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Chapter 142 can we not have children

Gong Ou circled her like this, and the two were inseparable.

He slowly lowered his head, chin against her shoulder, thin lips slightly raised, voice deep magnetic, "don't let you go, never let you leave me."

He spoke in a low voice, like a moving oath.

But she was horrified.

Gong Ou turns his face and looks down at her thin ears. He opens his lips and embraces her earlobes.


When small read tightens the body, wants to escape but is tightly encircled by him.

Gong Ou is satisfied with the way she is trapped. She kisses her ears and smells the fragrance of her body with satisfaction. Her black eyes are filled with love that has never been felt before.

"Xiaonian, your ears are beautiful." He kissed.


"Your hair is beautiful, too."


"Everything about you is beautiful."


"Everything about you is mine. It's all mine. No one can share it." He sucked and kissed her ear, and said silently.

"Don't do that." When Xiaonian turned his head, he couldn't escape the kiss he was catching up with.

"In fact, you don't have to worry about me." Gong Ou kissed her ear and said, with a deadly sense of family name in her voice, "but if you take care of it, you will take care of me."


"I won't let you go, forever."


When small read to stay, is she wrong?

She raised her eyes and saw a pair of scissors on the piano, which should have been taken by Feng De.

She immediately said, "with scissors, I'll cut you off and bind you up first."

He ripped off the gauze.

"I have more to free myself from." Gong Ou is close to her body from the back, with thin lips holding her white earlobes and sucking repeatedly.

They were so close together that she could clearly feel the changes under his abdomen and her face could not help getting hot.

As soon as he recovers from a state of mental breakdown, he will be able to get a big bang immediately.

She really admired him.

Gong Ou lets go of her ears, kisses her thin neck with thin lips, and her warm breath spreads on her neck, numb and itchy.

When small read can't escape, can't refuse, hang in the side of the hand can't help clenching.

She looked up at the retro piano not far ahead, turned her eyes and asked, "Gong ou, is Gong Yu your brother's name?"

Gong Ou kissed her with a deep voice. "How do you know?"

When Xiaonian looked at the piano, "I saw the name engraved on the piano. Is it your brother's piano?"

She's just guessing.

It can appear in gong'ou's bedroom, and it's Gong's surname. She thinks that there won't be anyone else except his brother.


Gong Ou stops kissing her and embraces her.

When Xiaonian picked up the scissors on the piano and cut the leather rope off his wrist.

Gong Ou looks at the piano with low eyes. His black eyes are deep. There is no expression on a handsome face. People can't see what he is thinking.

For a while, he reached out to open the piano cover and said in a low voice, "this is my brother's piano. After I came to develop in China, I brought the piano here."

"Can you tell me something about your brother?"

Xiao Nian stood aside and asked.

She's not a gossip. She just wants Gong Ou's beast Xing to hurry up.

He needs to be distracted.

"He's three years older than me, a gentle man." Gong Ou stretched out his hand, pointed his fingers across the black and white keys, and the piano made a sound that was not pleasant.

Shixiaonian asked, "are you very close to him?"

"I never told him before he died. I respect him very much." Gong oudao, black eyes staring at the black and white keys.


It sounds like Gong Ou has a lot of regrets for his brother.

Maybe because of this, he would put all kinds of negative emotions in the backlog, and then erupt, just like the scene just happened.

Gong Oula sat her down in front of the piano, held her right hand in her left hand, and lit it on the black and white keys.

When I was young, I heard that it was a piece of music.

"Your parents should be very proud to have you two sons, right?"

When Xiaonian didn't have a word to find.

"They don't like their brother." Gong Ou's deep tunnel.

When small read to look at him in dismay, blurt out, "don't like your brother, do you like you?"

Gong Ou looked at her with low eyes, and her face sank suddenly. She said quietly, "it's very abnormal that you like me."

It's not normal.

Gong Ou has such a bad temper that he is disliked in all aspects.

"No, I just think gentle people are more likable." "When small read to say against one's will," you continue to say

Gong Ou looks at her gloomily and obviously doesn't believe what she said, but he doesn't blame her either.

"My father thinks that my brother's qualifications are mediocre, but he is the first heir of the palace family. My father has been forcing him to work hard." Gong Ou holds her hand and presses it on the piano key. "My brother likes music, but he didn't really touch music until he died."


When small read stunned.

"My brother didn't do anything he liked until he died." Gong Ou said in a deep voice.

When Xiaonian listened, Gong Ou's voice had no temperature, but she could still hear the sadness.

"So called aristocratic sorrow, isn't it?" When small read light tunnel, "I read a sentence on the Internet, bath wear crown, will bear its heavy."

