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Chapter 1016 relationship established successfully!

Shi Xiaonian goes into the kitchen.

Bith sat there, looking at the tired Swan Lake dance, and her eyes were at a loss. Why can she mock the noble life so frankly? Who doesn't want to be high?

Watching funny TV with noodles in your arms? That's just mean behavior.

When Xiaonian baked some bread and cake in the kitchen, the baby in her stomach was making a lot of noise all the time, she wiped the sweat on her head and took a deep breath.

Try to get back to bit as soon as possible.

When Xiaonian picked up the tray and found Mr palace, "I want to send bit some food. Please take me there."


R palace looks down, and then Xiaonian thinks that it's a good thing that bith didn't set any program for her to enter the research room. She also went to have a look at bith's working environment.

When Xiaonian followed Mr palace, in fact, she wondered why there was no Lancaster bodyguard in this place, only bith's servant, which she had to understand.

The closer he gets, the more familiar he feels. N.E's company is also a machine, with countless confusing codes.

There is a glass door in front of her. When Xiaonian looks in through the glass, bit is buried behind the computer. There are some instruments around her. They are clearly used to study robots.

When Xiaonian pushed open the door and went in, he tried to make a smile. "Little master, I've brought you a cake."

As he spoke, bit raised his head in surprise.

At that time, Xiaonian was also stunned. Instead of sitting behind the computer and working as she thought, bit was eating the plate of spaghetti she made. He was still biting a piece of spaghetti on his mouth. His blue eyes were blankly, innocent and embarrassed.

Eating spaghetti in front of a computer?

When Xiaonian remembered that she had been facing him, she couldn't help but smile. She was a child indeed. She seemed to be bound too much by the noble dogma. Suddenly she knew how to establish a good relationship.

Bith immediately put the spaghetti down, picked up the paper and wiped his mouth. He was unhappy and said, "I said let Mr palace deliver it. I thought you were a polite person."

Shi Xiaonian stood there for two seconds, then walked on and put the tray on the desk in front of him.

Bit saw that the cake's eyes were shining, then turned his head in disgust. "There's a small restaurant outside, let's go there."

When Xiaonian looked at his computer, it was the blue model and data of the robot. She lowered herself to hold the mouse.

"What are you going to do?"

Bit nervously tried to push her, hand in front of her stomach and subconsciously pulled it back.

"How can I eat these when I eat? Have you ever seen a funny show? " When xiaonianlian went online, he searched and found a Western funny program to play.

This program is very famous. She hasn't touched the computer TV for a long time. However, the maids of the palace are discussing this program recently. When they talk about it, they laugh, and she knows something.

"Don't touch my computer!"

Bith glares at her, grabs the mouse from her hand angrily to turn off the web page. Just about to turn off, he sees the comedian in the program jumping solemnly to the Swan Lake and suddenly sits on the ground, farting profusely

Bit opened his eyes in horror, as if seeing a new world.

Ten minutes later.

The glass door of the research room was pulled up, and there was a burst of unbridled laughter in the research room. Bith, wearing a valuable suit and shirt, slumped down on a leather chair, ate and laughed while holding a piece of cake, and the tears came out quickly.

"You see, how can this man be so vulgar and so fat? He's determined to suppress the water."

"Hahahaha! As soon as I see this man, I can't win. I also say that my makeup is pretty and ugly, OK? "

"How can there be such a person? It's really mean and funny. Look at his face Ha ha ha ha ha! "

When Xiaonian sat and watched bit, he laughed so much that he almost fell down on the chair. His suit was wrinkled and he didn't know it. He stared at the funny program on the computer without blinking his eyes. He was very happy and ate three pieces of cake unconsciously.

He looks like a child of ordinary people. A 16-year-old is always doing things with a sense of anger. Is he very tired?

In this way, Xiaonian said a few words with him. When someone accompanied him, bit was more happy.

In the next few days, the relationship between Shi Xiaonian and bit has been developing rapidly. Every time Mr palace looks for her, she takes the delicious cake and goes into bit's research room to watch various entertainment programs with him.

She now knows that bith has hardly seen any of these, not even TV series or movies. He was exiled by Lancaster, but he was severely educated to be a noble.

