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Chapter 262 Gong Ou's drunkenness

"Young master..."

The servant stood by and looked at Gong Ou in astonishment. Wouldn't something happen to such a drink?

Gong Ou gulps down a bottle of wine. The pain of the fire spreads and makes him comfortable.


He likes this kind of intuitive body pain, rather than the tingling of the chest, which makes him want to kill people.

"Keep going!"

Gong Ou finished a bottle and shouted at the servant coldly.

"Yes. Young master. "

The servant quickly opened another bottle of wine.

Gong Ou takes it up and pours it into his mouth. The wine stains run down the corner of his lips. They slide across his neck and into his neckline. They are so sexy.

"Mr. Gong."

Xie Linlin chases out of the room and sees Gong Ou just drinking there, instead of going to another place. She is very happy and hurries to meet him. "So you are going to come out to drink. Can I accompany you to drink when you go back to the room?"

She still has to fight for it.

She doesn't believe that she can't compare with when she read that woman.

"Go away..."

Gong Ou pushes her away again, and looks at her face. Suddenly, there is a shadow in front of her. He looks at it intently, but when he sees it, Xiao Nian is smiling at him, smiling so clear and beautiful.


Wine is really a good thing.

The people who wanted to see finally met.

Seeing that Gong Ou didn't push away, Xie Linlin immediately leaned her concave and convex body against his arms

In the bedroom.

When Xiaonian stood in front of the floor to floor window, the curtains of the floor to floor window were all opened, and the night outside had a panoramic view.

In the distance is a dark forest, and near is a road, which leads to the outside, but she can't run out.

"Master, it's 12 o'clock in the evening. It's time to rest."

The R palace stood behind her and reminded her gentlely.

"Is it already 12 o'clock?"

At 12 o'clock, Gong Ou won't come back. He really sleeps with the woman.

I'm afraid he's still upright.

In his mind, she has been insulted by several men, so it's fair that he sleeps a few more women.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked out at the night, he stroked his flat stomach.

I didn't expect that the baby's arrival didn't make her and Gong Ou's relationship more sweet, but the relationship plummeted and the situation completely reversed.

She remembered what Madame Gong had said before she left.

"Do you think Gong ou will want you again? Men are all bad. They feel normal when they spend a lot of time, but their women must be clean. Even if they are insulted, they can't get through it, especially the men in the upper class. Even if he wants you now, he will abandon you after a while. "

A word is a prophecy.

Gong ou can't get over this.

At the beginning, she knew Gong Ou because he thought she had a relationship with him; now, their feelings have changed abruptly, and he thinks she has a relationship with other men.

So dramatic.

"Mr palace." Xiao Nian stood in front of the window and asked.

"Yes, I am. What can I do for you?" Asked Mr.

"Is it really 12 o'clock?" She asked, unconcerned.

The R palace points a silver head, "yes, master, it's 12 o'clock."

Gong ou will not come back.

At the moment, he's in the bed of sheileen.

"At 12 o'clock, Cinderella's magic is gone, and Gong ou and I are finished." When Xiaonian's face showed a smile that could not be more bitter, a pair of eyes shed crystal tears.

"How are you, master?"


When Xiaonian is silent, she reaches out to touch the cold French window and looks at the long road outside, the road leading to the outside.

With Gong ou, this is her first thought of leaving.

"BAM bam!"

There was a violent knock at the door.

When Xiaonian was shocked, Mr palace automatically responded to the high decibel sound as a dangerous approach, blocking the tall silver body in front of him for the first time.

When Xiaonian turned his head, he heard the sound of smashing the door, which was coming from everywhere.

"When reading! You open the door for me! Open the door! Do you hear me? "

Gong Ou's roar came from outside.

It's him.

When Xiaonian's eyes stagnated, shouldn't he be in sherlin's bed at this time? How can I come here.

"Mr palace, open the door."

Shi Xiaonian said, reaching out to wipe away tears.

What are you doing here at this time? Do you have to fight in the middle of the night to be happy?

"Yes, master."

R palace goes forward, a pair of black eyes scan the position of the door, go forward and open the door.

As soon as the door opened, a tall figure fell in, falling heavily on the ground, with a loud voice.

When small read stupefied next, hurried to walk.

Gong Ou's whole body was drunk and fell on the ground, with one hand on the side, a bright red bloodstain on the back of his hand, his eyes half open, his eyelashes long enough to cover his eyes, his thin lips slightly open, his mouth murmured her name, "when I read, when I read..."

When Xiaonian saw the blood on his hand, he had to walk forward to help him. After thinking about it, she stopped her action.

She can't be amorous at this time.

Maybe he just came to get her out of the room.

