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Chapter 92 truth revealed three years ago


She patronizes happy Gong ou and leaves. She is free, but without Gong ou, she can't hear mu qianchu's mobile phone recording and stealing.

Xiao Nian stood there frustrated and took a look at the time.

Wait a minute. When she called Gong ou, she asked again. But with Gong Ou's suspicious nature, she must ask again and again.

She found that her feelings towards Gong Ou were really complicated. Just thinking about it, her mobile phone suddenly vibrated.

She took out her cell phone, which was a string of strange numbers. When Xiaonian picked up the phone, "hello?"

"It's me." The gentle voice of Mu qianchu sounded in her ear.

Mu qianchu's phone.

During the day, when the scene in the hotel was re reflected, Xiaonian looked down at her hand, which was held twice by mu qianchu.

"What's the matter?" She asked to the mobile phone, and scolded her own stupidity in her heart.

What else can mu qianchu do to find her? It's nothing more than listening to the content and holding the mobile phone. She even asked.

"Ha ha."

Sure enough, mu QingChu chuckled gently, "what else can I do? That cell phone is commonly used by me. Now I have several calls to make. Can I take it out for me? I'm at the main elevator entrance of building A."

"Oh, yes." When Xiaonian opened his backpack, took out his mobile phone, glanced over three screens, and an idea hit her head. She quickly asked, "Mu qianchu, do you know any computer programs?"

Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang.

When Xiaonian ran to open the door, mu qianchu stood outside, dressed in a casual dress, young as a college student.

He looks much more normal now than he did during the day.

"Come in, please."

When small read let the road.


Mu qianchu, head of jaw, raised his feet and walked in. His eyes fell on the shoe cabinet beside him. There was a pair of men's slippers on it. It was obviously a pair of lovers' shoes on he Xiaonian's feet. His eyes couldn't help dimming.

Why did he promise to enter the house? He just stabbed himself twice.

When small read along his line of sight to see past, think he wants to change slipper sidewalk, "do not need to change shoe, come in directly."

At ordinary times, no one goes in and out here, only her slippers, Gong Ou's slippers and Feng De's slippers.

The bodyguards won't come in either.

So they didn't prepare shoes for the guests.

"Is it convenient for me to come in like this?" Moqianchu asked, looking into the eyes, eyes light constantly dim down.

This is where shixiaonian and Gong Ou live together.

He clenched his hand to the side of his body.

"You're just here to help me with my computer. What's the inconvenience?" When small read said frankly, eyes light Frank.

Now Gong Ou has gone to England. She is eager to listen to the secret talk between Shidi and Tangyi. She can only ask mu qianchu to come here.


Mu qianchu nodded and went inside.

It's just for computers She thinks of him as a kind of computer repair.

She didn't feel at all uncomfortable inviting him in the house where she lived with another man. She really took him as a sensitive person.

Still, in her mind, he was totally insensitive.

When Xiaonian invited mu qianchu into the study, pointed to the computer and said, "here I am, I don't know how to connect the content of your mobile phone to this computer. I remember Gong Ou's fast, but I don't remember how to do it."

"I'll try."

Said Mu qianchu.

"Well, take your time. I'll pour you a glass of water."

As he spoke, Shi Xiaonian turned and walked out.

Mu qianchu stood there, turned his head and looked at this study -

to remove this pile of high-tech equipment in the study, the rest were the shadow of shixiaonian, the white desks and chairs, the rural walls, the high-rise paper on the desk, and a closed laptop computer. There were many pens in the pen barrel

She is now in such an environment to create comics.

Next to another man, she creates her favorite career.

"Here comes the water." When Xiaonian came in with a glass of water, he politely put it aside and asked anxiously, "how do you do it?"

"No problem."

He can't get the virus program, but it's OK to connect a computer.

Mu qianchu plugs the silver shield into the computer and taps it on the keyboard.

When Xiaonian stood aside, mu qianchu and Gong Ou knocked on the keyboard in a very different way. Gong Ou fought very fast, mu qianchu was not in a hurry, not slow, very elegant.

After typing on the keyboard for a while, mu qianchu said, "OK."

It has to be said that Gong Ou has extraordinary talent in the field of science and technology. He has never seen a set of stealing. The listening procedure can be so perfect.

"Really?" When small read a happy, hurriedly come forward, "point open I listen."

When the flute and the Tang art are talking about each other so much, the content must be strong.

Muqianchu looks at her coming together. His clothes scrape his fingers. His fingertips are itchy. His eyes are dark. He reaches out to open today's recording quietly.

At the beginning of the recording, Mu asked the waiter for help and the two were talking.

When small read while listening to see a time.

"Are you in a hurry?" Mu qianchu noticed her little movements.

"No, I want to call Gong ou." When Xiaonian blurted out.

