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Chapter 239 learning first


Luo Qi stood there and looked at Xiaonian. The girl spoke very directly, neither humbly nor highly, nor with any innuendo.

If she spoke in a different tone, it must be because she was embarrassing her younger generation, which would make Gong Ou upset.

But from time small read mouth to say, she just wanted to seriously decided to study.

Gong Ou stood there and was very dissatisfied when he heard this. "Do you want to learn? What do I do? "

Luo Qi stood there thinking she had heard the wrong thing.

Her son actually said: what do I do?

He actually wants to say this to a young woman, just like a child who can't get care and company. He is very upright to ask you if you don't accompany me. What can I do!

"Then I will study. You go to the company and come back in the evening. "

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"No! You go with me! " He couldn't see how she could do it.

Gong Ou's face is full of displeasure.

Luo Qi can't look down, turns around and leaves. She has a strange feeling in her heart. When her son had many women before, she didn't have the same feeling.

It turns out that Gong Ou is such a sticky person.

Why didn't you stick to her as a child?

When Xiaonian looked at Luo Qi going out, and then stood on tiptoe and kissed Gong Ou in the face, "you also hope your family can accept me, don't you? I know that I'm not qualified to be your Mrs. Gong. In order to make my name right, we should not stick to it every day. "


Gong Ou is still dissatisfied, thinking deeply in his black eyes.

If Luo Qi's moves are just for Shi Xiaonian to learn, it's OK, at least more gentle than her father's.

"Don't do that. Can I work hard for you once?" Shi Xiaonian asked earnestly.

Try for him once.

Hearing this, Gong Ou stared at him and said, "do you really want to learn? It's ok if you don't study. I'll hold it for you! "

He even resisted the whole family. What else was he afraid of!

"I really want to learn." Shi Xiaonian said, "I want us to go out. Other people don't question you, but say, look, Gong Ou married this woman for a reason."

"I want to marry now. Why are you so shameless?"


Gong Ou said so, but his eyes were full of pride. He put his hand to hold her nose. "Since you want to marry me so well, you can try it. If you can't, you can tell me! Do you hear me? Don't hold on! "

"Yes, I see."

"The mobile phone keeps driving for me. I need to hear it when I want to hear your voice!"

"Yes, I know."

"If you want to miss me, you should call me at least once a day, no, two!"

"Yes, yes."

How annoying this man is.

When Xiaonian was speechless to him, he pushed him out, "you go to the company quickly, and come back after handling business!"


As soon as Gong Ou went out, his noble wife's study career officially began.

Luo Qi invited a teacher from England for her, but she didn't arrive, so she asked her maid to teach her all kinds of languages.

In such a large study, when Xiaonian sat at the desk, she was stunned when several maids put all kinds of language books in front of her.

"English, French, Spanish, German..."

When Xiaonian looked at the book in front of him, he flipped it. There were seven languages.

Luo Qi wants her to learn nine languages in three months. Are you sure she's not deliberately pitching her?

She thought about it. The maid said to her in English, "the palace is not only in England. There are often banquets to communicate with people from all over the world. Therefore, the master told the palace people to master the language, or they would become weak people who are even speaking obstacles."


It doesn't seem to be trying to make her difficult.

When small read scalp numbness, shell teeth bite lips, a farfetched smile, said in English, "then let's start."

"Let's start with English. I see the interview materials that the outdated young lady accompanies the second young master. When the young lady's spoken language is really unsatisfactory, even the spoken language will be ridiculed." All maids from England call Gong ou the second young master.


"What's more, I found that Miss Shi seemed to lack confidence, and she didn't have enough confidence to be around the second young master. If Miss Shi didn't change this, even if she really became the second young grandmother of the palace, it would only be a stain of the palace." The maid stood there and said, with sharp words.


When Xiao Nian pursed her lips, it means that she attended the activities of the science and Technology Museum. Gong Ou also said that she performed well.

She was also complacent.

Now the invisible slap in the ear hurt her enough.

It seems that even Gong Ou's mother is merciful to her, not as mean as the maid's language.

"Well, Miss Shi, let's start the dialogue. Some of our maids will take turns to talk with you and correct your spoken language and pronunciation."


When small read nods, confronts.

When I got down all day, I went crazy.

when five maids surrounded her and kept talking to her in English, she spoke English first with a good brain and a good sentence.

Then, it is every two hours to learn another language.

