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Chapter 516 it's not jealousy, it's disappointment

Gong Ou led her hand into the auditorium and told her that she had no way out.

When the memory floats past, the mind of small thoughts, and then looks at the front, is a closed door, as if it will never open.

So cold.

The handbag in her handbag vibrated. When Xiaonian took out her mobile phone, it was a message from Fengde -

Xiaonian. This is the private number of the young master. I think you and the young master are still lack of getting along now. Just talk more.

Talk more?

Can he come out of this door and tell her that everything is fake?

When Xiaonian stares at the phone on the screen, and then presses it to make a call.

When the phone is connected, Xiaonian hears a sound. It's the muffled sound of cork pulling out the wine bottle. Is it opening the red wine?

"Who is it?"

Gong Ou's cold voice came into her ears.

When small read close to the wall, looking at the front closed door, whispered, "it's me."

"How are you? What's the matter? "

Gong Ou asked coldly, with a hint of displeasure.

What's up?

Something's wrong. Her fiance has a room with another woman. What should she do? Can he teach her?

"Where are you?"

He asked softly.

"I'm at work." Gong Ou replied almost immediately.

At the same time, she heard a woman's chuckle gently floating into her ears, strangling her heart.

"Who are you with? There are women? " She continued.

"No woman. Are you checking the post? " Gong Ou's voice was even colder. "What do you want to check? How can you become so suspicious now? "

Did she change?

When Xiaonian listened, his red eyes fixed on the opposite door.

Did she become suspicious, or did he become totally different?

She wanted to tell him more about asking him to open the door. She was standing at the door. She wanted to see how he could argue. She wanted to see if there was a trace of guilt on his cold face.

But she held the mobile phone, but could not say anything, her lips were shaking.

"I'll send someone to take you back to Empire castle. You can prepare for it." Gong Ou said indifferently, "I haven't got anything yet. I haven't hung up."

Is it that urgent?


I've been waiting for you for four years, Gong ou. For four years, my parents didn't beat me when they died, because I'm waiting for you to come back. This will alone will be enough for me to last for many years, even decades.

Even if you look down on her feelings, at least don't humiliate her and fool her like a fool.

"What do you want to say?"

Gong Ou's voice became colder and his tone was more unpleasant.

It was so cold that she was strange.

He is not Gong ou. He is not the one she knows.

"It's all right. Gong ou, thank you for coming back alive. "

When Xiaonian whispered.

Even if she did not bring back the soul she loved, she also brought back his body.


Gong Ou cold tunnel, directly hang up the phone.

When small read numbly listen to the silence in the mobile phone, eyes red chime to stare at the opposite door, only despair.

She turned around and left without turning back.


One door apart, two worlds.

The other end of the door was well heated, gorgeous and covered with thick blankets.

Gong Ou stands at the window and looks at the mobile phone in his hand. In his black eyes, there is still a gloom.

"What's the matter, Xi Xiaonian and you make trouble? Can't fix her again? "

A mocking female voice rang behind him.

Gong Ou turns her head indifferently. Mona stands in front of the dining car, wearing a long dress and holding red wine in her hand. She laughs at him very charming.

"Have you laughed enough?"

Gong Ou's voice is gloomy.

"No laughing, no laughing, no drinking."

Mona poured two glasses of red wine, handed him a bosom, and leaned over him.

Gong Ou takes the glass, pushes her away without any trace, leans on the back of the sofa and says coldly, "I have something to ask you."

"What about the illness?"

Mona approached him a little discontented, raised her face, brushed her chin with her red lips, and said vaguely, "I didn't ask you to come tonight."

This man is so confused whether he is sick or not.

"It's not evening yet."

Gongou cold tunnel.

The night outside is not deep.

"This kind of thing doesn't have to wait until night." Mona stood on tiptoe and tried to kiss his thin lips. Gong Ou stared at her with low eyes.

The eyes were a little frightfully cold.

After four years together, Mona knew what his eyes represented, so she had to stop. She went around the back of the sofa with her glass, sat down on the sofa, turned her back to Gong ou, and shook the glass in her hand. "Well, when this is my last consultation, what's the reason for you?"

"Have you really cured me?"

Asked Gong Ou coldly.

"Of course, don't you think I can't do anything about it? It's a mental illness. You can experience it best if you are good or not." Mona said, "besides, it's because you think you've recovered before you come back to s city."

Gong Ou believes in Mona's profession.

In this regard, Mona has her unique talent.

