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Chapter 812 holy's tears

"Yes, there is. Young lady also likes to hold miss Xiaokui. It's really close."

"The second young master is not the same. In addition to the little lady, I can only laugh at miss Xiaokui."

"It's very normal. After all, it's from birth. The feelings must be different. It's normal to have relatives."

The feelings must be different.

It's not the same.

It must not be. He is also a palace child. How can it be different.

Gong Yao lies on the bed and sleeps restlessly. He is short of breath. He holds the quilt tightly with his small hand. The sweat on his face is more and more, and he is trapped in a deeper dream.

In the quiet moonlight, Charles stood behind Luo Qi and accompanied her to take care of the flowers.

"Have you finished all the work you were asked to do?" Luo Qi asked as she cut the flowers.

"It's done. All the evidence you left has been destroyed."

Charles replied respectfully.

"If you check again, I don't want to leave any hidden dangers." Luo Qi stood up from the ground and took the towel in Charles's hand to wipe his hands. "Although the palace family is not as prominent as when my husband was here, it's very peaceful now. There's nothing more important than that, with all my sons and grandchildren around."


Charles bowed his head.

"So, I don't want this kind of peace to be destroyed. I used to keep those who haven't reconciled with Xiaonian. I'll take a precaution. Now I don't have to." Luo Qi sighed faintly, the face under the moonlight was beautiful, and the posture was graceful. "I suddenly thought of destroying these things yesterday. In case one day, holy ran to ask why he would be robbed by me at the beginning, why Xiaonian would give up on his own initiative, why we would trade with him, I don't know how to explain."

"Don't worry, it's all destroyed. Master holy will never know."

Said Charles.

Young master.

Is he really a young master? A young master who has been given up voluntarily, a young master who has been traded.

He is not.

What did they trade him for? Why did they give him up? He and Xiaokui are not twins. Why are they different? Why are they different.

Why? Why on earth?

The line of sight once again flickers, this time is to enter the beautiful flower sea tunnel, Gong Ou accompanies Gong Kui to stand far away.

He stood by the antique car alone, on the antique car, the girl holding the doll stood on the chair, pointed at him and shouted, "do you think I want to play with you? I don't want to, you thief! The thief will be thrown into the sea to feed the shark! "

"You must have no mother to teach you. You're dead. You stole my doll!"

"With a mother? Then your mother must be a bad mother, the ugliest and the worst. She certainly doesn't like you. She wants to throw you into the sea and drown! Dad, do you think so? "

The adult sitting in the driver's seat hears the words and looks at him. He follows his daughter and says, "you really don't have the appearance that your mother taught you to steal, so your mother must regret having you?"

When she heard that the adults obeyed her, the girl laughed more happily, "ha ha ha! Namely! I'm sure I regret having you. I wish I could kill you. Your mother certainly doesn't like you. She hates you as a thief! Bad boy! Bad boy! "


Shixiaonian likes him very much. She always likes him. She keeps the sugar he gave.

No, not like that, not like that!


The moonlight shone on the dark room. Gong Yao suddenly opened his eyes and sat up from the bed.

In the moonlight, there was a lot of sweat on his delicate and beautiful face. Suddenly he woke up from his nightmare. Gong Yao's eyes were not calm, but sad.

Clearly sad.

For a long time, Gong Yao got off the bed and walked out in slippers. Halfway through, he retreated and pushed back the sunflower that was about to fall to the ground.

Gong Kui slept soundly, didn't wake up at all, turned over and went on sleeping, making a slight voice.

Gong Yao walked out of the room in the dark and felt his mouth with his little hands. It was dry.

He walked alone in the quiet corridor and looked up into the distance. It was the room of shixiaonian and Gong ou. He looked and his eyes flashed for several times.

That day, when he wanted to tell shixiaonian that he was ok, he might just be a little sad, and he believed that he was OK.

He also has to study and take care of his younger sister. He is the young master of the palace family. His grandmother often says that he will take on the whole palace family in the future. His burden is very heavy, so he should grow up quickly. He should not be sad.

But when he came to the door, he heard the voice of Xiaonian.

"You know, Gong ou, over the years, one of the most impressive images I've ever seen of holy is not when he was hijacked by Mona, or when he occasionally laughed. But he stood far away from me, and then he bowed to me, with the propriety that he should have, but also with the alienation. "

"But every time I see him bow to me, I think he's so far away from me."

It turned out to be true.

