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Chapter 490 Xiaonian, you forced me!

When Xiaonian is placed on the bed by mu qianchu, she looks at his arm, and the blood is seeping out of his sweater.

Mu qianchu didn't even cry out for pain. He grabbed her hand and tied it up. When he realized what he was going to do, Xiao Nian struggled angrily and sat up and ran.

See appearance, eyebrow scar doctor also came over, helped a when small read to press back, a person holds her hand.

Mu qianchu tied up one of her hands with a special fixer and fixed it at the bedside. Even every finger was fixed so that she could not move.

See mu qianchu fixed, eyebrow scar doctor let go of small read, small read immediately half sit up to dismantle.

"Fix that hand, too."

Said Mu qianchu.

She is too disobedient.

"Yes, not much."

The eyebrow scar doctor also fixed the other hand of Shi Xiaonian, making her hand unable to lift.


When Xiaonian struggles painfully, kicks his legs without saying a word.

Mu qianchu looked down at her. "Xiaonian, don't make me tie your legs together. I don't want to treat you that way."

When Xiaonian stared at qianchu, there was anger and hate in his eyes.

The eyebrow scar doctor went to bury the needle for her. When the tip of the needle pierced her skin, the pain made Xiao Nian want to shrink, but the whole arm was fixed so that he could not move.

Gradually, she stopped struggling and just lay in bed.

How many days can a hunger strike last if you only hang nutrient water? It's just that you've been tortured for a longer time.

"That's good."

Moqian saw her calming down and hooked his lips with satisfaction. He leaned down and kissed her on the forehead.

When I was little, I thought too much.

Mu qianchu pulled a chair and sat down beside her bed, looked down at her with low eyes, and said softly, "you know, there is another parade outside today. Every year, the city will hold a parade for all kinds of inexplicable reasons."


When I was young, I was silent.

"It's not snowing here this year. I really want to see it." Mu qianchu said as she always did. He glanced at Xiaonian's fingers and took out a set of nail clippers from the drawer beside him.

He picked up a nail clipper from inside and bent over, carefully cutting her nails.

Every knuckle of her finger was stuck with black tape. She could not even bend it. He could only do what he wanted.

"The Italian new year has no atmosphere. It's better at home." Mu qianchu said while cutting her nails, "at that time, I couldn't see it. You were the one who hung the lantern to command me. You know, although I lost my memory later, when I saw the red lantern for the first time, I had a strange feeling, like the fate of the Lantern and me."


When Xiaonian didn't have a word, she turned herself into a mute.

In recent days, mu qianchu always said some common words with her and recalled all the past things. She was still indifferent.

"It's the lantern festival soon, Xiao Nian. When you get better, let's hang lanterns. I've bought a lot of lanterns and can hang the whole island."

Mu qianchu said after cutting her nails.


When small read net if set smell, she drooped eyes to see their hands.

Mu qianchu's eyes are fixed on her, thinking that she is in himself. The temperature in his eyes is getting warmer, but soon, the temperature is getting colder.

She's not looking at him.

She was looking at the ring on her hand.

Mu qianchu's face suddenly became cold. She tore the tape on her ring finger and forcibly took off the ring.


When small read hate to stare at him, crazy struggle.

Give her the ring back.

Give her back the ring!

That's her.

Her body twists and turns, but her arms are firmly fixed.

Mu qianchu stood up, opened the window and threw the ring out. When he looked back, he saw the despair in Xiaonian's eyes.

The gray despair.

He threw away her last nostalgia.

He drooped his eyes. When he didn't see it, he went back to her bedside and sat down, as if nothing had happened. He said softly, "the rice is going to cool. I'll feed you."

Said, mu qianchu took up the bowl, picked up the spoon, half a spoon of rice and half a spoon of vegetables, and then handed them to her lips.

When Xiaonian closed his eyes and lips tightly.

"You don't like eating, so have some soup first." Mu qianchu said patiently and excellently, put the rice aside, and took up a bowl of soup. He said quietly, "you don't say that the bone soup I cooked is good to drink. Although you would compliment me if you went to my room to check the trace of the spider, you also drank a lot, which proves that you don't dislike the soup so much."


When Xiaonian opened his eyes.

He knew that it was no wonder that Fengde could not find anything, and he did not know where Gong Ou was treated by mu qianchu and where the body is now.

"Come, Xiaonian, have a drink of soup."

Said Mu qianchu, with a spoon to hold a mouthful of soup to her lips.

When Xiaonian closed his lips.

"Xiaonian, you'd better be obedient and don't provoke me." Mu qianchu said, holding the spoon.


When small read a do not send, eyes do not even look at him, as if he had nothing.