"Do I have any other mental illness besides paranoid personality disorder?" Gong Ou turns the glass in his hand. His black eyes are cold and his voice is heavy. He says, "for example, dual personality."


Mona stood up from the sofa and turned to look at Gong ou. She was puzzled.

Gong Ou tells Mona about last night's event and her attitude.

Mona laughed. "So, do you eat your old vinegar?"

I eat my own vinegar and talk about it forever.

"Put your smile away. I just need your major."

Gong Ou's voice is not very good.

Mona saw him shrug his shoulders so gently, and she restrained her smile. "OK. In my opinion, you don't have to worry. You don't have a double personality. "

"What's going on?"

Asked Gong Ou coldly.

Why did Xiaonian say that he missed Gong Ou before when he heard it? He couldn't stand it.

"That's because you have made a lot of progress and you have spent a lot of money to grow into today's Gong ou. In your subconscious, today's self is the most perfect and the most suitable for Xi Xiaonian. " Mona stood there and took a sip of the red wine. "All these four years of hard work are in your memory, so when Xi Xiaonian doesn't like you today, you will be angry. Frankly speaking, it's not vinegar. It should be...... "

"What's the name?"

"Well." Mona thought for a moment, and finally came up with a word that could be summed up accurately, "it should be called disappointment."


Gong Ou put the glass aside, with deep black eyes.


"Yes. At most, one is Gong ou, and the other is sick Gong ou. When people are sick and healthy, they still look like two things. This does not belong to the so-called dual personality. " Mona drinks the red wine in the cup, and her eyes appreciate his handsome face. "In the treatment, I told you that the real Gong ou and Xi Xiaonian can't get along."

"That's you brainwashing me."

Gongou cold tunnel.

Do you really think he doesn't know anything.

"I admit that I have brainwashed you, but you can't deny that the real Gong Ou is not to express his feelings as strongly as when he was ill. People have their own selves. It's a morbid state to love someone until they forget about themselves, and you get rid of that morbid state. Xi Xiaonian can't bear it because of this. " Mona saw through everything easily.


Gong Ou listened in silence.

Mona's eyes turned, and she walked to Gong Ou's side. The plump chest deliberately and vaguely wiped his arm. The voice was enchanting and charming. "What Xi Xiaonian fell in love with at the beginning was the feeling that you held her in the palm of your hand and kept her step by step, right? So she loves herself the most. "

She is willing to provoke Gong Ouhe and Shi Xiaonian.

Otherwise, she won't really spend four years to treat Gong ou. If they don't leave, it's a waste of her painstaking efforts.

"Have you said enough?"

Gong Ou looks at her coldly.

"Gong ou, you don't like her very much now. It's better to marry a famous lady. She really doesn't deserve you." Mona said, looking at Gong ou.

Gong Ou's face became more and more handsome in her eyes. Even the cold eyes were extremely sexy. Mona suddenly felt her body was hot, which made her uncomfortable.

"I don't need your advice on my way." Gong Ou looked at her blushing face indifferently. "You just need to tell me, is my illness really better, no problem?"

"Of course, there is no problem. As long as you keep the state and state of mind you are in, you will not die."


Gong Ou frowns.

"Gong ou, why do I feel so hot?" Mona was in a trance and shook her head hard to keep herself awake.

Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes. There is no emotion in her eyes. He reaches for her chin and sneers, "you owe a man to clean up."

"I hate it."

Mona smiled and fell back to him softly. She glanced over her glass. "It must be this wine. The alcohol level is too high."

Hearing this, Gong Ou's lips are in a vicious arc.

There is no problem with the wine.

There is something wrong with the medicine in the wine.

Seeing him smile, Mona is more fascinated by it. She tiptoes around his neck to kiss him.

"Take a bath." Gong Ou pushes her.

Mona reached for his scarf, smelled his breath, which belonged to the male breath let her indulge, her eyes blurred, "together ah?"

"I don't like the smell of perfume on you, wash it away."

Gong Ou said indifferently, pushing her away.

"All right."

Mona was hot and suffering, so she went to the bathroom and closed the door at Gong Ou's repeated request.

Gong Ou looks at Mona's crooked figure and looks out of the window.

It's dark at last.

This is the beginning of the night.

Gong Ou opens the door and walks out, takes out the room card and directly opens the door of the next room. In the

room, several men who dress very much in western style clothes sit on the bed playing cards. They are wearing strong perfume and colorful neckties.


Gong Ou frowns at the smell.