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Chapter 237 looking at the stars in the woods

Gong Ou asked unhappily. The whole person got upset at the moment, and there was a sense of impatience between his eyebrows and eyes.

His mood is always very strong.

"No, I told your mother very seriously that I would try to improve myself to be worthy of you." When Xiaonian bit his lips.

"Then why can't you sleep? Are you still thinking of admiring qianchu? "

Asked Gong ou.

"Well, I can't be at ease if I don't fall in the first day of the millennium." Shi Xiaonian said with a soft voice, looking at Gong Ou's increasingly dissatisfied face, "and your mother. Facing her, I have a feeling of college entrance examination."

"College entrance examination?"

Gong Ou is stunned.

"You don't understand the college entrance examination when you grow up abroad." Shi Xiaonian said, with a serious face, "I was nervous in the college entrance examination, for fear of not doing well, for fear of doing wrong questions, for fear of making mistakes..."

"Why are you so nervous? Reading will be tense, and the college entrance examination will also be tense! " Gong Ou looks at her disdainfully.


When Xiao nianmo was born with a strong talent, he certainly didn't understand her suffering.

Her nervousness is not afraid of hard work, but afraid of hard work is useless.

She was really bluffed by the words of Madame Gong, who said that the ending was doomed, which made her a little afraid.

"Hello! Did you see the stars in the woods Gong Ou suddenly asked, bringing the topic directly to the Pacific Ocean.


When Xiaonian shook his head.

"Go, take you!" Gong Ou suddenly turned over from the bed and sat up, clenched her forcibly.

"Look at the stars?" When Xiaonian was shocked, "now?"

He's kidding.


When Gong Ou pulls her up, Xiao niancao puts on his shoes and is led by Gong ou to run out.

The castle at night is very peaceful. The servants are asleep. Only some bodyguards are on duty outside the castle. When they see them coming out, the bodyguards are shocked and bow to them.

Shi Xiaonian is led by Gong Oula to run forward. The sky outside is very dark and there is little moonlight.

Gong Ou takes her hand and walks into the forest. As soon as she goes in, the light is darker. She can hardly see her fingers. When Xiao Nian was afraid of the dark, she immediately hugged his arm.

Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes, and the corners of her lips rise up? Want to do it? Here? "

"Fuck you." When Xiao Nian had no idea of his evil thoughts, his hands still clung to his arms. "It's too dark here. Let's go back."

"Come with me."

Gong Ou presses the watch on his wrist and adjusts the light to the strongest. It looks like a small flashlight. The light is in front of him, and it is no longer dark.

When Xiaonian is pulled by him to go inside.

This forest is often cleaned by the people of the palace, so it is clean. There are no broken branches and buckets everywhere.

At night, the leaves carry water drops, which drop down on her shoulders. It's cold and fragrant with the smell of grass.

When Gong Oula was holding it, Xiaonian walked more and more in. Xiaonian couldn't help saying, "let's go back. How can we see the stars in the forest?"

In this season, the trees grow vigorously and the leaves are luxuriant. It is impossible to see the stars when they form a dense net above their heads.

"Just follow me."

Gong Ou takes her hand and walks inside. Two pairs of shoes are stained with mud on the ground.

At that time, Xiaonian could not persuade him to be paranoid, so he had to follow him.

For a long time, Gong Ou stopped and said to her, "here we are."

"Here we are?"

Always pay attention to the small read at the foot of looking forward, only to see a piece of open space in front of you, under the quiet light, a broken tree fell on the ground, the section of the rings ring ring after ring.

The picture in front of us is familiar.

When small read stupefied next, remember finally, "this is not where you let me live and die?"

When she was first bound to the imperial castle, she offended Gong ou with a word, and then she was thrown into the forest, where she fasted for food and water.

Thinking of these, Xiao Nian's face darkened and he looked at Gong ou with some resentment.

"What are you looking at? Didn't you die?"

Gong Ou pinches her face.

"You seem to remember what you did." "I hated you so much at that time," he said

Now she's angry to think of it.

Although he is very good to her now, if she had been tortured to death, she would not have been now.

Gong Ou raised his eyebrows. "Don't you love me now?"

"I don't have one."

Shixiaonian denies.

"Besides, I have killed all those murderers! I avenge you! " Gong Ou's voice is always full of pretentious taste.

"Murderer?" When Xiaonian looked at him up and down, pretending to be confused, "did you commit suicide? Are you a ghost now? "


Gong Ou slaps her on the head and stares at her with black eyes, "I mean, I killed the killer who trapped you in this circle!"

With that, Gong Ou took her by the hand and raised his finger on it.

