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Chapter 822 Gong Yao is stimulated again

"How are you, Xiao Kui?"

Gong Yao rushed to her, pulled her up from the ground, bent down to pat the dust on her body, frowned, "is there any injury?"

"No, I fell down, hee hee." Gong Kui stood there with nothing on his face and smiled heartlessly at Gong Yao's nervous look. "I'm really fine, don't worry, you see me."

Gong Kui jumped happily for a few times. Gong Yao held her down and said, "don't move, it's so dirty."


Gong Kui stood still obediently. Gong Yao bent down to pat the dust off her body one by one. He scraped the dirt on her sleeve for a long time with his fingers.

LAN Xiaoqi stood in place and looked at the two of them, slowly lowering her head.

All of a sudden, the sun became a little dazzling.

The doll was thrown up and dropped again. The fine dust fell on it. It was very dirty.

The bouquet has also spread.

Fall to the ground.

As if withered for a moment, one petal fell there, covered with mud dust, one petal covered the eyes of the doll, it looked like a blind man.

The doll was abandoned.

Nobody wants a doll.

LAN Xiaoqi's little face suddenly turned pale. Gong Yao's voice about her sister came from her ear. Gradually, the voice changed in quality and taste.

"Because of you! Your mother died. Why don't you die? Why don't you go? "

"Go away! What are you doing here, believe it or not? I don't like you! I don't like you for a long time! "

"No one will like your kind of child. It's you. It's you! Your mother doesn't want you either! "

"Go away! Get out of here with your stuff! Take your doll with you! Take it all! I don't want to see you again! "

A lot of sound.

A lot of terrible voices.

No one likes her. Mom is dead. Why doesn't she die? No one likes her alive. No one will like her.

They hate her, they don't like her, they don't want her, they leave her.

Neither her nor dolls.

Lanxiaoqi looked at the dolls on the ground with a pale face. She bent down suddenly to pick up the dirty dolls and held them firmly in her arms. Her voice was tender and trembling, "not afraid, they don't want you, I want you."

I don't know if it's for dolls or for myself.

She held the doll in her arms, and there was a sharp laugh in her ear. She turned her head stiffly and saw Gong Yao still patting the earth on Gong Kui's body.

Gong Kui smiled innocently and reached out his fleshy fingers to poke Gong Yao's face. "Don't be so serious. It's scary. Like Mr. Smith, you smile and I promise I won't fall down again!"

Gong Yao stood aside, smelling the words, and his cold little face showed a smile.

"To show your teeth and smile, grandma said that the children who show their teeth and smile are the most lovely. You should be as lovely as me."

Gong Kui is still unsatisfied. She keeps tickling Gong Yao. Gong Yao ignores her. She simply reaches out to scratch Gong Yao's itch. Gong Yao pushes away her hand, but she doesn't resist it and laughs out, showing her white teeth. A small face is full of handsome.

The sun, suddenly become more dazzling.

It turned out that he would laugh so well. It turned out that he didn't like himself.

She doesn't like other people, neither does she, nobody.

Don't be seen, don't be seen.

The wind blows, the sea of flowers raises waves. Gong Yao is amused by Gong Kui. The smile of his brother and sister is more dazzling than that of the sun. Gong Kui goes to poke his brother. He is very close.

Suddenly, Gong Yao was pushed hard from the side.

He didn't guard against the whole person being pushed to fall to the ground. Gong Kui looked at LAN Xiaoqi, the culprit, in amazement. He saw LAN Xiaoqi standing there angrily, holding the doll tightly with one hand.

"What do you do to push people?"

Gong Kui looks at LAN Xiaoqi angrily.

LAN Xiaoqi's eyes stared at Gong Yao on the ground like a fire, and her little lips trembled. She pointed to Gong Yao and said, "who wants to play with you two ugly children! The thief who stole my doll! No bad children taught by their mothers! You should be thrown into the sea and drowned! "

“……” Gong Kui looked at LAN Xiaoqi in shock and cried out excitedly, "you wronged my brother again!"

Gong Yao's face was expressionless, and she stood up and was pushed down by LAN Xiaoqi. LAN Xiaoqi sneered and said, "my father said that you are a child without a mother. You don't deserve to be liked by a mother! Your mother certainly doesn't want you! "

Gong Yao is about to stand up.

"Pregnant you want to kill you! I didn't want you to be born. I'll throw you in the garbage can! No one wants you! No one wants bad children. Your mother must want to kill you! You are so ugly who will want you! "

Gong Yao's hand was clenched into a fist.

"Your mother has you because she is strong and sharp! She must want to kill you and make you bullied by many people! A child like you should die! Take the doll to death! Believe it or not, I'll shoot you for your mother! "

Cried LAN Xiaoqi, hysterical and twisted.


