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Chapter 196 he will not die

He shut up his endless disappointment.


He failed completely.

Even if she said goodbye to him, she did not hesitate to choose Gong ou.


When Xiaonian drives away, he holds the steering wheel in one hand, wipes away tears in the other hand, and drives forward to Huazuo overpass.

The road to the overpass was inexplicably crowded, as if everyone were swarming there.

The cars are all crowded on one side, and the other side is the life-saving passage. There are ambulances coming and going from time to time. The sound of ambulance is heard in the heavy rain, which makes people extremely uncomfortable.

The team can't move forward.

When Xiaonian was stuck there, he just listened to the car radio and kept reporting the current accident progress --

"please keep the vehicle on the right side of Tongcheng road from the south to the back, make way for a life passage, let the police car and ambulance drive, please cooperate with the family."

"According to the latest report from the scene, 13 people were killed in the accident and more than 20 people were seriously injured."

"The death toll has increased by 14."


When Xiaonian sat in the car and listened to the radio, she became more and more cold.

No, it won't.

There must be no Gong ou.

There must be no Gong ou. He won't die. He won't die.

He hasn't seen the surprise she prepared, she hasn't told him, she hasn't treated him as garbage, she doesn't think he's bad.

He can't die.

Seeing another ambulance passing by, Xiaonian was impatient to wait for the car to move forward. She pushed the door open to get off and ran recklessly in the heavy rain.

A familiar picture.

Last time, she ran to the overpass like this, looking for mu qianchu;

this time, she was still running, but looking for Gong ou.

Gong ou can't have an accident. He can't have an accident.

It was dark as at night, and the police sealed off the scene in raincoats.

When Xiaonian ran out of breath, he pulled open the blockade and was about to enter. The police stopped her quickly. "Who are you, irrelevant personnel, please leave the scene, don't delay rescue."

"My boyfriend in this accident, please let me through!"

When small read hurriedly blurted out, did not want to drill through the blockade, run Huazuo overpass.

"Eh? Ah! You are the... "

Several policemen stand in the heavy rain, suddenly recognize when small read, several people look at each other.

Isn't she Shidi's sister?

Boyfriend? Isn't it a dream? Mu qianchu was just saying that she was seriously injured in the hospital. How could she come to the overpass?

When Xiaonian rushed to the overpass, she thought she was late and found that the accident was handled slowly when she arrived at the scene.

The light on the long overpass is flashing. There are cars that can't be seen and end in the center. The guardrail on one side of the overpass is broken by a big car, which is still in the state of falling.

I saw that the inspectors were temporarily building awning to let the wounded who had not waited for the ambulance to hide in first.

There are many people on the overpass, some are crying and others are crying.

The scene of the disaster is complete, which makes people shudder.

She saw the familiar face of the bodyguard. When Xiaonian rushed to her, she saw Fengde standing there in his raincoat and confessing to the bodyguards.

The pallor and despair on Feng De's face made Shi Xiaonian scared and even wanted to escape.

But she ran to Fengde and asked nervously, "how about the housekeeper, Gong Ou? Did you find it? Has it been sent to the hospital? "

She was eager to know the answer, but afraid to know it.

This psychological contradiction made her panic.

"No, the hospital didn't."

Feng de shakes his head. For the first time, Feng De, who is always at ease with the old God, panics and speaks with some trembling, "I asked everyone to look everywhere, but I didn't find the young master. The young master is gone."

"And his car?"

In the heavy rain and noisy overpass, Xiao Nian shouted with all his strength.

It's getting darker and darker.

It's raining harder and harder. The light on the overpass is shining on the dark world.

"There it is." Feng de points to one side.

When Xiaonian looked at him in the direction of his fingers, he saw a konisek and a car close together. The second half of konisek had been completely deformed, but fortunately the seat was still intact, and an air bag was ejected.

See this scene, small read eyes to see stars hope, loudly, "he must be OK, this door is pushed, he must be safe."

At least the seat is good. Fengde should not be seriously injured in this space.

"I know. I just went to watch the surveillance video in an emergency. When there was an accident, the young master's car was not the most seriously injured. He got out of the car by himself, but he didn't know where to go."

Feng De, wearing a transparent raincoat, stood there and said that the whole man was in a hurry. He stroked his face and shook off the rain.

Smell speech, when small read all the way to carry the heart slightly slow down, braved the heavy rain said, "that is not to prove that Gong Ou is certainly safe, he is OK."

Why is the housekeeper so flustered?

Then, a bodyguard hurriedly came over and reported to Fengde, "Butler, we have deployed more professional divers to come and save people in the lake."

