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Chapter 536 chanting 265 times when Gong Ou calls

When the light flashed, Gong Ou's mood became very excited, saying what to let him out.

Because of this?

Because he was trapped in a cage by Mona? He couldn't get in touch with her because he couldn't get out at all. Is that so?

If all this is true, shixiaonian reaches out to cover her lips. She can't imagine what Gong Ou has endured in the process of treatment.


The elevator door opens slowly.

When Xiaonian rushed out immediately, he saw Gong Yao and Gong Kui twins sitting in a hall, Gong Yao sat upright on the sofa reading, Gong Kui was chatting with a secretary.


When Gong Kui saw her, Xiao Nian rushed to her and held her firmly.

"How are you here, dad?" Shixiaonian asked that it was still time for the twins to be taken care of by Gong ou.

"The president has a meeting that can't be postponed. It's in session, so let them play here for a while." The Secretary said in a businesslike tone, "Miss Xi, why don't you wait in the reception hall?"

"Can I wait in Miyo's office?"

He asked without thinking.

"Here..." The Secretary stood there and hesitated. "The president's office is generally not allowed to enter."

"It doesn't matter. I'll wait for him."

As Shi Xiaonian said, he went to the president's office. Seeing this, Gong Kui hurriedly followed her, and Gong Yao saw her sister coming down from the sofa to follow her.

The Secretary ran after him and said helplessly, "Miss Xi, don't embarrass us."

"If Gong Ou pursues, I will bear all the consequences."

Shi Xiaonian said that she pushed open the door of the president's office and entered. The secretary was shut at the door by her.

Gong Kui walked into Gong Ou's office for the first time, opened his eyes wide in surprise and walked toward the floor to floor window. "Wow, what a big glass."

When Xiaonian went directly to Gong Ou's desk and turned over the documents on it. She couldn't say what she wanted to find or what she wanted to find.

She would like to know how Gong Ou has been in these four years.

When Xiaonian sat on the chair, pulled out the drawer and turned over the information, Gong Yao came to her side and asked with a cool little face, "what are you looking for?"

"Find Gong Ou's past."

When small read to pull the second drawer, the second drawer lock password, she slightly frowned, reached for a few password.

The drawers pop open automatically.

When Xiaonian's heart was stabbed, he still hasn't changed his password.

She opened the drawer and turned it inside. Finally, she turned out a document with a row of English on the cover - the summary of the medical records of Miyo.

It's a summary.

The medical record is as thick as a book, which makes people feel shocked.

When Xiaonian opened the medical record, it clearly recorded the event:

from a certain day to a certain day in a certain year, Gong Ou was in a basement cage in a certain place for compulsory intervention emotional control treatment.

When small read count that month, whisper, "one, two, three, four..."

Six months.

For six months.

He was trapped in a cage, unable to escape, just to control his emotions.

At that time, Gong Ou's disease had reached the stage of outbreak. In his paranoid concept, he always thought that only Mona could cure his disease, so when he finally thought of treatment, he only thought of Mona.

When Xiaonian roughly turned the first page to look at the second page, which recorded the conversation content of Gong Ou's treatment -

Mona: "how are you feeling now?"

Gong ou: "it's not good. Give me medicine, treat me, right now!"

Mona: "how bad is it? Please tell me what you really feel, or I can't help you. "

Gong ou: "I want to kill people. All my bases have been turned over. I want to kill them all. Kill them all!"

When Xiaonian saw that the long eyelashes were shaking badly here.

Four years.

This is the first time that she came into contact with Gong Ou's mental state at that time, so she knew what he was thinking at that time.

Gong Yao stood quietly aside, his big eyes also looking at the medical record.

When Xiaonian sat in the chair and looked down.

Mona: "you said you are in a bad condition, but in my opinion, you are still within your control, otherwise you are a murderer now."

Gong ou: "that's because sometimes I don't want her to see the dirty side of me, even if I become a madman, I won't kill people in front of her! Do you understand? If you ask me enough, treat me! "

Because she's here, even if she's mad, she won't see that embarrassing picture.

Xiao Nian's eyes are red.

Gong ou.

You're not crazy, you're stupid.

The next words are even more shocking. They describe in detail the suffering of Gong Ou in the cage. He desperately wants to break free, struggling to his wrists and waist. He roars to the top of his voice every day.

Shixiaonian didn't know if Mona was intentional. She even recorded the number of times that Gong Ou called her name every day. She used this number to judge whether his situation had improved.