She thought, standing aside and staring coldly at him, "Gong ou, did you go to the wrong room? Or do you want me to make room for you and sheileen? OK, I'll go now, it's not in your eyes. "

As he spoke, Xiaonian crossed his body and went out.

Who knows if he's already had that with Schelling? She's not so generous.

"Don't go..."

Gong Ou falls to the ground and makes a sound. His voice is low and dumb. He is not aggressive at all. He reaches out to catch her, but his vision is not clear. He shakes his hand twice and doesn't catch her.

When small read or resolutely leave.

"Don't leave, shixiaonian. Don't leave. What can I do if you leave?" Gong Ou fell there, murmuring and speaking slowly. He kept repeating to let her stay.

"I'm not right in your arms when I'm gone. You can sleep as many women as you want."

Said shixiaonian coldly.

"I want to sleep with you." Gong Ou spoke in a low voice, intoxicated, like a child, with his hands still scrabbling in the air to catch her.


Sleep on him.

When I was young, I heard nothing.

"Don't leave, shixiaonian. I think you're going crazy. I haven't seen you in a day."

Gong Ou's words were reversed and murmured. He struggled to stand up from the ground. His tall body swayed around. He shook his head hard to see the ground in front of him, but there was only a mirage in front of him.

Seeing that he was going to fall again, Xiao Nian hurriedly came up to him and held him up. It was a reflex action.

As soon as he held him, Xiaonian could smell a gushing wine smell, which was madly stained with her whole body, and wished to swallow her up.

She could not help frowning. "How much did you drink?"

When I met him downstairs, the wine was not so strong. Did he just drink it again?

Why doesn't he drink himself to death in a wine can!

"Shixiaonian, you have no conscience. You have no conscience. You don't want me..."

Gong Ou didn't listen to what she said. He said incoherently. The whole man fell on her and put all the weight on her.

When Xiaonian's knee almost fell down, he hurriedly shouted, "Mr palace, help me to help him to the bed."

"Yes, master."

R palace came to help. With the help of robots, Xiao Nian was relaxed.

She and Mr Gong, one left and one right, hold Gong Ou forward, hold Gong ou to the bedside, release his hand, Gong Ou falls heavily on the bed, his eyes remain half open all the time, look straight ahead, and each breath is full of strong wine.

"Are you ok?"

When small read reached out to shake in front of his eyes, the voice asked coldly.

She won't let her heart soften. He and sheileen are holding together, and the painting of Yin's slander is still deeply remembered in her mind.

"No, I miss you. I miss you so much."

Gong Ou said in a low voice that the voice that had always been magnetic now had some childish grievances.

Like children who don't get their parents' candy.


I miss her as soon as I enter the door.

When Xiaonian looked at him like that, he couldn't tell what it was like, "what did you and sheileen do?"

"No, nothing." Gong Ou lies on her side facing her in the direction of the bed. He strongly denies that his eyes have no focal length and are full of confusion.

"Nothing? Did you kiss her? "

Said Xiao Nian coldly.

"Kiss her? Did you kiss? "

Gong Ou repeats what she said, and he is not sure.


When Xiaonian was angry, he couldn't remember whether he kissed her or not. What about him playing with her?

"Did you kiss? Did I kiss her? Did I kiss her? "

Gong Ou kept repeating, frowning and thinking about this problem. In the hazy vision, Xie Linlin and her flaming red lips suddenly appeared. Suddenly, he felt that there was a repetition in his stomach. He sat up from the bed, lowered his head and vomited to the ground. "Ouch -" ouch "

it was all wine.


When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou silently, she was disgusted by the smell. She quickly walked to the bathroom, picked up a towel and wet it with cold water.


Why does he want her to serve him!

She's not his maid. Why!

When Xiaonian was angry, she wanted to throw the towel away, but her legs went out faster than her mind, and her hands tightly held the wet towel.

As soon as he went out, Xiao Nian saw Gong Ou sitting on the bed, holding Mr Gong's hand in both hands, and a pair of thin lips slightly lifting -

"Shi Xiao Nian, I didn't kiss her, I just wanted to kiss you, I saw her woman's mouth just wanted to vomit."


When Xiaonian heard that, he almost fell down.

He was so drunk that he recognized Mr palace as her. She and Mr palace were not of the same level.

The R palace stood there and let Gong Ou shake his hand, but he didn't push it away. He just heard Gong Ou continue, "I wonder if you have no conscience. One day, I won't see you all day, and you won't come to see me."

“……” Of course, we need to calm down for a while.

"You don't care if I'm hungry for a day. I'm hungry and have a stomachache. You don't care."

“……” Isn't he happy to drink, eat fruit, eat cake, and be hungry.

"Shixiaonian, is your heart made of stone? Why do I run after you every time? Every time Can you run after me once? "