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Chapter 245 will Gong ou want you again

When Xiaonian saw this, he thought there was a play, and was about to continue to lobby. Suddenly, the flute gave a wry smile, "do you think that's why I tied you up?"


Shi Xiaonian looks at her in silence, waiting for her to follow.

"Sister." When Di sits down in front of her, a pair of eyes look at her, "do you think you have nothing wrong?"

"What do you want to say?"

When small read lips.

"I lost one thing to you, one person, and then I lost all my life." When the flute said bitterly, eyes red.

When Xiaonian found that her eyes were red, I don't know how long she cried. Her eyes were a little swollen but covered by makeup.

Lose to one thing, one person.

Naturally, that man is eager for the beginning.

Shidi looks at her. "You don't know. I like qianchu better than you. When qianchu came to our house, I liked him."

Wen Yan, when small read Zheng Zheng, "how possible."

At that time, like her adoptive father, she did not pay attention to Mu qianchu. However, her adoptive mother regarded him as a normal person, and only made three meals a day to order meals.

"I was so proud then." "I thought he would come to me and please me like other people, but he didn't," said Shi Di. When I finally let go of my pride and decided to approach him, you had already passed. "

At that time, she stood far away, watching Xiaonian go to talk with mu qianchu.

Then she watched the two of them deepen and get better.


When Xiaonian's memory was brought to her youth, she felt deeply guilty when she thought of qianchu.

"Since then, qianchu only wanted to talk to you, only wanted to call your name, and never paid attention to me." When the flute said, tears suddenly fell, "elder sister, it's clear that you can't reach me. I don't know why you can always speed me up in the millennium."


"You know, I went to the snow that day, but when I arrived, I watched you pull qianchu out of the snow."


It turned out that on the snowy day, Shidi also went to Mu qianchu.

She and qianchu don't know.

"You've pulled him up and taken his heart." "When the flute said, tears fell down his cheeks," and I just looked at you at home, a look at so many years, until the first thousand operations

When Xiaonian looked at the red eyes of the flute, he suddenly felt that there was something wrong with him. He said softly, "actually, I don't know whether you really like qianchu or not. If it's true, why do you give him the medicine? "

Qianchu and Shidi were so good that they were suddenly surrounded by too many people and one more qianchu.

She admitted that she was jealous.

At that time, she knew little about love. She only knew that her only playmate had been robbed by Shidi When the flute said excitedly, his eyes glared at her angrily, "I saw that the memory of qianchu became incomplete after the operation, and then I saw your diary, I knew that you just wanted to cultivate a playmate. You are not really good to qianchu, not really like him!"


When Xiaonian was said to be pale, his eyes drooped, his heart tingled, and his guilt was even worse.

Yes, she is not a good person. She was purposeful from the beginning when she approached qianchu, but she was sincere and good to qianchu, not fake.

"How do you think people like you deserve to be liked by qianchu?" "Shidi said," I shouldn't remember you at the beginning of the thousand years. He should forget all about you. If I was the first one to approach him from the beginning, he must love me. It turns out that I am right. "

When Mu lost his memory, he fell in love with her.

These six years are her happiest days. She carefully protects this love, afraid that one day she will remember everything.

So, she didn't even dare to have her children, so she had to kill them.

When Xiaonian listened to her words, she said bitterly, "yes, for qianchu, I'm not a good person. How good were you at that time, when you gave him medicine, you almost made him a fool."

"That's better than killing him now!" When the flute excitedly cried out, suddenly reached out and slapped her in the face.

“……” When Xiaonian is hit to the side of his face, the blood stains on the corner of his mouth ooze out more.

When Di angrily stares at her, "if it wasn't for you, how could qianchu leave other countries? If it wasn't for you, how could qianchu encounter a plane crash!"

That's better than killing him now!


When the words of the flute like a knife into the heart of small read, she low eyes, pale face.

She can refute anything but this one.

It was she who indirectly killed qianchu.

She did more damage to qianchu than Shidi did to qianchu.

"There's nothing to say, is there?" When Di looked at her, red eyes looked at her bitterly, "sister, my good sister, you have ruined my home, you have ruined my career, you have killed my favorite man!"


"All of this is due to you. I said, I will not let you go, I have nothing, you do not want to be good! " When the flute suddenly wiped away tears, stood up from the ground, took out his cell phone to call, "Hello, you can come in."