On the first day, Gong Ou called out 265 times.

On the second day, Gong Ou called 297 times.

On the third day, Gong Ou read 364 times during breathing.

The fourth day

When Xiaonian watched the series of numbers tremble, she seemed to see Gong Ou trapped in the cage and shouting her name. She was exhausted and turned into a whisper.

And she couldn't hear a word.

His wrists and waists were strangled, and bone wounds were visible one after another.

She didn't know anything. When he called her name again and again, she didn't know anything. She couldn't save him. She couldn't help him.

When Xiaonian looked at the paper in his hand, his hand trembled.

Why so cruel.

Why do you treat her like this.

He's her. He's sick to the core.

I'm sorry, she shouldn't let him treat him, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, Gong ou, she's wrong, she knows it's wrong, she really knows it's wrong.

A touch of warm water came out of Xiaonian's eyes, tears fell on the paper, and the handwriting was blooming.

She froze and reached for her eyes.


She'll finally cry.

"You cry."

Gong Yao stood by and looked at her and said that there was a trace of surprise in the black pupils.

"Who allowed you in?"

A cold voice came.

When Xiaonian turned his head, his red and dry eyes looked at the door. Gong Ou came in from the door. His handsome face was cold, frowning and looking at her discontentedly.

Her eyes were filled with tears, and Gong Ou's hand, which was hanging on her side, immediately tightened and clenched.

When Xiaonian sat there, his eyes dim with tears staring at him, as if seeing him for the first time.

In the blurred vision, he was well dressed, with a handsome and perfect face, deep outline, prominent features, and deep and cold eyes under the dark eyebrows.

Gong Ou walked towards him step by step, each step was like a century apart.

Shi Xiaonian stood up from her desk and looked at her stupidly.

What did he bear before he came to this day.

"Holly, Xiao Kui, go out and play with the Secretary's aunt first."

For a long time, Xiaonian found her voice, which was out of tune.


Gong Yao nods, and black eyes take a look at Gong ou and leave with his sister.

There are only two people left in the empty office, shixiaonian and Gong ou. Gong Ou's vision falls on the medical record in her hand. With a sharp black eye, she strides to grab the medical record.

"Who allows you to move my things?"

Asked Gong Ou in a cold voice.

"Why don't you tell me?" When small read the eyes to look at him red, voice choked, "why don't you tell me how much you suffer? Why haven't I been with you for four years? "

She choked so much that she couldn't speak clearly.

Gong Ou closes the medical record in his hand and looks at her coldly with black eyes. "Put away your sadness. Those things are not for me, but for the people you miss."

"Give it to me, I haven't finished."

When Xiaonian reaches out to him.

"Don't put your deep feelings in my place, I won't be moved." Gong Ou said coldly, without any emotion, she would put the medical record back in the drawer.

The next second, he was held in his arms.

When Xiaonian suddenly threw himself into his arms and held him tightly, Gong Ou was knocked down by her, and the man retreated back with a shock in his chest.

"Xi Xiaonian, what are you doing?" Gong Ou cold tunnel, reached out to push her, but she was holding tightly.

"I want to hold you."

She whispered.

"It's not me that you want to hold. Be clear, Xi Xiaonian!" Gong Ou opens her arm hard and stares at her with low eyes, with envy in her eyes.

When small read to raise the MOU to stare at him, blinked to blink acerbity eyes, "I'm sorry, Gong ou."

"To whom are you apologizing?"

Is she looking through him at another soul in his body?

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't treat you as two people. I only know what you have suffered now. I'm not qualified to ask about your changes at all." Shixiaonian apologizes to him. She only now knows how much she has done in this period of time.

She broke up with him.

She told him that all she loved was gong ou.

But now Gong Ou is stepping on endless pain to come to her, but she ignored it.

Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes. The tears in her eyes upset him. He steps back and his voice is stiff. "You don't have to apologize for this. I think we are two people."

When Xiaonian grabs his hand and unbuttons his cufflinks, her vision is blurred by tears, which can't be solved.

She bit her lip and pulled the cufflink off.

"Xi Xiaonian, are you evil? Calm down. "

Gong Ou said coldly that she would take back her hand and hold it tightly.

The paranoia used to make people calm down.

When Xiaonian carelessly rolled up his sleeve, carefully observed his wrist, the skin was intact, and could not see the locked trace, "why can't you see it? Why can't I see it now? "

She thought she had observed him carefully enough to know that his tie had been tied in a different way.