In order to improve her reaction, she is studying French accent. Next to her, a maid suddenly comes out to talk with her in English, asking her to answer in the first time.

If she can't answer, the maids will not dare to beat her. They just humiliate her and make her worthless.


In the evening, my mind is full of all kinds of languages.

Even when she went to the toilet, she looked at the toilet and thought about how to say the toilet in English, German and French

Just learning a day's language, Xiaonian feels that he has lost half his life.

At dusk, the maids bowed their heads respectfully to her. "Miss Shi, let's learn today. We need to go back to serve our wife. If you have any questions, you can ask us."


When Xiaonian looked at these maids now, they all had a kind of sincere admiration.

How can these people choose to be maids? When they go out, they can be teachers in all kinds of famous universities.

Gong's house and Gong ou are indeed her ladder. She has been climbing for a day. I don't think she even touched the edge of the first ladder

I don't have enough talent. I'll try my best.

When I was young, I was biting my teeth, practicing listening with a tablet computer, and answering questions in a book with a pen. All the languages were mixed up in her mind.

"How are you doing?"

A voice came.

Luo Qi came from the outside, wearing a noble dress, elegant gait, high attitude to look at her.

"Very tired." Shi Xiaonian stood up from his desk and told me honestly, "but I know that my aunt is not making trouble for me."

"Why should I deliberately make trouble for you? That's enough for you. " Luo Qi said, "if you want to quit, it's not too hard now."

"Since it's not too hard, how can I quit now?" When small read light smile.

Smell speech, Luo Qi looks at her coldly, "I think you won't be afraid in a day. Let me see how long you can make it. "

Finish saying, Luo Qi turns to leave.

Luo Qi suddenly stopped and looked back at her. "I spent a day in the servants' mouths today to get to know you. It turns out that you let my son suffer a lot of injuries, and his stomach disease is also for you."


Xiaonian's face turned white.

Luo Qi looked at her coldly. "I don't like to do it, though I want to give you a beating. You should be glad that today is not Gong Ou's father, otherwise, you are now dead. "

Words fall, Luo Qi turns to walk out.

There is no skeleton.

When small read on the back of a burst of unspeakable chill.

Is she playing a game now? After playing the level of Madam Gong, she still has to play the level of master Gong?


When Xiaonian slumped in his chair, he saw books piled up like a hill in front of him, headache and bath crack.

Gong ou, Gong ou.

Why are you not an ordinary person?

She would rather he was ordinary, she would rather draw more money to buy furniture for him.


At 7:10 p.m., the majestic imperial castle stands in the deep forest, with bright lights. The precious and limited luxury cars slowly enter the castle and stop at the fountain pool.

On the fountain pool, the water column is dancing and the music is melodious.

Without waiting for the driver to pull the car door, Gong Ou quickly pushes the car door to get off, strides into the car with long legs and asks, "where is shixiaonian?"

"The study in the East."

Gong Ou strode away, a handsome face with impatience.

When Feng de came out of the room, he saw Gong Ou bowing his head. "Young master, madam is waiting for you upstairs..."


Gong Ou shakes his hand and strides in the direction of the study. When he comes to the door, Gong Ou reaches out and pulls his tie, adjusts it to the best position, and pushes the door in.

When Xiaonian sat at his desk, he was talking about something with a tablet computer.

"When I read it!"

Gong Ou roars.


When Xiaonian falls on the desk and sits up straight, Gong Ou rushes to her and leans against the desk. Holding her face in his long hands, he kisses her eagerly.


When Xiaonian opened his eyes in shock, his mouth was forced to pry open by him. His fiery tongue forcibly plundered the air in her mouth, which made her breathe frequently.

"Miss me!"

It took a long time for Gong ou to put it on her, and she still pursed her thin lips, savoring her taste.


When Xiaonian looks at him speechless, he comes back and kisses wildly. Is he a kissing maniac?

Gong Ou holds her face, looks back and forth on her face several times, looks at her chest comfortably, then shifts his eyes, stands on the ground and looks at the books on the table, and asks in a low voice, "did you learn language today?"


When it comes to learning, Xiaonian is a little powerless.

"How many courses to learn?" Gong Ou's hands turned over the book, "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven..."

When Xiaonian watched him count, looked at him, waiting for him to comfort himself.

She learns seven languages a day.

"Only seven. It seems that mother didn't mean to embarrass you." Gong Ou left the book and said.