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Chapter 488. Give him the poison

Xiaonian said, holding the cup in his hand.

She didn't even love, how to love again.

"Never loved?" Mu qianchu seems to hear some jokes and laughs, "Xiaonian, how many years have we been together? It's not too much time to say that we are dependent on each other. Now you tell me that you never loved me, eh?"

Mu qianchu leaned back and looked up at it. His face was full of sarcastic smile and his eyes were covered with a thin layer of water.

This blurred his vision.

I can't see anything.

"Yes, maybe I didn't say it clearly before. Now I'll say it for the last time. At the beginning of the millennium, the first man I fell in love with is Gong ou. I have never loved you. "

When Xiaonian slowly stood up with a coffee cup in his hand.


Mu qianchu blinked and then looked at her, covering up his emotions with some effort.

He lost six years of memory, lost the Mu family, from a subordinate of the Xi family, is to get close to her.

Now she told him that she had never loved him.

"Qianchu, if all you need is this moment, I will complete you."

When Xiaonian's voice was impassive, she held up the cup, raised her head and drank coffee slowly.

Mu qianchu's body is stiff, and her eyes are staring at her when she drinks coffee. When Xiao Nian holds the coffee in her mouth, she looks down at mu qianchu and puts down her cup. She slowly leans down to him, and her lips approach him.

Mu qianchu is half lying on the couch of the imperial concubine, her eyes are fixed on her lips, and one foot can't help curling up.

Her lips were good-looking, and even though they did not look a bit bloody, he could imagine that they must be soft.

Very soft.

Gradually she leaned over him to block out the sun in front of him.

Finally, she offered to kiss his lips.


Mu qianchu's legs are bent up, and his feet are rubbing on the warm couch.

He thought she was right. It was this moment that he tried so hard to get. So when she kissed him, he was shocked.

She never loved him, but he loved her so much.

Love her care, love her voice, love the hand she pulled him up in the snow.

When small read bent over his side, lips close to him, eyes half closed, a long hair down, hair shaved his face, involving a rare ambiguity between them.

Mu qianchu looks up to accept her kiss, reaches out his hand and slowly touches her body, and his fingers touch her waist.

He held her soft and cold lips and tasted them selflessly.

With the bitterness of coffee and the sweetness of milk sugar.

When Xiaonian kisses him, the coffee in his mouth transits into his mouth, with the final refusal.

Qianchu, I can't let you go.

Because my favorite people are all dead in your hands.

I don't know who is wrong, but I decided to do so.

When small read will coffee all transition into his lips, and then leave his lips, stand straight body, quietly watching her.


Mu qianchu straightens up and looks at her with a pair of dark brown eyes. Next second, he lowers his head and spits all the coffee in his mouth onto the floor.


Shixiaonian looks at him in surprise.

After moqianchu spits out his coffee, he wipes his lips with his thumb, looks up at her pale face, and says in a low voice, "I thought, how could you kiss me for a long time for the last kiss? Unexpectedly, once you fed me the poison, you pulled away."

She pulls away so fast.


Xiaonian's face was as white as paper, without any blood.

He sensed it.

She is so stupid. She is always so stupid that she can't be saved without Gong Ou's protection.

"Xiaonian, I didn't expect you to know the news of Gong Ou's death. You didn't choose to stay with me or die with me. You just wanted to kill me." Mu qianchu sneers and looks at her with her eyes mockingly.

When Xiaonian stood there and heard the words, her face didn't change much.

"I'll die, but I'm going to see the twins again."

She said.

Mu qianchu laughed even more sarcastically. He got up from the imperial concubine's bed and said, "twins? Gong Ou comes first, parents second, twins third! Xiaonian, your heart is full of people, but there is no me! Don't forget that among these people, we are the first to know each other. We have had a long time of sharing weal and woe. I even went to England to save you! "


When Xiaonian stood there in silence.

Mu qianchu pulls her to the front of her body, hands to the back of her head, eyes staring at her fiercely, "it's not me, you've already died in the hands of the palace! I saved your life, but now you want me to die! "

He growled out in some anger.

She's going to kill him!

Once, they were the two closest people, but now she wants to kill him!

