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Chapter 22

Chapter 22 - Three Days in the Forest

"Young Master."

When Feng De walked in, Xie Linlin and the others only glanced at him in disdain.

Feng De could not help but shake his head, this was the biggest difference between Shi Xiaonian and the lady beside him.

The women by the young master's side were not stupid, they all wanted to climb up one step to the sky, all to curry favor with the young master. When they used their full strength, they could not help but reveal their true side to their subordinates.

Unlike Shi Xiaonian, they were very polite and cultured to their servants.


Gong Ou replied lazily as he received the cocktail from Xie Linlin.

"Young Master." Feng De walked forward, "Young Master, was what you did to the Miss Shi too harsh?"

"Feng De, it seems that you are unable to even do the < Steward's Morality > that you have spent your entire life writing." Gong Ou looked at him unhappily.

Feng De lowered his head, and said respectfully: "I am precisely worried for Young Master, isn't what Young Master wants a child? "What if the Miss Shi can't hold out …"

The news of the child sank to the bottom of the sea.

"That's because I was too lenient towards her. When she tasted the feeling of imminent death, she would know that she had let go." Gong Ou was very confident.

"What if …"

"If there's no chance, get out! All of you get out!"

Gong Ou didn't want to listen to anymore, so he threw the cocktail in his hand out in annoyance.

The exquisite wine cup shattered, reflecting countless fragments of light …

Gong Ou was furious. Xie Linlin and the others looked at each other, glared at Feng De, the main culprit, and left unwillingly. Feng De also left.

Only Gong Ou was left in the resting room.

He stared straight at the sea of trees on the screen, looking at Shi Xiaonian's back that kept walking deeper and deeper, slim, pale, like a ghost …

The sunlight shining through the gaps between the green leaves shined onto her body, causing her to look even paler. It was as if no matter what, it couldn't reach the bottom of her heart, and it couldn't warm her in the slightest.

Truly capable.

Feng De was the steward who had been awarded the highest level medal, he would always remember his identity, never speak a word, and now he was actually begging for mercy for the sake of a pretentious woman …

Damn it.

It was all because of this woman. It was because of this woman who dared to mock him, telling him to take medicine!

I should have taught her a lesson.

Gong Ou's eyes shone with a cold light, his fingers quickly moved on the vibrator, and quickly adjusted the hidden surveillance cameras in various parts of the forest to watch the scene in front of Shi Xiaonian.

In the picture, Shi Xiaonian walked forward expressionlessly, step by step. Her long hair fell onto her shoulders, the leaves behind her fluttered, the tree shadows were mottled, and the green leaves floated around her like lake water, making her look like an elf …

Gong Ou hated to think that she was beautiful even at a time like this.

Abruptly, Shi Xiaonian raised her eyes slightly and looked forward, colliding right into the position of the hidden camera, as if she was staring at him through the screen …

That pale but beautiful face, that pair of black and white clear eyes, hollow to the point of having no soul, empty to the point of … Sad.

It seemed like he needed someone to protect him.

"Pa ~ ~"

The control hand in his hand swung down.

Gong Ou stared straight at the big screen, his heart suddenly tightened, as though a hand was grabbing tightly onto him, making him unable to breathe.

On the first day of the forest.

Shi Xiaonian stepped on the grass as she moved forward, she looked at the big trees that were as high as the clouds, the sunlight shone down from above and landed in front of her.

Was this the last image she saw of the world?

The Forest of Longevity.

It seemed a good ending for someone who had never been cared for and believed.

She walked to a slightly larger clearing. On the ground, there was a big tree. For some reason, it was broken, so there was only a circle of rings left …

Shi Xiaonian sat down on the broken tree, a stack of white Draw in her hands.

Feng De forced this onto her. He believed that since she was a Cartoonist, she must be extremely fond of drawing.

Shi Xiaonian placed the Draw on her knees, holding onto the pencil, he didn't know how to draw the brush.

She still remembered her first time drawing a character, and the model was Mu Qianchu.

At that time, he was still an unhappy little blind guy. He only followed behind her and liked to hold her hand …

"minuscule thought, draw me better."

"No matter how Qian Chuchu paints it, it's still beautiful. You're the most beautiful."

"Beautiful is used to describe girls …" I really want to see what you make of me. "

"When I see it, why don't you marry me?"

Shi Xiaonian lowered her head and looked at the empty Draw, continuously hearing the youth's voice. She had said again and again that he wanted to marry her.

She had forgotten if she had agreed.

But she clearly remembered that in the attic of her hometown, the boy was standing at the window, blowing the wind.

His beautiful eyes stared in her direction without focus as he said seriously, "Father is afraid that if I were to be exposed and lose face, he would put me in your house. No one else would like me and would think that I'm a blind person who is in the way … minuscule thought, you must always stay by my side. "

At that time, Mu Qianchu had also said, "If you weren't here, even if I saw the entire world, I wouldn't know where to go."