Mu qianchu's face was cold. Holding the spoon, he drank the soup, put the bone soup in his mouth, stood up, bent down, and kissed her on the mouth, firmly kissing, feeding the bone soup in her mouth.

Xiao Nian stared at him angrily.

He really took her as a bird in his hand, whatever he did.

When Xiaonian tightly closed her lips, mu qianchu pressed her, trying to pry her lips open. Transparent liquid flowed down the corners of their mouths.

He stares at her, reaches for her and grabs her under the chin.

When Xiaonian was suffering from eating pain, he opened his lips conditionally. At the first sight of moqian, he fed the soup with his breath. His warm tongue rolled and tried to force her to swallow it.

When he realized what he was going to do, Xiaonian didn't want to spit out the soup directly.

The soup sprayed on his face.

His handsome, feminine face was suddenly full of embarrassment. The water drops flowed down the curve of his chin. When he looked down at Xiaonian, there was anger in his eyes. He put out his hand and wiped his face. "Xiaonian, you must do this to me?"


Xiao Nian ignored him and closed his eyes.

"Xiaonian, you forced me! I want you today! "

Mu qianchu stares at her and roars out, reaches out and pulls her infusion tube out of the middle buckle, picks up the adhesive tape and pastes the place where the needle is buried, then lowers his head and kisses her lips, which are still with the taste of bone soup. He strokes her with one hand, without any rules, and rolls up her clothes.

When Xiaonian was fixed on the bed, she couldn't open it. She bit mu qianchu's mouth and killed her.

The smell of blood soon melted between the lips of the two men.

Mu qianchu removes her lips, and the bloody lips start to kiss her face and neck crazily, sucking out some marks, which belong to him alone.

The buttons on her clothes were untied one by one, and her skin touched the air with coolness.

The sun is warm.

In the transparent infusion pipe, drops of water drop down and gather on the floor.

The bed was messy again and again.

When the quilt was lifted aside, Xiaonian was pedaling his legs, but he didn't hurt mu qianchu. His hand swam on her like a knife on her skin with a sharp weapon, till the blood flowed freely.

Mu qianchu is like a crazy beast, who has lost all his patience.


When small read full of blood, struggling to sweat but no use, she raised her head back.

Forget it.

She's been on a hunger strike for two days, and she can't fight physically.

Gong ou, don't use your narrow jealousy to hate me today. When Xiaonian gave up resistance, he thought so.

She was afraid that she would go to heaven. Gong Ou would still question her.

I don't know if the paranoid personality disorder that went to heaven palace is still there. If it is, she should explain it for a long time.

I hate it.

When Xiaonian thought to herself, she thought to Xiaokui's laughter, she thought of Gong Ou's way of eating, she thought of her mother's gentleness when she washed her hair, so she ignored the feeling of Mu qianchu's kiss wandering on her.

All of a sudden, the desire that fell on her was as stiff as a stone.

She looked at him. She straightened up and covered her eyes with her hands.


Xiaonian looks at him in silence.

Mu qianchu suddenly walked out, stumbled, reached out to open the door and walked out.

As soon as he went out, Xiaonian heard a loud crash.

Shi Xiaonian was a little surprised, but soon she didn't think of anything.

She was lying in bed, turning her eyes to look out of the window. A white bird flew by and landed on her windowsill.


Mu qianchu stumbles out of the door and covers one eye with his hand.

The light in his eyes suddenly weakened and grew weaker.

All things in his sight are covered with a layer of shadow, and there are ghosts.

"Less admiration!"

Dr. eyebrow scar came over from one side and helped mu qianchu, who almost fell on the sofa, to sit down on the sofa beside him.

"I can't see clearly. Please help me to see!"

Muqianchu said excitedly.

"Yes, not much." The eyebrow scar doctor quickly takes out a medical lamp from the pocket and shines it into mu qianchu's eyes.

Mu qianchu sits on the sofa, his eyes are stabbed by a strong light.

It hurt his eyes.

He frowned and asked eagerly, "I can't see clearly, and I have ghosting. Hurry up, give me medicine! Give me more weight! "

"Mu Shao, your medicine is heavy enough." The eyebrow scar doctor looked at him and said, "Mu Shao, I told you that although it is an eye disease, your mood will be affected by too much fluctuation, which will worsen."

Every time when you enter the room of Xiaonian, your mood will be affected.

"What do you mean? Didn't you say there was a year? "

Mu qianchu said, covering his eyes.

"This year is only an estimate, and it should be maintained properly." The eyebrow scar doctor says, "but admire little you......"

He wants to talk and stops.

"You mean I can't wait for the deadline to come?"

Asked mu qianchu.