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Chapter 140 young master is self mutilating

"It's your house. You can see several people all year round when you draw."


This is what he said.

After meeting Gong ou, she has been staying at home, and won't come out many times a year.

When small read pursed lips, asked again, "where is Bob now?"

Tang Yi runs away. Bob is not Gong Ou's child. What kind of ending will he have?

"It's up to Fengde."

Gong Ou starts to eat the third bowl of noodles, which means he is not full at all.

When Xiaonian looked at him, he thought or said, "Gong ou."


Gong Ou looks up and gives her a lazy squint.

"Bob is sick and doesn't know whether it's true or not. If it's true, can you let the housekeeper arrange it properly?" "In any case, the child is innocent," said Xiao Nian in a soft voice

Bob, like her, is now abandoned by her relatives.

"With that kind of woman's blood, it's not a good thing for the little wolf to grow up."

Gong Ou despises the tunnel.

Smell speech, when small read's vision was dim, lower head to go, bitterly lift up lip Cape, "don't know what kind of blood I inherit again."

Gong Ou's hand with chopsticks.

hit! His words stabbed her in the wound!

"Eat your noodles." Gong Ou said stiffly, and suddenly pushed a bowl of noodles to her, "here you are."

When Xiaonian looked at the steaming bowl of noodles in front of him, some of them could not cry or laugh.

Is this a special way of comfort?

"No, you can eat it."

She can't eat that much.

Word falls, that bowl of noodles is taken back by palace Europe decisively instantly.


When Xiaonian looks at his neat action, he has no choice, whether he wants to be so urgent or not, just like who robbed him.

When Gong Ou makes such a fuss, Xiaonian suddenly has no sad mood.

She sat there and watched Gong Ou dispose of the noodles bowl by bowl.

When the heat brushed his handsome face, Xiaonian watched quietly. Will she face such a face in the future.

The next morning.

When Xiaonian walked out of the imperial castle and stood in front of the fountain pool, the sun was shining from the other side of the forest, with the fresh smell of grass in the air.

It has to be said that the air in Imperial castle is much better than outside.

"Early, Miss Shi."

Several maids passed by and nodded respectfully to her.


I nodded.

She can't adapt to the life from the port of heaven to the imperial castle. The castle is too big and there are too many people. She's not used to it.

"Early, Miss Shi."

Feng de came over from the side, dressed in spirit, and said hello politely to her.

"Early." I nodded.

"Breakfast?" Asked Fengde.

"I got up at three in the morning to eat, and I don't want to eat any more." Shi Xiaonian said, a pair of eyes with a little tired, "manager Feng, when can I return to the harbor of heaven?"

She didn't want to stay in the imperial castle.

Feng de replied with a low head, "Miss Shi will live here later."


Just as she wanted to ask, she immediately understood that mu qianchu also lived in tianzhigang. How could Gong Ou let her go back.

In the port of heaven, she can sneak out for a walk. In this remote imperial castle, she is really in a huge cage that can't fly out.

"Miss Shi, I have nothing to do first."

When Feng de saw him, Xiao Nian understood that he didn't say anything. He turned back.

"Wait, housekeeper." "I found a lot of self-locking leather ropes in gong'ou's bedroom today. Why does he want those things?" Shi Xiaonian asked

Smell speech, the expression on Feng De's face seems to be solidified, and the expression in his eyes is indescribable.

For a long time, said Fengde, "when the young lady did not care about this."

Then he turned and left.


Leave it alone?

When Xiaonian looked down at his hand, he remembered the red mark on Gong Ou's wrist last night.

How could there be so many leather ropes in his drawer?

He doesn't let other people in his bedroom. Is he ready to tie himself up at any time? But whoever will be OK will tie himself.

When Xiaonian was curious, he wandered outside for a while and then walked inside.

In the morning, Gong Ou doesn't see anyone. What are you going to do?

When Xiaonian went to a small hall and bored to pick up the remote control and turn on the TV, the two maids immediately brought fruit cakes, courteous but not much.

Come quietly, retreat quietly.

When Xiaonian looked at the exquisite cake, it came from the chef.

Gong Ou really can't enjoy it. It's a kind of paranoia to have such delicious food but to eat what she makes.

When Xiaonian lies on a white massage chair and turns on the switch, the massage chair vibrates slowly, soothing her tired body.

News appeared on 65 inch TV.

When small read bored to see.

"Today, there were three cars running after each other on the highway in the eastern suburb of our city, resulting in four deaths and two serious injuries. One of the cars in the middle was squeezed to a complete deformation, and all the people on the car were killed on the spot."

When Xiaonian looked at the TV screen.

