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Chapter 1060 hundred year cooperation plan

Because of this, George likes this daughter so much and does everything for her, which shows that although George is an ambitious man, he has a strong desire for feelings in his bones, which is strong enough to cover everything. .


"Bit is also very smart, especially gifted, but George didn't see his talent because of his exile and abuse for so many years." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Wonderful." Gong Ou praised her, and then said, "is it all right? We are ready to go home."

We are going home.

The deep magnetic voice rings gently at Xiaonian's ear, and the flowers on the tree slowly fall down.

The breeze comes slowly, which drives the fragrance of flowers in the air.

The little pumpkin in the shaker suddenly woke up, pulled his little mouth to make a sound similar to laughter, saliva flowed down from the corner of his mouth, and his eyes were particularly bright looking at them.

At that moment, Xiaonian suddenly felt extra warm, so warm that she wanted to draw this scene and treasure it forever.


Under the control of palace bodyguards, Enid had no chance to die. She didn't eat three meals. She could only hang by nutrient solution. She was thin, which made her lose shape badly.

The good news came on the last day of the three-day deadline. The Lancaster family decided to develop nearly ten mines with the palace family. In a sense, this behavior was Lancaster's surrender.

When George was a man, Xiaonian didn't know how to judge him, but he had some fatalistic taste for Enid, so he decided to surrender.

When the news came, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The bodyguards sacrificed their brothers outside the courtyard.

Feng De is busy going in and out by himself. He wants to create several parts to use together. At this moment, he takes the document and goes to Gong ou.

In the temporary gym, Gong Ou is carrying out some simple rehabilitation activities under the instruction of the doctor. He can't attend the press conference as a wheelchair.

"Gong ou, don't force yourself too much. Come back after a rest." When small read some heartache Gong Ou this way, a little simple activities he also did sweat dripping.

"I'm fine."

Gong Ou said in a deep voice, continuing to do rehabilitation activities.

"Young master, the address has been fixed. We will hold a press conference in the government building of District 13." Feng de hurried in from the outside and handed the document to Gong ou. "The news of joint development of mineral resources has been sent out. According to the young master, Lancaster made a special mention of the words he had made since then when he sent the official news, and talked about the Centennial cooperation plan in the future. Now it's a big uproar outside."

Don't you make a noise? When it comes to the 100 year cooperation plan, it is clear that Gong ou will take advantage of the George family for 100 years.

It's insidious.

When Xiaonian stood by and thought to himself, Gong Ou took over the document and turned over two pages. He said coldly, "you can arrange these things."

"Yes, sir." Feng de smiled and nodded, "as for the clothes for the conference, my wife arranged her own team. As for the security work on that day, the two families and the government jointly completed it, and the palace family accounted for 60% of the total staff. "

It was also George's compromise.

This time, George surrendered completely for the beauty.


Gong Ou answered with indifference, and continued to step on the sports machine. His brow was tight, and sweat appeared on his handsome face.

When Xiaonian held up a towel to wipe his sweat, he said softly, "the news is out, I believe that my brother will come back soon."

Gong Yu left to help find bith. It's good news that he hasn't heard from him. He should still have everything in his hands.

Seeing the news, Gong Yu will know that everything has been solved.

Hearing this, Gong Ou's eyes flashed a light, looked down at her, and heard that George's lips, which were not moved by his surrender, slowly drew up a arc.

He lowered his head to make it easier for shixiaonian to wipe his sweat. He rubbed her towel.

"I've got a sense. You don't have to worry."

Gong Ou didn't mention it, but shixiaonian knew that he was most worried about Gong Yu.

"I don't worry about him. I have a lot to do." Gongou cold tunnel.

Don't worry about the smile on his lips?

When Xiaonian didn't tear him down, he just accompanied him to do rehabilitation quietly. "It's hard. I'll do more for lunch later. It's more than usual."

President Gong's eyes are brighter.

She is so happy to hear how much she eats. She doesn't understand the world of the king of stomachache.

When small reads helplessly and laughingly shakes his head.

At noon, when Xiaonian was on time to prepare a full table of dishes, she used almost all of her cooking skills. She was in a good mood and even made dishes very fast.

She hasn't had such an easy time for a long time. It seems that it's just from the honeymoon that they started to rob each other. Now it's finally over.

When Xiaonian brought the last soup to the table, Gong Ou had already sat down at the table with his ears covered by thunder, picked up the chopsticks and started.

She quickly pressed his hand. "What are you in a hurry? Wait a minute."

"If you wait, it will be cold."

Gong Ou is dissatisfied with the tunnel. It's a long time since he has eaten the dishes she made by herself.

