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Chapter 794 force his truth

"I'm pregnant."

When small read the patient way.

Gong Ou's face is black, and a word pops out of his throat, "shit!"


From the diagnosis room, Lori walked to miyao's ward step by step.


The door of the ward was flung open.

Gong Yu is leaning on the bed reading, putting a needle in the back of his hand to receive the infusion. At first sight, he sees Luo lie coming in, and he can't even sleep. He can only stare at Luo lie there.

Why are you back.

What Lori has become so fond of entanglement.

Gong Yu's eyebrows twisted, and Luo lie's breath was heavy. He strode towards him, reached for his hand, and stroked his sleeve up.

"What are you doing?"

Gong Yu frowned and asked. He took back his arm, but he could not move because of the wound. He could only watch the sleeve rolled up.

Lori stood there, and then he saw some long fleshy scars on Gong Yu's arm. During the operation, he only cared about the wounds, not the old ones.

It turned out to be self injuring.

Luo lie looked at him stupidly, Gong Yu looked at him discontentedly, took back his hand in pain and said coldly, "what are you doing?"

"Do you miss him so much?"

Lori asked directly, his voice hoarse, not cold, only disappointed.

"What are you talking about?" Gong Gu frowned and put down his sleeve.

"I know you are not here to save me. You are just afraid that like Xi Yu, you can't let go of your feelings for someone until you die." Luo lie said, looking at Gong Yu's face with multiple gauze, he could see Junyi vaguely, "I know that at the moment when you rushed to me recklessly, I was just a substitute for Xi Yu."

Gong Yu leaned on the bed, heard that the whole person was frozen, and sat still. The blood color on his face disappeared inch by inch, even the color of his lips. "Who told you?"

"You told me."


Gong Yu's heart was pounded, and the infusion hand clenched its fist. There was a sign of blood return in the infusion tube.

For a long time, Gong Yu said, "what I said, how could it be? How could I not remember it?"

It doesn't matter, he knows.

He also knew that it was probably said from his mouth, which was not surprising, after all, he remembered too much.

"There are so many things you don't remember."

Said Lori.

Gong Yu raised his eyes and looked at him. His teeth were tight. Lori looked down at his arm, which was covered by his sleeve.

"What do you want to say?"

After a meal, Gong asked.

"I only found out today that I don't know you at all." Lori stood in front of his hospital bed and said, "like your face, I've never seen you really look like, your character, I don't know."

"What do you want to say?"

Gong Yu asked.

"Just now, I know all the stories. I just found out that you are such a person. You are used to cowardice and escape." Lori said, with a deep meaning in his eyes, "then I had a bold guess. That year, in the turret, did you hear me? "

Hearing this, Gong Yu's eyes suddenly shrank and turned away, "I don't understand what you're talking about."

I don't understand.

OK, let's talk about understanding.

Luo lie stood there, gazing at Gong Yu's face, silent for a long time and saying, "Gong Yu, I like you. How about you?"

This was his confession of the year.

At that time, Gong Yu was lying on the table. He sat next to him, staring and confessing. Then he heard Gong Yu's words.

Now, he finally understood why Gong Yu said those drunken words for no reason. It was not for no reason.

Gong Yu is drunk, but he is more sober than anyone else.


Gong Yu's face turned white.

Looking at his look like this, Lori almost closed his eyes in despair and smiled with self mockery, "it seems that I guessed it right. You really like to escape as always, for the family, for Xi Yu, and for me, too. If it wasn't for Xiaonian who pierced this layer of paper between us, could you play dumb for the rest of your life? "

There is already a sense of criticism in this.

Gong Gu bit his teeth, straightened up, looked at Luo lie's self mockery at the corner of his mouth, and said, "what if I knew that long ago?"

What does he want to know? What can he know?

"What if I had known?" Lori looked at him, didn't know what kind of anger, the whole person suddenly bent down, hands on the white quilt, one eye urgently staring at Gong Yu, face close to him, "Mrs. Gong said I don't have courage, I think I'm as cowardly as you are, but I won't escape like you, again and again, I know to correct!"

He was so close that Gong could almost feel his breath.

"What are you talking about?"

Gong Yu leaned back. There was no expression on her face, only her long eyelashes shook violently.

