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Chapter 672 alone

Gong Kui took the paper and said to himself, "this is my dad, my dad's most handsome, this is mom and I, we are girls, girls wear beautiful skirts."

Bob didn't look at her and didn't respond at all.

"Well, Xiao Kui, Bob needs to rest. You'll make him have a headache." When Xiaonian opens the soup.


Gong Kui quickly covers her mouth with her small hand and closes it cleverly.

"Bob, I made some good soup. Sit up and I'll feed you."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

Bob ignored her, and Xiaonian didn't say anything. He bent down to help him sit up. Bob's little body was stiff, and she pulled him to sit up.

"Darling." When Xiaonian smiled, he took up a small bowl and held a soup with a spoon to his lips.

Bob sat on the hospital bed, staring at her with gloomy eyes. He didn't have any childlike innocence. He opened his mouth to hold the soup. The next second he vomited it all onto her clothes. There was a sense of mischief in his eyes.


When Xiaonian sat there expressionless.

"What are you doing?" Gong Yao stands there, his face suddenly becomes cold and very angry. He reads when he pulls up.


Gong Kui also rushed to Xiaonian's side with a nervous face. Seeing a piece of wet clothes, she was still steaming. She couldn't help it. "Mom, isn't it very hot?"

Gong Yao takes out a package of paper towels from his pocket and wipes them dry. He carefully and seriously wipes Xiaonian's clothes.

Bob sat on the bed and looked at them viciously. Suddenly he smiled mercifully, "ha ha."

There was a little childish in the voice, but it sounded creepy.

"You love biting and fighting, don't you? Then come down and I'll fight you! "

Gong Yao looks at Bob on the bed.

Smell speech, Bob collected the smile, looked at him gloomily, opened the quilt to get out of bed.

Seeing this, Xiao Nian's Willow eyebrows puckered up, squatted on the ground and said, "what are you doing? Holly, Bob has just finished the operation. Do you have any sense of achievement with him? Bob, holy is younger than you. Do you have a sense of achievement when you play with him? "

"Right, don't fight, don't bite."

The palace anemone adheres to the way.

When he saw it, Xiaonian was angry. Gong Yao didn't speak any more, but stood there indifferently. Bob sat on the bed and didn't speak. The scarred little face was extremely sinister.


When Xiaonian wiped the water stains on his clothes and went back to the hospital bed, sat Bob in his arms, reached out to cover the quilt for him, and then fed him soup again.

"Come on, brother Bob. It won't hurt after drinking."

Gong Kui said anxiously.

Bob grinned at her like he was going to eat a man. Gong Kui hid behind Gong Yao, but he still cried, "drink soup, brother."

"Drink it."

When Xiaonian was carrying soup, he scooped a spoon with a spoon and fed it to Bob. This time Bob didn't spit out any more, and his stomach made a gibberish sound. It seems that he didn't eat any supper prepared by the nurse.

His character is really strange.

When small read a spoon a spoon to feed him to drink, the atmosphere slightly eased some.

Gong Kui said a lot of things and told him jokes. As a result, Bob stopped laughing and didn't even have an expression. Except for occasionally grinning at her, the rest of the time was to take her as the air.

Maybe it's boring. Bob just lies down.

"Then you have a good rest. Let's go first."

Seeing this, Xiaonian said goodbye, turned off the light and left with two children.

"Don't come again."

Gong Yao walked beside shixiaonian and said that he was disgusted with Bob.

"Why, he's so poor. He's sick." Gong Kui said, "I want to be friends with him."


Gong Yao scolds his sister directly.


Gong Kui was scolded by Gong Yao and only dared to hum.

"You two get along well." Shi Xiaonian said, take them to the car, and she felt for the bag, only to find out that there was no soup box.

I'll cook soup again next time.

"Get in the car first, and I'll get something back."

When Xiaonian let the two children get on the bus and give it to the driver to take care of them, he hurried back to the hospital building and knocked twice on the doorway, "Bob, it's my aunt."

She opened the door and turned on the light.

The light brightened the whole ward. When Xiaonian looked forward, he saw Bob sitting on the quilt in a white hospital number suit. A pair of small hands with needle tips were tearing the paper, which was colorful.

It's a painting by Gong Kui, with their family and Bob on it.

The heat preservation box fell on the ground and was divided into two parts. Some soup was spilled on the ground. It was obviously deliberately smashed.