A youth who was once afraid that she wouldn't be here and didn't know where she was going … He had completely forgotten about her.

Only he would not come to her.

A drop of water fell onto the pure white Draw and made it faint.

Shi Xiaonian blinked his eyes, reached out to wipe the tears at the corner of his eyes, then laughed self-deprecatingly.

It was said that when a person died, they would recall their memories. It seemed like her life wasn't too far away from its end …

"Swish, swish …"

She quickly drew a line on the Draw s and drew out the image of the youth in the pavilion. The glimmer of tears in her eyes became the image of a youth's …

The second day in the forest.

Shi Xiaonian, who had not eaten or drank for a whole day, was feeling extremely hungry.

Waves of pain came from his stomach.

She was already feeling despair and numbness, but she still instinctively drank the dew on the leaves … As soon as she touched it, bodyguards rushed in to warn her not to touch it.

She could not enter anything, not even a drop of dew, not even a leaf.

They watched her all the time, they wanted to starve her to death …

Gong Ou was ruthless enough, fine, dying a little faster could reduce the pain a little.

She sat on the ground, leaning against a broken tree. Her long skirt was dirty, so she didn't care.

She looked at the towering trees in front of her, and started to recall the past few years where she had betrayed her loved ones for Mu Qianchu.

In everyone's eyes, she was merely Mu Qianchu's playmate when he was young. Everyone thought that she shouldn't have deprived her little sister of her happiness, so they repeatedly pestered him …

"Even if you and Qianchu were to get back together, it would only be a matter of children. Now that he's grown up, even if he doesn't lose his memories, he still knows that he wants your sister!"

Mother said, "minuscule thought, I wish I had never adopted you. "You can leave, and don't come back in the future except for the new year."

Don't go back.

In the future, even if it was the new year, she wouldn't be able to go back.

She thought, if she really disappeared like this, everyone would let out a sigh of relief …

On the balcony of the forest outside, Gong Ou was leaning on a white balcony, bathing in the bright sunlight. He pressed the earpiece in his ear with one hand and said, "You can arrange for a director to go to the press conference after the acquisition, don't bother me anymore."

After talking about his subordinates, Gong Ou hung up and looked in the direction of the forest.

Lowering his head, he held in his hand a tablet computer that possessed the first technology. The computer on his hand was impressively showing the scene in the forest.

Shi Xiaonian sat in front of the broken tree, not caring if the grass was dirty or not.

Dirty woman.

Gong Ou looked at the screen in disdain, but he did not turn it off.

Ever since Shi Xiaonian entered the forest, he had been staring at the surveillance, and didn't feel like she was acting like a peeping Tom.

In the forest, Draw s were scattered all over the ground.

Sunlight fell from the mottled leaves and shattered into streaks of vertical light. When these rays fell upon her slightly dirty long skirt, it was exceptionally beautiful.

She did not sleep the entire night, and continued to draw on the Draw.

Boring woman.

I knew I was going to do these things before I died.

Suddenly, Shi Xiaonian put down the pencil, and pressed a hand on her stomach, her face revealing an expression of unbearable pain.

He finally understood the pain. It seemed that he would be crying and begging soon.

Gong Ou frowned, he felt unexplainable unhappiness in his heart, and then closed the tablet computer, no longer looking at the scene above.

On the third day in the forest.

Shi Xiaonian did not beg for mercy either.

His body began to collapse bit by bit along with his mental strength. His stomach was already starved to the point of no feeling, and his lips were parched and wounded …

It was said that he would die without drinking water for three days.

Was she at the end of her life?

So tired …

The taste of waiting for death was not pleasant.

Her body slowly went limp as the Draw and pencil fell off her body. She laid on the ground with her head leaning against a broken tree. Her long hair was scattered messily …

Shi Xiaonian slightly opened her eyes. The light above her head kept on reflecting from different angles, sometimes transparent, sometimes multi-colored. Birds flew past, and the sound was crisp and clear …

How beautiful.

She was as beautiful as the sun when she stood in front of her house using her little cellophane. Then, Mu Qianchu, who was taller than her, appeared in her line of sight.

Such a dazzling youth.

Such dazzling sunlight.

Vaguely, she saw a blurry figure slowly walking towards her. It was a young man, smiling slightly as he passed his hand over to her. "minuscule thought, be my guide for walking around."

His smile was still beautiful, full of trust and reliance on her.

"Thousand Begins..."

She mouthed the name weakly, moving her dry lips.

No, Thousand Creations.

You've seen the whole world and you don't need me anymore.

"Thousand Begins... "Goodbye …"

She murmured, with all the helplessness and hopelessness, her long eyelashes quivering like wounded butterfly wings, very slowly.

Slowly, her eyes closed and closed.