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Chapter 645 why marriage?

When Xiaonian forgot to stay in the bathroom for a long time, until her fingers had been wrinkled by blisters, she came out of the bathroom, put on her pajamas, and people shivered.

She looks at the door. Gong Ou hasn't come back.

After the death of their father and the return of their second son, the return of their eldest son. Naturally, there are many things they have to say, perhaps from their childhood, until they grow up.

When Xiaonian turned off the light, she sat on the bed alone, letting the night cover her. She waited silently in the darkness where she couldn't see her fingers.

One hour, another.

My heart and mouth are very sad.

When Gong Ou came back, Xiao Nian was lying on the bed. She curled up under the quilt with her eyes closed tightly. She heard Gong Ou take off her shoes. Then he went straight to the bathroom and turned on a small lamp.

There was a dusk of light in the room.

After a while, Gong Ou comes back and gently opens the quilt to lie down, bringing a chill.

When Xiaonian tightly closed her eyes, she felt Gong Ou looking at her behind her.

Even if he was angry with her, maybe he would like to talk with her about something. In this way, Xiaonian turned around to see him, but Gong Ou was lying there sleeping.

Without hugging her, without hugging her, he lay like this, with his eyes closed, his eyebrows twisted, his facial features very deep, and some shadows appeared under the light.


When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, his lips pressed together, and he couldn't open what he wanted to say.

There are so many things he went through today that he needs a good sleep.

When Xiaonian thought to himself, he reached out and turned off the light, then lay down beside Gong ou and went to sleep. In the dark, Gong Ou's cold voice suddenly sounded, "I hate what you arranged!"

With that, Gong Ou turns around and sleeps with his back to her.


When Xiaonian was lying there, the whole human figure was gouged out by Gong Ou mercilessly, heartbreaking.

This night, she no longer any sleepiness, sleepless night.


The next day, Shi Xiaonian got up early consciously. He didn't want Gong ou to wake up to see her and think about all the things she arranged.

She came out of the room early and walked downstairs step by step. Before she reached the hall, she heard a burst of laughter from downstairs. Gong Yu said in a half joking tone, "how about this? Isn't that a big ass is good for birth? "

"Where are you going to learn these nonsense, and I'm going to scold you."

Luo Qi said with a smile.

When Xiaonian went downstairs, it wasn't bright outside. The hall was lit. A group of servants were waiting for him. Gong Yu and Luo Qi were sitting together and discussing something eagerly.

"Mother, brother."

When Xiaonian passed by and bowed to them.

"Well, sit down."

Luo Qi nodded, holding a stack of folders.

Gong Yu is holding a stack of photos in his hand. When he sees it, Xiaonian smiles and says, "Xiaonian, you are here just in time. Help to choose together."

"Choose what?"

Shi Xiaonian sat down on the Retro Green single sofa and asked puzzledly.

"My mother and I screened out the marriage partners for a long time last night, and picked out the right age girls of these families. You can help to choose them." Gong Yu said, looking gently at shixiaonian.


When hearing the words, Xiao Nian's body vibrated.

"Not bad." Gong Yu nodded.

"Don't you inherit the palace family? Why do you want to marry?"

It's not as long as we inherit the palace family.

When Xiaonian's face went white inch by inch, what marriage means is not to talk about feelings, not about the fit degree of character, only for the interests of both sides to build a deal.

Is Gong Yu going to get married?

"Well, although we shouldn't have discussed marriage at this time, for the future of the palace family, it's necessary to choose a marriage to connect with a strong family and consolidate it before the announcement of the father's affairs."

Gong Yu's face was still smiling, as if he was very involved in the matter.

Luo Qi sat there and continued to discuss with Gong Yu about what kind of relationship he had with the other family, the benefits and disadvantages of marriage, and occasionally about the appearance of the woman, but all of them were fleeting.


When Xiaonian sat there and stared at the two of them, Gong Yu and Luo Qi said that they would laugh occasionally, but after smiling, the lip angle was slightly downward, one hand on his leg for a while, and then he rowed outward, with his tiptoe toward the door.

I don't know where I saw it. Such a micro expression means that people are very resistant to talk about or do what they are doing and just want to escape.

When Xiaonian sat on the sofa with a pale face, suddenly, like an intuition, she raised her head and looked up the stairs.

I saw Gong Ou standing there in his pajamas, expressionless, with black eyes looking at her coldly.

The eyes seemed to say, now you know what you are going to do to pull Gong Yu back?


When Xiaonian sat there, his eyes twinkled with emptiness of heart, and his fingers twisted his clothes deeply.

