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Chapter 934 watch him go

"Young master?"

Feng de looks up at Gong ou.

Gong Ou is just like waking up. Her eyes turn and she says coldly, "if there's nothing to check, go and check."

"Yes, sir."

Fengde replied.

Gong Ou looks at the mirror in front of him. His pupils are red as if they were dyed. There is no expression on his handsome face.

For a while, Gong Ou turns slowly.


When Xiaonian looks at him stupidly, don't turn around, just look at her.

Gong Ou turns around expressionless, like a slow down camera, and sends all despair to Shi Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian shouted at the top of his voice, "Gong Ou! It's me, I was a little read! Here I Am. Gong Ou! "

Gong ou.

She's here. She's here.

When Xiaonian excitedly pounced on the glass, stretched out his fist and smashed it hard. Then again and again, the glass was firmly embedded in the wall.

Red blood flowed from the glass, shocking.

When Xiaonian stood there and watched Gong Ou slowly turn around in front of her. She smashed the glass, but there was no sound.

"Gong Ou! Gong Ou! "

When Xiaonian smashed the glass and shouted to despair.

Don't go.

Please don't go.

Gong Ou goes away in her sight. When Xiaonian turns her eyes to the closed door, she rushes to it recklessly and pulls the door handle crazily.

Several foreigners seized her quickly, and Xiao Nian raised his legs as hard as he could and kicked her hard at the door, shouting, "Gong Ou! Gong Ou! "

"What he can't hear, dead heart!" Said a foreigner, holding her arm tightly.

"Gong Ou! Gong Ou! "

His voice grew hoarse and desperate. His struggling hands were bloodstained and dragged away from the door.

A little away.

Just now Gong Ou is so close to her that she can hardly reach 50 centimeters.

He looked at her, she thought he could, but in the end he left her only the back.

This desperation almost engulfs me.

She stepped into the trap. She asked two young children to follow her. She couldn't deliver the news. She couldn't call Gong ou to save them.

She hurt everyone she cared about.

When Xiaonian was dragged to the front of the glass again, she looked up and saw that all the people followed Gong Ou step by step to leave. He stood at the front of the crowd and walked without hesitation.

That's how he left.

I'm sorry, Gong ou. I'm sorry.

She's got him in trouble again. It's a big problem.

When Xiaonian desperately struggled to open the confinement of several foreigners, rushed to the whole person and leaned against the half body glass frame, raised his fist full of blood and knocked on it, the whole person fell into guilt and despair, "I'm sorry, Gong ou..."

She looked through the glass at the familiar figure farther and farther away from her.

Until it disappears.

"Gong ou..."

When Xiaonian leaned painfully against the glass, which was half bloodstained.

"Gong ou and the police have visited here. It's impossible to come again. I don't need to be too formal in my orders, but don't be too lax. " A leading foreigner said to his side.

"I see."

When Xiaonian was forcibly dragged away by them, she exhausted all her strength, even the strength to walk, and her feet were dragged on the smooth floor.

She was thrown back into the room.

Gong Yao is awake. Seeing her in such a mess, she is stunned. Her eyes fall on her red hands.

When Xiaonian saw this, he quickly put his hands behind him. Gong Yao immediately slipped down from the bed, walked behind her, and looked steadily at her, "have you been beaten by them?"


When Xiaonian didn't want to tell his son what he had just experienced, it was a scene that he thought he stepped on the cloud and then fell down.

The figure of Gong Ou's turning back is so resolute, like a sculpture knife, which is carved on her bones.

Pain to the heart.

"Wash your hands." Gong Yao pushes her.

"No, keep sleeping."

Shi Xiaonian said, the voice is dumb, as if the throat has been crushed by life.

"No, wash your hands." Gong Yao stubbornly pushes her into the bathroom and stands on tiptoe to drain water for her.

The water column rushed down towards her bright red hands and hit the wound severely. Xiaonian's hands were so painful that he could not help shaking and his face was white.

Gong Yao looks at her so quickly, and the black pupil looks at her anxiously, "is it better?"

"Well, much better."

When Xiaonian nods his head hard, he dare not let Gong Yao down. He tries to bear the pain and wash the blood on his hand.

After washing her hands, Gong Yao can't find anything to wrap her, so she takes two towels to wrap her hands layer by layer. The white towel covers the scarred hands, and it's like she hasn't been hurt before.

"Thank you, holy."

When Xiaonian looked at him and said, Gong Yao's understanding made her feel helpless.

"You go to bed."

Gong Yao helped her up and said, when Xiao Nian stood up hard, suddenly, Gong Kui, who had been sleeping well, suddenly screamed, "ah, go away! Go away! Go away! Ah! "Ah!"

