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Chapter 362 fight with Mona

When Xiaonian stooped and stood there, holding the diamond stud in his hand, he turned his eyes and looked at Fengde incredulously, "how could his ears..."

Seeing the earrings in her hand, Feng de sighed, "it's the master."

"Master Gong?" When Xiaonian was shocked, "why?"

How heavy is a father's hand on his son?

"Because on the day of swearing in the oath, the young master left without waiting for the end, which made the old master angry." Said Fengde, in a nutshell.

Although the young master is irascible, he grew up in the palace family environment and never fought back against his parents. This is the education of the palace family.

Therefore, the young master would suffer such a serious injury.

"On the day of the oath? Did he not swear? "

Asked shixiaonian in amazement.

"I took the oath. I left after the oath." Feng de said, looking suspiciously at Shi Xiaonian, "Miss Shi, hasn't young master made it clear to you?"

"Say what?"

When small read unknown already asked a way, holding that diamond stud on the hand.

Seeing this, Feng de knew that the young master had not explained the misunderstanding, and he could not help shaking his head.

The young master said that he would solve it by himself, but according to the situation, he didn't get to the point with Miss Shi.

Feng de said nothing but asked, "Miss Shi, how did you get into a car accident? Why didn't you have anything?"


Because Gong Ou recklessly pours on her and doesn't allow himself to press her, he uses his body to make an air bag for her.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in bed and asked softly, "when does the doctor say he will wake up?"

"Maybe tomorrow. Fortunately, there is no other injury."

Feng de said, looking at the comatose Gong Ou in bed, he could not bear it. The injury was only a few days old, and there was another accident.

Young master, is it bad for you.

When Xiaonian looked at the diamond earrings in his hand, he wanted to ask what, and suddenly heard a sound of high heels stepping on the ground.

She and Feng de looked at the door at the same time.

The footsteps are getting closer.

Soon, a tall young woman stood at the door, dragging a rose suitcase on her hand, which was the same color as her cape windbreaker.

Her body is dusty, slim, concave and convex, a long blonde hair makes her skin particularly white, red lips are smeared with bright lip gloss, which makes her charming and charming.

Lancaster Mona.

Xiaonian's eyes darkened, and he was a long lost character.

Mona stood at the door, took off her sunglasses in one hand, and showed a pair of beautiful blue eyes. She looked at shixiaonian in amazement. Obviously, she did not expect that shixiaonian would appear here.

Next second, Mona went to Fengde and asked discontentedly, "what's the matter? When I get off the plane, I can't get through to Gong Ou's phone. When I get to Empire castle, it's an accident. "

"The young master's injury is not serious. He has concussion. Everything else is OK. He needs to be hospitalized for observation."

Feng de stood there, bowed his head respectfully to Mona, and said truthfully.


Mona was stunned. Then she went to bed and looked down at Gong ou. She asked, "there is no sign of fever?"

"No." Feng de said, "Miss Mona, don't worry too much. I asked President Xie here to check for the young master himself. It's OK."

"That's good." Hearing this, Mona was relieved, and then she got up straight. Her blue eyes looked at her.

Like a high princess looking at the mud on the ground, so disdainful.

When Mona looked at it, she said to Feng De, "Feng housekeeper, why did Gong ou have a car accident? Aren't bodyguards following him in and out? "

She was like a hostess.

Feng de stood there and said with a low head, "young master hasn't let the bodyguard follow him these two days. He said he has a private matter to deal with."

He said it very vaguely.

Private affairs.

Mona is sensitive to these two words. When she looks at them coldly, she still asks Feng De, "who was gong ou with when she was in a car accident?"


Feng de hesitated and did not speak.

He knows the different consequences of what he says.

When Xiaonian stood on the other side of the hospital bed, opposite to them, he stood there silently without speaking.

She knew Mona was going to bring the fire to her.

She waited.

Mona stood in front of Feng de and waited for a whole minute without hearing the answer. She turned around directly, raised her hand and slapped Feng de in the face.


A resounding slap in the face.

Feng de was beaten to the side of his face. Mona's fingernails scratched on his face, making a deep blood mark on his face.


When Xiaonian looks at this scene in shock.

Did Mona seal the housekeeper?

"Fengde, you are a housekeeper. You can't say where your young master is going."

Mona looked at Feng de with a kind of high-ranking eyes and scolded him discontentedly, "do you think I should call the British palace to fire such an incompetent housekeeper as you?"

"Miss Mona, I'm employed by the young master. When the young master wakes up, I'll ask him for help."

Feng de stood there, his head still low, his hands folded in front of his body, not caring for the injury on his face.

