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Chapter 1130. Marriage

In an instant, a group of young people came to see feng de and waited for his answer.

"Of course, please tell me."

Fengde still maintains the highest quality of a housekeeper - absolute obedience.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong Ou anxiously, he doesn't really let his adoptive father contact those ex girlfriends, does he?

No, Gong Ou won't do it.

All eyes moved from Feng De to Gong ou, waiting for him to take a big adventure.

Gong Ou sat there, a pair of black eyes looking at the humble Feng De, with a look. For a long time, he opened his thin lips lightly and said, "I want you to officially hold a ceremony with Shi Xiaonian, as his father to record the family history of entering the palace."

His voice was deep and domineering, with a high voice.

Words fall, everyone is stunned, no one can think it would be such a big adventure.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in surprise, he immediately understood his intention and felt warm.

Feng de didn't expect Gong ou to put forward such a big adventure. The whole person stayed there and forgot the etiquette a housekeeper should have. He couldn't say a word, but was shocked.

Su Yaoyao is surrounded by unknown places.

Xia Yu didn't know the rules and regulations of the big family. When he heard this, he cried excitedly, "great, the relationship between the housekeeper and Xiao Nian was so good. Before, they just shouted. Now, we can have a mending ceremony. It's just the time for us to be lively again."

No matter how big or beautiful this cruise ship is, it's tired of floating in the sea every day.


Feng de responds and refuses to blurt out.

Gong Yu, who was half lying on the sofa, sat up abruptly and looked at Gong ou with lazy eyes. His face became dignified. "Gong ou, it's just a game. There's no need to be out of line with the rules of the palace."

A housekeeper who has been serving the palace family for many years is suddenly written into the family history. How can the elders of the palace agree with this? They will only feel humiliated and make trouble in a different way.


When Xiaonian looks at Gong Yu in silence, she seems to look down on the rules of the palace again. Even Gong Yu has this expression. No wonder Gong Ou didn't mention this before

When I saw him, Xiaonian looked over and Gong Yu comforted him. "Xiaonian, actually, no one of us really takes Fengde as his servant. We also respect him very much. You call out your adoptive father. Some forms of things are not really necessary. Are you right?"

He spoke politely, but the meaning was clear.

When Xiaonian didn't know what to say, she was afraid to embarrass Gong ou.

The atmosphere in the rest area suddenly became weird and uncomfortable.

Seeing this, Feng de stepped back two steps, smiled and looked at the crowd. "Everyone is tired. I asked the kitchen to prepare some tea."

At this time, you don't need to refuse. Just sweep this thing through, or you won't be able to get off the stage.

Gong Yu understood the meaning of Feng De, nodded approvingly, "Feng De, give me a cup of black tea."

"Yes, sir."

Feng de smiled and slowly backed away.

Gong ou, who has always been quiet, suddenly raises his lips. His smile is evil and wild. His magnetic voice shakes everyone. "What if I have to?"


Feng De's step back froze there, his face full of embarrassment.

"Gong Ou!" Gong Gu frowned, and was already a little unhappy. "Others don't understand the rules of the palace, don't you understand?"

"The rules of the palace?"

As if hearing some funny joke, Gong Ou scornfully laughs and puts Shi Xiaonian in his arms and looks at Gong Yu. "When did Gong Ou pay attention to the rules?"

"You -" Gong Yu said angrily, "don't do anything in vain. I'm kind and don't want to make things bigger. Isn't it OK for my wife? Besides, Feng de didn't care about it. "

Is Feng De not good enough at the palace now? Where is the steward and his position?

"I want to do it. Who can stop me?"

Gong Ou raised his chin and said lightly, like I can do my yarn.

"Why do you have to do so many things?" Gong Yu's face was very gloomy. "Just after the Lancaster family's business, the palace family is also recuperating now. How many eyes are staring outside? Don't say Fengde, your marriage with Xiaonian will be blocked in the future. Fortunately, our family has decided to ignore all these things. Now you bring Fengde in, Xiaonian and we will be criticized. Do you think about the consequences? "

Xiao Nian's background is not good. She is an orphan girl. They are not married yet. They recognize a humble housekeeper as their adoptive father and write a family history together with those who consider themselves noble. That's not surprising.

After Gong Yu finished, there was a silence.

Xia Yu bumped his husband's arm and whispered, "God, the big family is the big family. It's very serious to recognize a relative..."

When Xiaonian heard that his scalp was numb, he secretly reached out and pulled Gong Ou's sleeve.

