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Chapter 291 shock in the eyes

"HMM." Gong Ou stares at her and answers.

"Why do you keep saying, eh?"

"I don't want to talk when you're full!" Gong Ou stares at her and says that he is particularly upright in his sour words.

He looked at her with a magnetic attraction in his eyes.


When Xiaonian couldn't help laughing, her heart was filled with sweetness, and her cheeks were slightly hot when he looked at her. She couldn't help turning her eyes, and saw Mona sitting on the stairs. She looked at Gong ou, "go up first, I'll go to the bathroom."

Gong'ou scooped her up into her arms, lowered her head on her lips and kissed her hard, with a deep voice, "three minutes for you."


I nodded.

Gong Ou walks to the elevator, while Xiaonian watches him leave, then slowly walks to the stairs, a pair of black and white clear eyes look at Mona, with a light arc on his lips.

She went to the bottom of the stairs and stood there. The fringe of the earring on her ear hit her gently, making a small crisp sound.

I don't know why, even the jewelry sent by Gong Ou must have a little noise.

"Look, are you coming to me with a winner's face?"

Mona sat at the top of the stairs, and when she looked down, she read the earrings on her ears and said derisively.

Come here to show off, right?

When Xiaonian stood at the bottom and looked at Mona indifferently, for a while, she smiled lightly, "I'm here to thank you."


"If Miss Mona had not told me the surprise of the earrings in advance, Gong Ou would not have proposed to me to make a bigger surprise." When small read to smile to say, the vision is indifferent.


Mona stood up at once and looked at her in shock. The nobility on her face suddenly disappeared.

How could it be.

It's not long before the plain girl friend comes out. She's going to get married? Does Gong Ou really want to have nothing to do with the palace family and take the world's lead?

Is he crazy.

To marry a common man!

"Yes. Gong Ou proposed to me, and when my baby is born, we will have a wedding. " "So, I really want to thank Miss Mona," she said with a smile

She said it deliberately to make Mona feel bad.

With that, Xiaonian turns and leaves.

Mona stood on the stairs and said eagerly, "shixiaonian, do you know how many people laugh at you and Gong Ou when you marry?"

A descendant of nobility can't marry a man without background even if he marries a common man.


When Xiaonian stopped and looked back at Mona, "you don't have to be alarmist in front of me anymore. How do you know that the happiness I bring to Gong Ou won't cover up those laughable laughs? As you said, Gong ou will not love me when he is cured. It's just a possibility. Maybe he will love me more than before. "

So, she's not going to stop Gono.

"You're very articulate."

Mona found that she really looked down on the small read, she is a strong encounter, not cowardly.

"You are a psychiatrist. You are good at controlling other people's psychology. But I was reluctant to let you control my mind when I was young."

She didn't come as Mona thought.

When small read a light smile, eyes have stubborn, "I put that sentence back to you, Mona, you are now in my eyes, do not deserve to be an opponent."

Mona is right. They are not rivals of each other. The only opponent is Gong ou.


Mona couldn't say a word.

When Xiaonian left, Mona shouted, "shixiaonian, you don't have to be happy too early. I'm still here. I'll let you watch. How did I get Gong Ou from you?"

Mona doesn't give up.

Also, how can a person who secretly fell in love with Gong Ou five years ago and did everything possible die easily.


When small read to move forward in silence.

Mona stood on the stairs and looked at Xiaonian's back. She looked a little embarrassed. Civilians like Xiaonian dared to challenge her.

She has to do something as soon as possible.

Otherwise, Xiaonian really thought that her descendants of Lancaster family were not a small civilian.

Just thinking about it, Mona's mobile phone rings. She takes out her mobile phone and takes a look at the content on the screen of the mobile phone. A pair of sea blue eyes immediately show shock.

How is this possible?


In one of the imperial Castle lounges, the lights are off.

The moon is as cool as water. It comes in slowly from the window and falls on the ground. The light of the window pane is painted, especially graceful and bright.

When Xiaonian leans on the window, she looks at the bracelet on her wrist with low eyes. The beads on it are red and beautiful, and the faint sandalwood smell makes people calm down.

The cool wind blows in slowly from the outside, when Xiaonian raises his hand and pinches his earlobe, a self-evident sense of happiness overflows from the bottom of his heart.

She couldn't sleep and was afraid of quarreling with Gong ou, so she came out of the bedroom.

Get married.

She is going to marry Gong ou.

When she is young, she will finally have a real home of her own. The word home is a big temptation for her.