When Xiaonian hurriedly rushed to the bedside, only to see Gong Kui still closed his eyes, like a nightmare, two little hands desperately scratched in the air, the voice full of fear.

"Xiaokui, I'm mom. Don't be afraid. It's OK. It's OK." When Xiaonian hurriedly shakes the wrapped towel, taps Gong Kui gently, and says in a hoarse voice, "don't worry, Xiao Kui, shall we go out to play, go to the playground, where there are many fun, right?"


Gong Kui's voice gradually diminished.

Seeing that it works, Xiaonian sat beside the bed and continued, "there is still a lot of sugar. Can mom buy you some? What would you like to eat, or lollipops? How about buying them all. "

In her voice, Gong Kui gradually calmed down and continued to sleep.

When Xiaonian breathed a sigh of relief, she put Gong Kui's little hand into the quilt. It was cold without any temperature.

She sat there, looked at Gong Kui and Gong Yao's little face, and the guilt tormented her again.

She made the mistake by herself, but she wanted her children to be punished.

She is really not a good mother, not a good wife.

Gong Ou falls in love with her, which is definitely the biggest mistake of her life.

She is just a fool to die.

She looked at two young children and leaned powerlessly on the head of the bed. If she could not avoid this robbery this time, what would be her face if she died?


Gong Yao sits on the other side of the sunflower and reads.

He's young, but he's smart. He can see that Xiaonian can't stand it.

“holy。” When Xiaonian didn't dare to see Gong Yao's eyes, he sat there looking at the strange room and said in a hoarse low voice, "if you have the chance to come again, you must not choose me to be a mother again."

She's not good.

It's really not good.

"Don't be sad." Gong Yao looks at her and says that he has only one sentence. He doesn't know what else he can say to Shi Xiaonian.

"Well, it's not sad. There must be hope, right?" When Xiaonian tried his best to see Gong Yao's dark pupils, he told a lie with no foundation. "Dad is invincible, he will come to save us."

"He's very good."

Gong Yao seldom praises Gong Ou so directly.

"That's right, so we should rest assured. I'm tired. Go to sleep. Go to sleep together." Shi Xiaonian said, "when we get home, we'll go to Beibu Gulf."


Gong Yao didn't know what to do to make shixiaonian feel better. He could only do as he was told. He opened the quilt and lay down.

When Xiaonian covered his bed and lay down on one side, the wound on her hand made her fingers tremble. She didn't feel sleepy and couldn't sleep at all.

She turned and looked at the two children with their eyes closed.

Go to sleep.

Even if she can't survive the robbery, she will protect their last journey with her own body.

This is probably the only thing she can do.


Minutes and seconds passed, and the clock at the head of the bed crossed nine o'clock at night.

Both children fell asleep. There was a pile of snacks and fast food on the tea table in the room. No one picked them up.

When Xiaonian lies on the bed and looks at the ceiling empty with his eyes open. He is not sleepy.

She thinks what Gong Ou is doing now, and those red eyes are always in her mind; she thinks that Feng De is very anxious now, and his eyes are full of blood when she sees them today.

She broke everyone's heart for her.

If she could, at this moment, she really wanted to die, so that she would not drag Gong ou.

Lancaster could not hold the weakness of Gong ou.

But I can't. the two children are still by her side. No matter how small her strength is, she has to protect them. But when can she protect them?


The door was suddenly kicked out.

When Xiaonian sat up sensitively from the bed, her stomach hurt a little. She turned her eyes to look at the door, only to see a few figures rushing in. There was a little night light on her hand in the dark, which was not clear.

Until she got a cold thing on her neck.

It's a gun.

"Get up and go! Hurry up! "

It's not standard Chinese. It should be one of the foreigners she met during the day, and she deliberately lowered her voice.

Finish saying, have a few hands to lift the quilt savagely, grab two children in deep sleep, Gong Yao is to wake up immediately, a pair of black pupil is looking at in the dark.

"You don't touch my children." "What do you want to do?" he cried out excitedly

"Ma's, it's found here. We're going to take you to transfer it immediately! Hurry up! "

The foreigners dragged them out of the bed, and the muzzle of the gun stuck to her neck.

"Don't hurt my child."

When Xiaonian was pushed forward, his eyes turned, and he was pushed forward in the dark.

It's found here.

Is it Gong Ou? Gong Ou must have sent someone.

Yes, he's so smart. He must have come to help Lancaster.

Then she should wait until the rescue.

There was a spark of hope in her heart.

When Xiaonian thought about being pushed into a dark passage, the light could not see the end, so he should have set up an escape passage at the beginning of its establishment.