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Chapter 156: Xiaonian escapes

But he killed her. Where can he find another woman who looks so nice.

He can only spread all his Qi on mu qianchu.

When Xiaonian was driving, his eyes were a little sour, and he said, "what you promised me, no longer affecting innocent people, I would like to stay with you."

"I didn't promise!" Gong Ou's voice would like to shatter her eardrum.

On the empty road, cars sped by.


When Xiaonian thought about it, yes, he didn't promise it himself, but he acquiesced, didn't he?

"Even if I agreed, he would like to be innocent? What a joke! " Gong Ou yells at her, "or do you stay by my side to admire qianchu?"

"Otherwise, is there any other reason?" When Xiaonian thought of the tone when he said her superficiality outside the door, he could not help sneering, "you know it, don't you, otherwise, you won't deliberately hide it from me until now."

"When reading! How dare you say that again! " Gong Ou screamed out.

This, he said in the daytime, what she said at that time was whether she could accompany her.

"You can hear it several times." When Xiaonian said coldly, "Gong ou, you are pretentious and hypocritical. I just stay by your side for the sake of looking forward to the future. Since you still don't let him go, I don't need to stay."

"When I read it!"

Gong Ou roars wildly. The whole person seems to be completely mad.


When Xiaonian continues to drive, she looks in the rearview mirror and there is a rush of lights.

Her heart sank.

I didn't expect Gong ou to catch up so soon.

"When reading! You stop right now! Otherwise, if I catch you, I will break your legs! " Gong Ou yells at her on the phone in a frenzied voice.

When small read bitterly smile, "then come."

As he said this, Xiaonian stepped on the accelerator, galloped forward and pulled away.

"You slow me down, are you crazy?" Gong Ou roars out in a frenzy.

She also gave him speed up, not to death!

"Gong ou, you always let me remember this and that. I also want to remember a sentence today." When small read bitterly said, "if I am mad, must be forced by you!"

She had changed her mind about him.

She was moved to think about their future. She even wanted to ask him not to marry, because her heart had shaken

But she didn't expect that he would do such a thing behind her. He wanted to make her die. He coaxed her so that she wouldn't rebound from her.

How could he do that?

He really loves her. How could he be so conceited that she would definitely follow his chess game.

"When I read it!" Gong Ou shouts at her.

"Gong ou, are all people puppets in your eyes? Can you play with them? I'm not your chess piece. I have my own ideas. "

After Shi Xiaonian finished, hang up the phone.

Gong Ou's call came in again.

This time, she didn't pick it up. Instead, she stepped on the accelerator and rushed forward.

She can't let muqianchu fail because of her, she must save muqianchu!

When Xiaonian wanted to step down the accelerator, she drove so crazy that she almost hit a tree several times and was dodged by her in a sharp corner on the open road.

Gong Ou keeps dialing in.

She didn't pick it up. Looking in the rearview mirror, she suddenly saw that the light chasing behind was getting farther and farther

Did Gong Ou give up chasing?

When Xiaonian ran for a while, she could not see any more light in the rearview mirror, so she slowed down slowly.

A message is coming from Gong Ou when I bump into my mobile phone! You slow me down! If you dare to lose one hair, I'll chop mu qianchu and feed him to the dog!

When Xiaonian looked at this message, her heart was stabbed.

He is worried about her safety.

Would rather let her leave, also no longer pursue.

He gave up chasing her.

But if he really cares about her, why should he do such a thing? She clearly has no contact with mu qianchu. He has to do such a thing

When Xiaonian buckled his cell phone, he didn't let himself think about it any more and drove on.

At the moment, all she has to do is make sure the signing ceremony doesn't succeed.

After a long time, Xia Bian's call came in. She pressed to connect and drove on.

"Xiaonian, I can't. My husband and I ran to the port of heaven and the Murphy group. The security guard stopped me from entering. It's useless." Xia Bian sighed.

When small read a listen to anxiously rise, "you didn't let the security guard announce one?"? Don't you know why? "

Then, Xiaonian heard Xia Bian's husband's weak voice ring out, "Xia Yu's violent temper, after two words, she won't let others talk, so she started. As a result, they called the police. Now we are in the police station."

"Are you all right?"

He asked nervously.

"It's OK. It's a small matter. You can't leave until tomorrow afternoon. I'm afraid I can't help you." Xia Bian said with some regret.

"It's impossible. You should worry about it yourself."

"It's about admiring the prince..."

"I'm almost in s now. I'll see if I can make it." Shi Xiaonian said, fortunately, she didn't put all the bets on Xia Bian. She asked again, "by the way, where do they sign the contract?"