"You and I learned to admire the beginning and repay the enemy with kindness." When Xiaonian stood motionless and looked up at him with cold eyes, "isn't it all your credit that the Xi family did this?"

"So you know." Mu qianchu sneered and stared at her with low eyes. "You doubted it long ago? That's why you came with poison. Just because of doubt, you're going to kill me? That's your trust in me? "

But she said that no one in the world believed in him.


Just wondering how she could do it.

She also asked Shidi. Today's Shidi can't make up such a huge story of damage.

But it doesn't matter. It's true that she wants to kill him and avenge her father and her husband.

"Let me guess, when did Gong Ou's surviving men go back to make you more jealous?" Mu qianchu holds her head and his voice begins to turn cold. "You would rather believe Gong Ou's men than me?"

"Then dare you look me in the eye and tell me that you didn't kill my parents?"

When small read to ask a way, voice is colder than him.

They were so close that he could count the blood in her eyes. He stared at her with heavy breath. For a long time, he said, "I didn't have it!"

"You are shameless!"

He said quickly.

“……” Mu qianchu's hand holding her head gradually became cold.

When Xiaonian looked at him, his eyes were full of sorrow, "Mu qianchu, how can you still cheat me now? When you ordered my father to be killed, did you have a special sense of achievement? Do you know that your parents feel indebted to you, so they have never mentioned the inheritance of Xi family with Gong ou. They still want to take you as the successor of Xi family! But what did you do? You can't wait to capture the Xi family? "

"I didn't!"

Hearing this, mu qianchu's face sank to the extreme. He pushed her away and shouted hysterically, "I didn't order him to be killed!"


"I never thought to kill him. It's Gong Ou's fault. Only when his men run to rescue can this tragedy happen! It's too late for me to arrive! Your father has lost his breath! He's been shot dead! " Mu qianchu roars out and unloads all the gentleness on his body.

When Xiaonian listened to his words, he closed his eyes and saw a picture of his father being shot by a random gun. His body was as painful as being cut open.

"As for your mother, she committed suicide, and you see that. Does that count to me?" Moqianchu roared, clearing all his relationships, and breathing became fast.

Poison is poison.

Even if I didn't drink it, my tongue began to tingle.

"You don't want to leave yourself alone." When Xiaonian stared at him with hate in his eyes, "if it wasn't for you to plot against the table house, how could my father die? How could my mother commit suicide if my father didn't die? You don't mean to repent at all! "

How can he leave it clean as if it's not all his fault.

How could he be so cold-blooded.

"I confess, if I need to, don't you?" Mu qianchu roars out.

"What do you say?"

When small read ask.

Muqianchu pulls her to her body and stares at her, saying, "Xiaonian, I tell you that it's not someone else who killed you, it's your so-called love!"

"What nonsense!"

When small read's body has not found a little warmth, cold has not felt that he is still alive.

He said, her love ruined her home?

"When you fall in love with Gong ou, you always become desperate. No one can prevent you from loving him. This is the treason in your bones!" Mu qianchu holds her arms tightly, stares at her and says, "you said you didn't betray our agreement, OK, I was given up by you once is my right, it is my amnesia and forget everything! What about the second time? Who saved you when you were tortured in England? It's me! You also promised that you would never be with Gong ou, and you promised that we would go with you! But in the end? You are engaged to him! Say give me up! "


When small read in his voice heard resentment, into the blood of resentment.

"What am I to you? An item, say give up to give up? Don't I have thoughts, I won't suffer? Why do you think I can afford to give up like this? "

Mu qianchu accused her and exhausted his hatred for her. "When you are desperate for your love, have you ever thought about how I feel? I will always be forgotten by you in the most corner position! You won't even ask me if I feel heartache! "

When Xiaonian looked at him in a daze, his arm was particularly hurt by his grip.

She has been held in adoration for thousands of years, which is her original sin.

"I know you'll hate me, but I didn't expect you'd hate to let my family die." When Xiaonian pushed away his hand, the man suddenly became excited, "you hate me, you can come to hurt me, why do you harm my father? What's wrong with him? "

"I don't hate you. I hate Gong ou and your so-called love!"

Mu qianchu stared at her.

When Xiaonian felt her tongue numb, she looked at the hatred on mu qianchu's face, so strong, she smiled bitterly, "I think I did something wrong."