"Hahaha, this fool! Silly! How stupid, how stupid to be so funny! " In front of shixiaonian, bit has completely put down his shelf and is very relaxed to do something he has never dared to try before.

When Xiaonian stood there, took out a piece of paper and handed it to him. He said with a smile, "you are also very funny, don't you wipe your mouth?"

Looking at the paper in front of him, bit was stunned for a moment. He took the paper and wiped his mouth with shame and embarrassment. He looked at her and said, "is it really funny?"

"Funnier than that Farter." When I was young, I read straight.

In the past, bit must have felt insulted. I don't know why. Now he just feels fun and relaxed. He seems to have taken off his hard armor.

"I'll take it away after eating." Shi Xiaonian said, put the tray aside, carefully crumble some cakes scattered on the table, carefully wipe them, and check them again and again, leaving him a clean working environment for fear of making his work uncomfortable.

The maids would wipe it so carefully, but he swore that those people were only afraid of his anger and didn't care about him.

Bit looked at it, as if he had been suddenly caught by something. He looked up at Xiaonian's white face. Those black and white eyes were far less beautiful than those with blue eyes, but they just seemed to make people comfortable and want to indulge in it.

"You must be a good mother and wife." Bit's voice suddenly rings in the lab, "you deserve the best."

Smell speech, when small read want to carry tray hand to freeze, eyes are not acid, she blinked a few times forcefully, eyes a bleak.

"What's the matter with you?"

Bit asked, not noticing how much more concern he had in his voice, his brow furrowed with one of her little movements.

When Xiaonian stood there, looked down at her, smiled bitterly, "I left my children, my husband, I don't know when I can return to them, maybe never."

“……” Bit sat there, his eyes darkened. "Do you want me to let you go just to please me desperately?"

"I know that even if you let me go today, I may be caught tomorrow and used as a chip for your father's revenge." "The sad thing is not that I am trapped here, but that I don't know when the fight will end," he said in a low voice

"You shouldn't have killed Mona." Bit looked at her and said, "she is my father's favorite daughter and a pretty good sister. Of course, I know it's not your fault. "

When small read is a gentle good person, he knows.

"It's painful for anyone to protect their children." When Xiaonian stood there and said, "just like at the beginning, if Gong Ou doesn't kill people, our son will die."

Bith sat there, opinionated, "then he shouldn't have killed anyone. Mona is a good person. She is the only one of her brothers and sisters who will smile at me and invite me to her wedding."

It was only in the end that he was forbidden to participate. He was just a child of a servant.

"Bit, though the dead are great, the fault is not necessarily in the living." Shi Xiaonian said that he didn't intend to argue with bit. They were always on the opposite side.


Bit looks at her in silence.

"Anyway, nice to meet you." When Xiaonian smiled, "I was angry and scared to see you at first, but now I'm glad that I fell into your hands, and my baby and I can still live safely."


Bit's eyes shook and he kept looking at her in silence.

"I don't have a brother. If I have one, he must be as lovely as you." When small read jokingly said, "well, do not delay you to do business, I went out."

Finish saying, when small read to leave, turn around, her smile faded down, teeth bite lower lip, bite out a white.

She and bith have always stood out and don't know when they can communicate well.

"When - small - read."

Hard Chinese pronunciation suddenly sounded behind her. Three words seemed to be said by biting. It was very difficult.

When Xiaonian looked back a little perplexed, he saw bit standing in front of the computer, a pair of blue eyes looking at her deeply. "You can rest assured that I have won an independent space for myself. A thousand meters away is our family's bodyguard and also the person who is staring at me, but I am staring at it within this kilometer. Even if I fly over a bird, I can know it immediately, so you are safe."

When Xiaonian looked at him in a daze, she was Was the relationship successful?

"You strive for space for yourself, but you are not in the family position..." When small read voice is smaller and smaller, the final doubt is swallowed by her, can't bear to say directly.

Of course, bit knew what she was going to say, and his eyes were darkened to the extreme, "I'm in a low position, but my father has become in need of me since he found out that I have made achievements in science and technology. He won't push me too hard."

I see.

No wonder she has been here safe for so many days. She lives under the protection of a teenager.