When small read stunned, the heart sank, "when flute what do you want to do?"

"What do I want to do?" When the flute smiled, his eyes were almost twisted with resentment, "you say, you have ruined all my things, and I will destroy yours!"

Words fell, and a sound of footsteps came.

When Xiaonian looked around, he saw that under the light, several big men came, all wearing strange masks, bared their upper bodies, and their muscles stretched out, highlighting their brute force.

When they came near, they looked at each other one by one, with Yu in their eyes.

When Xiaonian suddenly guessed what the flute wanted to do, there was a chill in his body, and a cold voice said, "Shidi, haven't you played enough of this trick?"

Once three years ago, once again before, this time again?

When the flute doesn't let her be forced, does it refuse to stop?

"You want to live a great life. Don't think. I've seen it tonight. Will Gong ou want you?" When the flute looked at her, then step by step back, eyes gradually revealed the pleasure of revenge.

The men went to shixiaonian step by step.

"Shidi, aren't you afraid Gong ou will kill you?"

When Xiaonian began to be afraid, he shouted loudly, and a thin layer of cold sweat appeared on his face.

"I'm afraid. I'm afraid of nothing. It's you. After tonight, Gong ou will surely throw you away as garbage. My good sister, you are not worthy of happiness at all, understand? " When the flute saw the fear on Xiaonian's face, he couldn't help laughing. He was very happy. Then he turned around and went out.

"Shidi --"

Xiaonian shouts at her, but Shidi doesn't go back.

When I stayed, I was in the huge palace of the king.

The men kept on walking.

When Xiaonian's hands and feet were tied up, she walked back hard. She looked at the men in front of her in horror, breathed unevenly, and tried to calm herself down. "Don't mess around, do you know who I am? I'm gong Ou's girlfriend! "

"I know. So what? We work in masks. Who can find us?"

Said a man with a strange accent, and then a few men all laughed with contempt.

"My boyfriend is Gong ou. Gong ou can't find anything!"

When small reads excitedly tunnel, does not stop back, already hurriedly perspire all over, "you do not want money? I give you, Gong Ou has money, how much does Shi Di give you, I let Gong Ou give you ten times! "

Just let her out.

Just let her go.

"Wow, a lot of money." One of them said with a smile and a shrug. "Excuse me, miss, we are also in line. We will not take money twice if we have more money!"

When Xiaonian looked at them in horror, "don't give you any money? 20 times, I'll give you 20 times! "

Who are the people Shidi is looking for?

Not even money.

What should she do? Is she really going to be

No, I can't.

When Xiaonian was in a hurry, she struggled with her hands desperately. When she spoke with Shidi, she didn't give up the struggle. Her wrists had been worn to the skin by the rope, and she was bloodstained.

She ignored the pain and continued to struggle.

"This little girl is in good shape. We can also taste the taste of the first woman on this mobile phone today. Don't tie her up, let her go and have a good taste."

Someone said.

So a man wearing a cat mask immediately came forward and untied the ropes on shixiaonian's hands and feet.

As soon as he untied it, Xiaonian pushed him away with all his strength and ran out.

"Don't let her go!"

Several men came after him.

When Xiaonian can't run them at all, she rushes to a row of candlesticks, rows of red candles jump the flames, and Xiaonian pushes them to the candlestick regardless of everything.

"What a hot girl!"

Several men step back at the same time, full of candlelight.

When Xiaonian turned and ran, rushed to the small side door and thought of opening it, her collar was grabbed from behind, and she screamed in fear.

"Want to run?"

A man clasped her shoulder.

When Xiaonian picked up the candle that had just gone smoothly, and directly lit his arm on the burning end. Suddenly, a black mark appeared on the man's arm, which made him let go of his hand and cried out, "ah"

when Xiaonian took the opportunity to run away, ran in the huge King's palace, constantly pushing things inside. She pushed the candlestick down one by one.

What to do.

She can't even get close to the door.

Gong Ou help her, come to help her

When Xiaonian gradually stopped running, he ran to the jade steps and fell heavily. Behind him came the unbridled laughter of the men.

When Xiaonian quickly got up from the steps, turned around and stared at them, holding candles in both hands. The candles were basically put out, but the top was still hot.