In the news, a monitor picture was shown. Only a car in the middle was chased by a large truck behind it, and it hit a car in front with great force. The whole car was squeezed and deformed in an instant.

Car wrecks and people die.

Just looking at that picture is startling. The news broadcast the picture again and again. The host was analyzing the whole accident.

The body was pulled out of the car. Although it was mosaic, it still looked tragic. It seemed that no one was complete.

When small read to look at frown, be about to take the remote control to adjust the stage, listen to the body behind come "bang" a sound.

She turned her head.

I saw Gong Ou standing not far away, tall and majestic, with neat short hair, a handsome face without expression, dark eyes dead looking at the TV screen.

At his feet fell a crystal plate and the fruit of the virgin.

“……” When Xiaonian sat up in the massage chair, he looked at him in surprise.

Gong Ou looks at the TV picture.

She watched his face go white inch by inch.

Suddenly, Gong Ou turns around and runs. It's like seeing some ghosts running away.

He stood up in amazement and watched him run away.

"Young master."

When Feng de came face to face, he saw Gong Ou running away. He was shocked. He went to the small hall and looked at him. "What's the matter with you, Miss Shi?"

"I don't know." Xiaonian shook his head in a daze.

Gong Ou suddenly seems to have been hit by evil.


Feng de frowned, glanced at the TV screen, and was stunned. "This is terrible!"

With that, Feng de ran away.


What's the matter?

When I was watching TV pictures, it was just a piece of news.

Don't the people on the car know Gong Ou? There's no reason. It's just an ordinary car.

Apart from her, all the people he made with Gong Ou were rich but expensive. They could not drive that kind of car.

When small reads under the heart strange, thought, she chases out.

She went all the way to the outside of the bedroom. The door of gong'ou's bedroom was closed. Feng de stood outside and knocked anxiously. "Master, master, you open the door. I've got the needle."

When Xiaonian looked at Fengde's hand, he was holding a tube of medical needle with transparent liquid inside.

There was no noise in the bedroom.

The door didn't open either.

Gong Ou locked himself up again?

When small read confusedly to come over, "seal housekeeper, how to return a responsibility?"

When Feng de saw her, a pair of old eyes suddenly brightened, as if he saw a lifesaver. He hurriedly strode forward and grabbed her hand. "Miss Shi, young master loves you most. You must listen to your words. You let him open the door. I'll give him an injection."

"Injection? Why? What is this? "

When I was young, I was confused.

I haven't heard about Gong Ou's illness.


Feng de said.

"Tranquilizers?" When small read is surprised to open wide eyes, Gong Ou is good why to hit sedative.

Feng de was so worried that she was full of doubts. If she didn't explain, she said, "well, Miss Shi, I'll make a long story short for you."

"What's going on?"

Asked shixiaonian in bewilderment.

"When the young master was 17 years old, when he died, he had a knot in his heart. Do you know that?"

"Heart knot?"

Feng de said anxiously to her, "that year, when the young master arrived at the scene, the rescuers were moving out the body of the young master, and the whole body of the young master was burned."


When Xiaonian covers her lips in shock, she dare not imagine the picture.

Fengde said quickly, "besides, the car was deformed so badly that one hand of the eldest young master was broken. The rescuers couldn't find it for a while, so the young master rushed in to find it."

At that time, Fengde was also at the scene.

Everyone watched the young master pounce on the deformed and smelly car looking for the broken hand of the young master. The young master was as mad as a whole.

He still remembers the picture.


"The young master has been looking for a long time in the deformed and burned car. When he found the hand of the old young master, he passed out."


Feng de continued, "although young master is gifted at his childhood, he is not as self-control as a normal person in terms of emotions, plus the attack of the young master. From then on, the young master will lock himself up as soon as he sees the picture of the accident. "

So it turns out.

When the small read Cu eyebrow, light tunnel, "that after closing up? If he needs to calm down, let him calm down

It's not good for them to bother.

"If only I could be calm." Feng de said anxiously, "let me tell you so. When the young master was 19 years old, we found that he was self mutilating."

"Self harm?"

When Xiaonian looked at Fengde in shock, he couldn't imagine Gong Ou as a high-ranking person would do such a thing.

"Yes, my young master's whole arm was red at that time. It was all knife marks." Feng de said with a worried face, "in the next few years, the young master is getting better and won't hurt himself any more. It depends on Bind yourself. "

When Xiaonian finally understood, so many self-locking leather ropes are for what purpose.

"Why don't you let him see a shrink?" Shixiaonian asked, this should belong to the category of mental illness.

"The young master won't let it. He said he was willing to take it. No one cares."

It's really like what Gong Ou would say.

Domineering paranoia.

He blamed himself for his brother's death, and then tortured himself with paranoia.