Bob sat there, looking at her with gloomy eyes. There was no embarrassment on his little face. He was still tearing the pictures. He tore each person's head, arms and legs off deliberately, just like dismembering them.

When Xiaonian's face cooled down, he went to grab half of the paper he had not torn.

Bob immediately grinned at her and stared at her with hostility.

"You don't have to be like me." When Xiaonian said coldly, he looked at his face with his eyes. "I heard your prank laugh just now, and I knew that you could distinguish what was right and wrong, but you would be happy if you felt it made others uncomfortable."

Bob sat there and was told the pain, his little nose twitching all the time, his eyes staring at her with hatred.

"Xiaokui really wants to be friends with you. She painted this for an hour. She hates sitting in front of the table for a long time. She only sat for you for such a long time and drew it very carefully." When small read cold tunnel, raised the hand of half of the paper, "no one forced you to accept this gift, but you can't trample on other people's good intentions for you."


Bob leaned hard over the small head.

"You think you are unhappy, so to make others unhappy, you are just as naive as holly said." "When small read a way," a person with good intentions to return others can harvest more happiness, like you will only be willing to push your friends farther and farther, when you are more sad is more accumulation


Bob raised his face and glared at her, pouting and spitting at her.

When Xiaonian blinked away in time, looked down at the torn paper on the quilt, and said, "Bob, you remember, if a person is lonely, it is that he is not willing to embrace the world, no wonder others. Your resentment hurts only yourself, not others. "


Bob's whole face was convulsed. He almost rushed up to fight with her. Xiaonian changed his tone and said softly, "you have a rest. I'll come to check with you tomorrow. I think you drank a lot of soup the day before yesterday. I'll bring that to you tomorrow."

Hearing this, Bob's anger turned into consternation.

You want to come?

When Xiaonian picked up the insulation box on the ground and left.


Bob was sitting on the bed, breathing a little fast, but he didn't get sick. He put his hands on his heart, looked at the direction Xiaonian was leaving, and grasped his clothes tightly.

His little face faded from gloom and hostility, leaving only one face of stubbornness.


A new day.

As the climate warms, everything recovers. The sun blows through the forest over the magnificent imperial castle.

There was a burst of laughter in the hall. Gong Kui was letting Mr Gong walk around with his back full of room. He was torturing the intelligence of this intelligent robot with 100000 reasons.

The servants chatted as they cleaned.

All the flowers in the garden are blooming, spreading the spring breath with fragrance.

The sun is bright and warm.

When Xiaonian finished several snacks, wiped his hands, put his ring on his ring finger carefully, and when Fengde came into the kitchen, he saw the snacks on the table and said with a smile, "so much for the young master?"

"Yes." When Xiaonian smiled lightly and put the cake on the tray, "I think he's been worried about the holographic call project recently. Eating sweets is good for thinking."

"The young master used to hate sweets the most, but now he likes them very much." Feng de said, taking the tray in her hand, and said, "I'll come. I have something to report to the young master."


When Xiaonian walked forward with a cup of coffee and Fengde, he asked, "how's Tang Yicha doing?"

"I haven't got a clue yet. This man is hiding deep enough. Maybe in order to avoid the investigation of our palace family, it's not necessary to change his identity." Feng de said with a sigh, "such a mother at Bob's stall is pathetic."

How can there be a mother who doesn't care about her children for so many years, even if she is afraid of the palace family, but the young master has been missing for four years, which is known all over the world. At that time, she never came to find her children?

"Tang Yi is so selfish." But I heard from the psychiatrist that Bob's mood seems to have a stable trend. A child like him has not fully formed his character. If he guides well, he may get better

"Is it? The welfare home said that his character has always been gloomy, violent and inhumane. I think this child has been ruined. " Feng De road.

"Maybe Xiaokui and holy often go there. I think he wants friends too." Xiaonian said with a smile, "these days, our eyes are no longer so malicious, and we don't spit any more."

"That's good."

"Bob's words are too few. I think maybe Tang Yi will get better after he finds it." She remembered that Bob was very sticky at that time, and the child still needed his own mother.

They said that they had reached the outside of the study. Before they got in, they heard Gong Ou's angry roar, "are your heads full of scum? I can't find anyone. Don't tell me this can't be done, that can't be done. What can I do for you? Oh, yes, you can be qualified for a position, that is, to find the manager of the scolding department! Shall I give you a department? "