When Xiaonian took away his chopsticks, looked up at Fengde, who was busy in and out, and said loudly, "father, come and have lunch."


Feng de Leng is there, subconsciously looking at Gong Ou's face.

Gong Ou stares at Shi Xiaonian displeased, "what do you want him to do? There are not many dishes."

There are not many dishes at a table. Does he really want to eat them all by himself? If it wasn't for the small table, she would have called all the bodyguards and the staff to reward them.

"You can't finish." When Xiaonian smiled and looked at Fengde, "my adoptive father will come and sit down soon, and then he will eat all of them."

"When I read it!"

Gong Ou's face was full of anger, but he had nothing to do with her.

"Well then."

Feng Deben wanted to leave. When he saw Xiaonian, he had to compromise. He pulled out his chair and sat down at the dinner table. As soon as he sat down, an empty plate was thrown in front of him.

Feng de looks at Gong ou. Gong Ou picks up a plate of stir fried vegetables, takes the chopsticks and dials two chopsticks into the empty plate in front of him. He looks solemn and says, "eat."

It's obvious that he can eat these chopsticks to stir fry vegetables.

"Gong ou..." When I was young, I couldn't stand Gong ou.

Gong Ou said seriously, "he has enough to eat. His stomach is small."


"Xiaonian, I really have enough. My stomach is really small, young master knows." Feng De is also seriously round Gong Ou's words, the guardian is too obvious.


One is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer. What else can Xiaonian say.

At this time, bit came out of the room and went to them, "shixiaonian, you want to find me?"

"Yes, come on, sit down and have a meal. Today, I cook myself and taste my craft." When Xiaonian waved to him with a smile, there was heartache in his eyes.

Bit lived in ignorance all the time, and Enid didn't pay much attention to him. The smart young man became more and more reticent these three days. He couldn't talk with her for two words. Such a person lived like a walking corpse, which made her sad.

But she can't bear to tell him the truth, which will only make his world more gray.

When he heard this, bit was stunned for a while. Then he and Feng de reacted the same way. He looked directly at Gong ou and observed his reaction.

Gong Ou sat there, his long fingers pinching the chopsticks tightly. He pinched them so tightly that the green tendons burst out.

The next second, can only "pa" a, chopsticks in the palace ou that good-looking hands broken into two.

Feng de sat upright and didn't dare to breathe loudly.

It's not going to be bitin 'or bitout' standing there.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, who was stingy, and was about to persuade him, he saw that Gong Ou slapped the broken chopsticks on the table and said in a deep voice, "what else are you doing standing there? Shall we all wait for you to eat alone? "

As soon as the words came out, Feng de looked at Gong Ou in surprise.

The young master is not satisfied even when he sits down. He even agrees with bith to sit down. When is his status as a housekeeper inferior to that of a child?

Thinking of this, Feng de suddenly has his own sorrow that is no longer important.

Bit didn't react for a while. When Xiaonian pulled him to the dinner table, he sat down and cared about the tunnel. "I don't think you have a good meal these two days. Eat more today."

Then, Gong Ou put a plate of golden shrimp and a plate of fried spareribs in front of bit.

Feng de looks at the two chopsticks fried vegetables in front of him, and he is even more sad.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou with a funny look, Gong Ou doesn't like bit all the time, but he has obviously tolerated a lot since he knew the truth.

It's also true that Gong Ou always thinks his father is not good, but Gong Fu is too eager to let his brothers grow up, so he doesn't break the means, but George is completely abusing bit, exile and bloodline attack, which is a fatal attack on the growth of any child.


Seeing Xiaonian, Gong Ou coughs, grabs the chopsticks Feng Degang picked up and starts eating.


Feng De is so sad.

When Xiaonian saw this, he had to add a pair of new chopsticks to Feng De, and then sat down beside Gong ou and said, "eat, and eat these dishes at will."

Don't listen to Gong ou.

Gong Ou gave her a vicious look, and then the speed of eating increased.

Bit ate silently with a bowl in his hand. He didn't know how to use chopsticks very well. He ate slowly. His young face was supposed to be full of smiles, but he was all worried.

Maybe it was his mother's suicide that brought him too much shadow, and he could not get the truth, so he was kept in the dark.

"Bit, after this press conference, would you like to play with us for a while?" Asked shixiaonian.

Bit looked up at her, and there was a ray of longing in her eyes.

Gong Ou is dissatisfied, but he doesn't say anything. He continues to speed up his lunch.

"I have two more children. Would you like to meet me?" Xiaonian said with a smile, waiting for his answer.

Bi twists his chopsticks and looks at her with blue eyes. "Come home with you?"