castle find out? How did Mr. Gong arrange it? "

"The answer will only be known when we go out." "Since we have guessed so much, it seems that it's better to stay still and strengthen the defense. It's better to use Lancaster's strength to find a useless work," said Mu

"Then we don't have to do anything?"

Asked Lori doubtfully.

"Even if we don't do it now, let's see. We can't contact the outside world now. We can only go one step at a time." Shi Xiaonian said, "defense should be more important."

"It's the only way. OK, the problem is solved. I can go back to my room and have a rest." Said Lori with ease.

"Why are you always upset?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Mrs. Gong, who can be at ease when you stay here where you can't go out?" she said Lori looked at her and stopped saying, "forget it, don't say it or not."

When Xiao Nian knelt in front of the tea table, looked at mu qianchu, and smiled bitterly, "don't worry, even if I am in a state of mental breakdown, I will keep watching everyone leave here safely and then collapse."


Lori gave her a look and left.

Mu qianchu sat on the sofa, looked in the direction of shixiaonian, and showed a gentle smile, "it's so nice to see you."

"We're sure to get out of here safely, aren't we?"

When small read to ask a way, from the tea table to stand up to go.

"Of course." Mu qianchu's jaw, hearing her footsteps leaving, immediately said, "I let the kitchen stew fruit soup. Would you like to taste it?"

When small read back, mu qianchu face has obvious expectations, she light way, "well, go together."