"Down the lake? Why go down the lake? " Xiaonian's face turned pale.

Gong Ou's car didn't fall into the water again. Why go to the lake to save people?

Feng De's face was no better than her. Looking at her, his voice trembled. "Miss Shi, you don't know what master is most afraid of."

Car accidents are the most feared.

When Xiao Nian's face was wet by the rain, there was no blood at all.

Gong ou will lose control of his emotions even when he sees the pictures of the accident, let alone the accident.

"I'm not afraid of what the young master will do in the accident. I'm afraid that he will lose his temper and do something." Feng de pointed to the distance. "You see, there's a big car that's knocked off the guardrail over there. It's just over there that's not in the monitoring area."

Feng de means that Gong ou will walk around in a state of uncontrollable emotion and then fall into the lake.

"No, it will not."

When Xiaonian jumped to the guardrail and looked down, the lake was very wide and deep, and the heavy rain hit the lake constantly, only to see the palace's bodyguards all standing along the bank.

There are divers in the water.

This lake is so deep that it can't be solved by swimming. Besides, Gong Ou's mood must be abnormal when the accident happened.

It's been a while since the accident. If Gong Ou really fell into the lake, I'm afraid that now the water is not saving, but Fishing for people.

From top to bottom, Shi Xiaonian looked at the lake and saw countless raindrops falling on it, making countless ripples.

She had the illusion of being swallowed.

Next second, she stepped back and shook her head. "No, no, definitely not."

She seemed to be saying it to herself.

"Mobile, mobile location." When Xiaonian grabs Feng De's hand.

On the way, she called Gong ou. No one answered, but she should be able to locate.

"Miss Shi, the young master's cell phone was found at the broken guardrail." Feng de looked at her with a pale face and a shaking voice. "That's why I..."

That's why we need to save people in the water.

When Xiaonian listened to his words, the whole person was stunned and his body became increasingly cold and numb.

Feng de looked at her, and his face suddenly grew old. "Miss Shi, in case of young master..."

"In case." When Xiaonian released his hand and looked at him firmly, "he must not die, he must not be in the water, I want to find him, I will find him now..."

When Xiaonian turned around, he found it on the long overpass.

There are too many people on the overpass. Everyone is wearing raincoats, and simple awnings are put up one by one.

When Xiaonian braved the heavy rain, she lifted the awning one by one and recognized the past one by one. She knew that Fengde had been done.

But she didn't like it.

Gong ou will not die. He is still so young. Isn't he clamouring to make human science and technology progress for hundreds of years? Isn't he autocratic to stick with her 24 hours?

He hasn't done anything yet. How could he die.

He must not die.

"Gong ou - Gong Ou"

Xiaonian shouted as he searched.

Time passed by little by little. When Xiaonian found the end of the overpass from the head of the overpass, she pulled everyone with a slightly similar figure to check.

None of them.

Finally, Xiaonian's voice grew hoarse and desperate. She stepped off the overpass.

Under the bridge, it was dark, only the lake had lights. Fengde was sending people to search.

There's nothing around.

Not found.

I really can't find it.

"Gong Ou --"

when Xiaonian tried her best to shout loudly, no one responded to her, and she stood there almost hopelessly.

No, it won't.

It's just that there is no such thing here. Maybe Gong Ou is back to the imperial castle. He may not have been here for a long time. He must not have fallen into the water.

Yes, she's going back. She can't just go to the overpass.

In this way, when Xiaonian decided to return to the imperial Castle along the road for a walk, she just stepped forward, suddenly stabbed her heart hard, and her eyes flashed a bit of thinking, and she stood still.

For a while, Xiaonian slowly turned his head and looked forward.

The light in front is very dark. There is no light coming, as if it is completely in the dark.

There is a big tree. The grass behind the tree is half the height of a man. The rain beats hard on the grass leaves.


When small read a step by step to walk past, poke the thick grass leaves to walk toward the big tree.

She went around the tree and saw Gong ou.

He sat on the ground against the big tree, and the whole person was completely huddled in the grass. He hid here, even if someone passed by, he would not be found.

Gong Ou is wet by the rain. The rain drips down the outline from his forehead. His face is pale and bloodless. His eyes are scared and staring at the front, like a child who can't find his home.

He's OK.

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, at that moment, she had only one idea in her heart, he was still alive, just alive.

Nothing is more important than being alive.

The next second, Xiaonian pours on him, hugs him tightly, tears flow down suddenly, the voice trembles fiercely, "I found you, I found you!"

It's finally found.

She knew that he would not fall into the water, he would not die.