Originally, even Xiaonian thought that they were really not close to each other. In fact, they were really not close to each other, not as close as she and gongkui, not as close as they are.

In the empty corridor at night, Gong Yao's little figure was walking on the floor, and his little hand slipped by the wall.

A few seconds later, Gong Yao stood still, slowly lowered his head, blinked for several times, the eyelash length was shaking, and the tears rolled out.

He squatted down and lowered his head, letting tears drop to the ground silently one by one.

He was the only one in the corridor, a small black shadow trapped in the night, only the temperature of tears was boiling hot.

Forget how long, a soft voice suddenly came from afar.

Gong Yao immediately hid behind the potted plant, looked forward with his eyes raised, and saw that Xiao Nian came out of the room, walked away lightly, and went out all the way.

Gong Yao rubbed his eyes and stood up to follow him quietly.

How could she get up so late?

When Xiaonian was very careful, he looked back while walking, and walked into the hall slowly, which turned on the light, and the hall was bright.

Gong Yao cleverly chooses a cabinet as a cover. He squats behind the cabinet, looks out, and his eyes are red in the light.

When Xiaonian opened the door, he brought in a few flowerpots from the outside, and then he sat on the sofa and began to cut flowers and decorate them in the flowerpot.

What is she doing?

Gong Yao looks at her puzzledly. Xiaonian's face is still sleepy. He yawns and deals with the flowers at the same time. Then he stands up and walks out to bring in pots of flowers.

She did this over and over again.

Gong Yao crouches there and looks sleepy. He sleeps by the cupboard. When he wakes up again, it's already light.

When Xiaonian got up and turned off the light.

The flower basket on the tea table is decorated very beautifully, and the color is sensitive. There are two long cherry branches on both sides of the blueberry.

Xiaonian put on an apron and sleeve, tied up a long black hair with a headscarf, and looked aside.

Gong Yao immediately retracts.

"I'll be back in time for breakfast."

When small read to take back the line of sight, look at the time on the table to say to oneself, then bring up the basket to walk.

Going out?

Gong Yao was stunned and stood up to follow, but his legs were numb. He had to stand on the spot with frown and his hands on his knees to endure the pain of paralysis.

When the paralysis passed, he ran out of the door without the trace of Xiaonian.

Where's mom?

It's still early. It's a little cold outside. When Xiao Nian rode his bicycle across the road by the lake.

It seems that people in langhuayu are used to getting up late and going to bed early. No one has got up at this point.

When Xiaonian came to the front of LAN's house by car, it was a rare mansion on the langhuayu Island, but it was uncomfortable to see. The wall was built high, as if the people inside were surrounded.

And the road at the gate was chiseled in a mess, and several construction vehicles stopped there quietly.

This should be gong Ou's masterpiece.

This man has never been willing to let go of those who offended him easily, which is also the misfortune of Lanting.

When Xiaonian rode by, stepped down from the car, walked past with Hualan in his hand, crossed the damaged mud road carefully, and reached out and rang the doorbell several times.

She thought about it carefully again last night. It seems that Lanting has only heard the name of Gong ou, but never seen it, so she didn't even see it, so she misunderstood her as a flower plucker.

The doorbell rang several times.

The gate was opened from the inside. A servant stood there and looked at her. Before Xiaonian could speak, lanxiaoqi jumped out of the gate. She was still wearing pajamas. Her face was full of eager words. When she saw her, lanxiaoqi's eyes were obviously happy.

When small read stupefied next, how does this LAN Xiaoqi seem to be really expecting her to come over.

"Hello, I'm here to send the flower basket."

Xiaonian hands out the basket of flowers.

LAN Xiaoqi soon put down the joy, stood there and looked at her hatefully, "you ugly woman really came, and ran here for money, hum."

This way of speaking is really People can't face it calmly.

But she still has to face it. Cheer for her son.

When Xiaonian bent over and smiled at lanxiaoqi, holding the basket in front of her, "do you like it? Especially for your decoration, I think the elements of your clothes are those of the little princess, so the main color of these flowers is also pink. "

LAN Xiaoqi stood in front of her and looked at her stupidly.

"Do you like it?"

Shixiaonian asked again.

LAN Xiaoqi then turned her head to one side. "Hum, I don't like it. I hate pink the most. I don't like pink the most!"

But now her pajamas are all pink.

This child seems to be particularly fond of duplicity. He likes it and doesn't say he hates it.

When Xiaonian did not tear her down, he handed the basket to the servant beside him. "Here you are, please take it in."


The servant nodded and turned to walk in.