"Are you saying I'm nosy?" Mona's face suddenly turned rather ugly.

Even servants like Feng de can talk like this.

Gong Ou is surrounded by unruly people.

"Miss Mona is serious," said Vander, looking down

Mona looked at him coldly and said, "I'll call now..."

When Xiaonian stood there and couldn't look down, he indifferently interrupted her, "why do you have to embarrass the housekeeper? Don't you want to know who Gong Ou was with when the car accident happened? I'll tell you now that he's with me. "

Hearing this, Mona's body froze for a second. She turned her head slowly, looked at shixiaonian and saw a trace of hostility in her eyes.

Next second, Mona walked gracefully in front of Xiaonian and was arrogant. "Shixiaonian, you want to seduce Gong Ou as soon as you return home. You are really busy. Didn't you watch the news? Gong ou and I have sworn an oath. There will be an engagement ceremony soon. "

It was quiet in the early morning ward.

Gong Ou lies on the bed and sleeps. He looks pale and has a deep scar on his right ear. He is extremely ugly.

When Xiaonian clenched the diamond earrings in her hand, she didn't want to argue with Mona. But when she heard this declaration of sovereignty, she thought it was ridiculous.

So she smiled.

"What are you laughing at?"

Mona stared at her sullenly.

The smile on Xiaonian's face was deeper. She said with a smile, "Miss Mona, the car in trouble is my car. It's Gong Ou who took the initiative to get on my car. Who seduced whom is not clear at a glance?"? Don't insult people. "

"What do you say?"

"I said, don't be a lady of nobility like a hysterical abandoned woman, it will affect your temperament." Said shixiaonian derisively.

Hearing this, Mona stood there looking at her unexpectedly.

Shi Xiaonian looks like a fox spirit who has nothing to do with me. She didn't talk like that before.

Mona was stunned for two seconds before she got back to her senses. "When Xiaonian, it seems that you haven't learned in England for half a year. Do you want to be imprisoned again?"



As expected, everyone knew that she had been imprisoned for half a year, and was watching her jokes outside.

When Xiaonian's face sank slightly, he stood in front of Mona, smiled back, and said coldly, "Miss Mona, you'd better make it clear that your fiance is pestering me now. It's better to imprison him than to imprison him. The effect will be better."

"Do you know how disgusting you are?"

"Well, I thought I was playing Miss Mona."

"You satirize me as a fox?"

"Don't you always think that there's no such thing as coming first and coming later? Why, is there the word" fox spirit "in your eyes?" When the small read retort.

Mona had tried a lot to get between her and Gong ou.

Now it's shameful to say that she seduced.

Smell speech, Mona's face completely ugly, a pair of blue eyes angrily stare when small read.

In a round of dialogue, Xiaonian takes the small upper hand.


Mona suddenly stepped back and spoke proudly.


Feng de moved forward and took out his handkerchief to clean the blood on his face gracefully.

"Take Miss Shi to my car, and when I have a rest, I will ask Miss Shi for advice on how to cause the accident." Mona said coldly as she watched.

She thought that she was really too tired to fly. She couldn't even argue with one hour's reading.

She needs a rest.

Hearing this, Feng de looked at Shi Xiaonian with a embarrassed face.

To say "please" is to bind and imprison.

When small read sneer, also say nothing.

"Feng De, do you still want miss Shi?" Mona's voice grew more and more displeased.


When Feng de looked at him, he read a kind face full of embarrassment.

Suddenly, there was another sound of footsteps coming from the outside. Feng de twisted his eyebrows and was about to walk out. He saw several men in suits walking to the door of the ward, and bowed his head inside

They are heading in the direction of time.

"I'm sorry, Miss Mona. It seems that you can't touch me today."

"You..." Mona looked at shixiaonian incredulously, then turned her eyes to look at the men who looked like bodyguards. Suddenly she understood, "you're back home?"

First lady.

Who would call this adopted girl.

When Xiaonian was about to leave, she stopped and looked at Mona in astonishment. "How do you know the Xi family?"

She listened to Luo Qi's tone, and even the palace family did not know that she had recognized her own parents.

Mona opens her mouth and comes to the table.

Mona's eyes moved, and for a second she avoided them. Then when she looked at them, she said, "do you know how difficult it is? Congratulations! Finally, she can become a rich man. The crow has become a Phoenix."


When small read purses a lip, look at her indifferently.

"Are you smiling in your dreams?" Mona glanced at her sarcastically. "Although the Xi family is not a famous family, it should have a lot of money for you. You should not worry about food and drink. It's not enough to satisfy your appetite, but also to seduce Gong ou."