When Xiaonian leaned against the window, he could not help smiling, his eyes were full of starlight

It's time to get married.

When she was young, she wanted to have her own home. She was no longer the adopted daughter abandoned by everyone. She would have her own home, her husband and her baby.

"I'm going to have a home." Xiaonian said to the moon.

"Hello, I'm getting married." When small read to a bottle of flowers said.

"You know, I'm finally going to have a home." Xiaonian said to the sofa.

"I'm getting married." He said to the TV.

Shi Xiaonian walked around in a lounge, talking to himself, and then stretched out her hand to cover her face. She was such an idiot.

But she really wanted to share it with everyone.

It's not a fake saying that she can't forget and must echo. She's finally going to have a home.

When Xiaonian stood there, his smile could not hide.

Today is the happiest day of her life. At the right time, her favorite man proposed to her!



When Xiaonian happily turns around in situ, then sits on the sofa and holds up a pillow. She stares at the pillow. "Pillow, pillow, finally Xiaonian gets rid of the past and wants to have a real home. Are you happy for me?"

She held the pillow and nodded to herself.


At the door, Gong Ou stood there in a silver Pajama, with a handsome face facing inside, and a pair of dark eyes looking at the little thought when playing the one-way play inside. His thin lips could not help but draw up a arc, which was doting on him.

It turned out that he proposed to make her so happy.

I've known that I don't know so much. I should plan and propose again.


Gong Ou looks at the woman inside and quietly watches her perform the monologue alone. The smile on her lips is getting bigger and bigger.

Her home, he came to create for her!

Gong Ou looks at her deeply. When Xiaonian knows nothing, he is still communicating with the pillow. He talks foolishly, not like an adult, but like a child.

The next day.

Shi Xiaonian accompanies Gong ou to N.E.

In the huge office, Gong Ou picks up the remote control and presses it down. The curtains unfold automatically, revealing a large area of floor to floor windows. The windows are the bustling beauty of the city.

"The cake is ready. Try it."

When Xiaonian stood at his desk, he put a box of cakes on it.

Her words fell, and another voice came in, "Mr. Gong, this is the therapeutic dessert for you today."

It's Mona.

When Xiaonian turns his head, he sees Mona coming in from outside. When Xiaonian is stunned, Mona is very different today.

Mona usually wears light make-up or no make-up, which is very similar to her. Her style of dress is mostly sportswear, and the skirts she wears are of lighter color, which makes people feel comfortable.

But now Mona, who is walking towards her, has her straight blonde hair and curly hair scattered on her shoulders. Her heavy makeup is not exaggerated. She has red lips and a pair of sea blue eyes that are born with pride.

Mona's custom-made sleeveless red dress, dazzling bright red, sets off her whole person in a grand manner. The skirt is also decorated with pure hand-made Chinese style embroidery, and she is walking steadily on a pair of black high-heeled shoes nearly 15cm high.

When Mona came to her, Xiaonian felt like seeing a young female Dynasty coming by itself.

It's like changing a person.

If Mona used to be like a lady, now she is a mature lady, a mature lady of nobility, charming in every detail of her body.


Xiaonian looked at her in surprise.

I don't know why. I always feel that Mona like this is the real Mona.

Just thinking about it, Mona has come to her and put a delicate dessert box beside the cake box of shixiaonian.

Gong Ou sits down at his desk and looks up at Mona. He looks at Mona with some doubts. But the doubts stop for less than half a second and then he turns away. He reaches for the cake box and opens it. He turns his eyebrows unhappily. "How can there be only one?"

"You've had breakfast. It's just cake. A little is enough." When I was young, I always worried about his stomach.

"I didn't have enough for breakfast. I thought you were abusive, you know?"

Gong Ou glares at her discontentedly, picks up the cake and puts it in his mouth for three times.

"I didn't abuse you."

She is for his good.

Mona stood aside and interposed at the right time. "Mr. Gong, you can taste this therapeutic dessert. What I learned to make is only good for your health."

Gong Ou glanced, picked up the paper and wiped his hands. His voice was low. "I'm full for breakfast. Take it down."

I just didn't have enough, but now I have enough

Gong Ou's face beating rhythm makes shixiaonian want to laugh.

She turned her eyes and saw Mona standing there with heavy make-up, she could feel a strong sense of dullness.

Mona, an aristocratic woman, was not hit at all by Gong ou.

Gong Ou soon began to work. When Xiaonian walked to the sofa, Mona followed him closely. She could not say whether it was good or bad.

"Mona is a little different today." When I was young, I started to talk.

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