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Chapter 497 back to China

The palace family's search is overwhelming, but a person disappeared for four years without any news, and even no one has seen similar figures. Do you want to deceive yourself.

When Xiaonian looked at Luo Qi, "madam, I thought you were waiting for him to come back."

Why should we judge death as soon as the four-year deadline comes, and why should we judge such facts.

As long as she can't see Gong Ou's body, she will think that he is still alive in her life, for some reason, living in a corner of the world.

"Do you think I'm refusing to wait?" Luo Qi looked at her and said, "four years ago, don't say that you've only spent one empty island of the Xi family's heritage. The palace family has devoted its manpower and material resources. The number of people in the family has been reduced, but there is still no whereabouts."

"He will come back."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"My husband said it two years ago. Now it's not looking. It's waiting." Luo Qi said, the voice is full of sadness, "if I didn't insist, he would have given up looking."


When small read hang eyes.

Now it's not looking, it's waiting. A more realistic sentence.

Four years to find a person to find numbness, the strength of the search has been reduced again and again, it is really only waiting.

"Are you still looking? I heard you decided to sell the island? "

Luo Qi asked her.

In recent years, they are all looking for people at the same time, when Xiaonian and Fengde almost consumed their personal assets.

Luo Qi is not unmoved by this.


She is looking for a buyer. Before her mother died, she left her a lot of personal heritage. Baisha islands is her last big asset.

"Stop. It's better to keep the money for the twins later than to spend it on vain search." Luo Qidun added, "besides, that's your last legacy. I don't think you are willing to sell it."

How can we give up.

But she can't stop looking. Once she stops, she will feel that she has subconsciously identified Gong Ou as dead. She doesn't want to.

Luo Qi's eyelashes were stained with tears. After stabilizing her mood for a long time, she said, "there have been frequent financial storms around the world in recent years. The impact on N.E is not small. It's stormy. Let it develop, and the money has been evaporating. It's not good to go on like this, so I'm anxious to make a death judgment for Gong ou. "


It turned out to be economic.

When Xiaonian is silent, she has no right to intervene. Gong Jue and Luo Qi are gong Ou's parents. They can take N.E back.

"After taking back N.E., we will not ask for the property, and we will share it equally among the twins." "You should be glad to hear that," said roach

At one time, she just wanted to keep the blood of the palace family in the palace family, instead of cultivating holly and sunflower according to the requirements of the heir of the palace family. Now, she only has the twins.

No matter what the background of the twin's mother is, she must be cultivated.

There should be no shortage of twins.

"I don't want two children to take on family responsibilities too early." When small read a way.

"This is called inheritance. Gong ou and you just don't understand this truth, so one is missing and one family is ruined."

Luo Qi said.

The strength of a person who is unwilling to rely on and bear the family is small.


When Xiaonian was pale.

It's uncomfortable to listen to anyone.

Luo Qi didn't mean to satirize Xiaonian when she said this. After all, four years have passed, and she has no hostility and aim at Xiaonian.

And sometimes, Luo Qi feels that there is only one person who can speak beside her.

Her husband has to manage many things. Servants and housekeepers can't fully understand her heart. Only when Xiao Nian has the same heart to Gong ou and twins. They have such a connection and have more common words.

She looked at Xiaonian's ugly face and understood her words. She coughed and said, "your shop is closed."

"I don't want to close it."

"N.E. will take it away soon."

"N.E. can't be here. My store will be there all the time."

When small read light tunnel, tone is very persistent.

"It's up to you." Luo Qi said, looked deeply when small read a eye, sighed a lot, finally again way, "Mona is getting married, you know?"

Small read nodded, "see the news, Miss Lancaster's wedding low-key not where to go, heard that the other family has the background of American politicians."


Luo Qi said, with a faint disdain.

Mona said in front of her that she had been secretly in love with Gong ou for five years. She didn't hate him and was willing to wait for him all the time. But in the past two years, Mona and the American man have been dating frequently, and now they are all going to get married.

When Xiaonian didn't say anything, he picked up the bag, took out a flat gift box and handed it to Luo Qi, "this is a new year's gift for you."

Every time when Xiao Nian came from China, he would bring her a gift.

Gifts are not particularly valuable, but each time a sign is written in one corner of the box: Gong ou.

When Xiao Nian was giving gifts to Gong ou, he was filial to Gong ou.

Luo Qi opens the gift box and folds a Chinese Peacock Green cheongsam inside. The soft texture and old color make her bright.