When Xiaonian looked up suspiciously in the direction of his fingers, he was stunned. He saw that a circle of trees around him had been cut down, and there were no more branches and leaves intertwined on it, leaving a circle.

It's like a huge natural patio.

From this point of view, we can see that the stars in the sky are locked in the ring, far and near, and the stars are extremely clean, as if spotless. The bright moonlight falls gently from above, and falls in bundles, and the light is unreal and ethereal.

"It's beautiful."

When small mind sincerely sigh, go forward, into the beam, raise your hand, fingers touch the edge of the beam, there is a kind of illusion to cross time and space.

"Is it beautiful?" Gong Ou proudly raised his eyebrows and turned off the light on his watch

When small read to look at this one beam of light, the lip curved a touch of arc.

In a flash, all the bad memories she had here were washed away.

When Xiaonian passed the beam of light and sat down on the transverse broken tree, her skirt almost touched the ground. She looked up at the starry sky above her head and felt relaxed and happy.

The worry in my heart seems to be less serious.

"This place is really beautiful." When Xiaonian couldn't help feeling.

Occasionally a few small fireflies fly out of the trees, flying around the edge of the light beam, which makes people feel romantic in the fairy tale forest.

Gong Ou sat down beside her with a smile on his lips. His black eyes stared at her directly. The more he looked, the happier he was. He said directly, "you are not beautiful."


Shixiaonian looks at him.

"Why do you look so good, shixiaonian?" Gong Ou stared at her with a deep magnetic voice. "I find that the more you look at it, the better it looks, even the hair!"

If someone praises her, Xiao Nian may be flattered.

But Gong oumo, since he regarded her cooking as something in heaven and earth, she no longer believed in any of his tastes.

"You're just looking at me. I'm looking at everything." When small read light smile, said.

He is paranoid.

What he thinks is right is right. What he thinks is wrong is wrong.

"Yes, I'll see you!" Gong Ou said, reaching out and pinching her chin, turning her face around, and finally reconfirmed, "well, it's pleasing to the eye!"


When Xiaonian felt helpless for his paranoia, he pushed his hand away, leaned his head on his shoulder, looked up at the small starry sky, "Gong ou, how can you think of making such a romantic place?"

There's no romance in him.

There are a lot of curses and hurtful hugs.

"Isn't anyone unhappy these days?" Gong Ou snorts. If it's not to make her happy, he will do so many boring things?

It was for her again.

When Xiaonian's heart was touched, he raised his hand and a little firefly flew by her fingertips without stopping.

"Thank you, Gong ou."

Thank you very much.

"I seem to say thank you, no words!" Gong Ou is dissatisfied with the tunnel.

When Xiaonian sat up straight on the broken tree, reached out to hold his face, stood up slightly, and his thin lips were printed on his lips. Gong Ou's eyes were deep, and immediately turned away from visitors, embraced her slender waist, and forcefully deepened the kiss.

Between the entanglements, Gong Ou asked her to sit on her legs so that he could kiss more deeply.

When Xiaonian wrapped his hands around his neck, his eyes were clear and bright, staring at his handsome face, "Gong ou, I will try my best for you."


Gong Ou picks his eyebrows.

"Well." When small read forcibly nods, "even if at present is two big mountains, my finger planed to break still has the foot."

She will not give up until she dies.

"Who wants you to dig the mountain? Now there is an urgent matter for you to work hard for me!" Gong Ou stares at her straight, eyes deep, throat knot rolling up and down, breathing heavier.


When small read stupefied next.

"Let's make a forest, you take the initiative!"

Gong Ou said, eyes suddenly a bright, hook with strong feelings and Yu Wang.

Since she said she fell in love with him, he has been waiting for her to take the initiative with him.


When small read big embarrassment, reached out to hit him, "can not say this kind of evil scenery words in such a romantic place?"

This man is really Is that what controls the brain?

And she took the initiative.

"What a sight?" Gong Ou's face is straight and strong, "I think it's very landscape setting."

When small read speechless, sit on his leg way, "anyway don't, I still see my scenery."

"Dare you refuse me?"

Gong Ou looks discontented.

"Well, just refuse you." When Xiaonian sat on him, leaned on his arms, looked up to the stars, and his voice was clear and soft, "because I think it's the most romantic, just sit quietly."

"We can do it quietly, too."


When Xiaonian wanted to take a bag of poison to poison him, it was the best.

Gong Ou was very dissatisfied with being rejected, but he didn't get much, so he always sat on the broken tree with her in his arms.

The weather at night becomes very cold, but Gong Ou's chest is very warm.

When Xiaonian looked up at the starry sky, it was enough for her to work hard.

The next morning.

Gong Ou is still sleeping in bed, when Xiao Nian gets up early to wash.