If she doesn't take the initiative to make a phone call, Gong ou will be furious.

The words fall, mu qianchu's face is stiff and stiff, and he says quietly, "it turns out that you and his feelings are so good."


When I heard that, I was embarrassed.

Everyone knows the gap between her and Gong ou. Everyone knows how many women there are in Gong ou. She can't be a real girlfriend. It's a kind of satire to say that this kind of affection is good.

She didn't answer, just smiled, "sit down and listen."

When Xiaonian pulled two chairs and sat down on one, his eyes fixed on the computer.

Mu qianchu took a sip of the water glass and sat down beside her, leaning forward slightly, looking down at her slippers and listening to the voice of the computer in silence.

After a while, the door closed in the computer.

It's during the day when the waiter leaves and smoothly puts the mobile phone into the Shidi room.

It was quiet for a few seconds.

"I'll give you another three million yuan at most. Take the money and go abroad. Don't come back." When the flute disdains the scornful voice to ring in the computer.

Listen to me.

Shidi wants to give Tang Yi money? Why?

"Three million shut my mouth? I'm so worthless? " Tang Yi's sneering voice came, "I told you that the reason why Shi Xiaonian would follow Gong Ou now is because of three years ago."

When Xiaonian sat on the chair, he could not help but tighten his lips.

She thought that the truth she wanted to know would soon be revealed.

"So what?" Asked the flute coldly.

"How is it? If I expose the whole thing, what kind of end do you think you can get from Gong Ou? " Tang Yi said with a smile, "besides, you are the Crown Princess of the Mu family now. When it comes to light, the Mu family may not want a young grandmother with such a strong mind. Your star path will be bleak."

It's obvious that Tang Yi played the flute when extorting.

Tang Yi, once a self-improvement and powerful man, was extorting money. If he hadn't heard it, Xiao Nian couldn't believe that Tang Yi would have spoken in this way.

"Do you think someone will believe what you say?" When the flute disdains the tunnel.

"I dare say that nature means that I have evidence. Do you really think you are careful not to let me bring communication tools every time? I can't leave any evidence?" Tang Yi said slowly, "you are smart, and I am not stupid."

When hearing this, Descartes paused and then tested her, "what evidence do you have?"

"Naturally, it's how you got Xiaonian on board when I was seduced, and how you gave her a drink. The medicine made her sleepy, and finally gave evidence that she disappeared for an hour." Tang Yidao.


When Xiaonian listened stupidly.

At this moment, she stood up, her eyes full of shock.

Although she had guessed a little, she was still shocked when the truth was so red fruit was put in front of her.

Mystery. Medicine.

It turns out that her discomfort on the cruise ship three years ago was not an accident, but a fan of Tang Yi. Medicine, and all this It's the master of the flute and the assistant of Tang art.

Mu qianchu sat aside, with a trace of consternation in his eyes. He was not excited by Xiaonian. There was no expression on a soft face.

The voice from the computer was displeased by the flute. "Tang Yi, it's not enough for you to threaten me for so many years? At that time, your heart was bigger than mine. I just wanted to read infamously. You just need to put some overpowering drugs and arrange for Qin Dong to go there. But what about you? You stare at such a big man as Gong ou. You've done everything wrong. After three years, you can't finish it now. "


Xiaonian's face turned pale.

It turns out that Shidi's original method was to be on a cruise ship, to be ready to let people find fans and rape her.

Dong Qin? In retrospect, Shi Xiaonian remembered that there was such a man, an old man in his sixties, who had seen her at a dinner party at that time and had been staring at her all night At that time, Didi laughed that she could marry into a big family.

Her sister, unexpectedly, found someone to seduce her.


Mu qianchu sat there, holding the cup tightly, his eyes showing indifference.

Three years ago, when the flute was ready to let people hurt secretly, I thought.

Shidi, it really impressed him.

There is no noise in the book room, a man and a woman, sitting and standing, listening to the voice from the computer.

There was a moment of silence in the computer, and then Tang Yi's voice of refutation rang out, "there are so many big people on the cruise ship, I just want to try my luck."

"By chance?" When the flute ridiculed, "the luck you want to take is to give Gong Ou medicine, climb on his bed, so that you can climb the dragon and attach the Phoenix. As a result, you forget to show Qin Dong the way."


"At the end of the day, not only did you not fly to the branches overnight, but you also heard Gong Ou say that he would kill you to settle accounts when he was delirious. You were afraid. You left his room in a hurry and dare not dream of a big family again." When Di laughed at her, "I've never seen such a stupid money worship girl as you. She has so much sanctity and school flowers that people dare not say a word after sleeping."

Tang Yi immediately retorted, "didn't I make it up? It's not to take your money for nothing. She's also infamous when I plant the crime on small ideas. "