"It was the father who forced him to wear it." Gong Ou says here, the voice is cold, holding her hand tightly, "brother he works hard, father still forces him all the time."

"That's why you invited him to see the meteor shower that year."

Because meteor is also one of Gong's hobbies.

Smell speech, Gong Ou holds her hand to shake, the tooth closes to bite tightly, the facial expression is gloomy.

He invited his brother to hell.

Seeing this, when Xiaonian didn't speak again, he sat quietly beside him. Gong Ou held her hand and pressed the key with one of her fingers.

She didn't know much about music, but she could hear a broken piece of music.

Some sadness.

She looked at the black and white keys on the piano and thought to herself, everyone has their own knot.

Her heart knot is the abandonment of her relatives, the blindness and inferiority complex of admiring qianchu, and Gong Ou's heart knot is the death of her brother

Everyone can't seem to live so freely.


A month passed quickly.

Under the professional recuperation of imperial Castle doctors and the rehabilitation process specially formulated by British palace doctors, shixiaonian's hand injury recovered quickly and he was able to move freely.

She has lived in the imperial castle for a month.

Occasionally can go out, is all by palace Europe takes nearby.

On this day, when Xiaonian was taken out by Gong ou, in a luxurious and comfortable car, Gong Ou held her in his arms and from time to time bowed his head to kiss her face and kiss her fingers.

"It doesn't hurt now?"

Asked Gong ou.

"No pain."

When Xiaonian replied, he was forced to lean on his arms.

"Cook for me in the evening." Gong Ou said that he didn't know how he came here this month. "I'm going to vomit when I eat the things cooked by rubbish."

The rubbish in his mouth is all the best chefs in the world.

He was fed up with her cooking.

"I see." When small read light tunnel, looking out of the window of the scenery, asked, "where are we going now?"

Does she have to wait for him in the car for half a day, or is she taken to the company for half a day?

When Xiaonian felt that she was a little bit rebellious to love. She was tired of being together 24 hours a day. She was tired of being used to it. She was no longer so disgusted and resistant as before.

"You'll see in a minute."

Gong Ou Dao.


When small read nods, Gong Ou holds her, the long hand is stroking her flat belly across the clothes suddenly, she Zheng next, "what to do?"

"Why are you so flat here?" Gong Ou is not satisfied with the tunnel.


She's not fat, of course.

"When will you give birth to my first child?" Gong Ou is in a hurry.

With a child, there will be more and more ties between them, and she will be more and more inseparable from him.

When Xiaonian understood what he was thinking, his face turned white and his teeth bit his lips.

She and Gong ou have very different ideas.

He always wanted her to have a baby, and even ordered Feng De to mend her body, so that she could have a healthy state suitable for the baby.

She doesn't want to. She doesn't want to have miyou's baby at all.

She can't make her child an illegitimate child.

Fortunately, she's not pregnant yet, but she doesn't know what will happen next. She's taken by Gong Ou every day, and she's eating supplements suitable for pregnancy. She can't use contraception.

She's scared. She'll have a baby in her stomach.

"Gong ou." She whispered.

"Well?" Gong Ou looks down and kisses her face.

I'd like to stay with you, but can we not have children

"No way."

Gong Ou refuses.

“……” When small read silence.

"The first child in my palace has to have you born." Gong Ou hugged her and said, "I will give this child everything I can give!"

The only thing he can't give is a child's dignity.

He was born into a noble family, and has always been smooth sailing. He didn't know how distorted his mind would be without a child of normal status.

"Why don't you want to give me birth?"

Asked Gong Ou in a cold voice.

"I don't want a child born out of wedlock."

"It's too late for me to envy the illegitimate son of Gong ou." Gong Ou publicizes the tunnel.


Yes, he is Gong ou, the richest man in the world, the president of N. E. everything around him is attracting the attention of the world.

But I envy that it's just a bastard.

Money is a good thing, but some shortcomings can not be made up by money.

When Xiao Nian smiled bitterly, she and Gong Ou were always different from each other.

The car drives the science and technology museum with the shape of the goal body, which is the largest science and Technology Museum in s city. The car stops in front of the grand gate.

Shi Xiaonian is led by Gong ou to get out of the car. There is a strong wind outside.

When Xiaonian tied up a long hair with a coil that he carried with him, rolled it up and tied it into a ball. He glanced at all kinds of golden medals on the side of the gate of the science and Technology Museum.

Her eyes fell on an N.E.

She is now sensitive to these two letters, "is this science and Technology Museum yours?"

"Well." Gong Ou came to her and watched her tie her hair.