"It's in the meeting hall of the Mu's building. At this moment, the rehearsal has been opened. They are strictly against foreign elements, so we will be blocked outside." Xia Bian is helpless.

"I see. I'll see to it."

I hung up and drove into s city.

At this time, it was daylight.

There is a touch of white in the East.

As the sky began to light up, there were more and more vehicles in the city. Xiao Nian tried to drive on the road with less traffic lights.

Time seems to be running faster than her.

She drove until she was sweating. I don't know if she was tired or anxious.

Xiaonian stops in a red light area.

She looks to the time, time is more and more insufficient, according to this, she certainly can't catch up to the signing site.

When Xiaonian looked at the road in front of him, he took a look left and right, then stepped on the accelerator, recklessly rushed through the red light, and drove on frantically.

She ran the red light in a row.

It's strange that the road is not smooth at the beginning, but the more you drive, the less vehicles there are on the road. There is almost no car on some busy roads

When Xiaonian was confused, he drove on and finally arrived outside the Mu group at 8:20.

There are already too many people outside the group, a large number of cameras, a large number of journalists, and a large number of shareholders.

On the big screen outside the group is the trend of stocks, which are rising.

The shareholders cheered and talked about signing the contract for a while. They were sure that the stock would go higher.


False appearance.

It's all fake. It's Gong Ou's trap.

When Xiaonian recklessly ran in, the security outside the group was several times more than usual, and heavy security stopped her, "no entry, are you a reporter, do you have an interview license?"

"I have something urgent to see about signing today."

When small read anxiously said, want to rush in to be stopped by two security guards.

"No, it's not a reporter, let alone a reporter."

Security pushed her away.

When Xiaonian couldn't get in at all, he was too anxious.

All of a sudden, there was a cheering outside. When Xiaonian turned around, he followed the public's line of sight and looked at the LED large screen of the Mu group building.

I can only see the picture of signing now on the air.

Mu qianchu in a silver grey suit and a foreigner are shaking hands and walking to the signing table.

Mu qianchu looks thin and pale. He can't cover up his illness even if he tries hard to get up his spirits How could he be like this.

Is it all her fault?

If she had left Gong Ou before he came to the amusement park, he would not have been like this.

Everyone is cheering.

At the signing site, someone is explaining the significance of the signing and talking about the future

When Xiaonian was out crying.

Suddenly I saw a security guard talking about something with the walkie talkie. A security guard's walkie talkie beside her sounded, "is everything normal outside?"

The sound effect is very good.

The security guard immediately took out his walkie talkie and said, "it's all right."

When Xiaonian turned her eyes, then she grabbed the walkie talkie recklessly while the security guard was unprepared. She shouted at the walkie talkie, "don't sign! Don't sign the contract! "

"Hello! What are you doing? "

The security guard came up to grab it.

When Xiaonian ran away, he looked at the large LED screen as he ran. The security guard at the signing site just looked puzzled and pressed the headset.

The security guard at the signing site listened to it with earphones. How could it be like this

When Xiaonian looked at the big screen with some frustration, he saw the signing scene, and the Secretary had already started to issue contracts to Mu qianchu and foreigners.

"Return the walkie talkie to me!"

Security catch up.

When Xiaonian was holding on to her, the security guard could not take her for anything but scold her incessantly.

When Xiaonian looked around, he suddenly saw that the shareholders were boiling and making a lot of noise. A staff member took the speaker and told everyone to be quiet.


As soon as he saw the light, Xiao Nian rushed over, grabbed the speaker like a madman, and then shouted at the walkie talkie, "don't sign! Don't sign it! "

The voice that came out of the horn was almost loud and clear, and everyone looked at her in a daze.

When small reads desperately to shout, looks to sign the spot.

The whole security guard was shocked, as if his eardrum had been cracked. He took off his earphone in a hurry and let the amplification ring in confusion. When the quiet signing scene rang, Xiaonian was hoarse to hoarse, "moqianchu, don't sign! Never sign! "

The whole signing scene was startled.

Everyone looked at the security guard in dismay.

The security guard turned off the intercom immediately.

Mu qianchu is sitting at the signing table. His long white hands have pulled out the pen cover. Hearing the sound, he looks pale and stagnant.

When Xiaonian left his walkie talkie and loudspeaker and stared at the big screen.

Don't sign, don't sign

Do not sign or step on the trap.

Trust her, trust her.

Mu qianchu sat there still motionless, still holding a pen in his hand, and the foreigner on the side indicated that he could sign a contract, but mu qianchu still did not move.