Luo Qi opens the cheongsam. A proud peacock is embroidered on the cheongsam. The embroidery is delicate and complicated. The peacock's eyes are a pair of gems. They are lifelike. It seems that the peacock will spread its wings.

"You painted the peacock template?"

Asked roach.


When small read answer.

"You are the most successful in this skill. You can't rush to paint. Do it well. In time, you will have your own achievements." Luo Qi put away her cheongsam with satisfaction and rarely appreciated her.

When Xiaonian sat there, he pulled his lips lightly.

"Pour Miss Xi a cup of black tea."

Said Luo Qi to the servant on the side.


The servant went down.

Luo Qi sat there and looked at the beautiful cheongsam with low eyes, dispelling some sadness about the determination of death. She looked at Xiaonian's clean and indifferent face.

In recent years, the expression of Shi Xiaonian has become more and more pale, and the whole wave is calm.

In addition to speaking of Gong ou, her mood will be a little excited, and she will always look light.

"Have you met the twins?" Luo Qi asked.

"Yes." When small read light tunnel, "they are learning."

"Holy's growing more and more like Gong ou." Referring to her grandson, Luo Qi added a smile on her face, "like Gong ou, he is gifted with intelligence and can learn everything at once. In the future, Gong family will be more brilliant in his hands."

At the age of five, Holly had already thought of inheriting the palace family.

The pressure at the palace family really began from childhood. In this way, Xiaonian became more firm in her belief of bringing twins back to China for the new year. She said, "madam, I want to bring twins back to China for the new year."

"What?" Luo Qi was holding up a cup to drink tea, when he was stunned, he thought he didn't hear clearly, "what do you say?"

"I want to take them to the outside world."

"It's not safe outside, no way." Luo Qi refused directly. She regarded twins as treasure in her palm. How could she allow them to encounter a little danger? "Besides, there are too many Chinese. Can you bear the responsibility if there are any accidents between two children?"

When Xiaonian was about to insist, he heard a sound of happy footsteps.

"Grandma, grandma!" Gong Kui has been eavesdropping on Luo Qi for a long time. When she refuses, she can't hold back. She rushes in with her skirt in her hands, climbs on the sofa and sticks it to Luo Qi. "Grandma, please let me go with holly. Children want to go out and play, or they will become nerds."

Luo Qi was amused and patted her head. "How can you be so unstable? Learn more from your brother. When Grandpa sees you, he will scold you again."

"So I prefer grandma." Kung Fu of Gong Kui's flattery is first-class.


Luo Qi laughs very happily, hugs the palace anemone to be reluctant to let go.

When Gong Kui hid in Luo Qi's arms, Xiaonian blinked. She had my expression on everything, and Xiaonian could not help smiling. She was allowed to go.


Two days later, Shi Xiaonian successfully took the twins on the plane to China.

Luo Qi originally didn't agree to let the twins leave. I don't know if Gong Kui is useful or what happened. After two days, Gong Jue and Luo Qi suddenly asked someone to send word to her and agreed that she would take the baby to leave together.

It's an unexpected harvest for shixiaonian. She was going to fight for a long time in the palace. She didn't expect to let people go so easily.

Time and lovely twins may have softened both old people, she thought.

On the plane, when Xiaonian turned his head, Gong Yao and Gong Kui fell asleep on their seats. Gong Yao's face was so full of innocence when he fell asleep. Gong Kui was drooling with his mouth open.

When Xiaonian stood up and walked over, he covered the fallen blanket with Gong Yao.

She squatted on the ground, quietly watching the two beautiful children.

That's good.

This time she was able to spend a week with the children, and they followed her to live in s city.

Gong ou, it's time for you to come back. If you don't come back, you will really miss the most childlike and happy time for the children.

At two o'clock in the morning, their plane arrived in s city.

In the early hours of the morning, the city of S is quiet, and the traffic on the road is quiet.

Feng de drives on the road and looks back in the rearview mirror. When Xiao Nian and two children are sitting in the back seat of the car, they are all asleep. There is fatigue between the eyes and eyebrows, but there is a smile on the corner of their lips.

For four years, it's hard to see Xiaonian so happy.

On the return flight, I even talked with him a lot more, and the child was indeed the angel who cured everything.

Fengde drives into the Science Park and stops opposite the N.E building.

This building is full of office buildings, only downstairs is a special gallery, which was opened by Xiao Nian.

She opened a gallery on the opposite side of N.E building. This area is not a downtown center. The flow of people is only white-collar elites working, so the business is very ordinary.