Gong Ou's big hand wrapped around her small hand, and her tone was full of domineering, "this marriage must be recognized; I will definitely marry this marriage!"

When the devil comes, he can't stop what Gong Ou is going to do.

Gong Yu stood up, just about to speak, and Feng de bent down. "Young master, Feng De is very grateful for your kindness, but Feng De is used to serving everyone. Suddenly, I am not used to raising my identity. Then I will not know how to deal with myself."

If he doesn't come out and talk, the two young masters will fight.

"Don't admit losing the game?"

Miyo asked.


Feng de can't say anything. It's too hasty to decide to marry someone by winning or losing the game. Young master can talk about such a big thing at will.

Gong Ou sat there, suddenly folded his face and looked down at Feng De's old face. His black eyes were deep, and he said one word at a time, "you have to recognize this kiss, and you have to recognize it if you don't recognize it!"

"Young master..."

"I owe you four years since you took care of me." Gong Ou said, his face could not be more serious. "In the future, when you die, Gong ou will carry the coffin for you and repay your kindness for these four years as a son-in-law!"

As soon as the words came out, Feng de was completely stunned. He didn't come back for a long time, and his eyes were suddenly wet.

Young master Carrying the coffin for him?

For the first time, young master said to be his son-in-law

Never before.

All of them covered their mouths with fear. We don't need to know the rules of the palace, but we also know that it's a strange thing.


Gong Yu looks at Gong Ou silently. He not only wants to recognize his relatives, but also carries the coffin to a housekeeper as the heir of the palace family?

It's crazy.

Looking at Gong Ou's persistence and Feng De's eyes, Xiaonian finally makes up her mind. She stands up from Gong ouhuai, smiles at Feng De, and turns to Gong Yu.

Gong Yu stared at her, waiting for her words.

"Elder brother, I know the rules of the palace are very important, but in my opinion, the rules are far from important." In fact, we all hate rules. Why should we be bound by them

"Xiaonian, are you crazy?" Gong Yu frowned. "Do you know it will be bad for your marriage? You don't want to gossip too much when you get married, do you? "

He was thinking about her.

"My marriage..." When small read don't care to smile, "I care about people who don't object to our marriage, ah, in that case, why should I feel sorry for those irrelevant people's gossip?"

Gong Gu can't refute her words. She looks at her two eyes and at Gong Ou behind her.

I saw Gong Ou sitting there, his eyes staring at Xiao Nian fondly. He wrote a sentence on his whole face: my woman said so well, I appreciate it!

“ok。” Gong Yu says, "what do you want? I'm not involved."

With that, Gong Yu turns around and walks away.

After his death came Gong Ou's voice, "OK, let's find a time to do the ceremony. We'll do it on the boat! If there are any more objections, they should all be thrown into the sea. "


Gong Yu felt that her lung was about to explode.

All the way to the deck, Gong Yu stood in front of the guardrail, the sea wind blowing wantonly.

Suddenly, Gong Yu turned around and said loudly, "I'm for their good. It's as if I'm against their love and affection. Isn't it better to have less opposition when I get married in the future?"

Long and slender Lori stood there, with no expression on his face, but as a closely followed listener.

After Gong Yu finished speaking, Lori walked forward slowly, put his hands on the guardrail, looked at the sea, and said quietly, "in fact, you are the one who has been bound by the rules."

"What do you say?"

Gong Yu pursed his lips, but his face was still unhappy.

"You didn't like the rules of the palace family, but you can't let them go completely in your heart, so you seem free and easy, but you can't live as freely as the second young master." Said Lori.

"Nonsense." Gong Yu said coldly, "I don't value rules, just don't want them to listen to too many objections in the future."

"If that man is not dead, do you really dare to be with him?"

Suddenly Lori asked.


Gong Yu's face froze and stood still.

Lori turned her eyes to him, raised her hand and pushed the gold rimmed glasses. She said impassively, "when you were in the Lancaster family, you were desperate to save me. This time you didn't call me the wrong name. You know that you saved me, but after we all survived? In fact, it's no different from before. "

He told shixiaonian that they are in a good state at present and don't need to change, because he knows that he can't change, and it's best to maintain the status quo.

"Have you said enough?"

Gong Yu's face sank.

"So I was thinking, if that person didn't die, everything will start again, maybe you dare not, because this is your character, you hate the rules of the world, but you have been locked in the rules of life."

"Is that enough?"

Gong Yu was completely angry.


Luo lie is indifferent and says nothing more. He turns and leaves.


Gong Yu punched the guardrail hard, and he must admit that he hated such analysis because he also knew himself.