Gong Kui, who was loved and grew up in the palace, heard these words, some words she had never heard before. She was completely stunned and looked at LAN Xiaoqi foolishly.

At this moment, LAN Xiaoqi's face is twisted to be terrible, unlike a girl, like a terrible devil.

It's terrible.

It's terrible.

Gong Yao stands up from the ground. Seeing this, LAN Xiaoqi rushes to push Gong Yao fiercely like losing her mind. This time, Gong Yao doesn't have to give in, but she pushes LAN Xiaoqi back.


LAN Xiaoqi was pushed on the ground, still scolding him, "you should be abandoned and abandoned! You should die! No one will like you! Your mother won't like you, your father won't like you! Your mother doesn't want to give birth to you! "

Standing there, Gong Yao clenched his fists with his little hands. A pair of black pupils was filled with hatred and a small face was red.

"Shut up!"

He said loudly, he is not redundant, he has not been given up, he has not been given up.

When Xiaonian liked him, grandma liked him, all of them liked him.

"Your mother was forced to be sharp by men. She didn't want you! You should die. Your mother will be happy when you die. Your mother will not be happy until you die! You're going to die, you're going to die! "

LAN Xiaoqi's voice is exhausted.


Gong Yao listened. The color of his lips turned white. He couldn't help shivering. He couldn't control it.

In shixiaonian's side, Gong Ou is playing a philanderer who is flirting with a good family woman. He is very handy. Holding shixiaonian, he eats and kisses in front of the Lanting.

Lanting forced himself to endure again and again.

All of a sudden, a sharp voice came, when Xiaonian pushed Gong Ou away and asked, "what voice?"

Then the three realized that the voice was coming from the children's side, and they hurried there.

When gong'ou and them arrived, LAN Xiaoqi fell on the ground and scolded people indiscriminately. It was appalling how ugly those words were.

When Xiaonian stood there in amazement, he could not imagine that the vicious words were from a seven-year-old child.

And Gong Kui stood there alone, staring at LAN Xiaoqi, still unresponsive.

"Little Qi."

Lanting strides to her daughter's side, squats down and holds her up. Lanting is still swearing and desperately swearing. Lanting hugs her and her voice dotes on her. "OK, baby, it's OK."

"Thief! Bad boy! A stinky kid without a mother! " LAN Xiaoqi looked at her father, still excited, and her mouth was full of ugly words, "he should die, he should die!"! Dad! All go to die, all go to die! "

"Well, go to hell. Come on, dad will take you home."

Lanting to this moment or along with her daughter, will pick up LAN Xiaoqi to go to his antique car.

When I walk past Gong ou, I have a sharp pain in my knee.

It was gong Ou who kicked it.

Gong Ou stood in front of him and stared at Lanting with black eyes, which were almost devouring everything. Lanting unconsciously stepped back.

"Mr. Gong, it's just a dispute between the children. Please don't mind. I apologize to you."

Thousands of Lanting people don't want to mess with Gong ou.

Gong Ou looks at his silly daughter, and then at LAN Xiaoqi, who is shaking in Lanting's arms, with a sneer on his thin lips, "apologize? You've said it once! "

"Mr. Gong..."

"I don't have time to deal with you today, but you wait for me!" Gong Ou stretched out his hand and stabbed his fingers hard on his chest. His voice was incisive. "You've offended me!"


Lanting frowned and looked at his daughter in his arms. He bowed his head towards Gong ou and left with his daughter in his arms.

Gong Ou looks at his back and clenches his teeth.


This orchid family specially and his children offend! Lean on! No mercy!

He turns around and sees Xiaonian squatting down in front of gongkui. She grabs gongkui's arm anxiously. "Are you OK, Xiaokui? What about holy? Where's holy? "

Gong Kui stood there stupidly. After being shaken by Xiao Nian, he woke up and was shocked. "That little sister is terrible. She says a lot of ugly things, a lot of ugly things."

"It's OK. What my sister said is angry. It doesn't matter." When Xiaonian comforted her daughter, she was nervous about her son's whereabouts, and her voice was very urgent. "How about holy?"

“holy?” Palace Kui Leng next, then point to a direction, "just a little sister scolded very bad, he ran."

"Gone?" When Xiaonian frowned, and then ran out without thinking. Without looking back, he shouted, "Gong ou, take care of Xiaokui!"

"I want you to slow down!"

Gong Ou shouts loudly, does this woman know that she is pregnant? Damn it, he wanted to chase out, and looked at Gong Kui on the other side. His brow was tight, and he growled, "Xiao Kui! Get on the bus! "