"I said the first time when you were drunk, it was my fault. Not this time. " Lori leaned down and stood there, his eyes full of firmness. "Gong Yu, I like you. How about you?"


Gong Yu is frozen. He wants to get off the bed, but he can't move. His bones are screaming and aching.

Lori didn't mean to step back. People continued to approach Gong Gu. They stared at him deeply. Gong Gu retreated and Lori approached again.

There was only breathing left in the ward.

Gong Yu keeps retreating, Luo lie keeps approaching, his nose almost touches him, Gong Yu can't retreat, the pillow is pressed down by him, looking at the face in front of him, Gong Yu stretches out his hand and pushes him hard, "Luo lie! What on earth do you want to do? "

"Angry?" Lori smiled coldly, "then tell me the answer, and tell me the answer soberly!"

Hearing this, Gong Yu's anger was all hooked up and roared out from his throat, "since you know I've known it for a long time, you should know my answer. My answer has always been clear!"

He didn't get the result a few years ago. He thought he would get it in a few years?

"You say!" He will listen to Gong Yu's words and speak them soberly.

"I don't love men! You stay away from me! You want to get close to me as a doctor? "

Gong Yu was biting his teeth, and his voice was full of anger.

"Don't love men? What is Xi Yu? " Lori stood at his bedside, and the whole body bent over him, shouting louder than he did.

This is not so much the scene of an advertisement as the scene of a quarrel.

"He is Xi Yu!" Gong Gu roared and glared at him angrily, "I don't have the same orientation as you!"

He spoke with great force and stress.

He is Xi Yu.

He doesn't love men, but he loves Xi Yu. It's so simple.


Gong Yu's words fell, Luo lie's eyes froze, and he looked at him with fixed eyes. All his anger suddenly faded, and his face was even more terrible than his.

When the sun came in, it hit them so hard that they were both bloodless.

Gong Yu glared at him angrily and resented his approach.

For a long time.

For a long time, as if after a century, Lori just slowly straightened up, stood there and touched the gauze on his head, and suddenly smiled with a smile, no matter how bitter it was, "look, that's not good."


Gong Yu was stunned.

"Is it so hard to say what you feel in your heart?" Lori said with a smile. "If you were willing to say the truth so hard, you and Xi Yu would not have left so many regrets."

Gong Yu looks at him in shock, "you..."

"I'm not bad. Xi Yu didn't force your truth. I forced it today. Oh, ha ha. " Lori said with a smile and backed away.


Gong Yu looks at him, his eyes darken.

The truth.

It's just a lack of courage to tell the truth, and then everything has changed.

"It seems that today we have all corrected our faults." Lori continued to retreat. "I can finally tell you when you are awake, and you are finally willing to say how you feel when you are awake."

He laughed as he spoke, laughing more and more loudly and dazzling.


Gong Yu felt a thorn stuck in his throat, which made him ache.

Lori smiled all the time and retreated to the door. He reached out and opened the door. He had no strength to keep his eyes on him any more. "Gong Yu, a man's life is very short. He has no courage to express his feelings. He will be very tired. I'm not tired now. I hope You can relax, too. "

Looking at the smile on Lori's face, Gong Yu's chest was filled with guilt, "Lori, I just..."

"You are honest. I thank you for your honesty." Lori smiled and said, "I know I've never been in your eyes, and I know that people like me can't stand up to the eldest son of the palace."

The eldest young master of the palace family, a figure in the cloud.

What is he? A man who has no father, no mother, no relatives and no friends, who lives on the hostile subsidy of the palace family, is not qualified to hold a cloud. What's more, the cloud never stays on his head.

"I don't mean that. I admit I was in a bad mood. "

Gong Yu said, looking back at what he had just said, his brow furrowed again.

"Gong Yu, I don't need to feel guilty. Really, you have a good rest. I'm out."

Lori said with a smile, walked out of the ward backward and closed the door.


The door was closed.

Gong Yu closed her eyes with a headache and stroked her arm with her fingers.

Lori walked out of the ward step by step, as if he had lost his soul. His voice echoed in his ear.

"Since you know I've known it for a long time, you should know my answer. My answer is always clear!"

"I don't love men! You stay away from me! You want to get close to me as a doctor? "

"He is Xi Yu! I don't like you! "


With him

By him, but by him, you have the right to tell, don't you? You have the right to bear all the failures, don't you?