Gong Ou looked at them coldly, but didn't come down. Gong Yu suddenly realized something. He turned to Gong OU on the stairs and said in a loud voice, "are you so early? No shoes. "

When Xiaonian smelled the words and looked at Gong ou, he found that he was standing on the stairs barefoot and his face was very gloomy.

Gong Yu looks at Gong ou and Xiaonian. He says with a smile, "it's not that Xiaonian came down first to miss her, is it? Are you tired of being together every day? "


Gong Ou stood on the stairs with a cold face and said nothing.

Luo Qi sat silent and focused on the marriage object of Gong Yu.

"All right, go and put on your shoes." Gong Yu said to his younger brother, "no one can divide you. You can go today."

"Who says I'm going? I'm not going!"

Gong Ou turns around and walks upstairs. Gong Yu shakes his head helplessly and looks at Shi Xiaonian and says, "you can stand this character."

"Say what." Luo Qi doesn't want Gong Yu to talk about Gong ou, saying, "Gong Ou doesn't know how much to listen to her."

"Is it? How do I think Xiaonian is always bullied by him? "

Gong Yu said.


When Xiaonian pressed her lips tightly, the smile on Gong Yu's face seemed to scold her the most, which made her uncomfortable.

In the afternoon, Xiao Nian finds Gong Yu in the horse farm.

The sun was shining on the racecourse. The lawn was green. The trainer drove the horse around the racecourse. Gong Yu, dressed in a suit, sat upright on the observation platform not far away.

It was a small observation platform with empty seats and only one audience.

When Xiaonian looked at him from afar, he was sitting there alone, with one leg on his stilts. The black suit made others skinny. The short curly hair floated gently in the wind. Under his deep eyebrows, a pair of gray eyes looked at the horses on the horse farm, but they seemed to have no focal length, and the lips were slightly downward.

When small read slowly walk past, stand there.

When he saw her, Gong Yu turned to her, smiled and looked at her, "here you are, sit down."

When Xiaonian sat down beside him in silence and looked down at the horse galloping on the racecourse, Gong Yu said, "just walked, and found that the land of our palace is more than before, and my father is well managed."


When Xiaonian sat quietly.

Gong Yu turned her eyes and saw that she didn't speak. Then she understood that she had something on her mind. She said, "come on, let's gamble and see which horse can win. You can choose the red one, and I'll choose the white one, OK?"

When Xiaonian didn't speak, Gong Yu made a ring to the people below. The servant stepped on the stairs and came up. Gong Yu said, "let them run around the land of the palace. If anyone comes back here first, I have a bonus."

"Yes, sir."

The servant immediately went down and told the trainer to race.

The gate opened and the horses galloped out like arrows.

"The horse won't be back for a moment." Gong Yu leaned forward slightly, put his hands on the back of the chair in front of him, and smiled, "I really don't know if I'm still a rich man who owns one side of the land. My father used to hold me down, but now I'm still my own master..."

"Do you really want to get married?" When I read aloud, I interrupted him in a low voice.

In the sun, Gong Yu's face suddenly froze, his eyes looked straight into the distance, and then he smiled, "you and Gong Ou's children are so big, I always want to build a family and a family, don't you think? Wandering is not home. "


When listening to his words, Xiaonian lowered his head, and his teeth rubbed his lips again and again.

"Did Gong Ou speak of you?" Gong Yu looked down at her, and his voice was mature and steady. "Don't take his words seriously. The closer you talk to someone, the harder he can do it."

When Xiaonian's eyes were a little sour, he looked at the distance and said, "I think it's the best choice to leave you, but now I know that I'll leave you, not inherit the palace family, but also pay for your life."

Gong Yu refuses to go back to the palace. He pretends to be dead and escapes from the house. After meeting Gong ou, he still chooses to leave. They don't want to go back to the palace. They all know what it means for Gong Yu to go back to the palace.

That is to devote my life to the palace family.

That's why Gong Ou is so angry. He doesn't want Gong Yu to come back.

As Shi Xiaonian said, his eyes were red.

"It's not that serious, Xiao Nian." Gong Yu smiled nonchalantly, "the eldest young master of the palace family, how many people dream of this identity, I have nothing to complain about, I have more than many people have."

Even if it's not what he meant to have.


When Xiaonian raised his eyes, he kept blinking, and his eyes became more and more red.

"Really, I've been wandering enough. Isn't it good to go home now?"

Gong Yu said, "Gong Ou's talent has been released to the greatest extent in the field of science and technology. My mother doesn't know that her situation is a little worse. She always talks to me as if her father is still alive. She must wake up as soon as possible. So Xiaonian, what you have done is right. In the past ten years, only I am the most carefree. I have to shoulder this responsibility. If you don't leave me, it's a mistake. "

"Do you really want to get married?"

Shixiaonian looks at him and asks.